Top 5 Benefits of Creating Online Recorded Classes

Find out what are online recorded classes and the top 5 benefits of creating Online Recorded Classes for both learners and online tutors.

In every online class, three major factors must combine for the class to take place, and they include:

  1. A tutor who teaches a structured syllabus
  2. The students who learn
  3. The internet which is a platform for giving and receiving of information to take place

In other words, the teachers teach online, the students learn online, and the internet is the stage for leveraging both teaching and learning. 

Online Recorded Classes

Apart from these factors, there are other components of online teaching, like setting up a platform to use, setting up your class, choosing the right equipment to teach, etc. 

All these components (and many more) work together to make your online class a successful one.

What Is A Recorded Online Class

Just like the name “recorded” Implies, it is an item of information that has been put into an electronic medium (audio, video, or multimedia). Like any other form of online teaching, a recorded class is a series of lessons of a subject put together into a syllabus that made available for future reference.

Online Recorded Classes

This class can be viewed by students from any place at every time. 

Its only difference is that it has been stored for future purposes.

And of course, all these classes take place over the internet.

Moreover, recorded online courses are conducted through a learning management system.

The system provides a source for content delivery, which the students can use to view their course syllabus and the progress they have made.

Recorded classes allow students to work at their own time and pace. 

It makes it flexible enough for students to take courses from different geographical locations, without any compulsory need for a physical meeting with the tutor. 

There is also room for students to complete and upload their assignments, take quizzes, download their course material, and even take online tests and exams. 

Why You Should Create Online Recorded Classes

Well, with the recent global pandemic in town, schools, businesses, and world economies have all taken a downward toll. 

These sectors are more or less shut down due to the tight restriction in movement. 

However, what is one thing that can never come to an end?

That is learning. 

Come rain or shine, education will never stop. 

And it’s no surprise that online recorded classes have become so popular ever since the lockdown began. 

Online classes are literally beneficial to everyone. 

Be it kids, students, parents, bosses, employees, you name it. 

It allows anybody from anywhere to learn and pick up new skills.

Online Recorded Classes

Several online platforms have made their courses and even offer discounts. 

Schools even teach their students online. 

Some online courses might even award certifications of completion, which is a CV booster if you ask me. 

In fact, social media users are now going live to connect. 

There is literally no end to learning. 

It is open to anyone and everyone.

Live classes VS recorded online classes

Now we know about online classes, let’s address some disagreements people have.

In recent times, researchers have had disagreements about which form of teaching is more effective, live, or recorded classes?

So which do you think is better?

Honestly, there isn’t a straight answer to that question.

Both forms of teaching have their own pros for students and use by teachers.

Live classes enable tutors to explain dicey topics. 

Students receive instant feedback on their assignments and get corrections. 

They also have the luxury of working in groups to complete assignments.

While recorded classes have their inherent benefits too. 

Recording your lectures in advance can help you improve your teaching by far. 

It will make your tutoring journey a smooth ride. 

Most importantly, it is not only in favor of the teachers but also the students.

Both forms of teaching come with unique benefits. 

But in this guide, we will expand on the reasons why you should create recorded classes.

Before we dive into the benefits of online recorded classes, let’s get familiar with the meaning of a recorded online class.

But still remaining connected with their lecturer over the internet.

Hasn’t it been made easier for the students? 

Of course, it has.

Now, let’s look at the benefits it has for teachers.

Top 5 Benefits of Creating Online Recorded Classes

#1 You’ll Have More Control

As a professional tutor that you are, having control over your class is a prerequisite. 

So you might be asking, how do recorded classes help me manage my time?

Well, with a prerecorded class, you have the luxury of time to cover anything on the topic you are lecturing on, without the downside of facing distractions along the way.

This is opposed to what happens in a live class where you are sometimes faced with puzzling questions and drawbacks from students. 

There is also nothing like trying to solve poor connection issues.

A recorded class makes it easier for your tutoring. 

All the way from recording the video to posting the final video, you will have zero to none distractions. 

You have the space of time to go in-depth as much as you need to. 

You have time to go into the real teaching and dealing with obvious questions and the uncommon questions that might not apply to everyone.

All it requires from you is to outline, analyze, and create the content

It is just your brainy self, the content, and the laptop. 

#2 Students will have more time to understand

Online Recorded Classes

As a tutor, you surely want your students to take value away from your lessons.

This happens when they understand all you’ve taught. 

However, when it happens too quickly, it is not beneficial for all types of students, especially for students that are slow learners.

There is a major agreement that not all students are the same. 

That’s absolutely correct. 

Some students are visual learners, solitary learners, while others may be auditory learners. 

Whatever the learning style may be, these students are expected to concentrate and listen to the lecture, process all the information, and take notes all at once. 

It can be quite cumbersome for some students to juggle all that at an instance.

Moreover, when a student misses a class, falls sick, or is absent from the video meeting, what can they do to pick up from where the left off?

That’s where Recorded classes come into play.

These students can always make reference to the recorded class they missed and review it at any time and any day.

It is also tailored to meet the needs of the students. 

If a student learns faster than other students, he or she can always move ahead to the next lecture while the slower student can take it at his own pace.

At a second look, a recorded class also provides the option of audio and video recording.

This enables the students to repeat the class until they get it right and understand the lecture.

If the student wishes to listen to any specific part of the lesson, they can easily search for the minutes and play it back. 

Even if the student’s handwritten notes are lost, the electronic version is stored forever.

These students can always make reference to the specific topic they find unclear and even go over it to assimilate better.

#3 You’ll have time flexibility

Some online tutors have other part-time jobs in addition to their online teaching career. 

Some online tutors may have day jobs or work night shifts.

Then the early bird tutors may schedule recording the course quite early in the morning. 

At the same time, the night owls will love working at night when everyone else is asleep. 

However, with recording your video, you have the luxury of time to make the course and post it whenever you choose to. 

Find out your productive hours and work within those hours for efficient and timely work to take place.

Besides, recorded online classes make it easy for people in different time zones to connect whenever. 

Recorded classes allow students to assess what periods are comfortable for them to work. 

This makes students go through the class and take it at their best times and understand better.

#4 You can choose the scope of the class

Professional tutors in the house, we know you have your way around making courses. 

Now, if you are looking for the best form that accommodates the particular teaching style you know is best, then you should definitely consider this reason.

It is your topic and your specialty. 

You can draft out the class and how you want each topic to be listed. 

You have the choice to include the topics chronologically or follow a particular order in mind

You get to choose what you want to talk about in the class without getting distracted. 

In a physical class, students tend to ask questions that can make tutors divert from the topic in discussion. 

But with recorded classes, you get to outline, table your contents, and go into full details about it. 

You could even choose to include a comment section for questions and contributions to be welcomed. 

You could opt in to address those questions at the beginning of your next class. 

You literally have the freedom to do whatever floats your boat with Recorded classes.

#5 Create the content once and for all

Here is the fun part about recorded online classes. 

Online Recorded Classes

As a tutor, you only need to create the content of the class once. 

But, keep in mind that the class must be value-packed and relevant.

Luckily, technology has simplified almost everything we do, and the educational sector is very much included. 

You have the option to leverage this technology. 

You can create quality courses and classes for students that can be used over and over again once it is connected to the internet.

A highly recommended advice is to ensure that whenever you are making an audio or video, the session has to be recorded. 

Also, ensure that the video is saved permanently and shareable for future use. 

This will make it easier for both you and the students you are tutoring.

The only time you might need to create another video is when you are making an updated video on the topic in focus.

Once you have created the class or course, you can now move on to marketing the course, making reviews and updates if you wish. 

When you market it, anyone can still purchase the class when they need it. 


There is no end to the benefits of online recorded classes for online tutors and students. 

As you can see, online recorded classes are good for tutors who wish to simplify their classes but still make their tutoring journey efficient and successful. Learners will also find these classes flexible and manageable since they can learn at their pace.

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