YouTube Partner Program: Everything You NEED To Know

YouTube is the biggest video platform and second-largest search engine after Google. 

Many YouTubers live the life, enjoying the success of their hard work while many more are wallowing in mediocrity.

The difference between the two types of YouTubers is who best utilizes YouTube features and options to improve their channels.

We will do an in-depth analysis of the YouTube Partner Program, a feature that helps YouTubers improve their channels.

What is the YouTube partner program (or YPP)?

The YouTube partner program is a premiere YouTube program for content creators who want to improve, customize and monetize their YouTube channels.

The YouTube partner program grants eligible content creators access to helpful YouTube resources like direct access to the creator support team, copyright Match tool, and monetization features.

how Do I Join The YouTube Partner Program?

If you wish to join the YouTube Partner program, you need to fulfill some conditions. 

YouTube is very particular about the content they display on their channel and thus requires adherence to specific conditions before approving content. 

These terms and conditions are called community policies.

A YouTuber who wants to join the YPP (YouTube Partner Program) requires at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of video watch time.

They also have to publish relevant and helpful content that doesnt go against YouTube’s community policies.

These conditions protect viewers from indecent, violent, or otherwise inappropriate content from YouTube content creators.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can join the YPP.

  • Have a duly registered and approved YouTube account. 
  • Sign in to your YouTube account and  access your username or profile picture on the upper right-hand corner of the page 
  • Access the account settings page. 
  • Under your channel settings, click on the monetization tab.
  • Click the enable my account tab.
  • Check the three checkboxes on the bottom left corner of the page.
  • Click on the “I accept button.”  
  • Click on the monetize my videos checkbox. 

And you’re done. This is the simple application procedure for YPP membership.

You must have a single approved Google Adsense account to link with your channel.

You can use an old Adsense account provided that it’s active and approved.

You can link more than one YouTUbe to your Adsense account.

If you correctly follow the above steps and meet the criteria of subscribers and video watch hours, you can join the YPP. 

Typically YouTube takes a month to review and accept accounts into the partner program.

Is the YouTube partner program free?

Yes, the YouTube partner program is completely free and optional for YouTubers. You don’t have to join it, if you aren’t interested.

The only requirement is that you should satisfy the YouTube partner program requirements. 

The requirements are,

  • Have a video Watch time of 4000 hours in the last 12 months
  • Have at least 1000 subscribers

Do YouTube partners get paid for views?

Yes, YouTubers earn from views and traffic on their channels.

The most common way content creators earn from YouTube is through Ads. 

Google Adsense is responsible for collecting and distributing advertising revenue between the content creator and YouTube.

Here are some interesting statistics about YouTube Ad revenue.

1. Google pays out 68% of Ad revenue to the YouTuber for a video Ad and 51% for a search Ad.

2. On average, YouTubers earn $ 0.18 per every Ad, and earnings range between  $ 0.1 and $ 0.3.

3. 15% of viewers watched the first 30 seconds of Ads

Let’s look at a practical example of how much a YouTuber earns.

  • Google charges advertisers on average $ 0.18 per view.
  • For every 1000 video views, 15 % or 150 people will watch the full video Ad.
  • Therefore 150 people by $ 0.18 for each viewer, making it a total of $ 27.
  • A content creator earns 62% of total revenue. Therefore for every 1000 views, the content creator will make an average of $ 18.

On average, a YouTuber makes $18 for every 1000 views. This is just an estimate and fluctuates depending on different conditions.

There are several other methods of making money on YouTube apart from Ads.

  • Affiliate marketing. Creators earn a commission each time a customer buys products or services via the YouTubers affiliate link.
  • Merchandising. People follow big brands religiously. One effective way of leveraging fame is to sell branded merchandise like T-shirts, mugs, and caps to loyal fans.
  • Brand Sponsorship. YouTubers with massive followings are very desirable to companies. This is because such YouTubers are brand influencers and affect the buying options of customers. Big brands sponsor them to affect buyer behavior.
  • Fan funding. Creators can leverage their fan base and solicit funds. Loyal fans can make recurring monthly contributions and earn bonus points, emojis, bonus videos, and other goodies. Programs such as Patreon allow creators to receive regular monthly assistance.

Grow your brand to access all these excellent revenue-generating features.

Brands, viewers, and companies are attracted to successful YouTubers and invest more in sure winners.

What are the benefits of the YouTube Partner Program?

The YouTube partner is a box full of awesome goodies for content creators who utilize it well.

Some of the benefits of the YPP include:

Monetize your videos

The main point of having a YouTube channel is to build an extensive fan base, produce amazing content, connect with your viewers and earn a living from what you love doing best.

A YouTube channel without the ability to earn an income is like a gun without bullets; useless.

That’s where the YPP comes in because if you aren’t on the partner program, chances of making a decent income from your YouTube channel are reduced.

Once you comply with the terms and conditions of the YouTube Partner Programme, Google will start directing relevant, high converting ads to your videos. 

These Ads are usually short and don’t interfere with your videos, and have the potential of earning you a regular, stable income all year round.

Copyright Protection

Copyright infringement is a big problem in the online space that just doesn’t seem to go away.

Many YouTubers fail to get the most out of their videos because of content theft.

Dishonest creators and users take videos from YouTube, edit and republish the same content under their names on different platforms like Facebook or other YouTube channels.

This has led to loss of revenue, emotional and psychological pain to the original content creators.

To control and stop this vice, YouTube has introduced a novel application, the  Copyright Match tool.

This is how the Copyright match tool works.

  • Upload an original, valid privacy protected video on YouTube
  • Apply for a takedown request. YouTubers on YPP need to fill out this form and request an advanced rights management tool.
  • The Copyright Match Tool will scan for full re-uploads of your original videos on other YouTube channels.
  • Once a duplicate video is recognized, YouTube will submit a report to you of the duplicate content.
  • The burden is now on you as the original content creator to confirm if any privacy exceptions such as fair use, fair dealings, or other privacy exceptions exist on these duplicate videos.
  • Once you’re satisfied that the duplicate video has violated your copyright, you can 
  • Archive the video for future review
  •  Request for the removal of that video by filling out this form
  • Contact the offensive channel, which allows you to send a prewritten email to the video uploader.

Add Customization Features to your Channel

Being a member of the YouTube Partner Program has immense benefits to you.

One of the fantastic features of the YPP is the ability to customize your channel.

As of 2020, there were over 37 million YouTube channels and counting.

Your channel must be easily recognizable, relevant, and attractive to stand out from the YouTube noise.

The YPP customization feature allows you to tailor your channel and make it unique, earning more viewer traffic.

Here are some cool tricks to customize your channel

  • Tailor your channel’s homepage to reflect your brand core value and principles.
  • Optimize your page layout to make it more intuitive and user friendly
  • Make page sections and group your videos into categories. This makes it easier for viewers to find relevant content easily.
  • Create a custom skin for your homepage. This makes your page stand out and attract viewers.
  • Publish a channel trailer. This is a video or content that will welcome viewers to your channel.

Freedom Through the Non-Exclusive Agreement

Every creative soul yearns for freedom.

Freedom to create content that is informative, relevant, and entertaining (as long as its morally correct and conforms to the qualities of clean content)

And the freedom to upload their content to a diverse range of platforms and sites.

Through the non-exclusive agreement on YPP, creators can now upload their content to a diverse set of platforms while still retaining their monetary benefits.

This is perfect for you since it increases both your brand exposure and earning potential.

Access to Tools and Education

The YouTube Partner Programme is much more than just a members club. It is a resource center that helps hardworking YouTubers reap more rewards from their channels.

Here are some of the great features found on the YouTube Partner Programme.

The YouTube Partner Program,

#1 Provides user analytics that you can use to track your revenue.

Under this tool, you can track your revenue per mille (RPM) or revenue per 1000 views, Cost per Mille (CPM), and Estimated revenue vs. Ad revenue.

Also, under this feature, you’re able to see,

  • Monthly estimated revenue
  • Revenue Sources
  • Transactional Revenue
  • Top earning videos
  • Ad type

#2 Provides great training resources

The YPP contains a vast library of videos and documents that help creators improve their channel performance.

Access to the YouTube creators support team

The YouTube creator support team comprises qualified, experienced content creators who provide real-time, high-quality, and relevant solutions to creator problems.

Find the following services under the support team.,

  •  The help center is a massive online store of videos and articles that provide solutions for almost all YouTube questions a creator may have.
  •  The help forum is an interactive online space where content creators can meet with experts, ask questions, get solutions to common problems, and learn about the latest products.
  • Partner Managers provide 1 to 1 help to content creators. These YouTube coaches, financial planners and creative strategists help creators achieve the most with their channels.

Expose Your Work to a Worldwide Audience

YouTube is the largest global video platform and boasts over 2 billion users, and a YouTuber with great content and excellent marketing skills can reap massive rewards from the forum.

Members of the YouTube Partner Programme have an even greater advantage since the YPP provides great freebies to their members.

The YPP offers additional promotions to its members, including multichannel advertising programs improving their online exposure.

Innovative creators can leverage this free advertising to create lots of excellent content that will catapult them to YouTube stardom.

Bottom Line

The YouTube Partner Programme is an exclusive club that enables serious and hardworking YouTube content creators to achieve their dreams faster.

Here is a brief recap of why the YouTube Partner Program is critical to YouTubers.

  • Channel monetization. The YouTube partner program gives content creators the ability to earn from their hard work. 
  • Copyright protection. Now creators have an opportunity to protect their work from being used by dishonest people for their selfish interests.
  • Additional channel customization features like customizing your homepage and tailoring your custom layout.
  • Publishing flexibility. The YPP allows you to upload your content on other sites apart from YouTube. This improves your channel exposure and earning potential.
  • Availability of excellent tools and education material will help you improve your channel’s performance.
  • Access to the creator support team staffed with experienced YouTubers, personal coaches, and marketing strategists ready to help you grow your YouTube channel. The public forum will provide solutions to the most common problems.
  • Have a chance to broadcast your content to a global audience through additional promotions and multichannel advertising initiatives undertaken by YouTube. This helps you reach as big of an audience as possible.

For any YouTuber joining the YouTube Partner Program is a no-brainer since the benefits and advantages it offers are staggering.

The YPP is a shortcut to YouTube’s success, and all YouTubers must embrace this novel revolutionary platform.