Free Facebook Banners | Fully Customizable Facebook Banners

Discover some cool Facebook banners that are all free of cost and can help your profile become eye catchy and trendy!

Looking for free and customizable Facebook banners? Look no further! Our team has created a library of free Facebook banners that you can use to promote your business. All of our banners are fully customizable, so you can add your own text and images. We also offer a variety of templates to choose from, so you can find the perfect banner for your business. Simply select the template that you like best, add your own text and images, and download your finished banner. It’s that easy!

Free Facebook Banners | Fully Customizable Facebook Banners

There are so many ways to express your personality on Facebook. Why not try out new designs and find the one that suits you best? It’s easy, all it takes is a little creativity!

Canva is an app that lets anyone create amazing covers for their social media Pages in seconds without having any artistic know-how whatsoever – simply pick whatever layout works well with images or fonts then voila: A brand-new professional looking account picture will be uploaded automatically onto

The app is free to use with a library of millions of images, graphics, and fonts so you can find the right fit for your account and brand. You don’t even have to create an account – just go ahead and start editing away!

How to create a Facebook Banner?

Here we will share some of the most beautiful to the least beautiful templates. You just have to simply follow the following steps:

Step # 1: Open The Canva App

Open the Canva app and search for Facebook banners. Select the template that you like the best.

Step # 2: Explore Templates

You deserve to have a Facebook cover that fits your personality, style, and preferences. Find templates in every color or theme you could imagine plus some amazing featured posts for hosting an event!

Step # 3: Customize The Banner According To Your Preference

You can add your own text and images. You can make your Facebook cover as unique and interesting-looking as you! Upload any photos, videos, or images that best represent who are. Choose from a variety of colors and fonts for an unforgettable look into the world we live in today- The Internet Age has arrived early thanks to social networks like this one where people share everything they do online so others know too much about them even if their intentions aren’t always clear (yet).

Step # 4: Include A Range Of Features

There are a variety of different Facebook cover types you can use. You could go with the stationary option, which will have elements on it that rise or fall onto your page when using Canva’s animated feature- drag and drop for more flexibility!

Step # 5: Download The Designed Banner

Download your finished banner.

Step # 6: Upload On Your Facebook Page

Upload it on your Facebook.

Just remember: the most beautiful Facebook banners are eye-catching, professional, and creative! So make sure to put thought into your design before you start editing.

23 Free Facebook Banners

Facebook Banner # 01

This template is fully customizable, so you can add your own text and images.

Facebook Banner # 02

This template is perfect for businesses that want to promote their products or services. You can personalize it according to your preference.

Facebook Banner # 03

This template is perfect for those who want to show off their artistic side. You can add your own photos and videos to make it more personal.

Facebook Banner # 04

This banner is perfect if you want to promote your online business and it comes with different color options as well.

Facebook Banner # 05

The banner for celebrating World Cancer Day is a colorful and creative way to draw attention. The pink background with white text looks dramatic while also being eye-catching, which makes it perfect!

Facebook Banner # 06

This template is less about promoting a cause and more about general awareness. The yellow background with the black text is simple but effective in getting people to stop and read what it says.

“Live life with kindness.”

Facebook Banner # 07

This is an elegant template that would be perfect for businesses or individuals who want to appear more professional.

Facebook Banner # 08

Here’s another great template for you to satisfy your inner creativity.

Facebook Banner # 09

We all know that marketing is the key to success in any industry. But if you’re an owner of a digital agency, then this one will be perfect for promoting your business!

Facebook Banner # 10

This template is perfect. There are many templates to choose from and you can also create your own! Just remember that the most effective Facebook banners are professional, creative, and eye-catching. So make sure to put thought into your design before you start editing.

Facebook Banner # 11

This template is perfect for businesses that want to create a professional look on their Facebook.

Facebook Banner # 12

This template is perfect for any business that wants to show they are environmentally friendly!

Facebook Banner # 13

This template is perfect if you want to show off your skills as a photographer! You can add your own photos and videos to make it more personal.

Facebook Banner # 14

This banner is perfect for those who want to promote events.

Facebook Banner # 15

Want to stand out from the crowd? These banners are sure to do it! They’ll make your customers notice you.

Facebook Banner # 16

Are you ready to launch something new?

Let’s use this banner to grab customer’s attention.

Facebook Banner # 17

These banners are sure to attract your customers with their unique design and amazing color combination. They’ll love the social media influencer vibe you’re going for, too!

Facebook Banner # 18

This template is perfect for small businesses who want to show they are big players in their industry!

Facebook Banner # 19

You can also use these banners to announce a sale or promotion. This template is perfect for those who want to grab their customer’s attention right away!

Facebook Banner # 20

This template is perfect for promoting your business on Facebook. It’s simple, yet effective!

Facebook Banner # 21

Are you associated with tech business? I’m sure you are. I can tell by the way that your company keeps on growing and changing with every new innovation!

Tech businesses are booming and we want to help you grow your company.

Facebook Banner # 22

Let’s launch a music party and invite everybody to join in!

Facebook Banner # 23

You are at the right place to promote and market your services. This template will help you do it in a way that gets potential customers coming back for more!

Facebook Banner # 24

Promote your fashion accessories and expand your business!

Free Facebook Banners Using

You can also get Facebook banners for free using

Pexels offers a wide variety of free stock photos that you can use for your Facebook banner.

To find the perfect photo for your banner, simply search for “Facebook banner” on the Pexels website.

Once you’ve found the perfect photo, you can create professional designs on a budget and expand your business with these amazing templates! We have hundreds of Facebook banner types that you’ll love.

How to create a Facebook Banner with

In order to get the free Facebook banners that can have an impact on your audience, just follow the simple and easy steps mentioned below:

Step # 1: Open

Open the website and search for the Facebook Banner design you want.

Step # 2: Choose An Image and Download It

Choose the perfect image for your Facebook banner. Then, download it.

Step # 3: Copy to A Canva blank page

After choosing the perfect image, upload your image to a blank page on Canva

Step # 4: Customize Your Banner

On Canva, you can start editing the banner in order to fit your requirement criteria.

You can add text, change colors, and add images or logos.

Step # 5: Download The Facebook Banner

When you’re finished, click on ‘Download’ and save the file to your computer.

You can also share your design on your Facebook Page.

The best part about using for Facebook banners pictures is that it’s free! You can access millions of images without paying anything at all- which means you have more chances than ever before to find the perfect picture or graphics.

Following are some of the best Facebook Banners photos from

23 Free Image Facebook Banners

Banner # 1

This picture can be used to create an effective and beautiful Facebook banner.

Banner # 2

Do you want to create a nature-inspired banner? This one is the best for you!

Banner # 3

Do you want to support a cause? This one is perfect for you to create a Facebook banner that shows your association and will drive greater traffic on Facebook to support you.

Banner # 4

Are you looking for a banner that fully keeps a track of the “Keep it simple” strategy? You are at the right place. This picture is perfect for your banner.

One of the golden rules for any kind of design is to keep it simple. The same rule applies to Facebook banners. You don’t want too much text or graphics on your banner, as it will only confuse and overwhelm your audience. Try to stick to the basics then.

Banner # 5

Promoting your product in a simple yet the most effective way is something that is the biggest concern of social media marketers nowadays. This one shows how you can easily achieve this milestone in the best way.

That’s all from us but you can have access to millions of graphics and pictures using the websites shared above to create the perfect banner for your Facebook page in no time.

Here are some of the advantages of using the Canva app for creating professional and creative banners for your Facebook pages:

  • No design experience or software required
  • Hundreds of templates and tools to choose from
  • Free photos, illustrations, and fonts
  • Collaborate with team members on designs
  • Get feedback from friends and followers
  • Print your banners for offline use


Facebook banners are a great way to welcome your audience and give them a warm first impression. Not only do these banners give your audience a warm welcome but they also reflect your personality and your niche, indicating what your audience can expect from you.

We hope you enjoy these free Facebook banner designs! They are fully customizable and perfect for any type of business. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to help!

Happy designing 🙂