Best Sales Tools


HubSpot is the ultimate sales platform for customer relationship management. With a single location to store all your data, HubSpot makes it easy and efficient when nurturing leads or closing sales with ease.

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SEMRush helps you to understand the market in a way that no other tool can. The insights they provide will give your business an edge over your competitors, allowing your sales to grow exponentially.

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ActiveCampaign is a powerful email marketing tool that makes it easy to create effective email automations, manage your contact lists, and track your campaign performance.

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Google Meet

Google Meet, the enterprise-grade video conferencing platform that allows users to interact via video, text and voice calls as well is now available for business organizations. It has advanced features like 500 participants at once or 60 minutes per meeting limitations.

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Sprout Social

This social media management platform, Sprout Social has a ton of great features for businesses and large enterprises. It’s easy to generate leads from multiple profiles with their built-in lead generation tool.

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Discover the top 160 sales tools & platforms for your sales team with the features that make them a must-have in your professional sales toolkit.

It’s a new year and sales are getting harder than ever! Marketing today has become an arms race of data and technology, leaving sales teams scrambling to keep up. The sales process has become more complex, making it difficult to know which sales tools will help you close more deals and grow your business.

The good news is that there are sales tools out there that can help sales teams streamline their processes, stay organized, and close more deals. Sales tools are a great way to improve your sales process and increase your sales productivity. With the right sales tools, you can automate repetitive tasks, stay organized, and focus on selling.

In this article, we will list the 160+ best sales tools. These sales tools will help sales teams close more deals, stay organized, and increase their sales productivity. From sales automation to sales intelligence, these sales tools will help sales teams make this year their best-selling year!

So let’s dive right into the list of 160+ amazing sales tools. We have also divided these sales tools into multiple categories so you can choose the one which suits you the best!

Sales Tools Categories:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems

HubSpot CRM

Price: $45 to $800+

HubSpot CRM was designed from the ground up to be ready for today’s world. Where other solutions are complex and time-consuming, HubSpot CRM takes care of all the little details so you can focus on what matters most: making a sale. HubSpot is a CRM program that has consistently been rated as one of the best for small companies. HubSpot offers free and paid tiers, each with additional features suitable for developing organizations and enterprises.

HubSpot CRM offers the following plans:

  • Starter Plan starts at $45/ month
  • Professional Plan starts at $800/ month
  • Enterprise Plan starts at $3200/ month


Price: $9.99 to $19.99+

Smaller teams with big goals like the simplicity of Pipedrive’s user interface and activity-based selling approach. Pipeline management is a major task for any business. Pipedrive provides you with the tools, insights, and information you need to manage your pipeline more effectively. As its name implies, this CRM solution displays your pipeline and indicates which activities you must complete to move leads forward and obtain more deals closed. Pipedrive is also highly configurable.

Some of the plans offered by Pipedrive are given below:

  • Essential Plan starts at $9.99/ month
  • Advanced Plan starts at $19.99/ month
  • Professional Plan starts at $39.99/ month
  • Enterprise Plan starts at $59.99/ month


Price: $25 to $59+

For heavy G Suite customers, copper is ideal since it works in tandem with all of your most popular Google Apps. As a result, you have the full functionality of a complete CRM right within Gmail’s familiar layout, as well as a simple deal process chart. Copper, like a CRM, is complicated to use. Anyone who uses email can quickly learn and improve on the platform’s functions. The platform’s features set and simplicity earned it Google’s full endorsement. However, don’t be fooled by its simplicity. Copper has the automation, analytics, and machine learning functionalities of other CRMs on the market.

Copper offers the following plans for its users:

  • Basic Plan starts at $25/ month
  • Professional Plan starts at $59/ month
  • Business Plan starts at $119 / month

Airtable (Offers a free version with limited features)

Price: $0 to $10+

Airtable is a CRM, as well as much more. It’s a spreadsheet that connects to a database and allows anybody to create their own database for anything. It’s less expensive than other more purpose-built CRM solutions. It’s also quite flexible and adaptable. Even for businesses that require a simple out-of-the-box solution, Airtable may still be useful: they provide a number of pre-built Airtable templates, including one for a sales CRM.

Airtable offers the following plans:

  • Free Plan
  • Plus Plan starts at $10/ month
  • Pro Plan starts at $20 / month

Price: $29 to $69+ unifies all sales conversations into one place, allowing inside sales teams to boost productivity by bringing them together in one spot. This CRM offers built-in calling, emailing, and SMS, as well as advanced search and filter capabilities that allow your reps to quickly follow up with suitable leads at the right time.’s reporting capabilities allow you to view both the activity and performance of individual reps as well as your entire sales team, while also allowing you to delve into the data to discover insights that matter.’s strong API enables you to automate and connect it with other applications in your toolkit. offers the following plans:

  • Starter Plan starts at $29/ month
  • Basic Plan starts at $69/ month
  • Professional Plan starts at $99/ month
  • Business Plan starts at $149/ month

Agile CRM (Free for up to 10 users)

Price: $0 to $8.99+

Agile CRM is an important tool for any small business attempting to establish effective sales and marketing processes. Agile is a practical solution for companies of all sizes, with easy integration with the most popular email platforms, customer service software, phone and conference bridges, billing plugins, social media networks, and other services. On one easy-to-use platform, Agile utilizes the tools you require. The best feature of Agile is that it is designed specifically for small businesses and provides effective solutions for sales, marketing, process automation, customer support, contact management, and even project management.

Agile offers the following plans:

  • Free Plan
  • Starter Plan starts at $8.99/ month
  • Regular Plan starts at $29.99/ month
  • Enterprise Plan starts at $47.99/ month

Contactually (For real estate professionals)

Contactually is a real estate-specific solution. Agents and brokerages may take advantage of capabilities that meet their unique demands. For example, it enables agents to find and stay in touch with people in their network, which leads to more referrals. To speed and improve interactions, connect your client data with your email platform. To create lead priorities and maintain long-term relationships with clients, organize your contacts. It also has a dashboard that keeps the most important, most urgent opportunities front and center and can help you stay focused and motivated on your own goals.


Price: $49 to $59+

Traditional CRMs are seen as mindless data entry by your sales staff, so Membrain transforms your sales plan into visual workflows that are easy to comprehend. Membrain, as a sales enablement CRM, aids salespeople in focusing on the appropriate prospects and opportunities while selling more confidently from first contact through conclusion. If your company works in a complex B2B selling environment with longer sales cycles and numerous stakeholders, Membrain is the CRM for you.

Membrain offers the following plans:

  • Prospecting Playbooks Plan starts at $49/ month
  • Active Pipeline Plan starts at $59/ month
  • Account Growth Plan starts at $69/ month

CRMNEXT (For financial services)

Price: $0 to $99+

CRMNEXT is a cloud-based enterprise CRM for financial and banking services that offers the next generation of product innovation. It is a cross-channel customer response platform that picks up where traditional CRMs left off by breaking down artificial boundaries between human and digital channels, allowing for omnichannel client interactions within a single environment. CRMNEXT is the biggest banking CRM in the world, with over 3 million users across 5,000 locations and 36 countries.

Apptivo (Free for up to 3 users)

Price: $8 to $12+

Apptivo is a cloud-based business management software that has won accolades and been recognized for its comparative flexibility and cost. Apptivo’s CRM function is just one of its many offerings. It offers invoicing, sales reporting, and project management services in addition to its CRM functionality. It is available under a free-to-use model.

Apptivo offers the following plans:

  • Lite Plan starts at $8/ month
  • Premium Plan starts at $12/ month
  • Ultimate Plan starts at $20/ month


Price: $65 to $85+

Pipeliner is a CRM program that’s simple to use and provides you with vital performance data right away. Pipeliner is a graphical sales management system with a drag-and-drop user interface that allows you to create one-click reports, complete charts, and an immediate assessment of your revenue performance based on metrics such as deals generated, lost, converted, and gained.

Some of the plans offered by Pipeliner are given below:

  • Starter Plan starts at $65/ month
  • Business Plan starts at $85/ month
  • Enterprise Plan starts at $115/ month
  • Unlimited Plan starts at $150 / month


Price: €25 to €40+

Sellsy is a complete CRM that eliminates the need for multiple sales prospecting tools to address various elements of your sales operations. Sellsy covers the whole sales and finance lifecycle, from prospecting to invoicing. Sellsy supports you in managing every stage of your workflow, including email advertising, e-commerce, and project management. It also aids in the optimization of sales and marketing efforts by providing company performance data to help you make better business decisions and increase conversion rates.

Sellsy offers the following plans:

  • Essential Plan starts at €25/ month
  • Advanced Plan starts at €40/ month
  • Enterprise Plan


Price: $29 to $49+

Insightly is a cloud-based relationship management software that’s available for free. It’s ideal for solopreneurs and tiny teams since it’s a free, low-cost alternative to pricey CRMs like Omniconnection. Insightly has earned awards from channels such as Business News Daily for its price, simplicity of use, decent feature set, and platform integrations. Insightly provides a full complement of CRM capabilities, including project management and mobile and social media integration.

Insightly offers the following plans:

  • Plus Plan starst at $29/ month
  • Professioanl Plan starts at $49/ month
  • Enterprise Plan starts at $99/ month

Oracle NetSuite

Price: $90 to $99+

If you want to use just one platform to handle everything, NetSuite is the solution. NetSuite combines ERP, accounting, and CRM capabilities to enable executives to gain data-driven insights for strategy development while also providing salespeople with tools that increase productivity. NetSuite can be used to create forecasts, upsell and manage compensation and incentive systems.


Price: $29 to $49+

Customer support is an essential function of any business. From one platform, Messagely gives you complete control over all aspects of your customer interactions and engagement. The ‘Contact Us’ feature is readily accessible and can aid you in generating appointments, sending targeted emails, collecting consumer data, and more. It also has a strong live chat that allows you to connect with your customers while they browse your website, as well as create tickets, send targeted messages, and gather customer information.

Messagely offers the following plans:

  • Basic Plan starts at $29/ month
  • Plus Plan starts at $49/ month
  • Pro Plan starts at $79/ month

Infusionsoft (Keap)

Price: $129 to $199+

Infusionsoft is a CRM that’s affordable, easy to use, and versatile enough for small businesses. Infusionsoft marketing automation capabilities help businesses drive sales and improve customer experience by automating routine activities such as follow-ups and invoicing, managing selling activities, and centralizing client interactions. Infusionsoft can help you get everyone on the same page, have more success, and boost win rates.

Infusionsoft offers the following plans:

  • Pro Plan starts at $129/ month
  • Max Plan starts at $199/ month

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Price: $65 to $95+

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an organization-scale software that is available on the cloud, on-premises, or a combination of both. Given its history, it fits well with other Microsoft services including SharePoint, Outlook, Office 365, and OneDrive.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers the following plans:

  • Sales Professional Plan starts at $65/ month
  • Sales Enterprise Plan starts at $95/ month
  • Sales Premium Plan starts at $135/ month
  • Microsoft Relationship Plan starts at $162/ month

Freshsales (Offers a free forever startup plan with limited features)

Price: $0 to $15+

Freshsales offers a CRM that is designed to improve performance and speed up the sales process. Freshsales uses artificial intelligence, automation, and other technologies to help your team refresh pipelines, connect with prospects, prioritize leads, have meaningful discussions with customers, analyze consumer behavior, and seal top-dollar sales. Freshsales can be used to improve your contact management, lead scoring, email tracking, and territory management processes.

Freshsales offers the following plans:

  • Free Plan
  • Growth Plan starts at $15/ month
  • Pro Plan starts at $39/ month
  • Enterprise Plan starts at $69/ month

Zendesk Sunshine

Price: $19 to $49+

Zendesk Sunshine is one of the sales teams that require more than the “two-dimensional” view of a client offered by most CRM systems and Zendesk. Sunshine is an open platform that runs on AWS and has the flexibility to accept customer information from a variety of sources. It’s also highly adaptable since it’s an open platform, so you can use applications to meet any sales team’s demands.

Zendesk Sunshine offers the following plans:

  • Team Plan starts at $19/ month
  • Growth Plan starts at $49/ month
  • Professional Plan starts at $99/ month


Price: $29 to $49+

Any small B2B firm looking to increase sales with less effort will benefit from using Salesflare. The CRM develops itself as you organize your data, filling in the blanks with your email, calendar, phone, social media, and so on. Its unrivaled email integration is remarkable. It’s fast; it imports email signatures (with linked website integration), and monitors how many times people open your emails and clicks (with integrated website integration). Use Salesflare’s automation features to make sales simpler and appreciate its simplicity. It takes only a few minutes to set up.

Salesflare offers the following plans:

  • Growth Plan starts at $29/ month
  • Pro Plan starts at $49/ month
  • Enterprise Plan starts at $99/ month


Price: $25 to $75+

Salesforce is the industry leader in CRM, and it basically establishes the bar for all things CRM. Salesforce has a vast number of features, allowing for significant customization, and it enables collaboration. It works well with other programs and services, as well as establishing a strong third-party ecosystem. The Salesforce dashboard is one of the most essential tools for sales and marketing people. The main disadvantage is its high cost.

Salesforce offers the following plans:

  • Essential Plan starts at $25/ month
  • Professional Plan starst at $75/ month
  • Enterprise Plan starts at $150/ month
  • Unlimtied Plan starts at $300/ month


Price: $0 to $59+

At a very reasonable cost, Zoho provides a long list of functions. Email marketing, client service, lead creation, and reporting are just a few of the services that it provides. Zoho has a simple and straightforward user interface that works well with popular third-party programs such as Evernote, MailChimp, Google Apps, Microsoft Office, and Quickbooks.


Price: $8 to $23+

Teamgate is a user-friendly yet capable program that’s been built with small and medium-sized enterprises in mind. It cuts out the middleman and distributes data to you, allowing you to execute better marketing, sales, and service strategies. It also links with your favorite third-party applications like email services providers, marketing, invoicing, customer support, and many more tools. The most affordable CRM in the market, Teamgate Sales CRM has won numerous accolades.

Teamgate offers the following plans:

  • Starter Plan starts at $8/ month
  • Professional Plan starts $23/ month
  • Enterprise Plan starts at $55/ month

Lead Generation


Price: $0 to $10+

Doolly allows reps to access their most essential sales and marketing information when they need it—during their sales meetings. Dooly gives your team the news stories and competitor insights they need to wow potential customers and easily handle objections by monitoring their calls and notes in real time. Let Dooly help you close more deals—all while knowing your CRM and team are kept up-to-date on the fly—by eliminating the hassle of searching for deal collateral or saying “I’ll get back to you on that.”

Dooly offers the following plans:

  • Free Plan
  • Pro Plan starts at $10/ month
  • Growth Plan starts at $30/ month
  • Premier Plan starts at $60/ month


You can’t just assume that since you’re growing your sales, your lead pipeline will continue to expand and flow as it has in recent months. Cognism can assist you with this. Increase income by speeding up your prospecting activities and adopting smart practices that go beyond contact information and into deep analytics to sift through oceans of data and identify buyer personas most likely to engage with your company using Cognism. Cognism leverages automation and machine learning to help you reach the right consumers sooner.

Cognism offers the following plans:

  • Platinum Plan
  • Diamond Plan


Price: $80+

You began a discussion with your prospect in email. When your prospect visits your website, continue the conversation via chat. Sales teams may use Drift to connect email and on-site chat, sending unique messages and sequences across platforms. Drift also enables salespeople to quickly qualify website visitors by routing them to the appropriate person for a sales conversation – all from the comfort of their browser.

Drift offers the following plans:

  • Premium Plan
  • Advanced Plan
  • Enterprise Plan


DealSheet helps you improve the effectiveness of your sales opportunities by managing them more effectively. DealSheet extends the features of your CRM, allowing your staff to qualify, manage, and close prospects more successfully. DealSheet also keeps track of key sales performance indicators so that you may train and develop your team more effectively.

Infor Sales Portal

By centralizing your client content, quotation, and ordering system across all your channels, you can optimize and simplify your sales process. Infor Sales Portal benefits both makers and sellers of complicated goods because it eliminates the need for them to use several tools, apps, and other software for sales. To ensure that everyone receives timely information about your product, the Infor Sales Portal aggregates all sales activities and client communications in a secure, centralized location.


Price: $399+

Automating your sales is a time-consuming operation. Worse, conducting it manually may take up all day and result in a trickle of low-quality leads with little potential to give you an opt-in. Fortunately, on demand, DealSignal creates a list of prospects, leads, and relevant information for you to focus on organizing meetups, polishing your sales spiel, and developing relationships with clients.

DealSignal offers the following plans:

  • Starter Plan starts at $399/ month
  • Professional Plan
  • Enterprise Plan


Price: $0 to $49+

Apollo can turbo-charge your lead management process by allowing you to send personalized emails. Apollo helps your staff to scientifically define your ideal customer persona and identify actual-world decision-makers who match the profile in order for you to optimize your overall performance. When the platform adds new qualified leads to your pipeline, Apollo immediately switches your team to full engagement mode, increasing your top-line success.

Apollo offers the following plans:

  • Free Plan
  • Basic Plan starts at $49/ month
  • Professional Plan starts at $99/ month


Price: $975+

To identify, engage, and convert leads at scale, RollWorks combines B2B lead generation with outbound sales communication. Automatically find leads from a unique database of 400 million verified prospects using your ideal customer profile(s). RollWorks’ machine-learning algorithms determine when to send emails and follow-ups and hand over new qualified leads to sales reps.

RollWorks offers the following plans:

  • Starter Plan starts at $975/ month
  • Standard Plan
  • Professional Plan
  • Unlimited Plan


Price: $65 to $450+

Lead management software for sales managers is known as ClickPoint. ClickPoint allows you to instantly prioritize and route leads, decrease closing times, and generate sales activity reports. With ClickPoint, match your top salespeople with the most challenging and lucrative leads.

ClickPoint offers the following plan:

  • Active User Plan for $65/ month


Price: $45+

Gain real-time, data-driven insights to help you advance your lead management system. Mintigo collects and analyzes thousands of corporate data points, including financials, IT subscriptions, employee count, and purchasing habits. Mintigo runs these data points through models and data in your CRM, then prioritizes leads based on the value they can provide to your organization.

Mintigo offers the following plans:

  • Basic Plan
  • Professional Plan
  • Enterprise Plan


Price: $950 to $1600+

Having a robust tool portfolio for your sales team is a significant strategic advantage. However, when your various tools are so siloed and disconnected from one another that you must either 1) exit one tool to use another, 2) manually sync data across the stack, or 3) follow separate usage rules to get things done, things can become convoluted. Fortunately, Hull keeps all of your tools in one place and automatically syncs client data and other information across your stack. Use Hull as a command center to access and utilize your CRM, email, databases, pipeline manager, performance platforms, and other sales enablement solutions.

Hull offers the following plans:

  • Team Plan starst at $950/ month
  • Business Plan starts at $1600/ month
  • Business+ Plan


Price: $0 to $79+

Leadfeeder keeps your pipeline flowing by identifying companies that react favorably to your content. Leadfeeder scans websites for organizations that express interest in your company and which specific goods appear to offer solutions to their problems, allowing salespeople to target prospects from the right angle and with the proper approach. This information allows sales teams to effectively increase their win rates by nurturing relationships with leads that are predisposed to becoming customers.

Leadfeeder offers the following plans:

  • Lite Plan starts at $0/ month
  • Premium Plan starts at $79/ month


Use the relationship between conversation and conversion to your advantage. Conversica is a lead contact and qualification automation software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Setting up Conversica is similar to hiring a team of salespeople for far less cost than traditional lead-generating techniques. A Conversica sales assistant will use natural language to keep engaging prospects until they are ready for human sales agents to come in and close the sale.


Price: $0 to $50+

Using the potent combination of machine learning and expert human intelligence, you can elevate your lead generation and management process. LeadGenius enables your staff to form long-term and significant connections with every important decision-maker. Identifying new prospects, validating consumer segments and buyer personas, optimizing your current lead database, and improving your email outreach are all ways to expand your market through LeadGenius.

LeadGenius offers the following plan:

  • Free Plan
  • Premium Plan starts at $50/ month
  • Enterprise Plan


Price: $74+

To start conversations, use customer data integrations and segmentation to identify just the most qualified website visitors and direct them to sales. A/B test messaging to enhance effectiveness by allowing site visitors to make appointments with reps on the fly. All activities are automatically recorded in Intercom, so salespeople don’t have to spend any more time entering information.

Intercom offers the following plans:

  • Starter Plan starts at $74/ month
  • Support Plan
  • Enagage Plan
  • Convert Plan


Price: $132.3 to $447.3+

LeadFuze automates your prospecting procedure, allowing you to focus on growing your skills and perfecting your pitch rather than spending time manually contacting individuals. Based on your desired consumer profile (industry, job title, location, firm size, etc), this lead generating software collects contact information for matching decision-makers and sends personalized emails and follow-ups on your behalf.

LeadFuze offers the following plans:

  • Starter Plan starts at $132.3/ month
  • Scaling Plan starts at $447.3/ month
  • Custom Plan


Price: $0 to $60+

Use this Salesforce integration with LeadIQ’s Outbound Prospecting feature to accelerate the process of gathering prospect information and sequence it. The sales intelligence software provides you with the ability to quickly gather data about leads, such as email addresses and contact information.

LeadIQ offers the following plans:

  • Free Plan
  • Starter Plan starts at $60/ month
  • Pro Plan starts at $120/ month
  • Enterprise Plan


Price: $79+

Aside from clothing, job abilities, and love interests, there are a number of other qualities you’ll need to match well. In sales, there is the concept of a lead-rep fit. A good lead that reaches the wrong rep may become a missed opportunity. LeadData improves your sales process by allowing you to customise your lead routing approach precisely. Use LeanData’s visually appealing and insight-driven lead management capabilities to increase your bottom line potential by ensuring that the proper leads are assigned to the suitable reps.


Price: $49 to $199+

Growbots automates the outbound sales process, allowing you to find and tap new sales opportunities from a database of more than 200 million decision makers. Growbots is an email marketing software that automates generating a list of pre-screened prospects based on your specific criteria. You may then automate and execute an email campaign for warm leads to reach your sales targets more quickly. Growbots makes it simple and flexible to use.

Growbots offers the following plans:

  • Outreach Plan starts at $49/ month
  • All-in-one Plan starts at $199/ month
  • Pro Plan


AI-derived insights may assist you in improving your customer engagement efforts. Affinity, a relationship intelligence platform, uses behavioral data to give real-time advice on how to connect with your consumers at every stage of the transaction cycle. To acquire actionable information (social media mentions, company news, and so on) about the client while you write emails or surf the Web, integrate Affinity with your sales prospecting tools in your toolbox.


Price: $19+

To keep them motivated and ready for high performance, the next generation of salespeople needs toolsets that suit their work habits and preferences, seamlessly merging work and leisure to keep them interested. Through a bot on Slack, Troops employs conversational AI to assist teams to get what they need (from time-consuming CRMs) fast, easily, and on the go. There’s no longer any need to wade through the murky swampland of conventional CRMs. All you have to do is talk with a wise chatbot and Troops can help with that!

Troops offers the following plans:

  • Starter Plan starts at $19/ month
  • Standard Plan
  • Pro Plan


Price: $30 to $50+

Wiza converts your LinkedIn Sales Navigator inquiries into lists of verified lead emails. Use Wiza to export all of your searches and saved lead lists from Sales Nav for lead generation into a tidy .csv for outreach if you’re already using it for lead generating. To speed up your prospecting process, connect your account to Salesforce, Outreach or HubSpot with Wiza.

Wiza offers the following plans:

  • Micro Plan starts at $30/ month
  • Pro Plan starts at $50/ month
  • Growth Plan starts at $100/ month


Who are your best sales prospects, and how can you reach out to them most effectively? Without it, salespeople may miss out on high-value possibilities by processing negative leads. Refiner is a lead qualification program that helps B2B SaaS firms identify their most valuable product-qualified leads on autopilot and provides salespeople with information about which of their leads and customers they should focus on, when to contact them, and what information to include in the sales conversation.

Refiner has the following plans:

  • Essential plan starts at $79/ month
  • Growth Plan starts at $199/ month
  • Enterprise Plan


Price: $400+

Salesvue was built from the ground up as a native Salesforce feature to assist salespeople in automating their entire process, from prospecting to lead nurturing. Salesvue is a proven, third-party, non-native solution that runs securely in the Salesforce environment without the hiccups, delays, or usability difficulties often experienced with other third-party, non-native solutions.


Price: $99+

You’ll need real-time insight into how your prospects perceive your brand in order to develop and execute an effective engagement strategy. SalesWings is a useful tool for monitoring and assessing how your leads react to your current messaging. The plugin suite, APIs, add-ons, and apps in this bundle have the potential to detect particular behaviors (such as newsletter engagement, visits to your website, and the specific sections or topics they are interested in). SalesWings notifies you by email or SMS of trigger conditions, allowing you to respond immediately to encouraging signs.

SalesWings offers the following plans:

  • Data Collection Plan
  • Personalization Plan
  • Lead Plan

Velocify Pulse

Price: $60 to $95+

Velocify Pulse is a B2B lead management and sales prospecting solution that improves the precision with which organizations look for and engage leads.Use the platform to increase team productivity, from prospectors and Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) to closers and executives. To enhance conversion rates, automate the process in which leads are dispersed and standardize how your team approaches various engagement possibilities with Velocify Pulse.

Velocify offers the following plans:

  • Standard Plan starts at $60/ month
  • Advanced Plan starts at $95/ month

Phone & Video Conferencing


Price: $18.95 to $22.95+

With Nextiva’s business phone service, you may interact with leads, consumers, and coworkers from anywhere. Nextiva allows business executives to make and receive business phone calls from any device, conduct one-on-one HD video conversations, and keep track of all communications through the Nextiva App. You may reach out to customers through any medium anytime and from anywhere with omnichannel support, which includes email, voice, and chat through Nextiva.

Nextiva offers the following plans:

  • Essential Plan starts at $18.95/ month
  • Professional Plan starts at $22.95/ month
  • Enterprise Plan starts at $32.95/ month


Price: $0 to $149.9+

Communication may be defined as communicating effectively and efficiently. Reps’ capacity to develop rapport and close contracts improves dramatically when they can easily obtain significant face time with prospects using video conferences. The flexibility offered by Zoom has allowed it to flourish as a video conferencing service. Online meetings with remote or dispersed teams, chat, mobile communications for reps on the road, and even webinars are all possible through the platform.

Zoom offers the following plans:

  • Free Plan
  • Pro Plan starts at $149.9/ year
  • Business Plan starts at $199.9/ year
  • Enterprise Plan starts at $240/ year


Increase the number of your daily conversations to improve your win rates. ConnectAndSell eliminates the hassles of conventional dialers, allowing your team to respond to inbound leads much more quickly. ConnectAndSell promises to add a new name to your lead list every few minutes with its unique sales enablement tools.


Price: $12 to $16+

Customers on the GoToMeeting website claim that using video conferencing boosts the speed at which deals are finalized by 20%. Whether or not the description is correct, millions of business people throughout the world use GoToMeeting to conduct real-time online meetings and share information/experiences/presentations from their computers (i.e., screen sharing). For front-line salespeople, gaining interest from prospects within a stable and encouraging medium is an essential element of successful outcomes. Use GoToMeeting to send out invites to prospects, domain experts, and referrals from all over the world.

GoToMeeting offers the following plans:

  • Professional Plan starts at $12/ month
  • Business Plan starts at $16/ month
  • Enterprise Plan


Price: $19 to $39+

Demodesk is a cutting-edge meeting tool designed specifically for sales and success teams. Existing solutions can only display your local desktop; Demodesk, on the other hand, gives you a virtual screen. It works in the background and instantly loads the right websites and documents when your meeting begins. It also allows you to delegate control to your consumers immediately, with no lags in collaborative browsing and editing.Demodesk’s platform is integrated with your CRM and calendar, allowing you to schedule appointments, handover seamlessly, and keep track of meetings.

Demodesk offers the following plans:

  • Starter Plan starts at €19/ month
  • Pro Plan starts at €39/ month
  • Business Plan
  • Enterprise Plan


Unlock important insights from your sales conversations. Your team may examine their sales calls and identify factors that dampen their pitch and elements that boost their win rates using ExecVision. You may use ExecVision for call analysis, coaching, A/B Testing, and growth hacking.


The tools you utilize in delivering your message make all the difference. FrontSpin streamlines your sales process, allowing you to 1) engage clients three times more effectively through Power Dialer; 2) improve lead conversion via personalized Sales Email; and 3) speed up lead generation by utilizing account-based Playbooks. Nurture leads and closing deals is more efficient when you can centralize call lists, voicemails, email templates, social media messaging, and other channels in one place with Frontspin. Moreover, get better win rates result from increased customer engagement in less time.


Price: $85+

Jiminny transforms how sales and customer success are done. Integrate coaching, web conferencing, and a dialer into one location to better record client discussions and reduce reliance on email. Jiminny empowers your team members to be coaches. Salesforce and Slack integration improves team collaboration and performance.

Jiminny offers the following plans:

  • Pro plan starts at $85/ month
  • Enterprise Plan


Price: $30 to $60+

Time spent navigating from CRM to phone systems, calling, and recording notes is a waste of time. Aircall gives salespeople access to all of their outreach operations, including the ability to automate post-call activities, right from your CRM.Instead of spending time trying to remember what you need to do, this system allows reps to focus all of their attention on great research, personalization, and sales discussions.

Aircall offers the following plans:

  • Essential Plan starts at $30/ month
  • Professonal Plan starts at $50/ month
  • Custom Plan


Price: $15 to $25+

Dialpad is a business communications platform for modern sales teams that enhances calls as they’re happening by providing real-time coaching and conversational insights. Reps, managers, and teams all benefit from this knowledge. It allows reps to close more deals, lead better, and be more productive.

Dialpad offers the following plans:

  • Standard Plan starts at $15/ month
  • Pro Plan starts at $25/ month
  • Enterprise Plan


Adopting Refract is a one-step process that has an influence on your entire sales call operation as well as your results. It can help you improve sales coaching, keep reps engaged, avoid call mistakes that decrease win rates, and provide strategic insight that may help you create results-oriented customer interactions.


Since its inception in 2003, Skype has served as a reliable and simple way for you to contact and interact with your leads. The free version of the software allows users to communicate via voice and text, as well as share documents and calendars from any computer or smartphone. The premium version offers a more robust set of features, such as group video calling and HD quality camera sharing. Users can upload and share electronic documents such as contracts, brochures, photos, and videos.


Price: $0 to $299+

Building and scaling sales departments is time-consuming and inefficient. Salesfolks is a marketplace for on-demand salespeople. It lets businesses expand their sales by tapping into a cloud-based, virtual sales force. Salesfolks allows companies to add on-demand sales assistance without risk. The pay-for-performance model means you only spend if your on-demand sales team generates new leads, referrals, and signed contracts. It’s a fantastic example of a test-before-you-hire or for testing out whether new markets boost sales.

Salesfolks offers the following plans:

  • Free Plan
  • Searchlight Plan starts at $6000/ year
  • V-Force Plan starts at $299/ month


Price: $60 to $90+

The actionable conversation intelligence platform that unlocks insights from every sales encounter is Wingman. Use Wingman to record your calls, evaluate deals, scale coaching, and create a repeatable sales machine. Wingman has been named a G2 2022 Best Software Award winner for Best Sales Tools and Fastest-Growing Products. Vendasta, Chargebee, Partsbase, Properly Homes, Oktopost, and other sales teams rely on Wingman to boost their revenue.

Wingman offers the following plans:

  • Growth Plan starts at $60/ month
  • Accelerator Plan starts at $90/ month
  • Enterprise Plan starts at $110/ month


Price: $100+

Discover the good and bad in your sales encounters. Using AI technology, Gong automatically records and transcribes sales calls before generating actionable reports on how your team may enhance their pitches.


Price: $60+

Give your reps all the information they need to connect with prospects more effectively and seal more deals. Chorus automatically records and transcripts sales conversations in order to produce analyses and insights that aid sales teams optimize their interactions with clients. Create a custom activity with Chorus to ensure that you fulfill your targets on a regular basis and have better win rates. You may also utilize the platform to onboard new employees, maintain team engagement, and fine-tune your communication techniques.

Sales Management


Price: $35K+

Upgrade your recruitment and training initiatives. HireVue is a video-based platform that aids businesses in finding, evaluating, and training top talent. To discover candidates who would be a good fit for each sales role on your team, utilize HireVue’s analytics tools to analyze qualifications. Use the platform for pinpoint-precise coaching and sales readiness maintenance.

HireVue offers the following plans:

  • Essential Plan starts at $35K
  • Enterprise Plan


Price: $35+

When data is on your side, things work out better. LevelEleven is a sales activity management solution that takes engagement, behavioral, and performance data to help you get your sales team in tip-top form. The platform assesses the most important elements in your business’s favor, then instructs your salespeople on how to convert that information into closed transactions. Use LevelEleven to create a company culture that is focused on high performance and revenue growth.


Price: $0 to $288+

By enabling sales, marketing and customer success teams to collaborate on commission calculation and understand complicated comp plans, QuotaPath improves the sales process for both groups. On a freemium basis, reps and leaders can see how well they’re doing in real time and get access to dashboards, reports, and leaders that give them a more comprehensive view of their earnings and quota fulfillment. With Payouts, everyone on the team is paid correctly and on time.

QuotaPath offers the following plans:

  • Free Plan
  • Startup Plan starts at $288/ year
  • Scale Plan starts at $480/ year


Price: $40+

You may (and should) integrate your compensation plan with your development objectives. Xactly can assist you in doing so in a more simple, rapid, and effective manner. Xactly is a cloud-based incentive, compensation, and performance management system designed for sales organizations at scale. Develop incentive plans to guarantee optimal sales performance. Xactly will automatically handle complicated computations and focus on getting your team to improve their win rates. Use analytics to gain actionable information on performance-compensation relationships. Use business data to determine how the competition compensates its talent pool.


Price: $150+

You may tout the most cutting-edge technology enabler on your premises, but sales are still dependent on how enthusiastic your staff is. The program might assist boost metrics, but it’s the people behind a company who truly earn money. Ambition continuously analyzes your sales team’s performance to determine which metrics have the greatest impact on your company. Salespeople that achieve well on these measures are rewarded with bonuses. Ambition provides motivational leaderboards to establish transparency and accountability, real-time scorecards to keep employees focused, and data analytics to boost individual and team performance.

Ambition offers the following plan:

  • Gamify Plan
  • Pro Plan
  • Coach Plan

Betts Recruiting

Finding competent sales people can be tough, especially if you do business in competitive markets such as New York, San Francisco, or London. Fortunately, Betts Recruiting is assisting ambitious, fast-paced organizations that require top-performing sales people to staff their sales floor. If you’re looking for pre-screened and optimally primed selling machines on your side, visit Betts Recruiting.


Price: $22 to $25+

Hoopla is a performance management software that aims to create a culture of excellence and collaboration. Hoopla provides sales executives with a single, unified view of their players and the games they play. With data analytics, gamification, and other functions, Hoopla brings everyone on the same page to keep sales teams focused on reaching their objectives. The main advantage of these gamification techniques is that they encourage employees to give their best efforts. Leaders may use Hoopla to develop user-friendly, intuitive interfaces by linking the system with CRM, productivity apps, and other applications.

Hoopla offers the following plans:

  • Standard Plan starts at $22/ month
  • Advanced Plan starts at $25/ month
  • Unlimited Plan starts at $32/ month


Bigtincan is a dynamic, conversational voice-first AI sales assistant that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to adaptively deliver suggested material to each unique prospect on any device at every stage of the sales process. Bigtincan allows you to connect your CRM with every document that appears on your screen. This integration, when combined with big paperless capabilities and mobile data capture, gives you real-time insight so that you may modify collateral, presentations, and dynamic sales playbooks anytime and anyplace. This is a great app for anyone who works in an office or manages a project meeting with individuals outside of your company. You can use it to monitor everything that’s going on in real time, from sales leads through customer support calls and more.

Factor 8

Factor 8 is the team to call if you need training for your inside sales staff. Factor 8 specializes in B2B selling for small and medium enterprises, but they have partnerships with big-name firms such as IBM, HP, Google, and SAP. Factor 8, unlike nearly every other item on this list, is not a software that you deploy across the organization; rather, it’s a revenue-generating pool of expertise sources where your team may pick up all they need to maintain high levels of performance.


Always Hired’s direct hire technology can help growing companies with a variety of needs find top-notch sales candidates who are ready to work immediately. Tech businesses that join up with AlwaysHired will be able to access a competent staff from which they may recruit tech-savvy sales people. AlwaysHired provides an immersive bootcamp for salespeople who want to improve their abilities in a technology-driven world. Any business that wants to sell technological products may benefit from this unique group of salespeople.


The success of a team is heavily influenced by its leadership. Sales coaches and managers can benefit from Qstream’s qualitative and quantitative information, which is clearly seen to influence metrics that count. To equip sales individuals with the selling approaches, behavior, and statements they need as they engage customers in real time, this solution combines KPI data from your CRM, competence ratings, skills training, knowledge base, gamification, and video-formatted comments.


Keep your employees sharp with the appropriate performance management solution. Altify assesses variables that have the most influence on your sales velocity, win rates, and other measures to help you make better decisions. Altify will show you how to make the most of every opportunity, whether it’s increasing sales or enhancing commercial development skills.


Your sales figures are only as good as your members, which is why sales readiness is such an important strategic element to overlook. In sales, your numbers are only as good as your members. Sales readiness is a key strategic aspect you can’t afford to overlook because the knowledge and abilities of your staff are so crucial. MindTickle is an end-to-end sales enablement platform that uses structured learning paths, role-play, and analytics to help reps and managers throughout the selling cycle. Sellers must be prepared for anything, and that starts with onboarding. From there, you can help your sales team develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.


Behavior, attitude, and habits are all crucial to sales success. ThinkSmartOne is a sales incentives and rewards system that assists in the reinforcement and standardization of successful behavior among salespeople. ThinkSmartOne uses gamification, automation, reporting, and real-time communication to increase performance and top line growth.


The Atrium team showed that businesses using Salesforce and LinkedIn were able to increase their revenue by more than 20% in just two days and drive a 30% increase in cost savings through better collaboration. Atrium analyzes data from any sales technology you’re employing (e.g. CRM, call recording, calendar, email) and proactively tracks your reps’ activities so that it can tell you what’s working and what isn’t. Managers can focus on ramping, coaching, developing, and retaining their teams rather than being report jockeys by automating away the time-consuming aspects of data.


PointForward is used by more than 500 organizations including Avaya, PwC, Infosys and Accenture. It’s a complete performance management solution that aids in the training of sales people quickly and efficiently. PointForward is a powerful sales initiative that helps you maximize your salesperson’s potential and optimize deal-winning capabilities. It also allows you to establish best practices that guarantee a positive outcome in every scenario.

SAP Commissions

SAP Commissions provides award-winning sales software that includes marketing, sales performance, learning, and customer experience. The Time-of-Use Suite encompasses the SAP Commissions service, which automates the compensation process while ensuring that any organization’s rewards program runs smoothly. To reduce disputes and overpayments while motivating direct and indirect sales teams to improve performance, use SAP Commissions to build and manage sophisticated incentive programs.


Velo offers a holistic sales performance management platform that centralizes enabling, optimization, onboarding, and training in one place. Veelo applies artificial intelligence, machine learning, and behavioral science to provide the ideal conversation agenda or most essential learning track at the right moment in order to boost productivity and success rates. Veelo can help you onboard new salespeople more quickly and get them to their best levels of performance faster.

Sales Training & Administration


Price: $10 to $45+

Create a sales team blog that will help your company meet client needs, grow customer relationships, and help you close more deals. Use a content management system (CMS), tracking software, and presentation solution that are designed specifically for salespeople. DocSend is a cloud-based content management system that helps your team communicate with clients more effectively. By starting the appropriate discussion at the right time and with the right prospects, DocSend assists your staff in closing more deals faster.

DocSend has the following plans:

  • Personal Plan starts at $10/ month
  • Standard Plan starts at $45/ month
  • Advanced Plan starts at $150/ month
  • Enterprise Plan


Price: $0 to $19+

Videos have the ability to express a message in a more powerful way than words. It’s no surprise that videos are the most popular content format on the internet, with conversions increasing by more than 80% when one is included on a landing page. Use Vidyard to strategically place videos in your sales process. You have a better shot at closing deals and increasing income when you can inform, educate, and delight leads better.

Vidyard offers the following plans:

  • Free Plan
  • Pro Plan starts at $19/ month
  • Teams Plan starts at $300/ month
  • Business Plan starts at $1250/ month


Price: $15+

Keep your sales team on track with outstanding training and coaching resources for increased productivity and outselling the competition. Create on-demand training tracks that speed up their learning journey every step of the way — from onboarding to leadership. Validate your staff’s sales readiness and provide them with up-to-date information they can access at any time through BrainShark.


It’s all about how you talk about your business and the benefits of your goods. However, as important is the behavioral state of your target audience at the moment of interaction. Consensus allows you to understand how your prospect comprehends or reacts to your messaging before you even contact a lead, providing you with insight into how they see or respond. Consensus also enables you to create customized videos and papers that are specifically relevant to your target audience.


Prezi is a strong competitor to PowerPoint and Keynote as a presentation tool. Prezi Enterprise is a cloud-based presentation creation and collaboration tool that enables you to captivate your audience with easy, powerful visual storytelling across several devices. It also has real-time leaderboard analytics, commenting capabilities, and sophisticated design customization tools.

Prezi has the following plans:

  • Standard Plan starts at $3/ month
  • Plus Plan starts at $12/ month
  • Premium Plan starts at $16/ month


Price: $5 to $10+

Knowledge is powerful, but only if you have the proper knowledge and tools at the right moment. Guru makes everyone on the team smarter by providing them with up-to-date information and resources they need at any point of the sales process. The platform enables everyone to customize their knowledge base to fit their role and optimize performance by giving situational information and immediate access to marketing content.

Guru offers the following plans:

  • Starter Plan starts at $5/ month
  • Builder Plan starts at $10/ month
  • Expert Plan starts at $20/ month


Price: $35+

ClearSlide is a full-service sales engagement service that includes content management, analytics, and smart messaging. Use ClearSlide to improve the quality and impact of your emails, meetings, presentations, and other interactions. You’ll need to write compelling blog articles and make video tutorials. Use video advertising that is personalized for each user.


Allbound is a marketing platform that has been marketed as a business partner sales acceleration tool. It’ll allow you to manage and organize all of your commercial content, from campaigns to training courses, in one convenient location. They’ll be able to utilize it to create hyper-personalized landing pages for each prospect, boosting the quality and effectiveness of each interaction. Allbound allows you to manage team progress using its easy-to-use interface, which lets reps to sign up for all their deals and arrange leads.

Allbound offers the following plans:

  • Standard Plan
  • Growth Plan
  • Premium Plan


Pricing: $500+

Deliver the effects of account-based content marketing to your sales operations. Folloze enables your sales team to create engaging experiences that foster brand loyalty among customers. Allow your sales people to create account-specific material and run campaigns with a specific goal of achieving the highest possible conversion rate for that particular account. Use native analytics and behavioral triggers to nurture leads across the buyer journey. Connect with Salesforce, Microsoft Office, MailChimp, and other applications through Folloze.


Price: $20+

Conga streamlines your contract management process, allowing you to spend more time interacting with consumers. Re-imagine the way your team handles reports, contracts, and other papers. Remove bottlenecks and impose compliance standards with ease by rethinking how your team handles reports, contracts, and other documents. Give you an accurate picture of how particular customers engage your material.

Upland RO Innovation

Price: $50+

The most effective pitch you have is a long list of happy clients in your corner. It’s no coincidence that testimonials and success stories appear on companies’ websites. The RO Innovation is a collection of tools that allows your organization to leverage the power of customer feedback and other sales enablement resources to increase win rates and revenue. Integration with your CRM and other sales tools allows prospects quick access to relevant customer reference and success stories of prior clients.


Price: $0 to $8+

A cloud-based marketing and communications platform called Bit allows sales teams to create marketing and advertising materials while working from the same location. Sales proposals, sales decks, and client-facing material can all be generated, modified, collaborated on, and shared by the sales staff. Bit’s fantastic feature is the ability to be informed when a customer or prospect looks at your sales proposal. You may access engagement metrics like how much time did they spend reading your document, how far they went through it, and how frequently they revisited the material you distributed.

Bit offers the following plans:

  • Free Plan
  • Pro Plan starts at $8/ month
  • Business Plan starts at $15/ month

Contract Management Software


Price: $0 to $20+

Get legally-binding online signatures on any document, from anywhere, using any device. Simply upload your papers or establish new ones using free templates, then add online signing fields and send them to your signees. Signaturely assists them in completing the online signature procedure, allowing them to generate an online signature, sign each box, and receive automated reminders if they take too long to do so.

Signaturely offers the following plans:

  • Free Plan
  • Personal Plan starts at $20/ month
  • Business Plan starts at $30/ month


Price: $10 to $25+

Contracts change over time. In the case of changes in a contract’s participants’ relationships or circumstances pertinent to the agreement, signatories from different parties will want to mutually modify the terms of the agreement. Documents are digitally signed using DocuSign. The fact that the data is digital means that it can be stored, modified, and shared and has far less risk of being lost or destroyed compared with physical documents. Documents may also be timestamped to ensure their accuracy and integrity as well as provenance for an organization’s records management system. DocuSign, which is most well-known for enabling enterprises to address and sign documents from a mobile device, has been delivering best-in-class service in the contract management industry for more than five years. DocuSign arguably offers the finest in-class solution in this field, even surpassing Adobe’s offering and holding a commanding market share.

DocuSign offers the following plans:

  • Personal Plan starts at $10/ month
  • Standard Plan starts at $25/ month
  • Business Pro Plan starts at $40/ month
  • Enhanced Plan

Better Proposals

Price: $19 to $29+

Proposals can be an intimidating, time-consuming process. They are also extremely expensive to design and submit, which is why a lot of decision-makers don’t even bother with them anymore. Creating and submitting beautiful business proposals may be difficult. Use 200+ templates to shorten the time it takes to create a proposal and track what happens when a customer receives it. The tool works with most major payment processors and includes electronic signatures, allowing customers to sign and pay right from the proposal.

Better Proposals offers the following plans:

  • Starter Plan starts at $19/ month
  • Premium Plan starts at $29/ month
  • Enterprise Plan starts at $49/ month


DealHub is a leading platform for B2B buyers and sellers to interact with one another in a single on-brand DealRoom that incorporates CPQ, CLM, subscription management, eSign capability, and all other elements necessary to finalise new and current deals. After asking a specific set of questions during the start of the sales process, get a custom quote and DealRoom in minutes. Continue to get real-time data about buyers throughout the sales cycle.

DealHub offers the following plans:

  • DealRoom Plan
  • DealHub CPQ Plan

Adobe Sign

Price: $12.99 to $14.99+

The thrill of closing a major and difficult sale is hard to top. However, verbal confirmation seldom counts until the new client signs a contract in most situations. It’s good news that contract management solutions like Adobe Sign are available to help you get a new client under contract. Previously known as EchoSign and eSign, this program is a part of Adobe’s Document Cloud service, which also includes the venerable PDF creator Acrobat. Create, transmit, sign, and manage forms, agreements and contracts anytime, anyplace, and on any device with Adobe Sign.

Adobe Sign offers the following plans:

  • Standard Plan starts at $12.99/ month
  • Pro Plan starts at $14.99/ month


Price: $15 to $24.99+

By using HelloSign, you can save time and money by skipping the cost of printing, scanning, and signing documents. You may save 90% or more on document production time by using HelloSign. HelloSign is an online document signing service that allows you to securely sign, authenticate, and track documents from your computer or mobile device. Individuals may use HelloSign for free. For small to medium-sized organizations, the service is reasonably priced. HelloSign works with a simple, clean, and easy-to-use user interface in the cloud. It’s possible to have it modified to meet your workflow and integrated with your CRM, email platform, and other business software for sales.

HelloSign offers the following plans:

  • Essential Plan starts at $15/ month
  • DropBox Professional Plam starts at $24.99/ month
  • Standard Plan starts at $25/ month
  • Premium Plan


Price: $0 to $15+

Automate your deal signing process with GetAccept, which integrates document tracking, e-signing, and automated email follow-ups into a single platform. The service, like marketing automation tools, offers a clean dashboard that displays how deals are progressing in your company and which activities you need to take to speed up the procedure.

GetAccept offers the following plans:

  • Free Plan
  • Essential Plan starts at $15/ month
  • Professional Plan starts at $49/ month
  • Enterprise Plan+


Improve your company’s win rate by speeding up the documentation process. Qvidian is a proposal automation software that substantially reduces the time it takes for clients to create an RFP, your team to submit a winning offer, and everyone to sign an agreement by automating some of the most tedious parts of the process. Organize all of your information in one accessible library.


Price: $17 to $49+

Concord is a cloud-based contract management solution that allows people and businesses to develop, negotiate, sign, and manage contracts. With unlimited online storage and helpful collaboration and document management capabilities, Concord is a great option.

Concord offers the following plans:

  • Standard Plan starts at $17/ month
  • Pro Plan starts at $49/ month
  • Enterprise Plan


Price: $49 to $590+

Proposify makes it simple to track sales documents of all sorts, such as proposals, quotations, and contracts. Reps may create documents utilizing templates and drop in personalized pictures, phrases, and numbers with ease. To make reviews and modifications a snap, Proposify allows salespeople to talk with customers about each item’s specifics right in the papers.

Proposify offers the following plans:

  • Team Plan starts at $49/ month
  • Business Plan starts at $590/ month


Price: $39+

SpringCM allows you to automate your document cycle, giving you complete control, insight, and security for your contracts, presentations, and other content. Reduce documentation time by automating processes, simplifying records and formats, enhancing document sharing capabilities among content creators, sellers, providers, and customers who do the same tasks.

Account Based Marketing


Terminus is a vendor-neutral account-based marketing solution that allows marketers and salespeople to execute account-based marketing in large quantities. Demand generation and sales acceleration campaigns are among their most useful features. Using various ABM tactics, campaigns may be set up to target different personas, buying phases, individual accounts, and other segments of your audience. This allows marketers to easily combine complicated marketing operations and monitor outcomes while fine-tuning their campaigns on the fly.

Terminus offers the following plans:

  • Basic Plan
  • Adavanced Plan
  • Professional Plan
  • Enterprise Plan

Lucidchart Sales Solution

Price: $0 to $7.95+

The Lucidchart Sales Solution is a contemporary account planning platform that links your revenue team and serves as a roadmap for more effectively coordinating, communicating, and executing account-based selling plans. Salespeople can sell and win with greater consistency and efficiency using Lucidchart Sales Solution.

Lucidchart Sales Solution offers the following plans:

  • Free Plan
  • Individual Plan starts at $7.95/ month
  • Team Plan starts at $9/ month
  • Enterprise Plan

Smart Rooms (Journey Sales)

Using the right customer interactions at the right time can help you grow your business and boost revenue. You may use growth hacking to improve your sales performance by enhancing the experiences you provide for your consumers. Smart Rooms is a native Salesforce feature that allows your team to develop hyper-personalized and guided interactions that have a beneficial influence on client purchasing behavior. To grow your business organically, use Smart Rooms to develop existing connections with key accounts and naturally expand your upselling and cross-selling efforts.


Price: $35 to $75+

Many firms neglect to capitalize on their revenue-boosting potential by employing careless account management methods. Revegy helps organizations manage contact information and relationships by cutting through the complexity of account management to provide teams with real insight into how to fully extract value from customer interactions at all phases of the sales process. Use Revegy to figure out where your customers are hurting, find high-value leads, and optimize your company with major clients.

Revegy offers the following plans:

  • Engage and Develop Plan starts at $35/ month
  • Strategy and Value Plan starts at $75/ month
  • Enterprise Plan


Use sales automation to improve your connection and outreach efforts, thus accelerating the sales cycle. The PFL Sales and Marketing Suite is the industry’s most complete solution for closing more sales, rekindling dormant relationships, hyper-personalized email campaigns, and producing compelling material with the objective of increasing conversion and loyalty.


When it comes to the hierarchy of decision-makers who approve purchases, B2B sales people need a thorough knowledge of each company they work with, especially when dealing with large organizations. Demandbase area is important because it drives over half of all sales growth, but only a tiny fraction of companies are focusing on account-based sales. This niche is focused on by the Google Ads Account Targeting feature, which yields higher click-through rates and ROI.


From Proof of Concepts to Trials and Pilots, Prelay’s team selling platform reduces the most complicated deal processes for your organization. Within one purpose-built platform integrated with your other critical workflow applications, coordination and communication are managed. Revenue leaders have more insight into how effectively they’re utilizing their team resources and exceeding objectives so that they may replicate successful procedures thanks to its centralized tracking, oversight, and learnings. All of which, in the end, helps your team to win more technological victories, seal more transactions, and generate more income.

Sales Enablement


Price: $50+

Increase your content’s effectiveness by making it more accessible, measurable, relevant, and/or effective. Your team and your clients will be able to locate, share, or exhibit the right content for every scenario using Showpad. Use Showpad to boost sales performance by creating and influencing customers with more active conversations.

Showpad offers the following plans:

  • Essential Plan
  • Plus Plan
  • Ultimate Plan


Price: $75+

SalesHood is the most comprehensive all-in-one sales enablement platform, designed specifically for hyper-growth businesses to drive sales success. SalesHood’s unique learning, coaching, guided selling, and content management techniques are shown to decrease time to ramp, lift quota attainment, and accelerate sales velocity in its cutting-edge approach to education. SalesHood is a software that allows companies to optimize seller performance, establish team connection, and achieve faster revenue results—at scale. SalesHood is used by virtual, hybrid, and in-person organizations to improve seller performance, build team connectivity, and realize larger revenue outcomes—on a large scale.

Accent Accelerate

Having a clear perspective on each sale scenario allows your staff to make the best decisions that have an impact on your bottom line. You can get full insight into possibilities, selling activities, and consumer behavior with Accent Accelerate, which helps your team achieve higher win rates. Real-time tracking and visualizing tools let you see what’s happening in real time, navigate complex sales situations, prioritize the most valuable possibilities, and identify the best next step with Accent’s data analytics.


The quality of your content has a big impact on your prospects’ purchasing decisions, but the way it is delivered also matters. Klyck’s integration with your CRM allows reps to develop engaging presentations right within the platform. Reps may also save time thanks to Klyck’s advanced search and filtering tools, which make it simple to locate the most pertinent sales information fast.


SetSail is the most popular revenue-generating tool. It encourages your revenue teams to focus on desired actions as you grow by rewarding them for meeting certain standards in real time. Encourage your reps to adopt best practices in real time to make them imitate top performers.


Price: $0 to $126+

Where once utilizing the latest technology was a competitive advantage, in today’s marketplace it is becoming more important how well you integrate your sales team into your organization. In addition to product knowledge, understanding customer requirements and prospects is key for closing deals—and this takes time and effort. Sales is increasingly about people management than opportunity management. Boxxstep is a buyer-centric platform that connects selling with buying by aligning it with understanding. It assists you in focusing on your knowledge of and desire to help your prospect through relationship mapping, mutual action plans, and win-loss analysis.

Boxxstep offers the following plans:

  • Free Plan
  • Standard Plan starts at $126/ year
  • Business Plan starts at $210/ year


Highspot leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to manage and distribute content for each unique engagement scenario. With the appropriate training modules, Highspot may help salespeople keep their skills up to date. Using well-designed playbooks and compelling content, such as emails, landing pages, or online presentations, you may help clients enjoy your products. Enable sales managers, teams, and consumers to find and use pertinent information or insight. Gain real-time data on how prospects and leads respond to your marketing by integrating Highspot with Salesforce.


Elite salespeople go above and beyond to understand their clients’ primary issues and develop customized messaging to address them. Even the most efficient salespeople might lose time looking for the proper content to send prospects at the appropriate moment. Then, it’s often difficult to determine what content was most appealing to the prospect. Seismic is a sales enablement solution that works with enterprises of all sizes. It’s also impressive as a content management system, with up-to-date versioning, predictive content recommendations for each deal, and metrics to show reps which material has the most impact.

Customer Engagement


Price: $0 to $15+

Use email to make prospecting simpler and boost your closing rate. Yesware is a simple-to-use service that works in the background of your email program, connects with CRM, and provides prescriptive insights on how to best interact with prospects at each stage of the buying process. Yesware automatically records and analyzes your email, phone, and presentation data from your inbox, then syncs with Salesforce for increased insight while reducing the need for manual entry.

Yesware offers the following plans:

  • Free Plan
  • Pro Plan starts at $15/ month
  • Premium Plan starts at $35/ month
  • Enterprise Plan starts at $65/ month


Price: $59 to $99+

The days of missed appointments or wasting hours each day recording data to your CRM are long gone. PersistIQ is a sales orchestration tool that salespeople can use to generate new prospects automatically. Salespeople may use PersistIQ to rapidly produce multi-touch and multi-channel communication efforts that connect email, voice, and manual activities to your CRM. The most efficient salespeople are those who have organized their time and created valuable, consistent touchpoints with customers. They know what needs to be done, when it should be completed, and how to get things done efficiently. This allows them to stay on top of updates and remain productive every day.

PersitIQ offers the following plans:

  • Essential Plan starts at $59/ month
  • Premium Plan starts at $99/ month
  • Teams Plan starts at $59/ month

Cirrus Insight

Price: $10 to $21+

When you’re trying to work in Salesforce and communicate with your email at the same time, it might be really difficult. Cirrus Insight allows you to work within your email while maintaining Salesforce as a resource for smart, deal-closing insight. All of your email data, schedules, and follow-ups are instantly synchronized with Salesforce using Cirrus Insight, saving you time by eliminating the need for data entry, manual updates, and other time-consuming activities. You save time, enhance production, and project unrivaled domain authority in your email communications.

Cirrus Insight offers the following plans:

  • Salesforce Sync Plan starts at $10/ month
  • Pro Plan starts at $21/ month
  • Expert Plan starts at $29/ month


Price: $70 to $90+

Automates your outreach while still allowing you to have unique conversations with each of your prospects and monitoring their actions over time. Use Reply to expand your outbound communications across various channels, resulting in interaction. Use it to improve inbound sales and strengthen customer connections. Integrate Reply with your CRM, find prospect emails on LinkedIn, make call sessions more efficient, and take advantage of data-driven analytics to make better-selling judgments.

Reply offers the following plans:

  • 1000 People Plan starts at $70/ month
  • 3000 People Plan starts at $90/ month
  • Unlimited Plan starts at $120/ month


Price: $44 to $75+

Do you need a simple yet effective software for sales engagement? Mailshake allows you to distribute customized cold emails at scale, engage with prospects via phone and social media, and create all-in-one sequences on one dashboard. To enhance and expand your email outreach, use personalization and automatic follow-ups to increase efficiency. Use the integrated phone dialer to save time. And enhance connect rates with sales cadences that interact with prospects in a variety of social media outlets.

Mailshake offers the following plans:

  • Email Outreach starts at $44/ month
  • Sales Engagement starts at $75/ month


SPOTIO is a sales management system for field salespeople and managers. SPOTIO is a field force management tool that allows salespeople to access information and collaborate from anywhere, allowing them to increase productivity, revenue, and deal completion.

SPOTIO offers the following plans:

  • Team Plan
  • Business Plan
  • Pro Plan
  • Enterprise Plan

Bloobirds was created with the goal of reducing administrative work for salespeople and managers. It helps your team flow through their pipeline to make selling more natural by eliminating admin tasks. All the while, gathering important information without depending on notoriously forgetful salespeople to fill out the CRM. Bloobirds helps you solve problems, improve productivity, and enhance customer experience by allowing you to automate sales lead management (SLM) through drag-and-drop. It also allows you to automate sales lead management (SLM) in your platform with a user-friendly interface for better results such as a 210 percent boost in qualified sales possibilities.


Price: $10+

Make sure your email campaigns are in order. Outreach is the industry’s leading sales engagement platform, which allows you to track, manage, analyze, and automate your email and voice communications with your consumers. You’ll never have to log your messaging activities and outcomes again once you include Outreach into your CRM, freeing up more time for you to book more meetings, complete transactions, and make better-informed judgments. According to a recent study, organizations that utilize Outreach receive a 387 percent ROI — five times the industry average. It also frees up 20% of your sales reps’ time to focus on extra selling activities, giving you a 3-month payback period.


Price: $0 to $9+

Make it simpler than ever to communicate with prospects and seal contracts. You may use cold emails and email campaigns. There are two ways to guarantee you don’t miss out on an opportunity: automatic follow-ups and automated email scheduling. SalesHandy makes it easier to personalize your emails and get more open. Analytics provided by SalesHandy allow you to evaluate your overall performance and improve engagement more rapidly.

SalesHandy offers the following plans:

  • Free Plan
  • Regular Plan starts at $9/ month
  • Plus Plan startsat $22/ month
  • Pro Plan starts at $25/ month


SalesLoft lets sales teams build, share, and execute on their sale process across email, phone, and social media. They assist marketers in making new connections and closing more deals. SalesLoft’s email tracking feature lets companies analyze real-time purchase activity and respond to buying signals. The integrated phone allows users to make, save, and log calls from anywhere. SalesLoft works with over 35 different sales technology vendors.


Price: $80+

When the lead is hot, striking first improves your chances of closing the transaction. VanillaSoft’s unique lead prioritization engine automatically delivers the “next best lead” to the sales rep based on purchasing intent (incoming web leads rise to the top), various lead profile characteristics, and follow-up cadence. There are no tasks to perform. As a salesperson wraps up an outreach campaign, the next best lead appears immediately, increasing efficiency and revenue per rep considerably.

Email Automation


Price: $1 to $3+

Opensense is a messaging service that allows businesses to send personalized emails with customized signatures. It helps sellers utilize the build pipeline, stay memorable, and keep prospects up to date using customised email signatures. To ensure that the entire message (including the signature) does the job of selling, sales teams may include hyper-personalized banners in their emails.

Opensense offers the following plans:

  • Signature Plan starts at $1/ month
  • Pipeline Plan starts at $3/ month
  • Complete Plan starts at $5/ month
  • Enterprise Plan


Price: $0 to $29+

Sending an email to a company’s generic email address will not suffice if you want to contact them. The problem, though, is locating these individuals’ real email addresses, which ContactOut makes quite simple. At its most basic level, ‘Linkedin ContactsOut’ is a Chrome extension that locates your prospect’s email address as you look at their LinkedIn profiles. However, it does more than simply discover their email address. It also finds their phone numbers and social media profiles.

ContactOut offers the following plans:

  • Free Plan
  • Personal Plan starts at $29/ month
  • Professional Plan starts at $99/ month
  • Enterprise Plan


Price: $0 to $9+

Mixmax is a productivity software for any customer-facing team that runs on Gmail. Mixmax allows reps to identify who has read each email and when, schedule meetings from messages with a single click, schedule emails to send later, and create templated messages with one click.

Mixmax offers the following plans:

  • Free Plan
  • Starter Plan starts at $9/ month
  • SMB Plan starts at $24/ month
  • Growth Plan starts at $49/ month
  • Enterprise Plan


Price: $5 to $10+

EmailAnalytics allows you to add Gmail data into your HubSpot account. EmailAnalytics is an email analytics solution that connects to your Gmail or G Suite account and depicts the activity of both you and your staff. With this functionality in place, sales teams, customer service employees, and small firm owners can track critical KPIs such as average email response time, email traffic by hour of the day, email traffic volume by day of the week, and much more.

EmailAnalytics offers the following plans:

  • Individual Plan starts at $5/ month
  • Pro Plan starts at $10/ month
  • Enterprise Plan starts at $15/ month


Price: $59.99 to $69.99+

AutoKlose is a sales engagement platform that combines email automation and B2B data into one package. It allows you to identify the appropriate prospects by consulting a huge database of clean, verified B2B leads. You may then interact with your prospects by sending out sequences of highly personalized communications at scale, fine-tuning your campaigns in real-time, and automating your outreach and sales processes.

AutoKlose offers the following plans:

  • Auto Plan starts at $59.99/ month
  • Advanced Plan starts at $69.99/ month
  • Accelerated Plan starts at $99.99/ month

Sales Dashboards


Price: $14 to $42+

Tableau is a desktop-based data analytics and business intelligence tool that is simple to set up, customize, learn, and utilize. Many people rely on its lightning-quick response time for producing reports and visualizations. Tableau reports are formatted in such a way that they appeal to people’s natural tendency to find patterns or trends.

Tableau offers the following plans:

  • Viewer Plan starts at $15/ month
  • Explorer Plan starts at $42/ month
  • Creator Plan starts at $70/ month


Transactions and outcomes are not influenced by data-driven intelligence. Aviso gives reps, account executives, and managers the tools they need to use data to make informed decisions, develop plans, and improve performance. Reps, account executives, and managers alike can utilize Aviso to get a more thorough view of all aspects of their sales operations. Aviso uses cloud technology, machine learning, and data science to bring human insight to the next level of actionable knowhow.

Aviso offers the following plans:

  • Virtual Setting Solution Plan
  • Enterprise Solution Plan


Bring the power of data science and machine learning into your operation with SpringML. SpringML allows you to enhance forecasting skills, optimize productivity, and increase revenue using predictive analytics. With confidence, execute your plan utilizing SpringML’s predictive analytics.


Price: $100+

Learn what your prospects are thinking about you. Bombora collects and analyzes a large amount of data from various sources to determine which of your prospect organizations are actively looking for your branded answers. From business size, industry, location, and key decision makers, find out critical information about your top priorities leads.


Price: $12 to $50+

Clari uses artificial intelligence and data science to give your team a clear window into prospects’ purchase readiness, allowing them to make accurate judgments and take effective action in the opportunity-to-close stage of their sales cycle. Clari can help you develop precise predictions and identify key areas where your salespeople need to improve their abilities, perfect pitches, and sales.


InsightSquared’s goal is to help sales teams improve performance with its business intelligence solution. As the name implies, it transforms business intelligence into actionable insight to assist sales staff in making progress. You can improve your customer contact center performance by using Salesforce’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, InSightSquared. The company uses sales and marketing data from your CRM to create reports and visualizations that aid you in making intelligent decisions — such as generating sales process changes or training realignment for your sales staff.


Price: $83+

Do you need an analytics and performance platform that works for the whole company? Domo collects data from all of your teams and departments to offer statistical analyses and useful insights that can help you move the needle on every key performance indicator. Customize Domo to give clear data visualizations, enhance collaboration across the organization, discover new possibilities, or provide data.


Price: $49+

When you’re emailing a prospect for the first time, negotiating with a consumer, or having any important discussion, it’s critical to understand your audience. Crystal analyzes people’s personalities from their online presence to help you deliver and speak in the most effective way possible. It’s like having a coach for every conversation tucked inside your smartphone.

Datahug (SAP Sales Cloud)

The effort required to use the tools that assist you sell might take away time that you can spend engaging with your customers, training them, or closing deals. It’s ironic, but it’s a typical thing in digital selling. Because of this, Datahug is able to automate many of the time-consuming manual processes you’d have to complete inside sales software like CRMs. Datahug uses artificial intelligence to automatically detect and analyze your sales activities picked up from emails, calendars, CRMs, and other sources, boosting your sales velocity and team productivity by more than 20 percent.


Price: $39 to $79+

Out-of-focus teams will be forced to stay on track using Geckoboard’s live TV dashboard, which shows the motto and key statistics that matter. Keep everyone informed of their responsibilities in meeting daily targets and long-term objectives with Geckoboard’s crisp and catchy designs. Monitor crucial performance indicators in real time and make immediate adjustments with the help of the features offered by Geckoboard.

Geckoboard offers the following plans:

  • Essential Plan starts at $39/ month
  • Pro Plan starts at $79/ month
  • Scale Plan starts at $559/ month


A data-fragmented sales operation may deplete a lot of energy and money from your company. Duplication of effort alone might consume resources that could have been spent on more deal-closing interactions. With our product, Salesforce Users can now search for leads directly in Sales Cloud and see who is currently assigned to each lead. You’re probably familiar with sales teams having multiple people working on the same opportunity at any given time. Names that appear too frequently or are similar to a name already listed may be deemed as duplicate contacts by our system.


Price: $73 to $247+

When you’re a data-driven sales team, whether you’re selling to businesses or consumers, you’ll be better positioned to make more informed decisions. Fueled by this knowledge, your salespeople and managers may use the appropriate metrics to track such things as client appointments, sales cycles, customer satisfaction, and outbound activities. A company’s data is stored in various systems, which makes it hard to analyze and understand. This necessitates the use of a business intelligence tool to centralize and combine data from your CRM, LMS, telephony, or VoIP offerings. ClicData is one such solution. Create custom, dynamic, and real-time KPIs with the help of ClicData.

ClicData offers the following plans:

  • Personal Plan starts at $73/ month
  • Team Plan starts at $247/ month
  • Business Plan starts at $481/ month
  • Enterprise Plan


The total cost of ownership and return on investment (ROI) are two crucial aspects of any sales conversation. Another difficulty is explaining the value of your solution effectively. When it comes to demonstrating value to economic purchasers, complex spreadsheets fall short. The Value Story approach helps sellers through interactive ROI calculators, product comparisons, and benchmarking data that is tailored to each buyer.

Mediafly offers the following plans:

Essential Plan starts at $30/User/Month

Pro Plan – custom pricing

Enterprise Plan – custom pricing


The sales acceleration platform from 6sense is designed to help sales and marketing teams close more deals by providing real-time insights into customer journeys.

With cutting-edge analytics, you may streamline your account management process. You can unlock and prioritize new prospects in your sales cycle using 6sense’s data-driven layer. Predictive intelligence from 6sense can aid you in predicting how customers will react in a certain scenario.

6sense offers the following plan:

Enterprise Plan – custom pricing

The objective of this company is to make the preferred platform for all business activities, generating income intelligence and supplying sales automation tools to assist production growth. They’re still innovating in their typical way, as usual. Individuals working with sales automation tools (SATS) think they can help when it comes down to sales, marketing, and beyond. The app has been designed to automate all sales processes in one place. It also captures all customer data, whether it’s from social media, emails, or phone calls. offers the following plans:

The starter plan starts at $50/User/Month

Enterprise Plan – custom pricing


The need for a data team and a good crunching tool becomes more important as more data become accessible to businesses. However, Sisense is a comprehensive business intelligence analytics platform that can gather and process all of your data from several sources, generating decision-quality reports in no time at all.

Sisense is a cloud-based information management and business intelligence solution that allows you to save time by avoiding the need to contact IT experts for vital analyses and visuals of complicated data. It can assist you in keeping your employees up to speed on important facts that may help them close bigger transactions faster.

Sisense offers the following plan:

Enterprise Plan – custom pricing


TrustSphere’s Business Risk Intelligence solution aids clients in maximizing the value of their most precious asset, their network of contacts.

It does this by analyzing the behavior of relationships to identify and predict sales opportunities, as well as risks.

TrustSphere is a top-rated relationship analytics platform that specializes in analyzing connections between individuals, organizations and technologies. It offers three main services: TrustVault, TrustView, and LinksWithin.

TrustVault is a proprietary Relationship Analytics Platform that captures communications logs, analyzes their data, and generates useful insights by building the company’s “Social Graph.” Multiple stakeholders may utilize the graph.

TrustView is a web-based application that provides dynamic visualizations of TrustVault data.

LinksWithin is a social media analysis tool that allows users to see how their content is being shared on social media platforms.

Pricing for TrustSphere starts is customized by the client’s needs.

Market Intelligence


Price: $49 to $500+

Obtain corporate information and insight to attract, qualify, and convert clients. Mattermark adds to your customer database dynamic, up-to-date data about the companies you’re targeting, such as location, staff size, financing rounds, and other information. Use Mattermark to enhance your perspective on key prospects and start more meaningful conversations that result in sales.

Mattermark offers the following plans:

  • Standard Plan starts at $49/ month
  • Professional Plan starts at $500/ month
  • Enterprise Plan


With automatically enhanced consumer data, you may save time and effort by skipping the research and data entry. With access to over 200 million contacts at 20 million businesses, Clearbit delivers the right information about your prospects when and where you need it. The platform can discover new leads based on your target demographic or firmographic information, as well as assess web traffic.

D&B Hoover’s

Knowing your target audience and having up-to-date, accurate information on prospects is critical for establishing the proper tone for client engagement. Since the 1990s, Hoover’s has been providing market intelligence to clients and maintains a database of more than 85 million businesses and 100 million professionals across nearly 1,000 industry categories. If you’re looking for a quick method to get insider knowledge on a possible new customer, Hoovers is an excellent tool to have.


KickFire can connect you with new leads and possibilities, assess which of your items and services are resonating most with your key audience, and score prospects to help you prioritize your decisions using KickFire. Web tracking, real-time notifications, and strong analytics are used by KickFire to provide complete sales process insight and stay ahead of the competition.

KickFire offers the following plans (for pricing contact sales):

  • Startup Plan
  • Professional Plan
  • Premium Plan
  • Enterprise Plan


Combine accurate sales and marketing intelligence with your sales management solution to create a useful tool for finding the greatest leads every time.

Convert marketing-qualified leads into your sales development team’s pipeline using DiscoverOrg. Behavioral triggers let you know when interested prospects are ready to buy by utilizing complete, up-to-date corporate hierarchies of your prospective client businesses.

Pricing for DiscoverOrg is customized by the client’s needs.


Fullcircl keeps you on track toward your goals by delivering accurate information at the right moment. Fullcircl delivers real-time, up-to-the-minute data about your clients, their environment, and what matters most to them. Fullcircl may help you better understand your market and qualify prospects more intelligently.

Pricing for Fullcircl is customized by the client’s needs.


Increase your knowledge of high-worth prospects. Emissary, as a platform that connects salespeople with former executives from target firms, allows you to better understand the ecosystem, consumer needs, and pain spots. Use Emissary to develop an effective engagement strategy for your company.

Pricing for Emissary is customized by the client’s needs.


The right information will enable you to develop amicable connections with prospective consumers. The appropriate knowledge at the right time can assist you in developing relationships and converting sales. FirstRain understands your consumers and engages them effectively through powerful, just-in-time analytics that are tailored to your company plan. FirstRain provides a sales intelligence platform that is unrivaled in terms of customer focus and sales effectiveness.

FirstRain was founded in 1995 with the objective of obtaining up-to-date information and producing timely insights to assist companies to improve sales and development plans.

Pricing for FirstRain is customized by the client’s needs.


Price: $99 to $199+

Lead411 is a Sales Intelligence software that enables sales/marketing teams to find actionable insights for them to target companies/contacts that are far more likely to buy specific goods and services. Lead411 helps their clients outperform the competition by giving high-quality leads combined with exact contact information. Lead411 assists their customers in crushing the competition.

Lead411 offers the following plans:

  • Basic Plan starts at $99/ month
  • Pro Plan starts at $199/ month
  • Enterprise Plan


FullContact was created by a group of people who are passionate about assisting professionals and teams in getting their jobs done. Their Chrome plugin improves the performance of sales and customer success reps by providing them with complete contact information, social media profiles, sales intelligence, and more.

They give you the information and intelligence you need for accurate person identification and optimization of experiences while putting privacy and security first.

FullContact offers the following plans:

Developer API plan: Free – 1000 requests

Starter plan – $499.00/month

Enterprise – custom pricing


Intricately is the only company that provides real-time data on digital product adoption, usage, and spending insight for 20,000+ items across all major Clouds, SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS providers.

As a sales intelligence platform, Intricately arms sales and success teams with the data they need to land, expand, and renew deals with their target accounts. Intricately digitizes and analyzes cloud product adoption, usage, and spending data for over 7 million companies from all around the world.

Intricately offer the following plans:

Team – $149/User/Month

Enterprise – Custom pricing

TAM Calculator by Cognism

The more you know about your market share, the better equipped you will be to make effective business decisions. To assist you to understand the size of your target market, Cognism provides a free TAM Calculator. The TAM Calculator by Cognism calculates your total addressable market or TAM.

Entering your target criteria including job title and seniority, companies, location, and more into the TAM Calculator will map the size and scale of your total addressable market. This sales intelligence tool will enable you to make better-informed business decisions.

Cognism’s TAM Calculator is free to use.


Influencing purchasers through influence marketing is a two-way street. It’s also possible to increase the number of sales by influencing potential clients via your sales reps. To do this, you need sales intelligence software that can help you target the right people and connect with them through social media platforms.

UpLead is a personalized online B2B sales intelligence tool that allows you to quickly connect you to suitable prospects by searching through over 54 million internet profiles. You can also use UpLead to update and improve your existing leads database.

UpLead offers the following plans:

Free Trial – 5 Free Credits

Essentials – $74/month

Plus – $149/month

Proffesional – $299/month


In 2019, DiscoverOrg acquired ZoomInfo after successful integration. Now, the two sales intelligence tools are used in tandem by sales and marketing teams to target and land new business deals. This one database of consumer information is made up of three separate databases.

The ZoomInfo database is a compilation of over 50 million business contacts and 85 million decision-makers. The sales intelligence data is updated daily, making it one of the most accurate sales intelligence tools available.

ZoomInfo offers the following plans:

Professional – $14,995/Year

Advanced – $24,995/Year

Elite – $39,995/Year


Vainu is a sales analysis platform that allows businesses to achieve scalability in sales and marketing personalization. Vainu is a real-time intelligence platform that uses AI to collect, read, and interpret all company data ever published. These real-time updates give sales and marketing teams an edge in personalization.

Vainu works with a variety of CRMs, including HubSpot, MS Dynamics, Pipedrive, and Salesforce.

With this integration, you may solve and update outdated information, complete in blanks in your data with comprehensive firmographic and technographic data, automate processes with workflows, and receive real-time sales signals.

Vainu offers the following plans:

Free Trial- Free

Team – 6600€/Year

Business – 12000€/Year

Enterprise – custom pricing

Sales Productivity


Collective Intelligence is a marketing technology that leverages AI/ML to improve productivity and drive revenue growth, as well as a term used to describe the interdependent decision-making of a group of individuals.

A sales intelligence tool, Collective Intelligences sales productivity software allows sales reps to focus on their most sales-ready leads by surfacing the account and contact information of buyers that match their ideal customer profile.

The software also provides sales reps with the ability to view the sales activity of their colleagues in order to better collaborate and close deals.

It automates data gathering into CRM and keeps contact information up to date by utilizing Robotic Process Automation (RPA). It also provides sales reps with real-time sales alerts and allows them to access sales intelligence data from any device.

At its core, Collective[i] provides a wide network of B2B transactional data. This data set supplements the clients’ own data and trains Collective Intelligence algorithms. As a result, predictions (such as sales forecasts and opportunity likelihoods) are based on current market conditions and buyer behavior, rather than on historical sales patterns.

Pricing for Collective[i] is customized by the client’s needs.

Building Your Custom Toolbox

This list is definitely not a complete list of all the tools in the market.

However, it’s a great starting point for sales teams who are looking for sales tools to help them be more productive and efficient.

If your team hasn’t utilized any of these tools recently, it’s time to find which aspect of your sales operations may use some upgrading. Test out some of the sales tools we listed here and see for yourself which ones work best for you. Also, don’t forget to keep your sales tools updated so you always have the latest and most relevant data to work with.

Do you have any sales tips or tricks? Share them with us in the comments below!

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