TOP 11 Ways To Find YouTube Video Ideas

Learn about the 11 different methods through which you can come up with creative video ideas for your YouTube channel and make your subscribers grow.

If you are a YouTube content creator, then you can relate to how tasking it can get creating video content on YouTube.

Many content creators on the platform admit that sometimes they just seem to run out of creative ideas for their videos.

It happens to everyone, even the best of us have our creative block day. 

What do you do when it seems you are running out of ideas for great video content?

Boring or monotonous, uninteresting content is not even an option, so how do you get fresh video ideas?

How do you generate video content that is welcomed and needed all the time?

There are several ways you can find creative YouTube ideas but some of them include doing a Google search, conducting a YouTube search, searching in social media forums, Wikipedia, doing keyword research, diving topics into subtopics, searching for courses, checking competitor’s channel, checking the comment section, searching in books and magazines, and asking your audience through polls and surveys. 

This article is for you if you are caught in this dilemma. 

By the time you are done reading this, you should be bursting with fresh, exciting ideas for your next YouTube video.

This can singlehandedly give your YouTube channel the spark of life it needs!

Ready? Set? Let’s go!

1. Do A Google Search

This can be a very effective strategy to draw fresh and instant inspiration for your next YouTube video.

You can use the search bar on Google to find fresh YouTube video topics to start with.

How exactly does this help? 

Well, the YouTube search bar and Google search bar are tremendously helpful in identifying the type of content people are searching for in your niche, and this is key when it comes to creating video content on YouTube as a creator.

Whatever you do, you must understand that one of the best ways to lose relevance and stay obscure on YouTube is by giving content that no one is looking or searching for.

Using the YouTube search bar and Google search bar helps you ensure that you find only content that users are searching for per time.

A great way to get more views and subscribers is to make videos on the content people are searching for, and a Google search can help you to achieve that.

2. Search YouTube 

Another great way to make sure you never run out of ideas for your channel is to use the YouTube search bar.

Doing this will help you constantly churn up fresh content for your viewers and subscribers.

As a content creator on the platform, you know by now that YouTube is a place people go to get solutions that address their pain points. 

Always keep that in mind when you are researching topics. 

This will help you to generate video content that can help your audience with whatever needs they have.

Remember, it’s a pain point that makes them click your video in the first place.

It could be a video that teaches them to do something better or fix a challenge they could probably be facing.

It is quite simple; you just go where your audience likes to find content, and the best place you can find them is on YouTube.

Simply visit YouTube channels that are relevant to your audience.

YouTube is one of the best places to find out what people, – your audience is searching for.

When you find the ideas you want, let the result decide if you should create content on it or if it is an area that is already saturated, then go ahead and create your unique version of that idea.

Remember, the content you’re searching for is to awaken your creative juices and get them flowing again, and it must be relevant to your audience and inspire them as well.

This option also helps you to have a quicker decision-making process as YouTube helps you narrow down the ideas you may already have in your head.

3. Social Media Forums

As a YouTube content creator, you cannot afford the mistake of being alone in your creative space. 

You need to surround yourself with other content creators in the space.

Surrounding yourself with creative people can help your thought process as a content creator.

It can help you to come up with creative ideas and video topics as well.

By participating in other creative communities, your scope of interest and knowledge grows exponentially.

When you belong to a group of like-minded people who share their perspectives and challenges, topics and ideas stem up organically and you can not run out of content this way.

For instance, if you belong to Facebook groups that have influencers, they will often raise topics that concern your niche and questions will emerge from the audience interested in that area.

If you follow well enough, it is easy to pick great ideas and generate worthwhile content for your YouTube videos.

4. Wikipedia 

These days, every subject has a Wikipedia page for it. 

If you’re looking for great YouTube video ideas, then the place to search is Wikipedia.

On Wikipedia, you’re looking for subjects and topical lists and they often contain sub-topics!

Your job is simply to put them on your topic list. 

When you have created your list, you can then use it to generate ideas for your video content.

5. Divide A Topic Into Different Styles Of Videos

This is a great place to mention sub-topics because they can open your mind to what kind of videos you should create, but the challenge with subtopics is that they are usually generic.

You need some help narrowing the subtopics down. 

In order to create ideas that are really specific, you need to create subtopics of subtopics. 

What this does is that it lets you know the topics that are not already on your mind.

Finding topics is a great idea, but you need to get specific. 

While topics are the what, you need a format to help you get the how.

You can use popular formats like Vlogs, tips, reviews, rants, tutorials, tags, commentaries, interviews, and so much more.

This is just a starting point for you, you can proceed to create your format list, and this will help you to decide what format type is best suited for your topics.

6. Courses And Tutorials

You can also draw inspiration for your video content from sources like online courses. 

There are many platforms you can go to research your subject.

You can visit Udemy or to search for topics that are relevant to your area or niche.

There are lots of free and paid online courses you can check out to help you find topics as well.

All you need to do is go online and carry out some focused research with your Google search bar.

Many influencers in your niche can generate content around your audience’s area of interest and you can always draw inspiration from that source as well.

You can also use already published or already existing materials to find viable topic options for your next videos.

The advantage of this is that usually published materials are extensive in nature and can give you in-depth exposition as well as a wider perspective on different subjects.

This can help you create or build multiple series or episodes around a particular topic.

That way, you will never run out of fresh and relevant content for your audience.

However, you want to make sure that you don’t come up with canned content. 

Make sure that whatever source you draw inspiration from for your topics, you do not just copy. 

As a unique content creator, you are to add value to whatever you find.

This means your content should be an improvement of its source, not merely a copy of it.

Your audience is looking to get educated, and you cannot offer them that enlightenment when you are not committed to adding value to your video content.

7. Keyword Research 

A great tool to leverage as a YouTube content creator searching for topic ideas is the keyword search tool.

Asides from the fact that this is a great way to find a wide variety or range of ideas, keyword research helps you to find ideas or topics that are in high demand.

That way, you don’t create topics that are irrelevant to your audience or obsolete to your industry.

If you mean business by making money from your YouTube channel or profiting from your videos, then you must make sure that every idea or topic you generate content for is relevant and in demand. 

Otherwise, you will blow your opportunity away.

Many content creators on YouTube make the mistake of consistently creating content that is irrelevant and unneeded. 

What this does is that it keeps them obscure.

They produce content consistently, unlike many content creators, but they do not get results that are commensurate to their efforts.

This is because speed is not an advantage when you are running in the wrong direction. 

What they need to do is stop and check what they are doing wrong.

Often, when they check, it’s not unexpected to see their audience running in one direction and they are running in the opposite direction.

You can search for in-demand topics easily by using tools like the Google Keyword Planner tool. 

When you do this, it becomes easier to know what topics are most in demand. 

The Google Keyword Planner tool also shows you the average rates or numbers of searches around each topic.

You can also use Google trends to find out what ideas are in population and more in demand per time.

That way, you are certain of what to expect as you out your videos. 

8. Check Competitor Channels

You can also find ideas from topically relevant YouTube ideas, especially doing that from successful channels.

This helps goo in two ways: first, it helps you the works of others who have succeeded, and secondly, it gives you a better understanding of how you can tweak your content. 

This way, you can decide what is best to do or what content is better suited to your audience based on your research.

9. Blogs, Books, And Magazines

This is another reliable and surefire way to find YouTube video ideas for your channel. 

You can always be sure to find idea topics from magazine headlines, book titles, and even blog posts.

Pay attention to how the information or content is created, this will help you think out of the conventional box of video creation.

When you take the time to study and understand the psychology behind how content creators write the way they do, it becomes easier for you to get into your audience’s collective mind and fetch the kind of ideas they like and then create video content from that.

Usually, people can sense the excitement of a video or any other type of content from the topic, and people are attracted to passion.

This on its own can help you increase your views and subscribers.

10. Questions And Suggestions By Your Audience 

What better way to create topics that are relevant to your audience than listening to your audience?

The comment section is a great resource to generate YouTube topics and ideas and every YouTube creator should pay maximum attention to their comment section.

Often, you will find viewers dropping additional topics for you to treat or ask questions that suggest their interest in that area.

Your job is to pay attention and follow where their interest leads. 

This also means you will need to look out for your competitor’s comment section as well. 

That can be a great place to generate topics and ideas for your videos.

11. Polls And Survey

Another reliable way to find YouTube video ideas is to use polls and surveys.

Polls and surveys are also very effective ways to generate YouTube video ideas. 

You can run polls on your social media groups or even have a live poll during your Webinars.


These are effective ways to find YouTube video ideas.

We hope you find this article helpful.

Leave us a comment!

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