Online Teacher Salary: How Much Does An Online Teacher Make?

Find out How Much An Online Teacher Makes in this Online Teacher Salary guide covering the average online teacher pay in different countries.

Henry Brooks Adams once said, “Teaching affects eternity; no one can tell where their influence stops”. 

Teaching is undoubtedly one of the oldest and most beautiful professions to ever exist since the creation of the Earth. 

Shaping mindsets, building futures, and modifying personalities are some of the most valuable lessons provided by a teacher.

Every person surely cherishes these till death. 

Parents have the duty to raise a kid, but to introduce him to the world is the job of a teacher.

This makes teaching the most influential profession that never dies with time. 

Whether it be preschool or high school, college, or university, a teacher will always be there to guide you through the swirls of life and prepare you for your next big step. 

Online Teacher Salary

However, in modern times, where technology and the internet have the upper hand, online teachers are also stepping into this magnificent realm of education. 

Online teaching is a profession that anyone can adopt in the comforts of their home and start their teaching career. 

Staying at home and pursuing this powerful profession sounds like a dreamy idea, but you must be wondering, does it get you enough greens? 

Well, let’s find out in this online teacher salary guide!

Online Teacher Average Salary

Online teaching is an unconventional form of teaching that requires an investment of a lot of time and effort. 

Teaching online is not an easy job and demands constant dedication. 

The country with the most number of online teachers is the United States. 

According to a survey in 2018, more than 6 million US students were taking online classes. 

Considering the USA, the average online teacher salary, affiliated with some school or college, or teaching on some website, is $41,860

On a broader scale, this average figure can lie somewhere between $40,000 – $85,000 per year. 

Let’s also consider the exceptions. 

In the United States, 10% of online teachers with the lowest earnings had an income of less than $30,000 per year. 

Whereas, 10% of online teachers with the most earnings had an annual income of more than $122,000. 

These stats clearly declare online teaching a healthy and economically stable profession in the United States. 

Online Teacher Average Salary

But now that online teaching is becoming more convenient in some countries, like the United States, the hiring rate of schools and colleges for online teachers has sufficiently increased over the years as well. 

Schools and colleges are paying online teachers somewhere between $1500 – $2500 per semester for their respective classes. 

But if online teachers design and develop the entire class themselves, including class content and assignments, then their salaries typically lie between $1000 – $3000. 

Online teachers can also be paid on an hourly basis instead of paying them semester wise. 

This is more common on educational websites than schools and colleges. 

The hourly online teacher salary rate may vary depending on experience and education, but generally, it is taken as $20 per hour on average

With this standard hourly rate, the weekly income of an online teacher may round up to $850 and the monthly income can shoot up to $3,488. 

These numbers can, of course, vary depending on certain parameters like education, skills, experience, and social interaction ability. 

How Much Does An Online English Teacher Make

How Much Does An Online English Teacher Make

To be a good online teacher, go for a skill that you excel in

This logic proves to be very beneficial for native Americans or native English speakers.

They can provide online learning classes for the English subject without putting much effort into shaping the skill. 

Mostly native English speakers, students, and part-timers find teaching English an excellent approach to earn some extra cash! 

But where to find educational websites that may support this class? 

Well, you are in luck! Because we have a list of all the educational platforms that you can apply to as an English teacher! 

Each one has its own set of requirements and hiring criteria which you can check out on our blog

So let’s get to reviewing them so you can get a head start on your career as an online English teacher! 

Note: All the monthly online teacher salary rates mentioned below are based on a teaching period of 40 hours per week. 

The pay may vary depending on the hourly availability of a teacher. 

  1. VIPkid:

VIPkid is an English learning educational portal based in Beijing. It is also one of the top paying websites that will hire you as an online English teacher, but only for US and Canadian citizens. On VIPkid, an online English teacher on average has an hourly rate between $14 – $18. This can earn them on average a monthly income between $2,240 – $2,880.

  1. is also a good place to earn some cash and they offer a variety of subjects to teach, including English. On average, you can earn up to $50 in teaching an English class. 

  1. SayABC:

SayABC is again an online learning platform dedicated solely to teach English to the age group of 5-12. On average, an online English teacher can earn around $15 – $21 per lesson. Let’s say if you upload 5 lessons a week, then that bags you a monthly earning around $300 – $420.

  1. Homework Tutoring:

This website teaches students a variety of professional subjects, including English. An online teacher on this platform has an hourly rate of $5 -$20. Thus, earning up to $800 – $3,200 per month.

  1. QKids:

QKids is yet another amazing website for teaching professional English. The average hourly rate for a teacher here is $16 – $20. This makes their monthly income of around $2,560 – $3,200. 

  1. DadaABC:

DadaABC is an English learning platform for the age group 4-16 based in China. The average hourly rate for an online English teacher is around $17 – $18. This contributes to a monthly income between $2,720 – $2,880 on average. 

  1. Tech Part-Time:

Tech Part-Time connects readers from the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada on one platform. The average hourly rate here is around $14 – $25, making the monthly average around $2,240 – $4,000.

  1. Magic Ears:

Magic Ears is also an effective English learning platform targeting children worldwide of the age group 4-12. The average hourly rate for an online English teacher here is $22 – $26. This makes the monthly income of around $3,520 – $4,160.

  1. Cambly:

Cambly is also the home for online English teachers. The average rate per hour for an English teacher is $10 – $20. Monthly income on average is $1,600 – $3,200.

  1.  English First:

This only education portal is again a complete English learning dedicated forum. An English online teacher here has an average hourly rate of $12 – $19, making the monthly income around $1,920 – $3,040.

  1.  TutorME:

TutorMe also provides a vast range of subjects including English. The average hourly rate here for an online English teacher is $16, making a monthly income on average of $2,560.

  1.  Chegg:

Chegg also offers multiple subjects for teaching, including English. The average hourly rate here is around $20, making the monthly income equal to $3,200.

  1.  Landi English:

This is another English preached platform where the hourly rate on average for an online teacher is $16 – $23. This earns them a monthly earning of $2,560 – $3,680.

  1.  goFluent:

goFluent has its primary focus on English. An online teacher here makes on average an hourly rate of $15, making a monthly earning of $2,400.

  1.  Englishhunt:

Another learning platform dedicated to English. On average, an online teacher here makes $10 – $12, a monthly earning of $1,600 – $1,920.

  1.  iTutor:

iTutor provides on average a monthly salary of $1,500 – $3,000 to all its online English teachers. 

How Much Does An Online College Teacher Make

Now that virtual universities and colleges are becoming more popular among students as a versatile and adventurous form of learning, especially for travel passionate students, the demand of online teachers for colleges and universities has skyrocketed over time. 

Taking a flashback in the past, online teaching was considered an elite form of learning.

But nowadays, it has become much more common and gives an equal opportunity to anyone with the internet to have fun learning at home. 

How Much Does An Online College Teacher Make

College and university teachers can teach bachelor’s, masters, or even Ph.D. classes online. 

They also provide some additional classes which students can pursue to add some flavor in their resumes. 

First, let’s consider the United States. 

On average, in the US, a college teacher earns around $56,816 per year. 

This annual earning of a college teacher is dependent on an hourly rate of $27

With this average hourly rate, online teachers can have a monthly salary of $4,735, and thus, annual earnings of $56,816.

Same is the case in Australia, an average online teacher makes the same amount of cash as a teacher in the United States, which is around $27 on an hourly basis. 

With this rate, they earn a monthly salary of $4,735 and annual earnings of $56,816.

In India, however, the rates are significantly low for online teachers in general.

Unless they get a golden opportunity of teaching on some internationally certified website. 

But particularly in India, the hourly rate for an online teacher is around $7, which earns a monthly online teacher salary of $1,120.

In England, there are multiple online teaching sites available with variating rates. 

Some of them have also been mentioned above. 

Considering China, online teaching is quite a mainstream there, specifically English online teachers

Multiple online teaching websites have variating hourly rates.

But in general, an online teacher in China makes around $1,862 per month.

In Canada, a lot of people pursue online teaching as their permanent career. 

The monthly earnings on average for a Canadian online teacher is around $3,659.

This makes online teaching quite a beneficial stay-at-home profession in Canada.

These are just some of the countries that provide good online teaching opportunities for university and college students. 

How Much Does A K-12 Online Teacher Make

A K-12 online teacher is an online teacher who teaches students online from Kindergarten to 12th grade, constituting an age group of 5-18. 

How Much Does A K-12 Online Teacher Make

The job of a K-12 teacher is to provide basic fundamental education to the students and build the foundation for higher studies. 

With this important position of K-12 teachers in light, their demand for online teaching has also escalated over the course of years. 

Again considering the country with most online teachers, The United States, the annual income on average of a K-12 teacher is $20,976. 

In the US, the average hourly rate for a K-12 Special Education Teacher is $13.14, with an annual income of $39,477. 

Whereas the average hourly rate for a K-12 Elementary School Teacher is $32.37. 

Similarly, the average hourly rate for a K-12 High School Teacher $21.09. 

Different countries provide various rates on an hourly basis to students of the K-12 domain. 

Apart from the United States, the leading countries in online teacher salary for the K-12 domain include England, Canada, and Australia. 


Online learning, whether it be elementary education, professional education, or even additional classes, is slowly taking over the world.

It could be because it’s the most convenient style of teaching. 

Although online teaching sounds like a tough job, considering the one-to-one interaction disability with the students, it has its own advantages.

This makes online teaching a beneficial form of education, both in terms of convenience and earning possibilities

We hope these facts and numbers about online teacher salary were extremely helpful in giving you a detailed insight into the world of online teaching. 

Good luck with your teaching venture!

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