YouTube Keyword Research Tutorial

YouTube Keyword Research

Learn about YouTube Keyword Research and the important tools that can help you in keyword research for your YouTube channel. Welcome to another guide on how to navigate your way through YouTube and make the most of your journey as a coach. As you know by now, keywords can be a make or breaker when … Read more

YouTube Shorts – Everything You Need To Know

YouTube Shorts

Learn about the significance and importance of YouTube Shorts and discover how to create these YouTube Shorts and how to use them to grow your channel. If you have been having a run at your career as a YouTuber and would like to step up your game, then you should study or understand YouTube shorts … Read more

What Was The First YouTube Video

Learn about the first video that was posted on YouTube and 10 videos to help you understand YouTube, even if you are a total beginner. What Was The First YouTube Video? The first video was uploaded on April 24th, 2005.  This 19-second video was titled “Me at the zoo” by one of the Cofounders, Jawed … Read more

8 Youtubers Reveal How They Made $40,000+ By Becoming Influencers On YouTube

how youtubers earn money

Discover how YouTubers earn money in this post where 8 Youtubers reveal how they made $40,000+ by becoming influencers on YouTube. Are you thinking of becoming a YouTube influencer?  We can confirm that that’s a very lucrative venture. You can make good money promoting brands through your Youtube channel. According to the influencer management platform Traackr, … Read more

The ULTIMATE YouTube Live Streaming Checklist

Can YouTube Be A Full-Time Job

Discover the ultimate YouTube livestreaming checklist and learn about the factors that are essential for boosting your YouTube channel through livestreams. Every successful YouTube creator has a strategy and this is the secret behind the powerful results we see and admire.  There are some things that you must keep in mind before going live on … Read more

8 Ways To Promote YouTube Videos Using Google Ads

Productivity Tips

Discover the 8 ways that can help you to promote your YouTube videos by using Google Ads and learn how you can divert traffic to your videos. If you are a YouTuber and you have got big dreams for your career, then you need to know how to promote your YouTube videos using Google ads.  … Read more

Customize YouTube Channel URL

YouTube Shorts

Learn about the importance of a YouTube channel URL and tips on how you can customize YouTube channel URL to boost your channel marketing. So far we have covered all the bases of a YouTube channel. We have even highlighted all those essentials of a YouTube channel; the dos and the don’ts.  But let’s get … Read more

YouTube Burnout – What It Is And Its Causes

negative comments on youtube

Learn what YouTube Burnout is, the reasons that might cause YouTube Burnout, and find some tips on how to prevent YouTube creator burnout. Every person encounters career blocks in their life. Don’t worry, it’s completely normal and happens to everybody. But instead of throwing your hands in the air and giving up, you can turn … Read more

How To Edit YouTube Videos? Beginner’s Guide

video equipment for home video studio

Beginner’s Guide to Editing YouTube Videos Editing videos can be challenging, but it can become a breeze with the right tools and practice. This beginner’s guide will show you some of the most commonly used video editing software and how to edit a video using those tools. Whether you’re new to YouTube or want to … Read more

Top 15 Low Competition Niches For YouTube

YouTube Account Creator

Discover the 15 low competition niches for YouTube that you should consider today and find out how to pick the best niche for yourself! Some of the low competition niches include beauty and fashion, survival tips, non-mainstream sports, cooking, cars, parenting, living in a foreign country, teaching a foreign language, and explaining the technology.  Table … Read more

How To End A YouTube Video

Can YouTube Be A Full-Time Job

Find out how to end a YouTube video and learn about the tips and tricks to end a YouTube video in a promising way to attract more audience to your channel. So, what’s the best way to end a YouTube video?  Do you tell your viewers “thank you” and runoff, or do you just tell … Read more

How To Increase Audience Retention On YouTube

YouTube Paycheck

Know about the importance of audience retention on YouTube and learn how to increase audience retention on YouTube by 11 ways. If you have big plans for your audience on YouTube as well as long-term career goals for yourself as a YouTuber, then your audience retention should be of concern to you.  If you have … Read more

Why Are My YouTube Views Dropping?

why are my youtube views dropping

Find out why are your YouTube views dropping and what you can do to boost these YouTube views so that you enjoy maximum benefits from your channel. Why are my youtube views dropping? You Changed Your Video Content  You Changed Your Upload Schedule  It’s A Response to What’s Happening Globally  There Are Changes in Youtube … Read more

TOP 11 Ways To Find YouTube Video Ideas

YouTube Shorts

Learn about the 11 different methods through which you can come up with creative video ideas for your YouTube channel and make your subscribers grow. If you are a YouTube content creator, then you can relate to how tasking it can get creating video content on YouTube. Many content creators on the platform admit that … Read more

YouTube Account Creator

YouTube Account Creator

In this YouTube account creator guide, learn about creating a YouTube account on your computer, mobile phone, or iPad and how much it costs to create one. If you are looking to create your YouTube channel, then this article is for you.  In this article, we will show you everything you need to know about … Read more

YouTube Business: Everything You Wanted To Know

YouTube Shorts

Discover everything that you need to know about a YouTube Business Account and learn about the tips to make money from your YouTube Business Account. YouTube, the most viewed video platform globally, continues to rake in the numbers. YouTube, launched in 2005, boasts over 2.3 billion users in 2021 out of the total 4.33 billion … Read more

YouTube Settings You Need To Know To Grow Your Channel

YouTube Settings

Learn about youtube settings and important youtube settings every Youtuber should know about to grow your channel to the next level. If you are a YouTuber and you mean business with your channel, not just doing what you do for fun, then you need to read this article. There are certain hacks you can use … Read more