Top 15 Online Teaching Portals

Discover the top 15 online teaching portals, platforms that offer a collection of resources and information designed to aid your journey as an online tutor.

eLearning Classrooms hold great value today. 

Both learners and teachers save time by using online platforms.

This is why eLearning has become important today.

Teachers and students who want to enjoy learning sessions should know the basic aspects of Online Teaching. 

Tutors come forward to deliver knowledge and contribute to an effective learning process. 

Online Teaching Portals

Whether you are considering teaching from the comfort of your home.

Or sharing your expertise via an online course.

All can be done via these online teaching portals. 

So let’s explore these top 15 online teaching portals.

Platforms you can use to sharpen your expertise as you learn how to explore different online teaching techniques. 

TeachHUB Education Blog

This is one of the most trustworthy Online teaching blogs.

It has everything covered within. 

From the classroom management to teaching strategies.

The blog continues to serve tutors by publishing content a few times a week. 

 Every week, TeachHUB education teaches about using technology and practical teaching strategies. 

This blog offers one-to-one classroom resources to build the relationship between the student and teachers. 

This Week in Education

One of the few blogs that compile teaching resources related to students. 

They make this educational blog to deliver fun student activities, unique ideas, educational content, such as videos, links, and images.

Online Teaching Portals

These help the student learn more about the management system and build a healthy relationship with their teacher

The blog is a collection of handy teaching resources, strategies, good books, and authors. 

eSchool News

eSchool News is a free online teaching portal that gives you daily updates on technology and innovation. 

Designed with a variety of different astonishing features of teaching resources. 

Classroom improvement ideas and professional development tools to help aid the students. 

A platform that offers you robust features in written and video format. 

Cult of Pedagogy

Jenniffer Gonzalez’s blog Cult of Pedagogy is for educators. 

Cult of Pedagogy gives you a wide range of amazing content on her website. 

She offers help, resources, instruction, classroom management, technology, and much more.  

Don’t forget to check out her podcast for other grand ideas!

Free Tech 4 Teachers

The organized Blog came into existence 10 years ago.  

A portal primarily for teachers.

Richard Byrne has got everything at Free Tech For teachers. 

He dedicates this portal entirely to the teachers to help them understand virtual training opportunities. 

This website also offers you a variety of summer training in person


Online Teaching Portals

Edutopia is a blog that gives information on online teaching at the Edutopia portal.

It’s packed with online teaching guides, meditation trends, language learning, publishing book recommendations, technology integration, podcasts, and much more. 

However, to think of Edutopia as just an information sharing blog would be wrong.

There’s much more in Edutopia than we have explained. 

The writer is the most important element in transmitting the unsaid, inspirations, and facts of almost every kind. 

The articles are generous in a way that you have never imagined. 

The Edutopia website shares knowledge not only with its blogs but also with their informative videos. 

Check out their YouTube channel

A unique aspect of these videos is that they are short, quick, and informative.

These can truly force you to think of starting a conversation with your students and colleagues. 

It has a technology section where all kinds of fascinating articles are available. 

A perfect blog for everyone who wishes to implement blended learning and integrate classroom activities with online work.


The best student interactive tool. 

ReadWriteThink covers everything that relates to teachers and students. 

We would call this a multi-tasker website which gives you a bundle of features like engaging language arts interactive tools, lesson plans, activities, ideas, professional development resources, and apps for students K–12. 

It appeals to all niche of education and does brilliant work at promoting education. 

An impressive feature is the Teachers’ Guides. 


This is actually a fantastic Website created by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the National Trust for the Humanities. 

EDSITEment has become popular in a brief time. 

The chief purpose of their website is to offer lesson plans, primary sources, videos, and photos to every humanities topic. 

The website is offering an international elementary education experience via its portal and all of this is free of cost.

The Hechinger Report

The Hechinger Report is full of creative ideas for teachers. 

The Hechinger Report Shares fresh innovation and everyday issues related to education and academics. 

L Willen showcases journalism in unique ways. 

You’ll find your own creativity. 

Her website gives you an approach to tackle a plethora of timely topics. 

By using writing tools, her writing style is the richest and most educational for teachers. 

Liz Willen will showcase different topics like blended learning, early education, higher education, high school reform, teacher preparation, and so much more. 

Her thinking and sharing style is so vibrant and informative for teachers. 

EDTech For Beginners

The EDTech For Beginners by Neil Jarett is a collection of everything about technology that online teachers need to know. 

The blog targets to help students and teachers by sharing information related to educational technology. 

Online Teaching Portals

This blog is an inspiration for teachers who want to tutor online. 

It covers educational technology issues, educational website stuff, tutorials on different apps, lesson ideas using effective EdTech, setting up and using class management techniques, how to set up a ‘bring your own device’ scheme, and much more. 

Teacher Toolkit

A blog that’s dedicated to the teachers by the Deputy Headteacher of an inner-city school in London, UK, Ross MC GILL. 

Her website, Teacher Toolkit, gives information about real-world tips, online teaching trends, language learning, resources, books, articles, and creating lesson plans. 

Teacher Toolkit is an influential teacher’s blog whose writers put every effort to bring the right content to you.

The blogs are detailed and written in an exciting, natural style. 

This makes Teacher Toolkit’s blog a pleasure to read for online teachers. 

The Nerdy Teacher

The Nerdy Teacher’s Guide is a blog that has compiled up everything related to education. 

From tech to becoming a leader, teacher, and learner, Nerdy Teacher articles give you what you need to become an online teacher and maintain a relationship with your students. 

The website is so organized yet full of information.

On this blog you can find tips & ‘How to’s’, to become a better leader, learner, and teacher. 

Different guides, podcasts, videos, and brain-friendly columns are available at Nerdy Teacher. 

The website owner has always done more to encourage communities of online teachers to learn and grow. 

On this website, you will find creativity, intelligent analysis, and professionalism which will enrich you in your path to online teaching.

The Principal of Change

This progressive blog is for all educators.

It posts daily journals related to learning and leading in education every week. 

People who are looking to connect digitally more and learn something new – this blog is the perfect fit for you. 

You’ll learn about inspiring books and resources for an effective relationship with students.

They have great sections where they present content about visionary leadership, leading a learning community, and revamping professional learning, along with hashtags to follow on social media platforms. 

Innovative teaching skills are the best resource to learn the best experiences of teaching. 

Imagination Soup

Online Teaching Portals

This website is a substantial source of content for anyone in higher education.

It has useful insights regarding educational books, wiring, reading, math and science, technology, and much more. 

They have some sections where you can find blogs with exceptional resources for new teachers, especially for those who work in the preschool and elementary levels. 

What Blog Suits Me?

You must wonder which blog will suit you well and worth a read. 

Let us tell you, eLearning is a constant process of growth. 

In this post, we have listed the blogs we feel will benefit you.

We want to help you increase your knowledge and polish your teaching skills. 

And the blogs mentioned above do just that.

With the above list, you have several options for quality resources.

So, check what they have and choose what matches your preference.

Drop-in your favorite online teaching portals in the comments section below and let us know what you like the most about it. 

Share this article with your friends and family or anyone you think must need this information.

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