What Should You Make Your First YouTube Video About

Learn how to create your first Youtube video and 15 ideas for your videos even if you’re just starting out as a Youtuber

What Should You Make Your First YouTube Video About

New on Youtube or planning to start your Youtube Channel?

Feeling uncomfortable as it is your first time?

First experiences are often a very powerful step towards success.

You need the first step and then baby steps to reach to the heights of success. 

To be honest, your first YouTube video is a bit of an overwhelming experience for you.

Maybe, you might have some ideas in your mind to make your first YouTube video.

Luckily, people nowadays already know some tactics but some people might feel stuck at some point.

In this article, we’ll round up some tips and tricks which can help you make your first YouTube video.

With the help of this article, you will get to know what you should make your first YouTube video about and what will keep your viewers engaged.

So let’s get started. 

1. Introducing Yourself

Introduce yourself in your First YouTube video.

Keep in mind that the video must be short.

Some people don’t introduce themselves at all.

You might have noticed that many V-loggers give their introduction after some viral videos.

But to get started on YouTube as a beginner you need a short Video and a short introduction about yourself.

Introduce your audience in 10 seconds and go ahead with your content.

Let your audience know who you are and what you have got to offer them.

So they can know you better. 

2. Explaining a concept in your niche

Hook your audience, introduce yourself and after that start with some Question answers.

Give them what you have come for.

Explain your concepts in a precise way.

Make sure you are providing your audience with high-value content.

Give Good value to your audience.

Explain any concept in your niche in short detail. 

For instance, we usually go to YouTube for some Tech solutions.

So if we haven’t got our answer in 1-2 minutes of any video we move to another YouTube video right.

That’s the point.

This is how content marketing works. 

Be Easy for your viewers.

Give them Scripts which can help them find the solutions they were looking for.

Always stay concise, Give your viewers answers and step aside. That’s how it works. 

3. Starting a series of videos that solves a really big problem

Your audience will let you know whether they want to watch the content on your YouTube Channel or not.

Engage your audience through a series.

Many people these days have started their own series of videos to solve really big problems.

Skip fancy intros and music in your videos.

You might have seen People uploading the same type of content over and over again.

Nowadays Many people upload Satisfying videos, for instance, scratching Soap with a knife, Crushing things under a car tyre, slime videos and much more.

These are called the series of videos.

However, you can be an expert in your own content type.

You can catch the heart of your audience by the type of product and content your produce.

This way you can stand out of the crowd.

4. Starting with a challenge 

Do you remember the mannequin challenge?

It was a viral video trend in which people remain frozen like mannequins. 

Ice Bucket Challenge: Dumping of a bucket full of ice water over a person’s head. 

Whatever will be your goal for the video is.

Stay Focused.

Avoid signalling that the video has ended.

Instead, you can point your audience to the next step. That’s how you roll.

And that is exactly what you should make your first YouTube video about. 

Always engage your audience with your content.

Start a challenge with your audience to communicate with them through the YouTube Comment box.

Discussing things like that will eventually leave you with some Subscribers and viewers as well.  

5. Reacting a big event or a show 

Make your first video about the review.

React about any big event or any latest show. People look on the internet for the latest TV shows or any recent big event.

So Stay updated and make a response video.

In which you will open up your mind to the latest big event or a show.

Respond to the audience.

Make reaction videos to respond to another video.

You can also talk back to other YouTubers through making response videos. 

6. A Personal Story 

Letting people know about your struggles of life, sharing personal stories or circumstances of life can be a good start for you at YouTube.

Connect with your viewers emotionally and intellectually.

Let them know your life struggles, so they can subscribe to your challenge and know more about you. 

For instance: How you started your career as a freelancer, as a tailor, or anything else.

You can let people know your stories.

What kind of people you met.

Every person has a different story to tell.

All you have to be a good storyteller and a good listener as well. 

7. Create a full-on tutorial 

YouTube has become a source of information.

A platform where you can relax, learn something new and Study and what not.

You can also get a solution to your problems.

Whether they are household stuff, business-related, study-related or Technology related.

You can find answers to your questions.

How easy it is to showcase your best expertise through your videos. 

You can start your YouTube Channel by introducing a How-to Tutorial to something.

You can share your knowledge and help multiple brands to market their business through your content.

It’s not that difficult or expensive at all. 

You can create a full-on How-to tutorial, a how-to guide to creating video documentation of your work.

Find the category in which you see yourself best fit in and start right away!

8. What’s On My Phone? 

Explore your phone and find apps which you can review.

You can also show the world what you have got inside your phone.

Everyone these days uses their phones and have apps to use.

Start off by asking them which app do they find helpful for Doing_____? 

You can ask your viewers questions, show them helpful stuff on your phone. 

How about showing some tips and tricks on your phone?

This is the most hyped content on YouTube.

Plus for new smartphone users, these types of videos might be helpful.

Make sure you present your video in a decent and clear way.

Many people just drag the video and miss the content that they were actually going to discuss.

Always keep in mind to catch the attention of your viewer by every statement that you deliver. 

9. Give A Tour Of Your Room Or House 

One very important step that you should take when making your first YouTube video is that no one wants to see your face all the time.

Instead, you should place your camera in a place where it can capture wide-angle views.

Show your room to your viewers. 

People on the internet love to see Room or house tours.

You can start your new video by giving a tour to your room or house.

This way you can exchange new stuff among your audience.

Do not tell your viewers that you did something today instead you can show them by making a short video about what you did today.

A very effective way to indulge with your audience. 

10. Give A Tour Of Your Hometown 

People from different regions and different countries don’t know about your culture or your hometown.

Let them know.

People these days don’t have the courage to meet and greet someone.

So be that person to talk to people and let them know about your hometown.

Give a tour of your hometown.

Tell them inspirational stories.

Famous places to visit in your hometown etc. 

11. Demonstrate a home recipe 

Are you good at cooking?

Or do you have someone in your family who can cook well and share recipes that you would like to share with the world?

Stand up and show your excellent cooking skills to the world.

Or if you are not good at cooking you can ask your Grandma for some home remedy for any particular thing.

A great YouTube video is made up of great ideas and if it’s your first video you can be pretty lucky if you know how to cook and share the best recipe of your life.  

12. Teach A Life Skill 

Think about any skill you are good at? Think about it. Think again. No luck? 

Do you know how to fix the cycle chain?

Do you know how to fix a broken car mirror?

That’s your skill. Use your skills to promote your YouTube video.

Start off by showing your skills to the whole world. YouTube is not a platform where you can win a lot of subscribers over the night.

You need to work hard.

Produce high-quality informative content. 

13. Bust A Common Myth 

Becoming a YouTubers has now become people’s career inspiration.

Many people tend to start off their career from YouTube.

According to a recent survey done by The Sun, over three-quarters of the participants were considering some sort of career in online video.

Many People start by myth busters.

You can start by busting any common myth in your video.

Talk to your YouTube family in a friendly way. 

14. Do A Live stream 

Grab your audience but how?

Don’t worry you can grab some viewers by going live on YouTube and share some details of any recent event or TV serial.

You can also use some other social media networks to let your followers know that they can catch you up at YouTube Live.

This way you can drive more people to your channel.

Some people Go live on Instagram and Facebook both but couldn’t make it on YouTube.

Do a Live stream on YouTube but first inform your fan following, friends from other social media networks to catch up with you at YouTube.

15. Destroy Something 

You can document almost anything which can entertain your viewer.

Just like you can add some thrillers in your videos.

You can also film the process of destroying something.

Although it’s an offensive way to go viral on YouTube some people just don’t care about it.

No, we are talking about destroying something from a shop where you went.

Instead, you can film any object which is going to destroy using a tool.

Destruction videos are very popular among people.

A great idea to boost your first YouTube video.

Here’s a popular YouTube channel Hydraulic Press Channel where things get crushed with.

We really hope that you wouldn’t make such videos to boost your YouTube video. 

Well, there you have it.

Some great ideas for your first YouTube video have been mentioned above.

Now go out and make some of the best or most epic YouTube Videos ever. 

Still not enough video ideas?

If you haven’t found any idea suitable you can look through the internet and watch some great YouTube videos by the most famous YouTubers who discuss their success stories.

Try listening to their stories and learn from them.

If you have got any cool ideas about how you should make your first YouTube video about, let us know in the comment section below. 

Good Luck!

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