How To Plan A YouTube Video

Find out how to plan a YouTube video and learn about the 11 helpful tips for planning YouTube videos to drive viewers to your YouTube channel.

When creating the videos for your channel, you are not making a mere video.

In fact, you are branding yourself and determining the future of your channel.

So today, you are going to find out some really helpful and detailed steps in this video, regarding how to plan your YouTube videos.

For planning a YouTube video, you need to consider your brand, make the first 15 minutes crucial, create an outline of key points, use a storyboard, maintain consistent content, determine suitable video locations, adopt a working video schedule, determine the video’s length, simplify the editing, prepare the participants, and finish strong. 

Yes, this article is for all of you who are trying to maintain a YouTube channel and want to know how to make a video that drives the desired results.

So let’s have a look at those steps together.

1. Consider Your Brand

When you are about to create a whole new channel, obviously it will need new videos and the most important and fun part is to plan ‘How to brand yourself’.

In the beginning it may seem trivial and small to you for planning about the colours, logos or shapes you are going to put in your branding.

But in the latter part, when you are done making videos and it is time to edit.

You will thank yourself for giving this small task time.

In planning your YouTube videos, there are several things and steps are included and each of them take time.

But if you work with a plan in your mind, believe us, you will not worry or fret, all of your tasks will work in your favour.

And that is why we are here to guide you all and lead you to success.

So considering your brand, in the first place, might seem minor to you, but later you will be thanking yourself and us.

So let’s count it as your first step towards planning your YouTube videos.

2. The First 15 Minutes Are Vital

How To Plan A YouTube Video

How many times in your life have you said “I don’t know how or when but I just got hooked on this” and do you ever wonder why?

Because either these are teasers for some show, a few starting lines in a book or a few starting seconds of a video, if they are enough to grab your attention then yes, you belong to that movie/series, book or that video.

Yes, people use those first 5 to 15 minutes to get you hooked for their product, no matter what it is. 

So use those first 5 to 15 minutes of your video strategically.

A word of advice from us; either say something personal about you or your channel to get the attention of your viewer or show them something so intriguing that they stay there for the remaining video.

If you are not sure about what you are going to say, don’t fret, because you can always tell them about the summary of your video in the beginning by using such words: “Today you are going to see…” or “This video is all about… and this is specially for you.”

People focus on such things which concern them and whenever they feel like you are specifically talking to them or about their issues, they will stay for your video and watch it completely till the end.

3. Create An Outline Of Key Points

How To Plan A YouTube Video

You know what one of the worst fears are after making, editing and posting your video online?

When you re-watch it and think that you forgot to add something so important and crucial.

And then what?

What are you going to do then?

That is why, we always advise creating an outline of key points first.

And that is how you plan things perfectly and leave no chances of error in your videos.

If you have the outline of your key points about the video you are going to make, you will never miss any crucial points and information in it.

Just put those outlines in front of you somewhere while you are speaking in front of the camera and before jumping on to the next point, just have a little peek at your paper.

And you will not miss any point, believe us that you will feel good and happy about it whilst re-watching your videos.

And you will feel controlled and satisfied about your videos.

4. Consider Using A Storyboard

How To Plan A YouTube Video

Talking about creating outlines for your videos, what else you can do is use a storyboard.

A storyboard can reflect all the journey your viewers are going to take with you while watching your videos.

A storyboard can also reflect the change of location in your video, a guest’s appearance, or doing different tasks in one video.

Even if there are various people with you as your team, you can definitely use a storyboard that will show all of them on screen before their appearance.

It is also a good way to grab your viewer’s attention, they can see beforehand what they are going to watch later in the video, which will save you time at the beginning of your video, you will not have to explain the summary of your video.

Storyboards are good for your videos, they make your viewers see that you have put enough effort into them in your work and it is a genuine one.

Keep it in your mind that your viewers can always guess if your videos are genuine or not and whether you are putting enough effort into them or taking your own videos for granted.

5. Maintain A Consistent Content Flow

How To Plan A YouTube Video

Remember that an unplanned video is always full of ‘umms’ & ‘ahs’, which is not a good reflection of you.

A good video is always planned and planned videos keep you up to your flow of momentum.

A good YouTuber tends to keep on creating videos and jumping from one video to the next and that is how there may come a possibility of an unplanned video.

Though you have to maintain a consistent content flow but by jumping from one video to another does not suffice the purpose,

By maintaining a consistent content flow, you have to keep it planned and together. 

Planned videos and planned content can only give you a better consistent flow.

6. Determine A Suitable Video Length

How To Plan A YouTube Video

Determining the length of your videos is also an important element in planning and making your videos.

Remember this, people tend to watch those videos more and more which are shorter and do not add up extra details.

An off-course and off-track video are not watched much, people stick to those videos which stick to their topics.

A video that times from 3 to 7 minutes is more likely to be watched and appreciated.

Though the length of your videos can vary from one another and the most important thing is that once your viewers are hooked on your videos and channel, no matter how long videos you post, they will watch it.

Sometimes, the content of your video does not require much time, so do not try to extend it forcefully.

Just be genuine and real with your viewers all the time.

But yes keep this in your mind: try to do more of that stuff that your audience demands.

Keep checking their comments and replies under your videos and appreciate their replies and try to answer them as much as you can.

You can even make videos on such content where you answer their queries and thank them for taking interest in your channel.

7. Adopt A Working Video Structure

How To Plan A YouTube Video

A video structure is basically everything we have talked about above.

But as we have also talked about planning and creating a planned video so let’s look at those steps strategically.

For instance, you have to make up the videos through a plan and you have to walk on some written steps, like this:

  1. The first step is always the ‘attention’ point; you have to grab the attention and interest of your audience, make them feel like this video of yours is specifically for them.
  2. The second step is the ‘introduction’: take your time but keep it short and summarize what you are going to show them in your video by choosing the wordings of your introduction wisely, keep it on track, don’t waste any time in explaining it thoroughly. 
  3. The third step is the ‘content’; it should be genuine and it should be original, the ideas should come from you, and try not to copy anyone else and the content of your videos should be related to your niche, on which your channel is based.
  4. The last step and the fourth one is the time of ‘action’; you have to call for action at the end of your videos, like by saying ‘Watch more videos on my channel’ or ‘Leave your opinion and suggestions in the comments below. 

Include them in your videos and ask for feedback.

8. Plan For The Location

How To Plan A YouTube Video

Always pick the location of your videos according to the content of the videos.

For instance, if you are running a fitness channel, you can pick different locations from time to time for your videos.

You can start with a location inside your house, you don’t need a big studio for it, just put some plants in a corner, make it look like a zen corner and calm music for yoga or upbeat for a fast workout.

Next time, you can switch it to some lush green grounds anywhere near you and if you are travelling somewhere you can shoot it on mountains or near the window where your audience can see the view behind you.

If you are running a cookery channel, you know you need to add utensils and kitchen appliances in your location, you can also use your own kitchen or kitchenette. 

Don’t be afraid of anything, the more you are true to your audience the more they are going to like you.

Just keep it presentable

9. Shoot With The Editing Process In Mind

How To Plan A YouTube Video

A real and crucial part of the planning process involves the actual shoot of your video which highly includes the camera angles and lighting set up by keeping the location in your mind.

You should know about the camera, where it should be positioned and what it should be doing meanwhile.

All of these things should complement each other to work in your favour.

“Shooting for the Edit” is like a complete approach to video planning that makes the editing of your video a whole lot easier for you after the shooting. 

In fact, it will also result in an overall better video which will require less effort.

In general, it simply means planning your shoot around the editing process

If you know how to shoot the video and how to edit it, you will know what things during the shoot you can leave undone because you will manage them in the editing session.


10. Prepare Participants

How To Plan A YouTube Video

If you are doing most of your videos alone, then you can skip this step but if you are planning to add a few other related people in your videos, like your friends or your family, then this one is also important for you.

When you are to add other people to your videos, they should be prepared too for the video like you.

Now it is up to you or the content of your video, what it requires from them; like, do they have to juggle something? Do they need to have a written script beforehand? Do they need makeup? Or do they need costumes for it?

It all depends on the content of your video and what it requires from all of the participants in the video.

11. Finish Strong

How To Plan A YouTube Video

Finishing your video in a proper manner is just as important as starting your video with a catchphrase or attention-grabbing element/statement.

It is not liked much and neither it looks professional at all when you awkwardly wave at the camera with a shy smile at the end of your video or even when you get up and push the off button, in front of your audience it will all demean your professional look.

Think about a statement that will reflect you, a way of a perfect ending.

You can add fun music and blurry video at the end of your videos, a loving statement for your followers or the display of your logo and its colours on screen.

Think and plan this step thoroughly, because, in the end, everything will be a representation of you, your videos and your channel.

Be a brand!


These are all the important steps and guidelines towards making and planning a perfect YouTube video that will make you look like a professional. 

We really hope we were helpful for your successful journey. 

For more information regarding YouTube videos, equipment and other details do read more articles on our blog, they will also surely help you.

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