Top 5 Online Coaching Business Models You Should Try

Learn about Online Coaching Business Models and the top 5 coaching models you can adapt and implement on your program to yield great results.

Coaching is a task which requires hard work and confidence. 

This article is for all of you who want to be or already are in the business of coaching, either online or face to face.

There are 5 coaching models and approaches which you can adapt according to your demands. These include group coaching, classic one-on-one coaching, hybrid coaching, a membership-program, and an evergreen online course.

So let’s get started! 

1. Group Coaching 

Online Coaching Business Models

If you ever had an experience in your life regarding one-on-one coaching, then group coaching will come so natural and easy to you.

Group coaching also takes less time than coaching individuals on their separate times.

Group coaching is basically a facilitative process regarding different agendas.

In group coaching, individuals of this group may or may not work together on their tasks or projects.

On a few levels, group coaching actually is better than one-on-one coaching.

This is true, especially if you focus on the division of your time.

You can save a lot of time for you this way, you do not have to be present everywhere on separate occasions of the day.

This way, you can attend to them all together and save your time and energy.

But if you want to coach groups, you may want to find more than one group for your classes.

This is because individual coaching lets you generate more income.

You attend to every individual separately and this calls for personalized attention which demands more pay.

Group coaching model has its own benefits:

  • It encourages the development and improvement of processes.
  • It helps in increasing team functioning and maturity.
  • Integrates professional performance and development.
  • It helps develop leadership and management capability.
  • It fosters a culture of ongoing learning.
  • Successfully encourages peer consultation and collaboration, whether individuals are working separately or not, there is always a sense of understanding and healthy competition among them.
  • It optimizes goal accomplishment at the personal and group level.
  • It may also positively impact the bottom-line for everyone.
  • It stimulates constructive change and an entrepreneurial outlook in various ways.

Group coaching benefits group members by improving their capacity to:

  • Promote systems and strategic thinking in an extremely constructive way.
  • Build proficiency in time management, reframing, reflection, questioning and last but not least; problem-solving planning for everyone.
  • Increase dexterity in communication and presentation.
  • Enhance group facilitation and process skills.
  • Helps deepens trust and collaboration among peers and gives a sense of understanding of the issues and it also enhances motivation and intentions.
  • Improve interpersonal support skills such as listening, coaching, questioning, and also the process of feedback.
  • Develop a good level of emotional Intelligence.
  • Inspire creative thinking in everyone, individually and as a group.
  • Polish personal flexibility and adaptability.
  • Drive individual responsibility for learning and personal development in a long run.

2. Classic One-on-One Coaching

Online Coaching Business Models

If you have flexible hours to spend on coaching, then you can easily pick a one-on-one classic coaching style.

Which means that you are going to be willing to attend your clients individually.

Spare your time separately with them, work on their individual requirements.

The biggest perk about one-on-one coaching style is that it means more money.

Individual coaching obviously results in more earning than the sum of money you can earn with group coaching.

So the massive advantage of this model is, first of all, you would only have to work with a few clients.

Per say, if you take only 4 to 5 clients and imagine a $2,500 coaching programme, you will be able to make $10k per month and even without working for 70 hours per week.

And if you are already running some numbers in your head for your coaching programme, then we would say that you are ready for your one-on-one coaching programme.

Individual coaching is actually a powerful tool to spur professional effectiveness.

And a well-designed programme is in which the communication structure helps information, thoughts and ideas flow freely and efficiently.

The main essence of this model of coaching is a clear understanding that it is individual-focused.

The coach’s role is to listen intently and to draw the key issues/ideas out of the client and work on them together.

Even some organizations which plan for coaching programmes, they guide the coaches to listen to the employees/workers 90% of the time and talk only the rest of the 10%.

Coaches can also use one-on-one strategy to ask for feedback on their own performance and suggestions for any change clients would like.

If you are already a coach, you must know that coaching is like keeping a positive and motivating relationship, which has many benefits to being a part of the process.

Coaching is a relationship of confidence that is why it has been known to boost confidence, build effective communication skills and improve work performance, no matter what kind of profession this coaching takes.

Its benefits can even be vast and specific to an individual.

There are a few basic benefits, such as:

  • Helps establish the goals and act towards achieving the goals.
  • It gives the individual an opportunity to define their goals in a realistic way.
  • Increases the level and motivation regarding the engagement of individuals.
  • It makes a safe place for the individual to gain a grand & positive perspective.
  • It enables a deeper level of learning.
  • Builds personal awareness.
  • Helps in improving specific skills.

3. Hybrid Coaching

Online Coaching Business Models

As its name represents itself, the hybrid model is based on various coaching approaches coming together in one. 

Which simply means that this coaching approach includes personal training, group training or even long-distance training (online).

It can be all about one-on-one and a group coaching having trained by one coach as he may, on different times of the day or week.

Professionals usually apply personal training or local clients so to add more value to their work, they tend to adopt hybrid coaching.

This may be a starting point for most professionals and they tend to adopt this as their main reason as they perhaps look into remote coaching, to begin with. 

Thus, beginning with this thought, you already have a good foundation of your future work, which means that you can focus on a few detailed attention points, regarding working with this model, such as:

  1. Improving the effectiveness of your work while focusing on the thought: how can you ensure the success of your clients?
  2. Improving the efficiency of your work with the idea: how do you manage clients at scale?
  3. Improved work leading to an increase in the perceived value of your offering – how can you maximize your potential revenue from your offering and time?

Like the aforementioned coaching model, a hybrid approach also:

  • Promotes systems and strategic thinking in a very constructive way, giving you the best results and client’s satisfaction.
  • Builds proficiency in time management, reframing as well as reflection upon the success of tasks, questioning and again last but not least; problem-solving planning for everyone.

For the best results from your work, incorporating remote components can address all aforementioned three-layered ideas with minor adjustments connected merely with altering communication frequency with clients in-between your sessions.

There are many brick and mortar companies who use hybrid coaching model for their successful run.

And to generate handsome revenue from this model they use the strategy of memberships being provided to their clients.

Which they can easily avail locally or even when they are at distant places.

These business which offers this are usually: 

  • Fitness studios
  • Medical centres/practices
  • Weight loss clinics

4. A Membership Programme

Online Coaching Business Models

A membership programme is more like a business strategy.

After you have a good experience with one-on-one coaching along with groups of clients, you can tell them to get a membership of your coaching programme.

Your clients will follow your lead happily because of their professional experience with you and your expertise.

Creating motivational tasks, helping your clients reach their goals and satisfying them with their results is the most important essence of the coaching game.

If you and your coaching programmes meet all of these important notions, believe us, they will not leave you.

They are going to follow your lead wherever you go!

Offering your clients with the membership of your programmes is not only going to be tantalizing, in fact, but it is also kind of necessary.

Because this way they will know you are offering them security and a way to stay connected.

This way they will realize that you are going to be there to help them stay motivated, help them in setting targets and reaching the goals.

5. An Evergreen Online Course

Online Coaching Business Models

Having your evergreen online course, your followers can visit your courses for 365 days.

Just like offering them membership of your coaching programme will give them a feeling of security, same will this work in your favour.

Giving them the opportunity to go online and have the programme in front of them, whenever they want, is also the best kind of security you can provide them.

Both of these things will strengthen their trust in you.

Your evergreen online course will not only make your clients happy in fact, it will also attract a new audience for you.

You can even enlarge the circle of your clients through your online coaching programme.

It will also supplement your income.

No matter wherever you are, no matter where you are going in the world as long as your clients can reach their programmes online your business will run itself.

Your evergreen sequence will stay running while you are sleeping, working out or spending time with your family or even when you are relaxing on a beach.

You can take sick leaves as much as you require.

You will be able to take adventure vacations as much as your desire, go freely wherever you like.

Obviously, you can work on your online coaching programmes whenever you have time.

Because you do not want your clients to get bored of seeing the same course, again and again, you can further work on the kinds of programmes you can offer them online.

Online courses help you in a big way that no face-to-face class can help, for instance, by these online courses, you can be present with everyone at different times and even on different levels.

By levels we mean that you can have one level for Beginners, one level for your expert previous clients.

And you can add even more levels other than easy and hard levels, for instance, you can offer online programmes like Platinum and Gold.

You can differentiate both of these by adding specific points in them.

For example, when a workout coach offers his two online programmes; he can make both programmes standing different from each other by giving one with a few extra bonus minutes of special workout and he can add a special diet plan in another one.

Both of the things; extra minutes of a workout for a specific body part and a diet plan to go with a workout routine will attract its users.

In short, your online courses stay evergreen for your business and income.

This is the best way to keep your clients interested and motivated in your coaching by also ensuring the safety of your presence and never-ending help-support.


We believe that there must be many blogs and articles present online for all of you to read regarding online coaching models but we also ensure you that after reading our article, you are now ready to be a professional coach. 

No matter what model or approach you choose, either one-on-one or group coaching, you will succeed through our help and we believe in you.

Good Luck!

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