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0/75SEO Title
0/160SEO Meta Description
0/10,000Twitter DM's
0/15Twitter User Handle
0/20Twitter Profile Name
0/63,206Facebook Post
0/130Facebook Background Color
0/101Facebook Bio
0/155Facebook Page Description
0/150Instagram Bio
0/2,200Instagram Captions
0/30Instagram Captions Hashtags Number
0/2,200Instagram Ads Captions
0/150LinkedIn Post Title
0/120,000LinkedIn Post Text
0/100LinkedIn Status Update
0/700LinkedIn Company Update
0/160Pinterest Bio
0/100Pinterest Board Name
0/500Pinterest Board Description
0/500Pinterest Pin Description
0/70YouTube Video Title
0/5,000YouTube Video Description
0/60YouTube Playlist Title

Find out what does a character counter tool do, why would you need to count characters and the character limit of posts on different social media platforms.

We live in a world of social media perfection; perfect posts, perfect snaps, perfect statuses, perfect stories & perfect snaps.

Here are some of my favorite social marketing tools:

Everyone is finding their way to this perfection.

Not just businesses or social media influencers. 

But even regular individuals seek to get their tweets to trend and create a perfect Instagram feed with lots of followers. 

Now the question is: what makes these posts perfect?

What is the secret of so many likes and views on your comments & posts?

Character Counter

How do you choose what & which characters to select to make your social media posts perfect?

Today, you are going to find the answers to all of this in this one article.

If you wonder about the exact perfect limit of characters in every social media post, either you’re trying to craft a tweet or putting hashtags with emojis on Instagram. 

Or you feel so stuck deciding how many characters to add in a Facebook ad headline. 

Don’t fret!

This guide will show you just how much you need to write in order to give your post a chance to trend.

#1 What Does Character Counter Mean?

Just to simplify things more for you, a character counter is a tool made specifically for you.

It’s a tool that can count characters and tell you how much you have added in your post. 

Character count or word count tool is free and it provides instant character & word count for a given text. 

It monitors as you write and reports to you right away.

The character/word limit can happen on various occasions. 

For instance, for Twitter it can go up to 280, SMS: 160, Reddit Title: 300, Ebay title: 80, Pinterest Description: 500, Blogspot description: 500, Facebook status: 63, 206 or Title Tag in HTML: displays only 70 characters. 

This character counter software can work in any web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer or Opera.

The character counter makes it easy for you to monitor various aspects of written text. These include:

Can you believe it?

All of this in one character counter!

This feels so amazing that it can do all the hard thinking for you and decision making about what to put or not to add in the posts.

Don’t you feel carefree for once?

#2 What Is The Ideal Character Length For Social Media

Character Counter

You don’t have to worry about any of your social blogs or posts relating to any kind of cause, even marketing.

This tool will let you know where you type excess and where you are not adding enough.

All these results will be in front of you at once.

Now, for more information on the perfect number length of characters on specific networks, let us jump straight onto your favorite social media.

1. Google SEO

We all know or have to know what is a meta title tag.

If you know it, good! 

If you do not know, don’t worry at all. 

We are here to help you.

A title tag is an element of HTML that defines and specifies the title of a web page. 

These title tags are shown on search engine results pages (SERPs) and the headline is clickable in the given results.

They are important for visibility, social sharing, and SEO.

Character Counter

That is also why the title tag of a web page should be an accurate, concise, and brief description of a page’s content. 

Title tags are very important for the search engine optimization & the search user experience with high-impact SEO tasks. 

You ought to watch the length of these titles because if your titles are too long, search results might cut the titles off by applying an ellipsis (“…”).

This might cut the important/good words of it. 

So, we generally recommend you keep them under 60 characters long. 

Though, be careful about the characters which take more space than others.

For instance, uppercase ‘W’ takes up more space than the lowercase ‘i’ or ‘t’.

2. Twitter Character Limits

For many years, Twitter gave a characters limit of 140.

But in 2017, the network increased its character limit to 280 characters.

You may think that this ideal length is really very short and you are all correct, it really is. 

Keeping yourself from not writing up much can be challenging for you in the beginning.

However, do not fret because it has a positive side; it forces you to be brief and concise. 

Being this concise is important.

It is the secret key to catch your audience’s attention.

With the speed social media moves around, you have to catch your reader’s attention.

Well, not all tweets stay under this exact ideal length all the time, let’s look at this:

  1. Maximum tweet length is 280 characters
  2. DMs: 10,000 characters
  3. Twitter profile name maximum length is 20
  4. Twitter Handle maximum length is 15 characters

So, never frustrate yourself just use the character counter tool.

3. Facebook Character Limits

Either you are posting an ad for marketing or a personal post on Facebook, it’s always a race and a competition with other brands and people.

Obviously, you worry about people getting attracted to your post. 

Character Counter

Talking about brand ads on Facebook, let us inform you that people are not feeling much for organics these days. 

Oh yeah! Trends change so quickly. 

So after shaping your product for your audience, all you are left with is a perfect length and form of your posts. 

You might be wondering what can be the ideal length for Facebook then?

Again, here you have to be brief and exact about your posts & products you are selling, or the ideas you are selling.

Whatever it is, the probability of views is equal among you and your competitors.

So, choose your characters wisely.

The ideal character length of a Facebook update is 40 – 80 characters. 

Posts that contain 40 characters or less are earning 86% more attention and engagement. 

Some surveys say that posts that include 80 characters or less receive 88% more attention or engagement.

But the ultimate key here is also to keep your words concise & short.

We know by now that longer posts can cut off in a user’s feed.

This may make it difficult to get attention from your desired audience on Facebook.

You can always set a standard for your posts, personalize it, & keep it up.

Personalization of your standard character length can become your trademark (just try to be concise). 

The ideal length of a Facebook ad Headline is 5 words and the ideal body text length is 14 words. 

The competition is getting tough.

Jumping to the final conclusions:

  1. Facebook post character limit is 63,206
  2. Facebook username character limit is 50
  3. Facebook page description goes up to 155 characters
  4. Facebook comments can go to the limit of 8000 characters
  5. Facebook ad links text include 90 characters
  6. Headlines 25 characters
  7. Link description is 30 characters

4. Instagram Character Limits

Many people never think of the character limit for Instagram. 

If you are like everyone else, do not worry! 

But note today that Instagram’s attractive posts or stories also rely on fewer characters. 

You may have noticed that most of the ads on Instagram include fewer words and are more specific.

The ideal length of Instagram captions is 380–150 characters.

When creating your posts, try sticking to this length. 

Though the shining thing on your posts is your photos & videos, captions provide your audience with the context and can compel people towards your posts. The ideal length of: 

  1. An Instagram caption is 138 – 150
  2. Instagram Ads captions are 125 characters
  3. Number of Hashtags is 5 to 10
  4. Number of characters in an Instagram Hashtag is 24 or less

The maximum character length for captions on Instagram is 2200.

Again, you should know that being brief and exact is the real key here.

5. Linkedin Character Limits

Just like other social media networks, LinkedIn is also not immune to character limits. 

The headline, position, and other aspects of LinkedIn profile have limits too. 

Character Counter

Whether you are on LinkedIn with a personal or business account, you ought to know the character limits below.

LinkedIn is somewhat different from other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

It is not as visual as others. 

When you look at LinkedIn status updates, you’ll notice that most of them are headlines or reference links to an article.

That is why it is not much surprising that the ideal length for a LinkedIn status update is 100 characters or less. 

When a user exceeds the word limit, they get an instant error message and they are not able to publish.

There are different maximum character lengths on LinkedIn for texts used on posts for different accounts/purposes. 

For instance,

  1. Company update: 700 characters
  2. Company name: 100 characters
  3. Page name: 50 characters
  4. About us/summary: 2000 characters
  5. First name: 20 characters
  6. Last name: 40 characters
  7. Recommendation: 3000 characters
  8. Company leaders headline & description: 150 characters
  9. Employee testimonials: 400 characters
  10. Custom module title: 150 characters
  11. Custom module URL label: 70 characters
  12. Custom module body: 500 characters

The maximum length of LinkedIn publishing post headline is 50 characters and publishing content length is 120,000 characters.

6. Pinterest Character Limits

Pinterest seems like a really interesting social media network.

When we think about the ideal or maximum length of characters on Pinterest, its cute little pins and boards come straight into our minds.

Your profile name on Pinterest can be longer than 20 characters.

But it will be cut off and won’t appear full. 

Your board name can also be up to 100 characters, but anything over 17 characters will not be visible.

Let’s go through the maximum lengths of Pinterest:

  1. Maximum number of boards: 500
  2. Maximum number of pins: 200,000
  3. Profile name: 20 characters
  4. Bio: 160
  5. Username: 15
  6. Board name: 100
  7. Board description: 500
  8. Pin description: 500

7. YouTube Character Limits

We all know that YouTube is all about videos.

But, it does have its character limits for the text fields too. 

For instance,

  1. YouTube description: 5000 characters
  2. Video title: 70 characters
  3. Playlist titles: 60 characters
  4. Tags: 30 characters per tag, 500 characters in total

Even if YouTube videos are the main essence or attraction on this network, it is still a search engine. 

As a result, it appears to be relying on content and text to rank your videos.

In this case, the title of your videos and descriptions are so important in determining their performance. 

All of these should be attractive and intriguing enough to get the people to click on your videos, watch, and come back again to your channel.

You should always use the titles and descriptions compellingly within YouTube’s character limits.

8. SMS Character Limit

Character Counter

SMS is a standardized communication protocol that lets devices to send & receive short text messages. 

It was defined as part of the 1985-GSM protocol. 

It was meant to ‘fit in-between’ existing signaling protocols.

All the messages not using GSM-7 encoding are limited to 70 characters. 

The character limit for a single SMS message goes to 160 characters. 

But you know that most modern phones and networks support segment & sequencing.

As a result, they rebuild messages up to 1600 characters.

When an SMS message is sent with more than 160 characters, it will automatically split up. 

Large messages are generally segmented into 153 character segments and then sent individually to be rebuilt by the recipient’s device.

Any SMS messages sent with eastern characters under non-GSM-characters will have to be sent via UCS-2 encoding.

Any UCS-2 characters sent over 70 characters will be concatenated into 67 characters message segments even if the message contained less than or more than 160 characters.


We really hope we helped you a lot in understanding the ideal character limits for your social media network.

May you post perfectly.

This way, you may enjoy the desired success.

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