8 Youtubers Reveal How They Made $40,000+ By Becoming Influencers On YouTube

Discover how YouTubers earn money in this post where 8 Youtubers reveal how they made $40,000+ by becoming influencers on YouTube.

Are you thinking of becoming a YouTube influencer? 

We can confirm that that’s a very lucrative venture.

You can make good money promoting brands through your Youtube channel.

According to the influencer management platform Traackr, 72% of big brands declared that they dedicate a sizeable portion to the online influencers for marketing purposes. 

This money is paid to online influencers who have a sizeable audience for their efforts in advertising. 

And this is how YouTubers earn money.

Their audience is potential customers to these brands.

So, brands are paying the influencer to direct their following to the brand’s products and services.

how youtubers earn money

The influencer gets paid for introducing their followers to the brand and its products or services.

What do you think? 

A good way to make money online, isn’t it?

Probably you are still wondering how you can get started.

And we are here to help you with that.

Today, we introduce you to 8 Talented YouTubers who have just revealed how they became influencers on YouTube.

They also share how They Made over $40,000 By Becoming Influencers on YouTube. 

Mr. Beast – How Mr. Beast Became A YouTube Sensation 

Do you wonder how Mr. Beast is growing so fast? 

How much does Mr. Beast make on YouTube? 

Today, you’ll find the answers.

We’ve summarized how Mr. Beast managed to become so successful on YouTube in such a short time.

Mr. Beast, AKA Jimmy Donaldson, started his YouTube channel by filming videos of himself on his iphone5 from his bedroom. 

Today, the 21 years old from North Carolina runs one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels in history. 

Every single video that Mr. Beast uploaded in 2019 got over 10 million views. 

You might be wondering how the heck does he make this to happen? 

You can actually say Mr. Beast is one of the smartest YouTubers out there. 

Here are 4 factors that Mr. Beast follows to get success. 

Four Factors behind Mr. Beast’s Success:

how YouTubers earn money

Viral video making machine

Many YouTubers get a hit and spent the rest of their life trying to keep the momentum. 

It’s really hard to keep up the momentum. 

However, Mr. Beast got a formula that gets him success video after video. 

The secret of his viral videos is based around a few central themes.

And most viral videos can be placed into at least one of these categories: 

Viral Video Categories:
  • Reaction
  • Challenges
  • Featuring YouTube Influencers
  • Drama
  • Pranks
  • Money-Related

Mr. Beast blends multiple different viral themes into one video. 

He is a master at combining all the different ingredients needed to go viral. 

Blending Genres/Formats:

If you watch Mr. Beast’s old videos you can still get to see there that he still used the same method of blending popular formats into one video. 

We understand that it’s not easy as that making videos that have the potential to go viral and go viral are two different things. 

The question might arise in your head that 

How can people find my video?

And that leads us to the factor no 02.

Beating the Algorithm

YouTube typically cares about two things: 

  1. Click through rate – the number of people that clicked on your video
  2. Watch Time – the amount of time people spend on your video. 

These are the two metrics that YouTube uses. 

This helps YouTube to understand whether to show your video to more people or not. 

For click-through rates, the trick Mr. Beast is using involves mainly two things: 

1. Titles and thumbnails

  •  Titles that are short and snappy (full of shock)
  • Thumbnails that are very simple, a bit basic amateur by design

Make thumbnails to suit your audience. Over 50% of YouTube traffic comes through Phone.

Mr. Beasts knows that titles and thumbnails need to grab attention.

And be readable on smaller screens. 

Most YouTubers create their thumbnails on their computer.

So optimizing them for smaller screens is an area that is easily forgotten.

That how’s Mr. Beast gets viewers to click.

But how does he get them to stay?

2. Watch time

Intro Hook:

how YouTubers earn money

Mr. Beast uses the formula to stick the audience to his video. 

He gets straight to the point of the video from the get-go! Usually, he explains everything in 10-20 seconds that what is going to happen in the video. 

Perfect Video Length:

If you want to get more watch time you must have a longer length YouTube video.

Retention Tactics:

Retention tactics to make sure viewers are brought on a journey through his videos and don’t click off. 

Usually, Mr. Beast videos are not resolved until the end so you might want to stick around to see what happened next. 

The Growth Stage

How did Mr. Beast grow his channel? 

Fast to get more customers and develop a better product without any hassle, Mr. Beast invests money in his YouTube videos. 

People do invest and fail.

However, you must keep on improving.

You must plan for constant re-investment into your content.

Review to see areas that need improvement. 

You keep at it until you gain profit and success.


Positivity is the winner on YouTube. 

Mr. Beast has proven it. 

With a positive attitude, you can win and rise higher. 

Alisha Marie – Alisha Marie Reveals How She Became A Vlogger Influencer And Made Millions 

For people who want to be super successful and make millions of dollars from YouTube, all you need to do is focus on a few things

In a video, Alisha Marie said that she loves cameras and editing. 

She also revealed how she became so popular on YouTube. 

People often asked Alisha what kind of Camera and equipment she used? 

She answered: “I don’t like spending so much time on all of that. Just use the best camera you have that’s so much more to YouTube.” 

So, according to Alisha Marie, the key things to success as a Vlogger include: 

A Good Camera, Better Quality

She uses Canon 5D mark 4  with a nice wide lens. 

Her favorite one is Canon 16 to 35 millimeter 28. 

You don’t need to use the most expensive camera to make it in vlogging.

Just use the one you have. 

Natural lighting is perfect and better than any other lighting

Alisha Marie uses ring light to make her Vlogs. 

Show it, Don’t say it

Influencers on YouTube

Yet another big secret to Alisha Marie’s success.

She believes that you don’t just need to tell us that you went to the grocery.

Instead, show us that you went to grocery shopping. 

There’s a big difference between telling your audience what you did and showing them what you did that day. 

Wide Angle view

Make videos with a wide-angle view. 

Nobody wants to see your face for 10 minutes. 

A wide-angle camera enables you to shoot videos that show your background as well.

Be Consistent

Always keep in your head what you have shot and what you need to shoot. 

Watch Your Interest

While uploading your content, think about the type of content you like to watch.

What interests you? 

It’s likely that the people you connect with will also love that which you love.

Figure Out Your Long Term Goals

Short term goals of getting viral don’t help you in the long term. 

Don’t Get Stuck

Don’t get stuck or fall into the trap of uploading whatever is going to be viral during the moment.

How Are You Going To Stand Out?

If you can’t sit through and watch your video that you have spent days and hours making, the best thing to do is to revise it.

You can cut the par and edit it. 

You can also add graphics to it. 

Watch your friends while watching your videos. 

See their reaction to your videos.

Don’t watch your videos with them, watch your friends as they watch your videos instead. 

Pay attention to when they are not paying attention to the video. 

Do something about these minutes. 

How Do You Get Millions Of Subscribers?

Be yourself

If you are on YouTube for the money you won’t survive. 

But if you do love YouTube and have a passion that you want to share.

Then you can make money doing what you love.

Good Content

Good content can get you good money. 

It’s your quality of content that will gain you a following. 

Good content will grow your viewers so much that brands and advertisers notice you.

They will want to work with you to help them promote their products. 

There are no shortcuts. 

Love what you are doing:

Just love what you are doing. 

Don’t go to buy a new camera or anything. 

Just love what you are doing and that money will come your way.  

Shelby Church – This Is How Much YouTube Paid Shelby Church For A 1,000,000 Views Video 

In Shelby’s video, many people asked her about how many views she gets on YouTube videos and how much she earns from YouTube.

In response to the questions, Shelby revealed that she gets 1,000,000 views and earns between $1500-$10,000.

So, according to her, a video with about 1M views earns an average of $2,000.

And this is for a video that is approximately 10 minutes long.

Her videos are also monetized and family-friendly. 

Your CPM influences the amount that you earn per 1000 views on videos.  

So for a $1 CPM and you get a million views, you’ll earn a thousand dollars. 

YouTube takes half of that.

Tips For A Successful Video By Shelby:

  1. Family-friendly
  2. The topic of your video
  3. Age of viewer
  4. Location of the viewer.
  5. Watch time
  6. Length of your video.

How Can You Make More On Youtube?

Influencers on YouTube

Shelby’s biggest secret to making money is creating videos that are about 10 minutes long. 

According to her, the longer the video the more chances you’ll have to add the ads. 

You can add multiple ads at different sections of your 10 minutes video. 

Vanessa Lau – These Are 6 Revenue Streams That Help Vanessa Lau Make $80,000 Per Month

Vanessa Lau talks about 8 income streams that you can use to make money. 

Here are the streams that have worked for here:

  1. Earned income: Income from working a job
  2. Profit income: income from buying and selling
  3. Interest income: Income from lending money
  4. Residual income: When you continue to get paid after the work is done
  5. Dividend income: income from owning stocks.
  6. Rental income: income from renting a house
  7. Capital gains: Assets increasing in values
  8. Royalty income: Income from others using your ideas.

Tips for Making Digital Course Products Business Successful

  1. Find a repeatable process designed to get results
  2. Niche down your course
  3. Find ways to attract traffic and visibility
  4. Be more strategic with the products and services you choose.
  5. Track your data

Catherin Manning – Catherin Manning Shares How She Got Paid By YouTube As A Small YouTube Channel 

According to Catherine, have a Google AdSense account and get your account monetized. 

  • Set up monetization settings
  • Create longer videos 
  • Review watch time

Erin on Demand – How Erin On Demand Is Monetizing Her Channel Today 

According to Erin, you should complete monetization requirements, have 1000 subscribes, and 4000 watch hours (annual).

Monetization Process

Go to Google Adsense and create an account. 

You will receive a confirmation letter from Google AdSense to your home address. 

Best Time to Monetize

Erin decided to monetize her account after 1 year. 

This is because she wanted her subscribes to know more about her before watching ads on her videos. 

Marissa Lyda – Here’s How You Can Use YouTube to Make Money as a Small Channel

Marissa Lyda said that she has been making money from YouTube ads. 

She finds revenue from different sources including affiliate sales and YouTube sponsorships.

how YouTubers earn money

Affiliate sales involve linking a product to your content.

When viewers click on the link and make a purchase, you get a commission.

And that’s another how YouTubers earn money.


We hope reading stories of successful YouTube influencers will boost your confidence.

And now you can go on and implement a few tips given in this post.

Tips that will improve your chances of making money vlogging.

You never know, you could become a successful YouTuber that we would be interested to feature next.

The key to success is in taking those baby steps and making progress. 

If you have some other tips or questions regarding YouTube, feel free to leave a comment below.

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