How To Write A YouTube Video Script

Discover the 7 tips on how to write a YouTube video script and the YouTube video script formula that will get your videos and channel to rank high.

As a YouTube content creator, you know the rules of the game by now, unless you are just getting in. 

YouTube content is somewhat different from other kinds of content on other platforms.

You have to work with scripts that are not just educative but also entertaining and in line with YouTube policies.

The 7 tips that help to write a YouTube video script include coming up with a video idea, considering your audience, doing market research, storyboarding your script, outline the video, writing it down, and finally, reading it out loud. 

If you are a YouTube video content creator, you will find this article extremely useful. 

If you would like to learn how to write a YouTube video script for your channel or maybe as a YouTube scriptwriter for other people, then this article is for you.

And here we go!

1. Come Up With Your Video Idea

How To Write A YouTube Video Script

Every one of us is a walking, living, breathing idea box. 

Too many times, ideas can hit us between the eyes while we are work on something else. 

The smart thing would be to capture them as they are fresh.

Sometimes, you might be too busy to write it down as it comes to you, but you can quickly whip out your phone and record it. 

This way, you can gather plenty of ideas and have a bank to always draw from whenever the need arises.

You can then make sure that you always replenish this bank as more ideas come to you.

This way, you stay fresh with ideas. 

This is one of the easiest and simplest ways to stay full of ideas. 

This way, you can never run out.

The best of the best does it and so should you.

So, go ahead and create an idea list for yourself and whenever you seem to come up short of ideas for your YouTube video, you can simply consult the list.

When it’s time to create a new video, go for the idea that looks the most appropriate for the moment or the one that looks more fun.

Also, don’t try to write your script front to back, you could exhaust your ideas that way or simply run out of them. 

Here’s a better way to go about it: simply write down your main ideas as bullet points, and then go do something else, probably go to bed.

This gives your subconscious mind time to go over the idea and process it thoroughly while you rest.

Even if you stay awake, your mind still gets to work on the idea and refines and processes it till it’s workable.

It is very important that you record your ideas before you forget them

At this stage, the order is not as important as getting started.

Don’t put yourself under pressure. 

Creative processes like this demand that you stay relaxed.

You might want to find a spot where you can be the most creative. 

2. Consider Your Audience

How To Write A YouTube Video Script

This is very important and you should pay attention to it. 

Your audience is the reason you are creating any content in the first place. 

You are not creating the content you create for yourself.

You need to address your audience in a specific way that is different from how you would address another type of audience, given that you were dealing with another audience.

This is called tailoring

This is where you design your content to suit your audience type

This means that you must create topics that match your type of audience. 

If you create topics that don’t resonate with your audience, you risk losing them.

Every content creator has to resist the urge to create content that is just broad enough to cover potential customers, but you don’t want to make that mistake. 

There is a place for that though.

If you’re targeting everybody, you will get nobody.

For instance, if your audience is a younger, more fun-driven type, then you will have to infuse some humor into your videos to capture and keep their attention.

Meanwhile, there are audiences that are not here for amusement. 

They may be after the value in your content and making a joke will come off flat to them and you might just get negative reactions.

Make sure that you understand your audience, because they play a vital role in the kind of video script you are writing.

3. Do Market Research

How To Write A YouTube Video Script

When you have created your possible topics, or listed out some ideas, you need to get down to some market research.

The first thing you want to do is determine where the interest of your audience is at this point. 

You can figure this out using Google trends

Google trends can help you identify trends on search engines and it also works tremendously well on YouTube as well. 

This is quite simple to do. 

Just type in a term and select YouTube from the source drop-down menu.

The next thing you will see is a graphical illustration of what the interest in your term has been like over the last 12 months.

You will find different scores here. 

A score between 50 and 100 indicates a high level of interest

50 indicates a moderate level of interest in the term, and anything between 0 and 50 represents low interest.

That is only the first step. 

The next thing to do is to identify potential keywords using YouTube suggestions. 

This is time to get specific keywords and ideas using YouTube.

Did you know that YouTube pulls one-third of the internet?

What this means is that there are people who are searching for content and they are making use of the YouTube search bar. 

What happens is that as YouTube users type the content that they want to see, YouTube’s algorithm is learning and suggesting content that most meets the user demand.

Using YouTube’s suggestions is a great tactic to identify keywords and content ideas to include in your script.

YouTube’s autosuggest function is very helpful and it is quite similar to Google’s suggestion.

Just like the latter, YouTube’s Autosuggest will show you a list of relevant queries that contain your keywords as you begin typing in the search bar.

4. Storyboard Your Script

How To Write A YouTube Video Script

Every video content creator on YouTube needs to learn this. 

Different videos will require different scripts of different lengths and structures. 

Here is how to storyboard your script:

  1. Setup
  2. Conflict
  3. Resolution

The first step means that you introduce your audience to the problem they may be facing. 

The problem could be that your audience does not have the know-how to create a video course, even if they want to.

In the second act, you push the problem to its climax. 

This is where you make them see the devastating effects of what their lack of know-how is costing them. 

They could be getting broke, bills unpaid, losing viewers and retention, as well as money in the long run.

In the third step, you solve the problem your audience is facing. 

At this point, you offer your audience a formula that makes video-course production easy.

If you make it simple enough or let them see how easy it is, it becomes relatable and interesting enough that they actually decide to try it out. 

When they make that decision, they will engage your comment section and let you know what they think. 

Breaking it down further, the first step is the intro, the second is the title sequence and the third is framing the problem.

Here is what they mean:

1. The Intro

The purpose of your intro is to fulfill the promise you have made in your video title. 

This makes your viewers feel justified that they have made the right decision to watch your video.

This puts them at ease and makes them relax so they can watch your video to the end.

Remember, the intro is not about you, so don’t drag it talking about who you are or what you do. 

Instead, make it all about your audience and give them value upfront. 

2. The Title Sequence

This is the part where you include or add the title. 

Your title sequence tells your audience the type of show they are viewing as well as the tagline of your video.

3. Framing The Problem

This is the part where you escalate the problem by putting it within some context. 

You can talk about the problem from different perspectives or angles to help them understand how serious the problem is.

This way, you build their anticipation till it gets to a climax so that they become eager to hear what your solution is.

4. Give The Solutions With CTA

At this point, it is time for you to present your solution or the answers to the viewers’ problems. 

When you show them the solution, you can add practical examples to fit each solution point. 

This will help your viewers to remember each step better.

Never forget to end with a CTA. 

It is best to tell your audience what next you want them to do. 

Make sure you draft a clear and compelling call to action that is appropriate for the video you are creating.

If what you want is engagement, ask them to comment and share. 

If you want more leads, you can ask them to subscribe. 

If you want social proof, then go ahead and ask them to like and follow. 

5. Outline The Video

How To Write A YouTube Video Script

Developing an outline for your video is very essential. 

It helps you to achieve a structure for your script.

An outline helps your ideas to flow clearly into each other.

First, you have to look which is very important. 

You have only 15 seconds to grab the attention of your audience. 

If you don’t grab it, they will move on to something else that is getting their attention and serving their needs at that point.

The best hook is the one that identifies what your audience stands to get.

The next part is your intro

Here, you provide context after grabbing their attention. 

You must use this part to sustain their interest.

The next thing is the body of your script

And this is based on the length of your video.

6. Write Your Story

How To Write A YouTube Video Script

Here, you need to pay attention to your presentation. 

Your script will need to have more character, and of course, be engaging.

Try to make it conversational. 

Write the script like you are one of your audience. 

Write like you are doing so for an audience of one

It makes your script more personalized and easier to relate to.

Also, go for stronger paragraphs, and this can be achieved by structure. 

Simple, state an idea, and then use the next few sentences to explain and shed more light on it. 

This is how to build stronger paragraphs.

Again, do not forget the place of the call to action. 

Tell your viewers what they should do next.

Next and last, introduce your audience to pattern interrupts, and make sure you edit your script thoroughly.

7. Read It Out Loud

How To Write A YouTube Video Script

This is the part you read everything, and read it out loud

It is easy to write correctly in your mind but have something different on paper or on your screen. 

This is why we recommend that you put away your script after writing for at least a day, and then come back to it and read it out aloud from first to the last word.

This will help you spot the errors and correct them.

It will also enable you to add fresh ideas that may have come to you while you were away from the script.


This is how to write a YouTube video script. 

Apply everything here and see how helpful this article is to your YouTube video scripting. 

We hope you found this article helpful!

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