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Learn about our Word Counter, what can you use a word counter for and how to use a word counter tool to improve SEO for your online content.

As a content creator, many things come into play when you want to deliver that topnotch SEO-optimized, reader-friendly article. 

Be it for a blog post, a marketing report, word count is something that comes in handy, – even when you don’t exactly want to consider it.

It can be tough to box your creative flow and all those amazing ideas that come as you research.

Alongside the “Aha! Moments.” 

Here are some of my favorite social marketing tools:

But if you want to be or remain a professional content creator, the standard article has a word count and you have to stick to it.

This article is designed to help you figure out just what you need to know about the online word counter and how to employ it effectively. 

We have divided this article into 6 subtopics and we will be addressing each to help you as a content creator.

What Does Word Counter Mean?

Knowing the word count of a text is important. 

If for example, an author wants to write a minimum or maximum amount of words for a paper, story, an essay, an article or report, whatever, really, Word Counter will ensure that his word count reaches a specific requirement or at least, stays within a certain limit.

Word Counter is an online tool that helps you to count and calculate the number of words in your text. 

A Word Counter also shows you the top 10 keywords and keyword density of the article you are writing.

It allows you to know what keywords to use, at what frequency and percentages. 

This will ensure that you don’t over-use some words or certain word combinations.

It will also help to check for the best distribution of keywords in your writing.

Now that you know what the Word Counter is, let’s find out what you can use it for.

What Can You Use a Word Counter For?

Already, you have probably figured out that Word count is pretty important. 

As a matter of fact, the word count is an important metric for writing, especially in academia, legal proceedings, publishing, and advertising.

So, why exactly is Word Count important?

Whether your writing is for a website, a corporate document, an e-book, or a blog, different types of writing require a certain word count. 

Also, some platforms have word limits; Google AdWords search ads is an example, as well as Facebook Banner Ads.

#1 Social Media Word Count

Places like social media are created for quick consumption and easy reading. 

You can’t take your 20,000-word manuscript up there.

Each platform has its own ordered amount of viewable character or word count that can be posted by users. 

Online word counter

This is a great reason to know the character limits for social media platforms, especially if you are a digital marketer or a social media manager.

Here are some helpful details on the different character limits for popular social media platforms:

#2 Flexibility

With Word counter, you are not limited by the document type. 

Be it Microsoft Word or Google Docs, you can copy any type of file and paste it in the word count tool to know how many words or characters it contains.

With Word counter, you can perform a word count on your Academic essay, Microsoft Excel sheet, and so forth.

You could even do a character count for your Google Ads, Facebook posts, Instagram caption, anything, really.

How to Use a Word Counter

We have considered what a word counter is and some benefits of using the word counter. 

That’s a great start. 

Let’s see how counting words using the counter really works. 

How do you use the online word counter?

Word counter is an amazing tool, and it is quite easy to use. 

Also, it will give you almost instant results. 

You can use word counter for Google Docs, (as we will examine later), PDF files, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign, and so much more.

All you simply need to do is copy the text from any website or file type and paste it directly into the counter tool input box.

Since it is free, you can perform as many word counts as you need to. 

online word counter

Whether you are a student, blogger, writer, SEO specialist, or digital marketer, the Word Counter tool will be valuable to you and enhance your workflow.

See? Told you it was easy.

SEO Word Count for Improved Rankings

If you are writing for SEO, word count is very important. 

The majority of high ranking content that appears on the first page of SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is long-form articles.

It’s important to note that a lot of these articles exceed 2000 words, while most are at least 1,500 words.

Another outstanding thing is that many long-form articles have evergreen content.

This is the best type of content when it comes to SEO.

Evergreen content receives more clicks over a long period of time than content that’s only based on what is current.

Also, longer articles are seen to carry more authority. 

When you write longer articles or content, you can add more data or information to your article. 

This makes it more valuable.

If you apply this practice, you will increase the potential of your article being shared and linked to. 

The more social shares and backlinks you receive, the better your website or page rankings.

By using Word Count, you will ensure that your article has the minimum amount of word count for SEO best practices.

How to Count Words in Microsoft Word

Many people get to type out their documents in Microsoft Word, which is quite standard, but not many people know the little tricks designed into Microsoft word.

Online word counter

So, your writing is going great, but you need to keep count of the words or characters. 

How do you count words in Microsoft Word?

First, to count the words, you need to let your computer know the words you want to be counted. 

You do this by highlighting the parts of the text you want to be counted.

You tell your computer this by using the command “Ctrl + A” if it is the entire document you want to count. 

This will highlight the entire text. 

You can take your fingers off the screen and your text will remain highlighted.

Here’s a 3-step guide to counting words in Microsoft Word 2003:

In case you’re using Microsoft Word 2003, this is how you achieve your word count:

  1. Select Tools from the toolbar on the top of the page.
  2. Select Word Count from the drop-down menu that appears. A box will appear, giving you information about the text highlighted. It will include the number of words contained.
  3. Include the words in the footnotes and endnotes if those words are counted in the total number of words allowed in your paper or writing. Simply, click on ”include footnotes and endnotes” in the lower-left corner of the box, and the words will be included in the total number of words.

If you use Microsoft Word 2007, here’s a 2-step guide to achieving your word count:

  1. Highlight the parts of the text you want to count. When you do this, the number of words you’ve highlighted will be displayed at the status bar at the bottom of your screen on the left, as a fraction of the total number of words in the document.
C:\Users\Anita Michael\Desktop\Word count example.png

2. Include footnotes in the word count by selecting Review on the toolbar. Then select Proofing, and then Word Count. Select Include textboxes, Footnotes, and Endnotes. The total number of words stated will be displayed on the status bar.

How to Count Words in Google Docs

Word Count comes in handy when using your Google Docs. 

Here’s how to use Word count in a Google Doc:

  1. At the top of your Google doc, click Tools and then select Word Count.
  1. Here, you are shown the number of pages, total words, how many characters, and the number of characters excluding spaces. Please note that characters are individual letters and typically matter only if a school or job application requires character limit, rather than the word limit.
C:\Users\Anita Michael\Desktop\Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 3.53.15 PM.png
  1. Next, how do you check the word count in a specific section? First, highlight the paragraph or section you want to count.
C:\Users\Anita Michael\Desktop\Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 3.53.49 PM.png
  1. With a paragraph or section highlighted, click Tools and then Word Count. This is especially useful when you need to cut down on the word document for a specific section of your writing.
C:\Users\Anita Michael\Desktop\Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 3.53.57 PM.png

Also, there’s a shortcut to getting your word count done. Click “Command + Shift + C” and it’ll pop up.


Now that we have examined Word Count, why it matters, and how you can apply it, you can go ahead and perform your word count. 

Keep in mind that word count is especially important when communicating with your audience. 

A 10,000-word count may not be a good idea for a blog audience, but it would be suitable for a short novel or an eBook.

Have you learned something useful from this article?

We’ll be glad to know. Please leave a comment in the section below.

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