Top 250+ YouTube Video Ideas | ULTIMATE FREE Video Ideas List

Discover 250+ YouTube Video Ideas for creating YouTube content and finding what could be your next viral video.

It’s a known thing that everyone who has a YouTube channel wants to create more and more viral videos. right?

With more than 15 million creators upload 80 million videos every month, competition has become tough and stronger than ever.

Creating viral videos isn’t easy, finding new video ideas can become a full-time job. This exactly why we’ve created this resource for you.

Here, we’ll lay the top 250+ YouTube video ideas for you to choose from.

We’ve analyzed 1000’s of video ideas for you so you won’t need to do all this work. So let’s get started already!

Table of contents:

YouTube Video Ideas

General Video Ideas

An Introduction Video

A video that will introduce you and what you’re going to show in your channel

50 Facts About Me

A video where you talk about yourself. It could be fun to watch and make your viewers feel closer to you.

50 facts about…

You talk about 50 facts related to your topic. This isn’t exactly an easy video to do, but it’ll bring a lot of value to your viewers.

A Step-by-step guide

Title Example: “{your topic} Step-by-Step Beginners Guide
A video where you make a guide about a certain topic. It can be a guide for beginners, intermediate or advanced viewers of your topic.

Do’s and Don’ts Video

A video where you explain the dos and don’ts of your topic.

Q&A Video

A video where you answer viewers questions from comments of your videos

A Reaction Video – “X React To Y”

A Video where you or someone else react to a show/brand/people or any other subject that is interesting. The more the interesting react combination you find the more chance of it to be a viral video

Review of a product

A video where you review a product ins and outs or make a product comparison between two products in your niche.

“How to” Video

Title Example: “How to {your topic}

A video where you teach something new in your niche. A title should be

“How I turned x into y” Video

A video where you explain how you turn one thing into another. It could work in any niche. Those videos work best when there is a big goal that you’ve achieved.

Event Recap Video

Were you in an event related to your niche lately? If yes, you can make a review or a recap about that event.

Unboxing products

Those videos are very popular. No need to say more about them.

A Workflow Video

Do you talk about a practical topic? Show how you do things and teach others to be as great as you.

A title could be “My Morning Routine | {your name}” Or  “How to {your topic} | {niche name} Workflow Tutorial”

Behind The Scenes Video

Show how you shoot your videos, with which cameras, lighting, and other tools you use to make your videos.

Give Away Video

A video where you run a mini-contest for your audience and give away something you don’t need anymore. This is a good way of using this popular marketing technique without a huge budget. Just at least make sure the product works just as well as when it was new and it’s not falling apart.

Draw my life” Video

Interview Influencers

Do a talk show where you interview people who are related to your niche.

A Day in Your Life Video

A video where you share your lifestyle from the first thing you do when you wake up to the last thing.

A Challenge Video

Set up a goal or a challenge for yourself with a timeline and post every day your progress towards that goal.

Behind The Scenes Video

Show what equipment you’re using, how does your video studio is looking like and share your best tips on how you’re making better YouTube videos

What’s On My Phone?

A video that shows which apps you use on your phone and what you use those apps for.

YouTube Rewind

Did you ever see that Official YouTube rewind video? You can make one for your own YouTube channel to show your viewers how good of a year it was for you.

“My Favorite X” Video

Title Example: “My All Time Favorite {Your Topic}”

This video showcase your favorite books/shows/movies/things you want to share with your audience. It helps viewers from all around the web connect with you on a dipper level through the things you like.

Bust A Scam Or A Myth

Find a topic that popular in your niche and give all the reasons why it’s a myth or a scam (only if it’s true of course).

Explain a Term or a Concept

Title example: “What is {your topic}? Everything you want to know

Take a term in your niche that wasn’t being explained too much and create a video that explains every aspect of this term or concept.

Productivity Tips

Title example: “Top 20 tips for {your topic}” or “These 20 tricks will help you {your topic}

How can you save time for your audience? Pick different tricks that will save time in doing almost every subject you choose

Response To Comments Video

Basically, as the title says – creating a video that responds to the most frequently asked questions or suggestions in your comment sections.

Show Your House Around

Make A Video About Your Job

Food and Cooking Video Ideas

Recipes by Seasons

If you do a vlog about cooking, use seasonal recipes to make your audience be interested all year. For example “{recipe} | Summer Recipe”

Recipes by Themes


You can categorize your recipes by a common theme. For example “{recipe} | Party Recipe”

Recipes by Holidays

You can categorize your recipes by holidays. For example “{recipe} | Christmas Recipe”

Recipes by your Family Tradition

You can categorize your recipes by your family tradition. For example “{recipe} | My Family Secret Recipe”

Restaurant Review

Make a review the next time you go to a cool restaurant. It will also be easy to monetize these kinds of videos.

Your Cooking Story

Talk about your cooking journey from the day you’ve started until now. You can recommend your favorite mentors or courses to watch online.

Share Your go-to Meals

Make a video where you share you meals for different needs: diet, fun, happiness etc. For example “5 dishes that would make you 100% happier”

Share your favorite food vlogs or blogs

Make a video where you share your favorite food vlogs or blogs for your audience to watch.

Cookbook Sneak Peek and Review

Make a video where you share your favorite cookbook and do a full review about it.

Single Ingredient Recipes

Create a recipe series based on a single ingredient.

DIY and Crafts Video Ideas

DIY Furniture

If you like building things around the house, build them on camera. You can either make projects from zero or show reconditioning techniques for older furniture.

DIY Repurposed Stuff

There are numerous awesome things you can make from repurposed items. Furniture from pallets, armchairs from tires, a clock from silverware.

DIY clothes

If you like to cut, paint, and make adjustments to your clothes, this is one of the best YouTube video ideas for fashion. Teach your followers how to save old clothes instead of throwing them all out.

DIY Gifts

Make a video where you teach how to make your own gifts. Most of the time finding gifts are time-consuming and expensive so why not do it yourself?

Make Pinterest IRL

Find a DIY project on Pinterest and try to do it yourself.

DIY Life Hacks

Make a video about simple life hacks that would make your audience lives much easier.

Travel Video Ideas

Make an Insider’s Guide

Make a video about your favorite destinations in a city/state that only the locals know about.

Put Together a Tourist Guide

Find and try tourist spots in your hometown/state (check TripAdvisor for ideas).

How to Travel on a Budget

Make a video about the best hotel deals, car rental or trip advice you know about traveling to a specific destination

Best {Items} in {City}

Find an item that a city is known for (coffee in Seattle, Baguette in Paris, pizza in New York) and make a review about restaurants that serve these items.

Traveling for Free

Make a review of free things to do in a certain city when visiting it.

What’s In My Travel Bag

Take a spin on the what’s in my bag challenge, and do a what’s in my travel bag or suitcase vlog. Let your viewers get a peek into what it looks like when you travel. What tips and tricks do you have for traveling that you can share with viewers to make the actual act of traveling practically?

Your Latest Adventure

Tell your audience about your last travel, why you chose this travel destination, your favorite thing about the trip, your least favorite thing about your trip etc.

Top Destinations to Travel

If you travel often, compile some of the best destinations you have visited and share advice on the food to eat, and places to visit.

Basic Equipment for Travel Vlogging

Share a video with your audience where you explain what basic gear they should acquire in order to start their travel vlog.

Give A Tour Around Your City

Unboxing & Reviews Video Ideas

Unboxing Tech Gadgets

Unboxing videos aren’t a new idea. Still, there are thousands of new products launched each month, so these kinds of videos will never stop being searched. If it’s a new product you bought, you got yourself new content.

Unboxing Kids Toys

Make a video where you’re unboxing kids’ toys.

Book Review

Have you read a good book lately? Make a book review that would help your audience understand your topic better.

Product Competition Review

Make a review video on an entire market of products. Where you take the leader product of this market (for example smartphones) and make a comparison video with its competitors.

Product Price Comparison

Pick a product that you love and find the best price online for it. Then, you can make a video comparing this product’s prices on various sites.

Review a YouTuber or an Instagram Account

Do you follow mentors or influencers on social media? Make a review about them (you can also share it with them)

Unboxing Brand Products

Find brand products on any niche like fashion, beauty, travel etc. And do an unboxing video of it.

Review a Service

Find a service you’ve used lately (TV cables, Phone Carrier etc.) and make a review of its service.

Review a software

Review the software you use every day from iOS to Android to Mac OS to Windows and so forth.

Review Something Unexpected

Review something you wouldn’t normally review, like the worst movies of all time (look at IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes).

Product Comparison “X vs. Y – Which Is Better?”

Review A Movie You Like (or Don’t Like)

Tech Video Ideas

Talk About Tech Rumors

Show Your Experience With A Beta Software

Talk About The Latests Tech News

Explain A Complex Concept In Tech

Create A Test Video For Once Of Your Devices

Talk About Tech Trends

Talk About The History Of A Tech Trend

Talk About Specs!

Gaming Video Ideas

Do A Live Gaming Video

Do An Indie Game Review

Do Live Gaming Collaborations

Tell The Story Of A Famous Game

Reveal A Game’s Cheats & Secrets

Show How You Create Your Own Avatar

Dub Some Funny Impressions On A Gameplay

Wrapping Up

Finding YouTube video ideas is not an easy task. But with our help you can save hours and hours of work looking for your best next YouTube video idea.

Comment down below to add more video ideas and make this list even better!

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