8 Reasons Why You Should Create Live Online Classes

Find out what are live online classes and discover 8 Reasons Why You Should Create Live Online Classes to boost your online courses and tutoring business.

Not getting enough engagement on your online courses? 

Or want to create a more realistic learning experience for your students through the screen? 

Then you have come to the right place! 

If you are an online teacher and are struggling with your online course deliverance, then a live online class with your students is what you need. 

We have already highlighted the role of an online teacher in our previous blogs in detail, so now let’s dive into the basic tool for any online teacher, a live online class! 

What Are Live Online Classes?

Let’s cover the basics first, what exactly are live online classes? 

To sum it up into a simple sentence, live online classes are classes delivered through the internet in real-time. 

Once you become an online teacher, you need to prepare online courses and lectures for your students and upload them to your educational portal. 

But by doing so, you are not sure if your students are actually watching those lectures or learning beneficially from them.

So a simple solution is to arrange live online sessions with your students. 

Live online classes are like a virtual classroom where teachers and students have to present at the same time. 

They differ with the online courses in a way that online courses are not schedule-dependent.

Students can watch online courses at any time suitable for them. 

However, live online sessions demand the attendance of both teachers and students.

They appear online at the same time to achieve a one-to-one online interaction between them. 

Why Should You Teach Live Online Classes?

Live Online Classes

Live online classes may sound really hi-tech and tough.

But trust us, it’s the best thing any online teacher could ever dream of! 

Live online classes give the real definition of a virtual classroom. 

Live online classes give both students and teachers an opportunity to interact while going through their course content. 

Often teachers worry whether their students are getting fueled by knowledge through their online courses or not. 

Students also find it troublesome to contact their teachers to address their queries. 

For this specific reason, live online classes are the best medium for online education.

Not only do they give online teachers a clear image of their students’ understanding, but they also give students the opportunity to seek help from their teachers wherever they are stuck. 

Live online sessions also prepare students to deal with the latest educational technology, which will prove very beneficial in the future. 

The biggest perk of live online classes is that it gives students a sense of independent learning. 

This virtual experience gives a sense of real-life experience to students and gives them a sneak peek into the professional world. 

This was just a general overview of why live online classes can be the cherry top for you as an online teacher. 

But you’re in luck! We have compiled a list of 8 reasons why you always create online classes! 

So let’s get started!

#1 You’ll Have Immediate Interaction

The biggest advantage of live online classes is the immediate one-to-one interaction between the students and teachers. 

Live online sessions demand both students and teachers to be present at the same time. 

This enables students to freely ask their teachers course-related questions and also gives teachers a feeling of satisfaction. 

Live online classes give an open exposure to students, especially the ones who are too shy to communicate in an actual class. 

But the comfortable environment of a virtual classroom influences every student to show active engagement. 

This live interaction feature boosts up learning ability and the confidence of students. 

Furthermore, the live real-time interaction between students and online teachers develops a strong bond of trust and understanding.

This escalates the learning ability of students further. 

#2 It’s More Collaborative

Live online sessions are an excellent way to boost up the engagement on your educational portal.

Live Online Classes

This is because live online classes are highly collaborative. 

Apart from sharing videos, pictures, and information in real-time, an online teacher can also invite other educational experts to make a guest appearance in their live lectures.

This helps students to understand the phenomena of their course content thoroughly. 

They can also create collaboration videos with other educational experts for the sake of providing in-depth knowledge to their students. 

Since live online classes are an open platform, students can share your lectures with anyone anywhere in the world by just a mere click of a button. 

This can greatly help you to expand your educational portal worldwide. 

All these factors summed up can boost engagement on your educational portal and expand the community of your live online sessions! 

#3 Less Time Video Editing And Producing 

Is your next online lecture about botanic plants and you have to visit a botanic garden for that? 

Is the thought of editing a video that’s 2-3 hours long after the garden visit already tiring you? 

Then you should definitely go for live online classes! 

The best way to study something is by practical learning and for this reason, field trips are arranged in schools. 

To give the virtual classroom a more realistic experience, you need to take a virtual field trip, and that is only possible through a live online class. 

Live classes can enable you to directly come in contact with your students at any place at any time. 

All you need is a cellphone to make this possible. 

Simply just take your mobile phone and conduct outdoor live sessions on the go! 

This will definitely save you the trouble of pre-recording and editing. 

Live online lectures can save up a lot of time and effort! 

According to a survey, it can take up to 2-3 hours to create and edit a simple video. 

That sure requires so much effort and all this effort is of no use if your students are not satisfied. 

So the solution to avoid all these troubles is live online classes!

#4 It’s More Accessible  

Live Online Classes

Whether you are in your bed, or on the top of a mountain, all you need to connect to a live online class is your cell phone and internet connection

This smooth and instant accessibility to attend live online sessions makes live online classes every online teacher’s best friend! 

Students from anywhere around the globe can become a part of the live online community at the designated time by just a click of a button. 

The only barrier that exists between you and your students is your computer’s or phone’s screen. 

The instant accessibility is one of the biggest benefits of live online classes. 

Not only is the accessibility instant but it is also effective and efficient. 

And the biggest advantage, the quick access further motivates online teachers and students to expand their learning community and compensate everyone in the realm of online education. 

#5 More Focus On Every Student 

Often teachers find it troublesome to focus on each and every student in a live classroom. 

Some shy and silent students also find it difficult to speak up in an actual classroom due to their peers. 

But all these hurdles can be eliminated via live online classes. 

Live online classes create a very comfortable and open environment that encourages students to address the teacher regarding their queries. 

The online teacher also finds it helpful to focus on all the students on the screen of a computer and can freely answer the queries of every student. 

In short, as compared to an actual classroom, where most students find learning a difficult task due to the tense environment, live online classes encourage every attendee to speak up.

Their comfortable and relaxed environment boosts their learning ability as well. 

According to a survey, 65% of teachers mutually agree that live online classes are better than the traditional learning experience.

This helps students to perform better in their studies.

#6 You Form Trust This Way 

Live Online Classes

Online teachers put in a lot of effort to create a helpful and detailed online lecture.

They sometimes include pictures, videos, and reference links.

This they do to provide all the necessary information so their students are completely equipped with all the helpful tools for their course. 

But the most valuable and direct source of information that they have is YOU! 

The best way for students to learn is not through pictures and videos but by their own teacher. 

Direct interaction can really help students learn more and for this purpose, live online classes are a treasure for both students and teachers.

When students see their teacher interacting with them live to answer their queries, it develops a sense of trust in students that their teacher is sparing time for them and considers them a priority. 

Live interaction with the teacher inspires and motivates students to learn more. 

You can fascinate your students with your personality and create a friendly environment for them to encourage them to work hard. 

So the best tool for you is you! 

#7 Answer Questions On The Go 

Live online classes require the internet, which means that both teachers and students have access to the internet. 

Usually in an actual classroom, when students ask questions which teachers cannot answer at the spot, they request students for a day so they could research it. 

However, in a live online class, teachers have access to the internet.

They can answer the queries by students on the go! 

All they need to do is just click the buttons on the keyboard, surf the web for a few minutes, and answer the questions at the spot

This immediate and quick response in the question and answer session develops students’ interest and increases their engagement in the live lecture. 

It helps them to focus more and inspires online teachers as well to tackle the perplexing queries of the students at the spot.

#8 It’s Cost-Effective 

Live Online Classes

While actual classes require hundreds of dollars to get access to knowledge and basic educational equipment, live online classes or virtual classes require no money at all! 

They are completely free and give students access to all the necessities which are provided in an actual classroom. 

Live only classes only require two things and those are the internet and a cell phone or a computer. 

Live online classes are so cost-effective and are highly preferred by both students and teachers. 

Not only do live online sessions provide students and teachers a comfortable open interactive environment and all the other benefits mentioned above, but this tops the list. 

Although some live courses do require some payment, even that amount is very minor as compared to the money spent on actual classrooms. 

So live online classes are extremely cost beneficial and provide a better learning experience as compared to actual classrooms. 

Wrapping Up

Live online classes are a haven for both students and teachers. 

The list of advantages can go on forever and we are pretty sure both online teachers and students can relate! 

Live online classes are the future of tutoring or course delivery.

We wish a big bunch of good luck to online teachers worldwide to make this learning experience for their students awesome!

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