TOP 7 Reasons Why Life Coaches FAIL And 7 Ways To ENSURE Your Success

Learn about the reasons why some life coaches fail in their coaching business and learn how you can prevent these failures and ensure success.

It is no wonder that there are some people who fail as a coach and there can be several reasons for this failure. 

Believe us, we feel your fear of failure and your pain which is why we have gathered all these important tips for you.

These will not only save your business but will also ensure your success. 

In this article, we will be sharing some insights about why life coaches fail and how to ensure success.  

So let’s jump right to the main points. 

Why Do Coaches Fail?

There are multiple reasons why sometimes the coaching business does not go in the direction that you may want it to.

So in order to overcome this failure, a good coach must know what actually causes this failure.

Some of the common reasons why life coaches fail include lack of business skills, not enough marketing, fear of failure, lack of confidence, not having a defined niche, not practicing what they teach, and distraction by administration issues. 

So let’s take a look at some of these basic failure reasons.

1. Lack Of Business Development Skills

As we are talking about why coaches fail in their attempt to run a successful business and keep up with their clients, the number one mistake they make is when they think they do not have to learn new skills and strategies themselves. 

Because coaching is one of those businesses in which one has to strictly keep one’s game up above others and develop new skills and strategies to motivate the clients.

To develop your business, coaches also have to learn new marketing strategies

They need to know where their potential clients are.

Without proper marketing, no business can flourish and develop.

And for business development skills; coaches have to learn and work on their public speaking, one-to-one communication, writing, listening, negotiation, and emotions-dealing skills.

2. Don’t Market Their Business

The main trick is in knowing which strategy suits the coaching business the most.

For developing your business, it is quite necessary to adopt the most suitable market and strategy to attract your audience.

Sometimes people think that once they have a few clients in their hands and after they have earned some money to spend, they will then go for the marketing.

But this attitude is absolutely wrong, this way no one can attract any good number of clients for their business. 

In fact, you may lose some this way when they realize they never even heard of your brand/business name.

So to know your potential market and then attracting your clients through marketing before starting your business is the best plan.

You always have to spend some of your money before earning any revenue.

3. Fear Of Failure

Alright after discussing your potential market and marketing strategies, what’s the next important thing?

The self-confidence in yourself.

Everyone has a fear of failure in them, whether it is a college student, athlete, or business person. 

No one knows what kind of future awaits them, so the best attitude towards it is having confidence in your efforts and in yourself.

No one can pass the hurdles in their ways without trusting in your own self and no successful self-journey starts with doubting your capabilities.

And it is a very simple fact that if you do not believe yourself, no other person is going to believe in you.

Without a brave face, communication skills & confidence in your words, you cannot attract anyone and certainly, you cannot ask anyone else to put their trust in you, not to forget to spend their money on such a program.

So, to quit feeling the fear of failure you have to be prepared in advance for everything, for instance, the more information and skills you have before starting your business, the more confident you will likely feel.

4. Lack Of Confidence

Boosting your confidence is such a necessary element in the coaching business that you cannot deny it. 

The more confidence you have the more your clients will depend on you.

For instance, during your sessions when you are about to question your client about their weaknesses and emotional issues, if you do not have proper knowledge about it, thus feeling insecure about your own skills, your client is probably going to read that in you and they will not feel secure with you either.

Lack of self-confidence will get you nowhere.

There are several tricks for all the coaches to know how they can boost their confidence through some exercises.

For instance, knowing and planning your programme completely before starting the business, setting the mood and topic of each session before it happening, knowing what kind is the actual need of each of your client, customize their goals, let them feel confidence in themselves, cross-question them about their issues and ask them about what will make them happy.

Try to develop those skills and behaviours in them.

5. Don’t Have A Defined Niche

Coaches who think that they can handle all of the aspects in their single program is totally a wrong attitude. 

For instance, if you are a life coach, define in advance; what parts of life you can work on, pick any 3 or 4.

Or if you are a business coach, define it in your program or marketing; what sort of behaviors you are willing to work on or what aspects of work-related issues in your client’s life will you be working on. 

You can always define them in a set of behaviors or traits.

What type of behavior you are going to welcome in your program and what they will be expecting out of it.

Because no one can master all the skills and there is no shame in it, just simply tell what areas are your expertise and what niche you will not handle.

6. They Don’t Practice What They Teach

Not living what you have been teaching others is a false attitude and believe us your clients will also see it very clearly.

The person who is spending his time and money on such a program and sees you not living up to the status and attitude you teach, will not be willing to believe in you.

So change yourself too, change your attitude too towards life, show them while teaching them.

Because modeling is the best way of teaching.

Some so many people put a façade of being the best life or business coach while they cannot make their emotions stable. 

These kinds of businesspeople cannot keep up with their clients, simply.

In this way, their business becomes a big lie for them.

So live what you have been teaching others, be a model of your own philosophies.

7. Get Distracted By Administrative Tasks

When you are running a business, you have to take a good look at all aspects and parts of your business to keep it running.

Your duty is not only about talking and directing your clients, but you also have to be your business manager, administration, and manage its finances.

Do not get distracted by merely one part of your work.

To keep your business running successfully you have to pay attention to all aspects of it, but do not get scared about it, it does not have to be difficult.

You can always move with a plan.

Try to move forward by planning everything ahead of you.

Try to keep track of your payments, dues, dates, sessions, your calls, you can use apps or reminders for these tasks.

Thus, not paying attention to such parts of your business can take you to failure.

How To Ensure Your Success

Success is obviously not guaranteed.

But it can be 95% ensure by following some simple tips.

Some of these tips to ensure success include being a coach and an entrepreneur, marketing your business, using tools, knowing your limits, learning to qualify leads, using different techniques, and having patience.

Let’s take a more thorough look at them.

1. Be Both A Coach And An Entrepreneur

Do not fret at all because there are surely some ways by which you can ensure the success of your business and the number one step in your success journey should be knowing the difference between being a coach and an entrepreneur.

Simply, being a coach means knowing how to work with your clients and being an entrepreneur is about knowing how to reach the potential clients and attract them to you.

That is the main difference between both of the terms and two attitudes towards business.

But you have to be both, you just have to know when to be which.

2. Learn How To Market Your Business

Let us look at it this way

When you are going on a road trip, what do you do for it?

Obviously, you prepare your bags for it, you gather up the things you might need while traveling.

When you are going to a meeting, what do you do before it?

For sure, you prepare your presentation for it or do your research before it, so you feel prepared for it.

That is the way you do anything successfully done, so before starting a business, you need to market; just know that it is something you cannot miss or ignore.

Learning the ways and strategies for your marketing is essential.

Know where your potential clients are and attract them.

3. Use Tools To Manage Your Administrative Tasks

The next step is confirming what you can do to manage your administrative tasks and for it, you are going to manage these following tasks:

  • Schedule your appointments with clients and set up your reminders just like a pro and do not forget your appointments or clients, because without your present mind, you are never going to sound professional to them.
  • Make a plan of your whole programme, add every important step in it.
  • Stick to the plan and follow it.
  • Whenever there is an empty slot in your client list or you think that you can handle more, keep working on getting new clients.
  • Ask your clients to give testimonials and referral requests, some of your clients will be more than happy to do it for you; this step may seem simple but in this business it is quite crucial, so do not forget it, keep your reminder for this too and ask your happy clients for it, you can also set the automated emails for specific time periods.
  • Keep updating your marketing method; you may feel like some repetition regarding this point, but through this repetitiveness, you should know much crucially important this step is.
  • Keep up the hard work because it always pays off in the end.

4. Recognize That You Aren’t A Coach For Everyone

We know that you may feel excited for this field and we agree with you because it is quite interesting.

But set up your niche in advance, do not jump to each and every corner of life’s aspects.

Because not even a pro would be handling all sorts of clients in his same programme.

If you are a business coach stick with it, if you are a life coach stick with it.

Even if you stick with one of these fields, these are very vast and you will not be able to handle all kinds of business issues or life issues of your client.

You can surely work on two to three; like self-improvement, workout motivation, self-confidence at workplace issues. 

So, stick to one of your most comfortable niches, do not jump to all corners.

5. Learn To Qualify Leads

Whenever you feel that there are a few or even a single person, who is not coachable, leave them, do not waste your energy or time on them.

Believe us, this is not worth the money.

Because when they are not motivated or happy to move their one finger to change their lives, in the end, they are going to likely feel that they have wasted their money and they would want the refund.

In this scenario, you might feel regret in the first place accepting them as your client, so do not waste your time on such persons, because sometimes they want the change but they are not ready to do anything about it.

So avoid such scenarios, because such people might lower your self-confidence and their money is not worth it.

6. Use Different Coaching Techniques

We are very happy to tell you all about a little but major secret about the coaching business.

Never use one common coaching approach with each of your clients.

Because every person that comes to you is of different nature with different habits, they surely do not require the same goals or results.

And when they require different results from each other, you should definitely treat them or guide them with different approaches.

You can go with a religious approach with some but not all, so surely you cannot forcefully use this approach with everyone.

With some, you may use religious or spiritual or even with some you may use anti-consumerism with rest you can use the authoritative approach because they might need this self-boost in their confidence related to their work issues or friend circle.

7. Have Patience

Being a coach, it is also very necessary to stay relaxed and calm.

With anxiety or being anxious yourself, you will not be able to achieve your own goals, which is, first of all, staying in control and sounding like a pro.

If your clients ever see you tense and stressed regarding your coaching programme, they will not be able to put their trust and confidence in you if they had to calm you.

So be patient with your clients, take a light break yourself to gather your thoughts, and most of all, for being a coach you should have a temperament for such business.


So never forget all of these important points, believe us they are going to help you in your long run and your business and if you ever feel stressed as a coach.

Just come back to this page and read it all again! 

You will be confident again and you will know what and how to do the coaching business.


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