How To Become A Better YouTuber

Learn about 10 helpful tips to become a better Youtuber and become a successful YouTuber that any brand would pay to work with.

If you are looking for some answers like how can you become a better and successful YouTuber, then this article is for you.

Being a better YouTuber is not rocket science, in fact, there are just some simple steps and important pieces of information which you should know to become better at your job.

So, without digressing from our main point let’s just jump in and make you the best one at your job.

There are several ways by which you can become a better YouTuber, some include focusing your content on the audience’s needs, learning from the competition, keeping a track of hot videos, learning about YouTube, creating more videos, collaborating with other YouTubers, keeping a positive attitude, addressing the comments, keeping a schedule, and lastly, participating in YouTube discussion forums.

1. Focus Your Content To The Specific Need You Address

Become a Better Youtuber

Many times we see ourselves opening YouTube, again and again, not to watch new video content but to re-watch an old video. 


Even sometimes we like a YouTube channel so much that we look forward to the weekly or monthly new videos added. 

We get so hooked on it.

As a YouTuber, it must be your dream to get your followers hooked on your fresh content.

Subscribing to a YouTube channel has its own benefits and they should hear it from you in your actions.

We are now talking about those actions where you put the needs of your followers in front of you before making every new video, seek what THEY want to watch, ask them and then make those videos.

Tell them that they will always be notified whenever there is a new video uploaded. 

Tell them that the subscription works both ways, it’s a win-win situation for both, the creator and the followers.

Tell them that by subscribing to your channel they will become an important part of the YouTube community.

2. Watch What Other YouTubers Are Doing

Become a Better Youtuber

It is quite important to know the ground areas of your field and your competition.

If you are interested in creating your channel or being a successful YouTuber, you must have heard about the term ‘checking your competition’.

If you haven’t, don’t worry at all, after all, we are here to help you and guide you.

Before starting any business online or another way, you always need to dive in fully and check the areas all around your respective field and know your competition too, to stand stable in the race.

Check what they are doing these days, what their followers expect to see, what is in trend, what is new, hot, and in-demand these days.

For starters, you can also follow their lead, but always BE GENUINE AND REAL, and never copy anyone.

Get your inspiration from them but never imitate them, your audience will know it instantly otherwise, and trust us, they are not going to like it at all.

After knowing your competition and looking around what other YouTubers are doing, you can plan your videos, discover some marketing tips, and get inspired by them, while creating your own content & pre-planning things.

3. Keep Track of Your Videos With More Views And Likes

Become a Better Youtuber

As a fresh or new YouTuber we would advise you to keep the tabs on those videos which have more views and likes because this way you will know what they are liking the most.

Because obviously, when you know what is in demand or what stuff you are most good at, what your audience is liking the best, you will know what to create next.

For instance, there are so many beauty experts, fitness trainers or prank/fun channels that can be inspiring. 

They keep checking their audience and its demand. 

They know what people are watching these days, what is that special, and specific content which is getting their attention, and creating that stuff.

This is a very important and essential tip for being a better YouTuber, you should know how and through what content, you are getting your audience’s attention and what they are liking the most.

People even sometimes like to watch one video again and again, when you know why it is, that is your answer to being a good YouTuber!

That is the answer to that question where you ask yourself, ‘What to create next?’

Get a good audience and be famous!

That is why the channel is not only yours, it’s for all of them who watch it, and to be better at your job, do what the majority of your audience demands.

Think about the new ways you can connect with them.

4. Learn What YouTube Expects From You

Become a Better Youtuber

It is quite crucial to understand how YouTube works.

You should know that YouTube suggests videos that are most in-demand & most-watched.

So, if you want to be in ‘suggestions’ or in the ‘front row’ you need to create the content that will get you there.

Keep learning what YouTube expects from you, and what your audience expects from you.

Whole YouTube and its channels, videos, and content are made and running merely due to its audience.

If there is no audience, there will be no YouTube.

Because it is for them.

We are putting emphasis on this point, because above all things you need to know how to move in a certain way if you are using YouTube as a platform for creating new videos and be known among people.

Be better at what you do, so you will know in the end that you gave it all and that is why you earned your success.

5. Create More Videos

Become a Better Youtuber

According to the researchers, the more videos you make the more subscribers you get.

So our advice for you is to keep on making videos, in the beginning do not worry about if you are having a 100 views or a 1000 views, just keep on making videos.

Do not let yourself be discouraged by the number of subscribers when you start your channel, obviously, no channel gets its hundreds or thousands of subscribers instantly, it takes time and it will take time so be patient. 

Be patient and keep on producing and planning new content for your videos.

Stay inspired, stay motivated and keep on telling yourself that you won’t stop until you reach your goal.

Researchers say that on an average of 152 videos, the channel has the potential to get subscribers between 1000 to 10,000.

Surely, the numbers can fluctuate, but it happens with the majority.

And channels that have 10,000 to 100,000 subscribers mainly have on average 418 videos and 100,000 to 1 million subscribers have an average of 1,171 videos.

So according to these numbers, by now you must have understood that if you have made only 50 or 100 videos, you need to be patient and keep on working to reach your goal. 

And until you reach the goal number of your videos, keep on your thinking hats to create more good stuff, by the time you have reached your goal, trust us, you will be so far better at your work compared to when you started it.

6. Partner With Other YouTubers

Become a Better Youtuber

While using YouTube and following your favourite YouTubers, you must have noticed that very often they collaborate with other YouTubers too.

This is also a strategy to keep the work going and this way your videos are being watched by both sides of subscribers, isn’t it great?

So while creating new content for your videos, you need to invite more YouTubers, ask them to be part of your videos, and do a collaboration.

Being partners with them will give you more subscribers and more people may know you this way.

Collaborations are a very fine way to get yourself more and a new audience and it can really raise your profile but remember this that before you approach them with a collaboration idea, ask yourself first what you can do for the other YouTuber.

Start asking those vloggers you already know and especially those who have a similar audience to yours.

7. Keep A Positive Attitude

Become a Better Youtuber

As we have explained above, you do not and should not expect instant subscribers on your channel, but you have to keep on making videos and uploading them on your channel.

Keep the statistics of the subscribers and the average number of videos in your mind. 

You need to keep your attitude positive, to let yourself keep on moving.

A positive attitude is that essential element that will keep you going in the long run. 

Make such videos that keep you interested and your audience attracted, so it will be a win-win for both sides.

The more you make such videos, the more you will also feel happy and motivated.

For staying happy and positive about your work, you need to make videos that keep you interested and happy.

But this doesn’t mean you always have to forcefully pretend to be happy or enthusiastic all the time but you should always treat other users and subscribers with respect and take the high road when others attempt to bring you down.

8. Address Your Followers’ Comments

Become a Better Youtuber

Posting comments under your uploaded videos will likely happen and you should be mentally ready for them.

Some will question you, some will suggest you new ideas, some will put negative comments, so keep an open mind.

This will be a good opportunity for you to build your reputation as someone who reads user feedback and incorporates it into your creative process.

And once your channel starts growing, it will become difficult to keep up with every single comment.

You do not have to worry about talking to or looking at every user in the comments section, you only need to give it 30 to 40 minutes every time you want to review it, so you know what they are talking about.

9. Keep A Consistent Upload Schedule

Become a Better Youtuber

As you must be following a few YouTubers yourself, you may be aware of the fact that everyone has their own uploading schedule.

This uploading schedule keeps your followers on your toes, they keep on waiting for you to upload the videos, to watch it first, to comment below first.

Because users upload their videos on a specific schedule, which their audience is always aware of.

Some upload twice a week, some thrice, and some specifically mention their uploading days, like Tuesdays and Fridays.

So, to look like a promising user you also need to fix your schedule and let your audience know when you would be uploading.

And the best part about this is that you will be good about it when you come to know that your audience was already waiting for you.

Even during holidays, if you cannot find enough time for creating and uploading videos, you can film them in advance and upload them on schedule.

It is also true that unfortunately, in the past few years this routine and schedule also meant that some content creators suffered from Burnout (if you are not aware of the term YouTube Burnout, we would advise you to visit our article on it), feeling under pressure to release content.

So, you can always communicate with your viewers to let them know when you are taking a break.

10. Participate In YouTube-Focused Online Forums

Become a Better Youtuber

You guys are in a treat for today because if you did not know about such forums where YouTube users discuss their issues and problems, listen to each other and find out who else is having similar problems where you can feel related and motivated about your job, then now you do.

Yes, there are several forums where users discuss different problems and issues and discuss with each other.

You can gain tons of insights there about different scenarios and issues and especially by listening to others’ experiences on YouTube.

Like, Tube Rituals, Video Makers, Marketers, on Reddit you have RY Tubers, R Newtubers. 

And then there is an app, which is not sponsored yet but people are using it, named ClubHouse, for now, it is in only iOS but it is coming soon for Android users too.

And believe us that these platforms will also make your work easy and will make the situation of Burnout go away.


This is all for now. 

We really hope we were helpful for you in your journey, please visit our blog homepage and read other articles on YouTube too, they will definitely help you more in letting you be a pro in your job.

Good Luck!

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