10 Tips To Grow Your YouTube Channel With Facebook

Discover 10 tips that can help to grow your YouTube channel with your Facebook and learn how to apply these tips to make your subscribers grow on YouTube.

Did you know that according to YouTube, more than 500 years’ worth of YouTube video content is watched on Facebook every single day and guess the best part? 

About 40% of the people who watch these videos share the links with their friends online to watch as well. See? 

That should tell you something. 

It’s pretty easy to promote your YouTube channel and its content by announcing it on Facebook and providing a link to your channel. 

On the other hand, you could also embed your latest YouTube video on your Facebook page so that fans and followers can get to watch them as well. 

The 10 helpful tips that you can use to grow your YouTube channel with Facebook include creating a Facebook page, optimizing your page, keeping your page active, posting sneak peek videos, posting quality photo posts, joining Facebook communities, engaging your audience, going live on Facebook, adding value to your posts with texts, and avoiding posting posts that lead away from Facebook. 

That way, they would want to refer back to your YouTube channel for more of your video content. 

You can also use paid Facebook advertising to attract new viewers to your YouTube channel or to a specific video. 

This can even boost your following on Facebook, so you see, it’s a win-win for your Facebook handle and your YouTube channel. 

Besides, creating a Facebook page for your business is absolutely free, you don’t have to spend a dime. 

Let’s grow that channel, shall we?

1. Create A Facebook Page For Your YouTube Channel

When it comes to business, a Facebook page is a non-negotiable asset for your brand. 

Your channel needs it, however, it can be crazy trying to get the traffic you need organically. 

This is why we recommend building groups

If you are serious about promoting your YouTube channel on Facebook without using paid ads, then you would be smart to go for Facebook groups. 

This doesn’t automatically make building a Facebook group easy, but it doesn’t make it hard either. 

Anything of great value demands time and practice, and building a Facebook group does too. 

When you have a group, your engagements increase from collective efforts. 

Your subscribers get to share a personal relationship with each other, real people in real-time, and there is even a cult-like devotion to your brand. 

Facebook groups happen to be one of the most effective marketing approaches you can use to sell yourself and your business. 

2. Why Optimize Your Page

Optimizing your page means paying attention to your branding and paying attention to how your page looks, so you have got to optimize your page, by all means, to make it standard. 

Heads up! 

This is the part we tell you to go pro with your page. 

Don’t ever forget that you only get one chance to make a great first impression. 

You don’t want to have this crazy scenario that plays out for a lot of ignorant YouTube creators: you have great content on your channel that goes viral, and then the eyeballs start streaking to your page, only to get there and see it looking like a child’s play. 

What happens is that people take you for a joke and you get to miss out on a lot of opportunities. 

So you want to make sure your profile picture is professional, your cover image is standard. 

Your profile picture should show eye contact and a good self-image, you should make sure it is not too zoomed out, or too hard to figure out, and on your cover image, you could ask them to go check out your latest video on your channel. 

That works too. 

You should take advantage of your cover image. 

Also, on your bio page, you should also provide a link to your channel and you could also provide a tagline so people know what to expect from your channel. 

Simply tell them what you help them achieve and how you do that. 

It should be short and it should be simple. 

Get to work on your page immediately. 

3. Keep Your Page Active

You do not want people to come to an empty slate, sorry, page. 

You have to keep your page active. 

People should tune in from time to time and gain information, value, and definitely get entertained as well. 

You must give consistent, strategic, quality content

This means you have to develop a plan that helps you stay consistent in creating content that is strategic and of high quality.

Also, you need to pay attention to how you send people to your channel with links. 

See Facebook as a bank where when you do upload a native or Facebook post, you keep people on Facebook. 

That way, they stay on Facebook and Facebook sees that it gets likes, engagements, and it is quality content, then they do well to make sure it is as visible as possible to as many people as possible. 

Now, what you want to do is to ensure that you make as many deposits like this as possible so that your account balance is rich enough to cover for when you begin to make withdrawals. 

How do you make a withdrawal?

When you post a link that leads away from Facebook, that is a withdrawal. 

The reason many creators fail on Facebook is that they have not made enough deposits in their Facebook bank and they try to make withdrawals when they do not have enough in their account.

Most creators, all do is provide links that take people away from Facebook and Facebook does not like that a lot, so your organic reach is depleted because Facebook is not in support of that move. 

Meanwhile, having enough deposits help you do better. 

So, make at least 3 deposits before you go for one withdrawal. 

If you want to keep your page active with lots of engagement, then update it regularly, at least every day. 

Do well to share funny things too, people subscribe to humor anytime. 

Ask questions or run contests, you can also share your real-life experiences and stories that your audience can relate to. 

You also have to begin engaging with other people’s posts and run opinion polls on your page. 

Share new stories too and give your fans discounts from time to time. 

4. Post Video Sneak Peeks

You need to also try to post sneak peeks from time to time.

People will often search for videos that offer solutions to the challenges they are facing. 

Nevertheless, people still look forward to the unexpected. 

A sneak peek is a great way to satisfy this curiosity while using it to build anticipation for your upcoming videos

A sneak peek builds curiosity and if you craft it right, you can use it to build anticipation as well. 

Simply post a short version of an upcoming video or a photo of an exciting project you are undertaking and watch followers fall over themselves in excitement. 

Remember, people are always on the lookout for something new. 

When you create promo videos, you should use tools like Adobe Spark as this will allow you to cut video clips and add shorter clips while also adding slides and overlay text to your video. 

You can then share this promo across all your social media handles with a link back to your YouTube channel. 

This can help you get stronger click-throughs and even increase your YouTube views and subscriptions.

Promo videos are also a great way to gain the right audience and this type of audience is usually the ones who stay. 

If they are interested enough to click through and the content resonates with them, then the chances are high that they are here to stay. 

5. Post Quality Photo Posts

We have talked about quality consistent and strategic content, now we will look at the quality image because that is a big part of your content. 

You don’t necessarily need to combine texts in the image, but you could if you see the need to. 

You want to make sure you go for quality images and have your link out. 

You choose to upload the thumbnail and then you link to the YouTube video, that’s a great way to go about it too. 

You can make use of the link you are provided when you click “share” on your video. 

It does not consume space because it is kept short and clean. 

You have to make sure you use clear and high-quality photos. 

Also, give out inspirational photos too and photos that ask a question as this creates engagements around your content. 

6. Join Facebook Communities

Facebook communities are priceless, literally. 

You should become part of a community if you are looking to grow your YouTube channel with Facebook. 

Currently, there are about 620 million Facebook groups and the number keeps increasing every day. 

There are definitely some related to your niche. 

Your job is to find them, yes, find and join Facebook groups that have people who share their opinions, tips, and ideas on the things you talk about in your channel. 

Apart from this being a great way to grow your channel, it can also be a sure plug to generate new ideas for your next video content.

You can post your videos on these groups, but be smart enough to not come off as spamming or you could get kicked out and reported.  

7. Engage Your Audience

You must keep your audience engaged, you must engage with your community as this sends a message to them, that their presence is important to you. 

If people feel that they are not needed or they are not being noticed, they will leave you to where they are being seen. 

Usually, people will leave comments on your posts, at least leave a like on them and try to respond as you can. 

You will also find some messages in your inbox and while that may not seem to work, try to respond. 

Also, respond to visitor posts. 

All these shows that you are first a real person and that you care. 

8. Go Live On Facebook

You probably didn’t know this but Facebook live is a big priority to Facebook. 

They are also watched three times longer than normal regular videos

In fact, the ideal watch time you can catch users watching a Facebook live is 18 minutes and that’s an average!

You want to also make smart use of the emojis here

Yeah, they don’t work everywhere, but they do work here.

Do well to invest in your Facebook live and leave your link in the description so people can follow back to your YouTube channel or videos and try to do this regularly. 

9. Add Value With Your Text

You don’t want to just post. 

We mean text post; here, you want to make sure that your post is adding value, you could ask questions, use emojis (smartly of course,) and make sure to leave a link to your YouTube video in it.

Usually, when people have gotten value from your Facebook post, they want more of it, and they also see that clicking on your link is a way to say “thank you” for the value you gave them for free. 

Simple psychology? 

That’s just how it works.

10. Avoid Video Posts That Link Away From Facebook

Remember our talk about the native upload? 

The post that does not link away from Facebook? 

That’s the one. 

You could make it inspirational, educational, informational, entertaining, motivational, and insightful. 

It does not always have to lead away from Facebook, remember, the guys on the blue app do not like that. 


These are 10 great ways you can grow your YouTube channel with your Facebook. 

We believe you have found this useful to growing your channel. 

Leave us a comment! 

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