How To Attract New Coaching Clients In 15 Minutes A Day

Learn about the important ways and platforms that you can use to attract new clients to purchase your coaching sessions in less than 15 minutes.

Just like any other business, your coaching career will thrive only if you can attract new customers consistently. 

Luckily, marketing your coaching business isn’t a complicated affair. 

You can make use of free online tools to reach hundreds of people. 

What matters is how convincing your marketing content is to your audience. 

Just like any other venture, starting a coaching business has its challenges, however, there are simple tasks that you can do every day to attract new clients which include embracing best practices when developing CTAs and using podcasts, creating a Facebook group, creating Facebook challenges, email marketing and even answering questions on Quora. 

Today we’ll examine creative ways to attract new coaching clients in 15 minutes a day. 

Ready to dive in?

Let’s go! 

1. Polish Your Call To Actions

How To Attract New Coaching Clients In 15 Minutes A Day

Before we discuss how to polish your call to action (CTA), let’s examine what they are. 

A CTA is an element that your audience can click and perform a predetermined action

For instance, you may want your audience to subscribe to your coaching courses or buy some materials on your site. 

These elements can be simple texts, buttons, or clickable images.  

As you design your call to action, focus on enhancing enthusiasm among your audience, by creating your CTA clear and engaging

Here are some ways you can adopt to achieve this goal.

1. Enhance Your CTA Visibility

Make your call to action visible and distinguishable from other items on your website. 

If you have buttons as a CTA, enhance its design by using colors and boulders.

This way it will stand out from other buttons. 

Also, remember to place your CTA where your clients expect them to be

For instance, the “Sign In” and e-commerce cart buttons are traditionally found on the top right-hand side corner of webpages. 

Placing such buttons on other parts of the page can leave your audience stranded, not knowing what to do.

2. Make CTAs That Are Easy To Identify

An excellent way to make your CTAs stand out is to make them easy to identify. 

For instance, incorporating bright colors or matching your CTA with a function icon makes it recognizable. 

Users can associate your CTAs with the actions you want them to take. 

3. Pass A Clear Message

Use CTAs to communicate to your audience in a simple, straightforward, and coherent manner. 

You do not want them to doubt your message.

Also, incorporate a sense of urgency, especially when promoting sign-up offers. 

This way, your clients will see the sense to register for your services.

4. Make Your CTA Accessible To Your Audience

Consider user habits when deciding on the design of your CTA. 

For instance, if you are targeting mobile audiences, the location, and size of your CTA matter a lot. 

You need to place your clickable object where users can easily tap it on their smartphones or iPhones. 

2. Join HARO 

How To Attract New Coaching Clients In 15 Minutes A Day

HARO is an online platform where journalists post queries on various subjects. 

Experts can place bids on these questions and, if successful, get interviewed. 

You can answer questions related to your field of expertise and get published in magazines with thousands of readership.

You also get backlinks to your site which improves the SEO ranking of your website. 

As more people read the interview, they get to know your business. 

If your work is superb, you will start getting offers from new clients.

However, HARO is competitive and has over 500,000 active users. 

It pays to understand how the system works before bidding for projects. 

It is free to sign up for this platform. 

There are also paid plans that give you access to more features. 

Before you decide to subscribe to any paid plan, use the free plan to see if you like the site.

3. Start Podcasting 

How To Attract New Coaching Clients In 15 Minutes A Day

Another way to reach out to new clients is through podcasts. 

The good news is that you don’t have to create lengthy podcasts

Your audio clips could be between 1 and 15 minutes long. 

The advantage of podcasting is that you focus on a subject where you are an expert. 

It also allows you to create a pipeline of new clients over a long time. 

According to research, most clients take as long as 18 months to purchase products from the time they make the first inquiry. 

Only 15% of clients are ready to make purchases within  90 days after inquiring about a product. 

Before a client can buy your services, they must undergo the following critical steps:  

  • Discover what you can offer.
  • Realize you can fix their problems
  • Build trust in you you can meet their needs.
  • Decide that they are now ready to solve their problem.

This decision-making process takes time, and that’s why not all clients will decide to buy your services the first time they learn about them. 

As you prepare your podcasts, follow the following structure to make your content relevant and attractive to your audience.

a. The Decisions That Matter 

This stage involves making key decisions that will define the structure, format, and length of your podcasts. 

Good podcasts should provide value to the audience

For the podcast format, you can either choose to talk about the subject or have a reporter interview you. 

You can also opt to co-host the podcast with another expert.

Decide on key areas of focus and your target group. 

Your success depends on your ability to attract your best clients

These are people who you most comfortable working with and can resolve their problems fully.

Such clients are likely to be your promoters and refer new customers to your offers. 

A good place to start is to decide who the podcasts will target and what problems they will solve.

b. Create Content That Sells

You are not making podcasts for the sake of it. 

Your primary goal is to sell your services to your audience. 

However, do not take a promotional approach where you simply talk describe your services and subscription plans. 

Instead, focus on creating content that educates your target group and adds value to them. 

By educating your listeners, you empower them to make quality decisions, including buying your offers to fix their problems.

Use quality equipment to ensure that your recording is of high quality. 

You want your listeners to enjoy your podcasts without struggling to hear every word you say. 

Also, use a platform that is easy to use and is compatible with your device. 

c. Host And Promote Your Podcasts

You can create great podcasts, but if you cannot get them out where your target listeners are, you will never get new clients. 

Therefore, shop around for an affordable podcast hosting platform that allows you quick uploads and provides you with stats on how your content is performing. 

Develop a strategy to promote your content to your target groups. 

This strategy can include guest hosting and posting content on social media groups. 

You, however, need to seek permission from group leaders to post your content.

d. Systemize Your Content Creation Process

When you establish your focus topics, have a hosting account, and have marketing platforms, have a system on how to create your podcasts regularly without being overwhelmed. 

Have a schedule that allows you to prepare, produce, and post your podcasts. 

Establish a podcast posting schedule so that your audience will know when to expect your new content. 

This way you will command a loyal following as long as your content is valuable to your listeners.

4. Start Your Own Facebook Group 

How To Attract New Coaching Clients In 15 Minutes A Day

Facebook groups offer excellent channels for client engagement

Therefore, create and customize your Facebook group. 

Start by inviting your friends and close associates who are within your target market. 

The good thing with a Facebook group is that you can choose to make it public or private. 

This way, you can target the people you want to reach out to. 

When you create a new group, you will need to post three to four posts per day to keep it active and engaging

Remember, at this point, you are reaching out to your audience and promoting your services. 

Commit to responding to every comment or query by your group members promptly. 

Customize your CTAs to engage your clients and provide sharable content to attract new clients. 

You can link the group with your website landing page

This way, you will direct the traffic from the Facebook group to your promotional page and increase the chances of enrolling new clients.

5. Run Facebook Challenges

How To Attract New Coaching Clients In 15 Minutes A Day

With so many free self-development resources online, users get overwhelmed and most of them never complete the courses they enroll. 

One way to beat this obstacle is using Facebook challenges. 

These are mini-courses that allow you to breakdown complex ideas into short and easy-to-understand presentations. 

Most audiences find it easy to complete such courses. 

If you have free content to share with your prospective clients, package it as a Facebook challenge. 

Make it as interesting as possible to arouse the curiosity of your audience. 

This way, you can encourage new clients to sign up for your coaching classes without being too promotional.

6. Use LinkedIn 

How To Attract New Coaching Clients In 15 Minutes A Day

Do have you have a LinkedIn profile? 

If not, you need to create one ASAP! 

This platform allows you to connect with professionals around the globe

It is also a place to showcase your expertise and what you can offer to your new clients. 

Now, below are a few things you can do on LinkedIn for 15 minutes every day to help you get new clients. 

  • Polish your profile and provide your most current credentials. 
  • Showcase your portfolio, clients want to know whether your experience in coaching and meeting the needs of your clients, so you can create a show video discussing your areas of expertise and invite your audience for an engagement.
  • Ask for recommendations from your network, however, these must be people you have worked with and who can testify of your skills and abilities.
  • Take advantage of LinkedIn messaging to reach out to targeted clients and respond to inquiries on the platform. 

7. Engage Your Email List 

How To Attract New Coaching Clients In 15 Minutes A Day

Did you that your email list is a gold mine for new clients? 

Research shows that email marketing is forty times more effective than social media campaigns and for good reasons. 

It is easy to personalize emails to suit individual clients. 

This practice makes clients feel valued and important. 

Therefore, they are likely to respond to your email, especially if you are addressing a pressing need. 

Other tactics you can use to make your emails effective include:

  • Segmenting your content into a list that is easy to read.
  • Automating your market campaign.
  • Responsive email design to suit target user’s device.
  • Test and optimize your email campaigns for a high conversion rate.

8. Hang Out On Quora  

How To Attract New Coaching Clients In 15 Minutes A Day

In this age, when people have questions they can’t find answers to, they post them on online forums.

One such platform is Quora

The good thing about this site is it’s free.

All you need to do is to set up an account and search for questions that match your expertise. 

Use this opportunity to showcase your expertise. 

It is also a good way to drive traffic to your website and increase new subscriptions. 

However, only link content that adds value to your audience. 

The more questions you answer, the better your profile on Quora becomes.


As you reach out to new clients, strive to add value to them.

We hope you found this article helpful.

Let us know in the comments!

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