55 Best Home Business Ideas For Stay At Home Parents

Learn about 55 Best Home Business Ideas For Stay-at-home Parents who love to sell products, offer services or work remotely.

Are you a stay at home parent and needs to make extra cash? 

Yes, it is quite possible to make money while you are still at home. 

The best home business you can start shouldn’t be involved with buying and selling physical products (only 2.72% of eCommerce website visits converts into purchases) but rather creating a digital product (eBook, music, course, content or service) and selling it online.

You’re probably wondering, “What are some of the jobs I can do from home?”

There’s nothing more amazing about chilling in the confines of your own home and getting paid at the same time. 

In this article, I’ll be discussing 55 home businesses ideas and jobs to do and earn extra cash. 

Table of Contents:

55 Best Home Business Ideas For Stay At Home Parents 

General Business Ideas:

  1. Fill Online Surveys 
  2. Invest In Stocks 
  3. Rent Your Spare Room Or Apartment 
  4. Do Real Estate Investments 
  5. Get Cashback For Online Shopping

Sales And Products Business Ideas:

  1. Sell Stuff like Second-Hand Clothes, Furniture And More
  2. Start An Amazon Dropshipping business 
  3. Start A Blog 
  4. Write And Sell Ebooks 
  5. Sell Home Made Jewelry On Etsy
  6. Grow And Sell Home Made Herbs Or Tea
  7. Bake And Sell Cookies And Cakes
  8. Create And Sell Party Trays 
  9. Start An Online Store
  10. Start An Affiliate Marketing Website

Remote Jobs Business Ideas:

  1. Become A Freelance Writer 
  2. Become A Copywriter 
  3. Become A Translation Writer 
  4. Become A Medical Transcription Writer 
  5. Become A Photographer 
  6. Become A Graphic Designer 
  7. Become A Resume Writer 
  8. Become A Meal Planner 
  9. Become A VoiceOver Artist 
  10. Become An Online English Teacher 
  11. Become A Tax Preparer 
  12. Become A Bookkeeper 
  13. Become A Virtual Assistant 
  14. Become A Video Editor 
  15. Become A Tech Security Consultant 
  16. Become A Call Center Representative 
  17. Become An App Developer 
  18. Become A Fiverr Service Provider 
  19. Become A Social Media Specialist 

Local Services Business Ideas:

  1. Start A Home Day Care Business 
  2. Become A Pet Sitter 
  3. Become A Dog Walker 
  4. Become A Babysitter 
  5. Do Furniture Repairs Or Refurnishing 
  6. Do Local Tutoring 
  7. Become A Personal Organizer
  8. Become A Lyft Driver 
  9. Do Food Delivery 
  10. Become A Massage Therapist 
  11. Become A Birth Instructor 
  12. Offer A Home Staging Service 
  13. Start An iPhone Repair Shop From Home
  14. Become A Personal Chef 
  15. Become A Personal Stylist 
  16. Become A Tour Guide 
  17. Do ElderCare 
  18. Become A Travel Planner 
  19. Become A Party Planner 
  20. Become A Music Teacher 
  21. Become A House Cleaner 

General Home Business Ideas

Home Business Ideas

1.   Fill Online Surveys

Did you know you can make money by just filling out online surveys?  

Online surveys are usually created as Web forms with a database to store the answers and statistical software to provide analytics. 

You can make money from the comfort of your couch, by creating a website or surfing the web and filling in surveys on sites like:

2.  Invest In Stocks 

Just like a real estate investment, investing in stocks has long served as a way of earning a living without a boss or going to the office. 

Meanwhile, investing in stock is among the risky home business ideas.

So, I recommend only those who are experienced and have a strategy to consider this idea. 

Train yourself with virtual (fake) money with Investopedia Simulator

When you’re ready, use one of these apps:

3.  Rent Your Spare Room Or Apartment 

Renting/leasing out a room from your apartment could serve a great way of making money without stress.  

Vrbo, Airbnb, and Vacasa are all examples of online marketplaces that arrange lodging options between a visitor and a host.

Let’s say you have a guest house or spare bedroom. 

Why not list the space on Vrbo and make that your business? 

What you can charge per night depends on the area. 

The more tourists the city attracts, the more you can charge.

The charges will also depend on how nice your home is.

It’s easy and free to join Vrbo as a host. 

Simply create a profile (include a picture!), upload pictures of the room or space, set a price, and see if there’s any interest. 

You start earning money from the leasing of your room. 

This is a straightforward and stress-free way of making income.

Websites to rent your spare room or apartment:

4. Make Real Estate Investments

In Real Estate Investment, it may seem more like a “side hustle” than a form of actual home business ideas. 

Over time, however, making money as a landlord from the comfort of your home is a great place to start on your road to self-employment

An example is crowdfunding. 

Crowdfunding is a real estate management strategy where investors pool their money together to buy investment properties. 

You could just be part of one.

Start Investing in Real Estate with Real Crowd

5. Get Cash-back For Online Shopping

Meanwhile, you can make money by just shopping online.

This is because Online Stores compete for your attention and are willing to pay for it. 

If you shop a lot online, this could be a viable way to make money from home. 

Cash-back For Online Shopping Services:

Sales And Products Home Business Ideas 

6.  Sell Stuff Like Second Hand Clothes, Furniture and More 

Not like you’ll go out on the streets to make sales. 

This is one of the home business ideas that sound vague, but that’s only because it’s widely open to interpretation.

The root of the idea is related to the one above: People shop online a lot these days.

Why not be the one to sell them stuff? 

Some places that facilitate online selling:

7. Start a Shopify Drop Shipping Business

Dropshipping is a method where the retailer does not keep goods in stock. 

Instead the retailer transfers their customer’s orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler.

The party then ships the goods directly to the customer. 

Shopify, which is an eCommerce platform with a wide range of online stores, could help in your retail business by dropshipping.

Here’s how to get started with drop shipping:

Start your own store on Shopify

8.  Start a Blog 

Growing an audience isn’t as easy as it seems.

This is also true for finding ways of monetizing your blog. 

With your point of view, you can make money from working at home by just blogging.

All you need to do to keep making more money is to choose a niche and be consistent in your blog posts. 

Home Business Ideas

With a hosting platform like Bluehost, you could have your site up and running in no time. 

Start your WordPress blog for as low as $3.95/month

9. Write and Sell E-books 

This is another method of making money in your own comfy. 

If you love writing and are willing to do your own promotion (and having a blog can really help in that case).

Writing an e-book is an excellent way to make money fast from home.

Sell eBooks online:

10. Sell Home Made Jewelries On Etsy

Home Business Ideas

Homemade jewelry has long held appeal for collectors and admirers. 

If you know how to make jewelry, why no make and sell? 

Etsy is the best platform for buying and selling of jewellery.

11. Grow and Sell Home Made Herbs or Tea

Gardening can be very relaxing, and potentially lucrative.

With both the increased interest in alternative therapies and demand for locally grown organic foods, a herb farmer can find plenty of customers, particularly if you’re in an urban area.

While gardening as your home business ideas requires some space for growing, herbs are relatively small, and nearly any home can be slightly modified to allow for an extensive herb garden.

12. Bake and Sell Cookies and Cakes 

Baking and selling of cakes can be really lucrative. 

People love beautifully decorated cakes and cookies. 

13. Create and Sell Party Trays 

Why not begin a catering business in your home if you are a great cook? 

People love to taste great meals at events.

You could just be landing yourself more money by doing it just well and consistently.

Besides, this is an industry where you can start small and work your way up to bigger gigs.

14. Start an Online Store

Long gone are the days where a seller would need a storefront and all the costs associated with it to do business.

These days, you can sell anything to anyone anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home.

15. Start an Affiliate Marketing Website 

Once you already have a website or blog, you can earn money by becoming an affiliate. Either you sell products directly and earn money, or you can signup other people as affiliates.

This works much like multi-level marketing.

Remote Jobs for Home Based Job Ideas

16.  Become a Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is one of the easiest jobs to do from home. 

On freelance platforms, you get jobs, and all you need is a laptop and internet. 

You deliver and get paid. 

17. Become a Copywriter 

Copywriting is for the purpose of marketing. 

The job of a copywriter is to put together promotional materials for businesses.

These may include ads, websites, newsletters, commercials, direct mailings, and many others. 

18. Become  a translation writer 

If you’re knowledgeable in a second language, you can make a living at home translating documents.

19. Become a Medical Prescription Writer

Just like every other writer, medical prescription writing is recognized, and Transcriptionists do need education. 

Generally, a two-year degree to make sure they are clear on the arcane medical terminology.

20. Became a photographer

Not everyone who can snap is a photographer.

However, professional photography can indeed be a cutthroat business, with demanding clients and fierce competition. 

Nowadays, money is really being made of photography.

21. Become a Graphic Designer 

If skilled, starting a graphic design business offers an enormous opportunity. 

Home Business Ideas

Just be creative with your designs, be dynamic. 

There is a lot of designers, but there is a greater number of websites in need of designers.

 22. Become a Resume Writer 

There are a lot of job seekers out there who are willing to pay any amount to have a professional resume. 

If you are good at making a resume shine, offer your services to them.

23. Become a Meal Planner 

A meal planner puts together a list of a week’s recipes, along with a grocery list, for a harried but budget-conscious shopper. 

Once done, you get paid by the client. 

 24. Become a Voiceover Artist

Remember some YouTube videos or Netflix shows where a narrator is describing the scene or event but is never seen? 

This person is called a voiceover actor/artist. 

A well-paid business with no stress.

25. Become an Online English Teacher 

While you are vast in English, not everyone understands the word ‘how’. 

Teaching English used to be a job that folks would take as an excuse to travel. 

But today, you could teach English from your home to any part of the world. 

You’ll sure get paid

26. A Tax Preparer 

This job seems rare, not everyone likes it. 

Since there are annual changes to the tax code, you will need to refresh your training each year.

You will also need to register with the IRS as a tax preparer. 

From your home, you’ll earn a lot 

27. Become a Book Keeper  

This is a perfect home business ideas for trained accountants who would like to work from home, although it is not necessary to be a Certified Public Accountant to become a freelance bookkeeper—it’s just required to have background knowledge of bookkeeping

 28. Become a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant handles the answering calls and emails, data entry, scheduling, managing blogs, and even shopping.

Anyone can become a virtual assistant.

29. Become a Video Editor

Talented freelancers can make a great living by producing videos for companies and organizations, even on YouTube. 

30. Become a Tech Security Consultant

If you’re tech-savvy and understand the ins and outs of internet security, consider becoming a consultant for small businesses.

This is one of those home business ideas you can easily grow to a lucrative occupation.

31. Become a Call Center Representative 

If you’ve got a phone line and an internet connection, you can work from home with a company that needs a virtual assistant as a call center rep.

32. Become an App Developer 

Creating a profitable app for smartphones isn’t necessarily about having the best or most innovative idea: it’s about creating the best user experience for that idea. 

You can make a great income with this from home.

33. Become a Fiverr Service Provider 

For freelancers, making use of Fiverr will be a great tool to get jobs. 

Clients search for you, assign you a job and pay you for a job well done.

34. Become a Social Media Specialist 

Did you know, social media has been a great way of earning money recently? 

An example is having many followers/audience on twitter. 

Companies are willing to pay you for ads on your page.

Local Services Home Business Ideas

35. Start a Home Day Care Business 

This is an excellent way of earning. 

You are already always at home, why not make your stay at home into a business? 

Home Business Ideas

With your kids, invite other kids and get paid. 

Some parents get too busy to go out with their kids, they need a place to take the kids to. 

36.  Become a Pet Sitter

If you can find pet owners who are willing to bring their dogs and cats to you, this is truly one of the easy to start home business ideas. 

Otherwise, you’ll need to be prepared to live at other houses (or at least visit 3-4 times a day) while you’re working.

37. Become a Dog Walker 

Does dog walking seem like an easy task? Yes, it is. 

Communities need a dog walker to go around.

This serves as either training the dog or securing the community. 

38.  Become a Babysitter 

Finding someone to regularly watch children during off-hours, like second shift, weekends, or very early mornings, can be extremely difficult for parents.

Offering care during off-peak hours means that you can command a higher fee.

39. Do Furniture Repairs or Refurnishing 

Perhaps you already know about furniture or repairing spoilt furniture, this is your chance. You should make use of your skills, attract customers and get paid for your service. 

40. Do Local Tutoring 

Home Business Ideas

If you are educated and can pass that knowledge to others, try teaching.

All you need are skills in one or more academic areas, and you can help local students do better in their classes.

The more students you get, the more money you get. 

41. Become a Personal Organizer 

Yes, you get paid for jobs like this. If you’re someone who reorganizes closets for fun, offer up your services to harried and disorganized individuals and businesses. 

42.  Become a Lyft Driver 

On the Lyft website, the promotion says drivers will earn a guaranteed amount within a specific time frame. If the driver does not make the guaranteed amount within the time frame, Lyft will cover the difference. 

43. Do Food Delivery

Not all restaurants have the capacity of hiring a full-time delivery employee. 

Hence, your service is needed. 

Not much of a sit at home business ideas but you’ll be working when you want to. 

44. Become a Massage Therapist 

The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork helps any budding masseuse fulfill their local requirements.

However, massage therapists can still work from their own homes or make house calls with a portable massage table.

45. Become A Birth Instructor 

Generally, birth instructors earn around $500- $1000 per birth. 

Birth instructors are non-medical professionals who offer information, emotional support, and physical assistance in the process of giving birth.

A birth instructor helps a pregnant mother during or before labor. 

They can help mothers, from a hospital, a midwife clinic at home.

46. Offer A Home Staging Service  

Home Business Ideas
Image Source: Desky and Imgur

If you are good at rearranging furniture, home staging is one of those great home business ideas.

You will help sellers get their homes looking beautiful, so they sell as quickly as possible.

47. Start An iPhone Repair Shop from Home 

Fixing phones, iPads, and other tablets would provide you with a great deal of business.

This is because many tablet users are looking for a less expensive way to fix their devices.

You do this from home; hence, you aren’t leasing a shop. 

48.  Become A Personal Chef 

As a personal chef, you would spend your time making delicious meals for those who don’t have time to cook but do have money.

They can’t cook but have money to spend.

49. Become A Personal Stylist

Monetize your skills and ideas.

You have an eye for clothes and know what styles look best on whatever body types.

Why not turn your passion for fashion into a business by becoming a personal stylist/shopper.

50. Become A Tour Guide

Perhaps you know the ins and outs of fun places in your area, this is an especially good idea if you can offer your service to tourists who want to have fun in your locality.

51. Do ElderCare 

It’s another example of home business ideas that don’t need any capital to begin.

In most cases, work-from-home elder care workers will make daily house calls to their patients to help with anything from meal preparation to self-care to minor home repairs.

The average hourly rate for elder care is $12.66.

52. Travel Planner

Home Business Ideas

Travelling is fun, but not all travelers know their way around their destination. 

This is where a travel planner comes in, using his skills to find the best trip—including flight, accommodation, rental car, and tours—for the budget. 

The planner gets paid by the traveler.       

53. Become A Party Planner 

From weddings to birthday parties to corporate events to conferences, the details of putting on a huge bash can be beyond the average party-giver.

That’s why they’ll turn all the planning over to you.

By median, you can earn $49,370.

54. Become A Music Teacher 

Home Business Ideas

Teaching piano (or guitar or violin or singing) lessons out of your house is a well-established way for stay-at-home spouses to make a little extra cash. If Lois Griffin can do it, so can you.

55. Become  A House Cleaner

As long as dirt and grime exist, there will be a need for house-cleaning services.

In many homes and apartments, people want to enjoy the luxury of not having to scrub floors and dust furniture.

Hence, there’ll be a need for your services.

Wrapping Up

With the above list of home business ideas, you can hardly lack something to do if you are keen on making money at home.

Choose an idea you are familiar with.

Then, use either social media or word of mouth to advertise your services.

Many will come to you for orders.

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