How Many Videos Do You Need To Get Noticed On YouTube?

Learn about the seven different ways that can help you get noticed on YouTube and earn you some massive views and subscribers for your YouTube channel.

If you are a YouTuber with big plans for your career and channel, chances are, you’ve been asking questions, especially if you are just starting.

Getting noticed on YouTube can be challenging so in order to do it, you will need to promote your videos, find out the kind of content your audience is interested in, pay attention to your content’s quality, write relevant titles, use attractive thumbnails, create and upload more videos, and use SEO wisely. 

You may have probably gotten your fair share of YouTube myths and expectations about YouTube.

This article is written to answer your questions about YouTube, especially the question of how long it takes to get noticed and how many videos you need to put out there to get noticed on YouTube.

Ready to get noticed? Let’s get started.

How Many Videos Should I Upload On YouTube To Get Noticed?

According to TubeBuddy’s research, you’d need to post 3,873 videos on average to get to 1 Million subscribers. You’d need to post at least 1,171 videos on average to get to 100,000 subscribers and post 418 videos on average to get to 10,000+ subscribers.

YouTube can be compared to a grocery store. 

Different people walk in with different shopping lists and will ignore many items while heading straight to the aisles which have the items they are searching for. 

Just because they ignore the other items does not mean these items are not important or are less important. 

It just means that is not what the customer is looking to buy at the moment.

However, imagine a different scenario where some particular goods constantly and consistently stay ignored and unbought. 

What do you think will happen to those items?

After a while, the store will stop getting those items and that is it.

The same thing happens on YouTube. 

YouTube does show your content to people; however, their effort can only go so far. 

However, if YouTube finds not many people engaging your video, then your analytics will be low and nobody will notice your videos.

However, because there is something called impressions on YouTube, you can track how many people made an effort to interact with your channel or videos.

That way, you can know that your content is of interest to people. 

They may be captivated enough to watch more and stay engaged with your content.

Also, note that the interaction you are getting is a reflection of the kind of value you are giving. 

Another way to get people to pay attention to your video is to pay attention to your titles as well.

You also need to define your brand clearly

What is your brand all about? 

People should look at your title and video without having to second-guess what your brand is about.

Also, show your audience the value they will be getting by watching your channel

You also need to define who your content is for. 

How Do I Get My Video Noticed On YouTube?

If you are still wondering how you can get your videos or video noticed on YouTube, then this part is for you.

So, how do you get your video noticed on YouTube? 

Simple read through this and make sure to apply everything that is shared here.

1. Promote Your Videos

One way to make sure your video gets noticed on YouTube is by doing all you can to ensure your video gets a lot of views within 48 hours.

Now, you are probably wondering how this affects your getting noticed and what exactly happens in 48 hours. 

Well, this is quite important because getting a lot of views on your video in the first 48 hours has a direct impact on how the YouTube algorithm views your content.

Also, this can determine how the algorithm decides to promote your work or not.

What this simply means is that the first 48 hours after you post your video are the most important for the overall and long-term success and health of your video and channel.

What happens during this period is that YouTube uses this short timeframe to check the level of excitement and engagement your video generates.

Sure, views are not the most important factor, but they are absolutely important especially for new brands.

If for instance, you post a new video and it gets thousands of views in a single day, then YouTube interprets this to mean that the video has the potential to reach a very wide audience and so, it promotes the video to more people who are not already familiar with your channel.

If the reverse is the case, and you get, for instance, only three views within the first few days of posting your new video, then YouTube will believe the video does not have the potential for a wider audience and will not promote the video or show it to anyone.

So, you have to do everything within your power to make sure your new video gets a lot of views within the first 48 hours.

Another way to get your video noticed on YouTube is involving yourself deeply in other communities that give or have the same content around you. 

That way, when you have a video to share, you can have the relevant communities drop your video in. 

That way, you can share it with the places where it is appreciated and needed. 

This can help you get noticed. 

Also, this can help you get more viewers and subscribers to your channel outside of YouTube.

You can find these kinds of communities on Reddit, Facebook, and places like that. 

You can also find YouTuber groups to share your content on.

2. Find Out The Kind Of Content Your Audience Wants

Another way to look out for more views and to get noticed is to look out for the interest in the topic you are generating content on. 

When you make a type of content, pay attention to the kind of interest you get in that content. 

Sometimes, it can be high interest, sometimes, it can be low interest.

You can do well to research the topic before you make a video on it.

A little research can go a long way to save you the stress of making a video nobody is interested in watching.

Look out for what your audience is saying and make sure you do listen to them. 

They will only pay attention to what they are interested in.

If you go ahead and create a video or a topic in an area that they have no interest in, then you may just be watching your video yourself.

You can manually search for this by going on the YouTube search bar and typing in the topic you want to create a video on and watch out for the reactions to that type of content if it is high interest or low interest.

You can also use a tool that can help make this easier for you, like Tubebuddy to help you determine the rate of interest in the topic before you decide if you want to create a video on it or not.

It is free, but you can decide to upgrade to the paid version.

Another way we would recommend to help you get noticed on YouTube is by paying attention to your subscribers. 

You want to make sure you listen to your subscribers, and it does not matter how many they are.

This is your community of followers and they are an excellent resource to determine what videos should make it to your channel or not.

You may also decide to use Q&A sessions with your subscribers or set up an email address where your viewers can send in suggestions for future videos for your channel.

Also, you can invite your viewers to leave comments under each video to offer their suggestions as to what they would like to see or learn next.

This does not mean of course that you have to take every suggestion you hear, but listening to your subscribers can be a huge boost to your getting noticed on YouTube.

3. Pay Attention To The Quality Of Your Content

Another thing you want to pay attention to when trying to get noticed on YouTube is the quality of your content

This alone can increase or reduce your average watch time.

If you do give people quality content, then they may click but not stay through. 

You have to do everything you can to give them a qualitative experience on your video so that they click and stay through to the end.

You want to make sure they watch at least to a significant extent to reflect that they have stayed through.

You want YouTube to notice that your video content is giving people a qualitative experience when they click it. 

That way, your video can get promoted quicker and you can get noticed easily by more people.

When YouTube promotes your video, then more people can see it and you will get more noticed on YouTube.

4. Write Relevant Titles

You also want to make sure that your titles are not the reason you are not getting noticed on YouTube.

You should try to put up titles that are relevant to the value you are giving in your video. 

You can either sell yourself short in your video titles and thumbnails or you can position yourself so well that you get noticed.

Whatever your content is about, make sure that you learn early what is working best or not, for you. 

For a new channel, for instance, you cannot always use the heading “You will not believe what happened!’ 

This is not because it is awful, it’s just that as a new channel, YouTube may not have the audience required to serve it to at the moment you are just starting.

You may find this working for bigger channels with thousands of subscribers but it may not work for you.

You need to build consistently before you can use some kind of titles, you need to build a large audience for some kind of titles.

In the meantime, you should simply make it about the viewer

Also ask yourself, who is going to be watching this video?

Identify your target audience and use their kind of language in their title and their kind of imagery in your thumbnail.

5. Grab Attention With Thumbnails

We talked about thumbnails briefly before now, but now, we want you to pay more attention to your thumbnails.

Your thumbnails happen to be the first thing a user sees when they come across your video, so it needs to be good. 

Thumbnails are a great way to get your video noticed.

You can generate great thumbnails by taking screenshots of keyframes of your video. 

You can also add a filter to make it look nice, crop, or even zoom, then you ad your text.

A great visual design for your thumbnail can go a long way in getting you noticed.

6. Create And Upload More Videos

You can also get noticed by creating and uploading more videos. 

You must be uploading more videos as this can improve your skills and helps you make better videos that resonate with your audience more. 

The more you make videos, the more you discover what they like and vibe better.

You also begin to find out what works and what does not work for you.

Also, it might take more videos for you to hit some milestones you have set for yourself.

7. Think About YouTube SEO

Paying attention to your use of SEO is a great way to create content that can get you noticed. 

This means paying attention to the keywords you use. 

This includes your titles, description, and tags.

SEO helps people discover you quickly and so when you maximize this tool and pay attention to your keywords, it makes it easier to find you when they are searching for content in your niche.


That’s all about the different ways you can adopt to get noticed on YouTube.

We do hope you have found this article useful.

Leave us a comment!

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