How To Start An Online Cooking Class

Find out how to start an online cooking class and some helpful tips to market your online cooking business in this guide.

Do you have great culinary skills that deserve to be shared with the world? 

Would you like to teach more people how to stay healthy while treating their taste buds to the best of your kitchen magic? 

Then this article is just for you!

If you love to create moments with spices and ingredients, you definitely would love to have others enjoy the experience too.

Maybe you have already considered the idea of starting an online cooking class but you must have the worries and question which every cooking coach asks as they step out into these waters.

If you’d like to know what you need to start your online cooking class and succeed at it, we recommend this article strongly for you.

This is going to be delicious so,  let’s begin!

What Cooking Class Should You Start?

Just before you pop up on your viewers’ screens, we need to make sure you know this. 

There’s almost no cooking style or recipe you can’t whip up on Google.

With so many resources available online, your course will easily get lost in the crowd unless you do something to make it stand out. 

Still not sure which path you should tow?

Here are six angles you could choose from.

1. Regionally-Inspired Cuisine

How to start an online cooking class

Every culture has its unique food. 

If you know your culture well, then you could decide to teach a cooking course on its food.

You can make your online cooking class an adventure for both yourself and your students who would be excited to learn new cuisines from the culture you present. 

It all depends on how you present it, you can make it fun and explorative. 

Learners are easily drawn to this angle of online cooking classes because they are excited about discovering new food and the cultural heritage they represent.

Many travelers would find this particularly useful as it can prepare them for upcoming trips.

2. Cooking As An Edible Science

How to start an online cooking class

If you’re excited about nutrients and methodologies when it comes to food intake, then this one’s for you.

Some people are very particular about exact cooking methods and a dietary breakdown of the nutrients and percentages. 

You could take on your online cooking classes from this angle and make a whole new science practical with your cooking if you enjoy this.

One thing is certain, more and more people are beginning to understand that healthy eating might just be more serious than they realized, especially if you want to stay around much longer than the average life expectancy.

This could be your goldmine.

3. DIY Projects

How to start an online cooking class

Another one for the adventure-loving cooks.

If you’ve been following, you’ve probably seen a good share of cooking-gone-wrong Pinterest posts. 

This is a quick reminder that everyone loves cool-looking cooking projects. 

The problem is making it work.

If you’re savvy at DIYs and can flawlessly create magic with more than just a few basic pictures, you might want to call in on Pinterest with your fun and creative DIY recipes.

4. Health-Conscious Cooking Courses

How to start an online cooking class

This is similar to number 2. 

There will always be someone looking to save their lives with all the yummy nonsense out there.

No matter how cool the cooking trend, we all want to live long. 

What wouldn’t you pay for a couple more years’ guarantee?

If you’re passionate about healthy cooking, you can bet you have an audience waiting to explore your cooking ideas.

Whether it’s Paleo cooking or keto diet, you have fans.

Just plugin and show them how to stay healthy and still tease their taste buds.

5. Dietary Need-Based Cooking

How to start an online cooking class

You know the familiar storyline. 

Somebody gets sick and the whole family has to learn or adjust to a change of diet. 

In most cases, it’s an allergy.

It can be quite tough to make this adjustment as in many cases, the ingredients are plain and rather uninteresting, apart from what they’ve known before.

You can teach cooking courses that still carry them along and introduce them to new recipes or help them with workable substitutes for family favorites.

6. Artisan Food Preparation

How to start an online cooking class

This one is for you food artists! 

There are those foods that you can pull off by looking at a recipe, even if you can barely keep a pot on the fire. 

Then, they are those other foods that require a complicated preparation process beyond the casual chef’s abilities.

Craft brewing, home canning, artisan cheesemaking all line up here. 

If you find this interesting and don’t mind getting the special equipment needed, you can make a budget and start on this.

Study The Trends

How to start an online cooking class

What better way to learn about trends than to conduct market research? 

Analyze the market and examine the cooking classes of popular chefs in your niche. 

Straight-up truth: the food industry is very competitive.

You must carry out your research before starting your online cooking class.

We recommend that you attend online cooking classes yourself and see how they are run. 

Observe the relationship between the instructor and the audience, notice how the classes are organized.

Study how they present their classes so you can adapt their techniques to enhance your teaching skills.

It takes more than cooking to run an online cooking class.

Get The Required Equipment

How to start an online cooking class

Ok., ready, set, wait!

You need the right equipment before you start your online cooking class.

You have to plan your online cooking tutorials well before you delve in. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A Computer
  • A good quality microphone that captures your voice and sounds clearly
  • A good quality webcam to enable your students to see what you’re doing
  • Good speakers or headphones so you can hear your students
  • A stable internet connection
  • A video conferencing software like Skype (which can be downloaded for free) your students will also need to download this app if you agree on using this.
  • A Paypal account to receive payments online (you can also be paid by online transfers but Paypal is a lot easier).
  • Free space to cook.

Remember to set your computer where your students can see every part of your kitchen or at least all you are doing.

If you can’t get a webcam or yours isn’t so great, you can settle for a real camera. 

Many of them can be plugged into computers to act as webcams.

Just in case your kitchen isn’t big enough for this, don’t panic yet.

The important thing is to make sure your students see what you are doing, parts like cutting and preparing ingredients.

They won’t mind if they can’t watch the food cooking in the oven.

Also, before you begin a lesson, schedule a call with the students to ensure everything is working great.

This will ensure you don’t have emergencies or those little annoyances during the class.

Determine Your Pricing Model

How to start an online cooking class

You’re not running your online cooking classes for free, so you need to evaluate what pricing model are you going to put in place to ensure you make the profit you deserve.

We will recommend two.

1. Pay Per Class

You could choose to make your students pay per class. 

When your students join your online cooking classes, they must pay a certain amount (depending on what you charge a fee) to enroll for the particular class.

Integrate secure payment systems on your website so your students can comfortably make the payment without unnecessary stress on both ends.

2. Membership

You choose to use the membership model. 

This is especially recommended if you are running a series of cooking classes that include a couple of courses that teach the student about maybe, a particular cooking style.

You can consider allowing your students to sign up for a membership to have access to all the courses in that series.

This model ensures that your online cooking class business will always have a steady income flowing in.

Market Your Cooking Classes

How to start an online cooking class

Do you offer the best online cooking classes? 

Do you plan your classes so well that no tutorial ever has a single hitch? 

Maybe your recipes are tastier than KFC! 

Well, all that won’t matter if no one signs up for your class.

You want to make sure that as many people as possible hear about your online cooking classes and sign up for them. 

This means you must not miss your target audience and your marketing must be directed at the right people, in the right places, and with a tailored message.

If you are interested in getting a stream of members, especially if you are in a highly competitive niche, you might want to pay quality attention to your marketing. 

Once you have planned how your online cooking classes will go, you must treat it like a real business.

You will need to create a great brand name that is appealing and a proper logo.

Then begin to explore marketing opportunities to market your online cooking classes.

Find a platform or consider creating a website where you can deliver your classes from and then use social media to get the word out.

Marketing is the lifeblood of your online business, whatever it is you do. 

You cannot afford to toy with promoting your online cooking classes, unless of course, if you’re just using it to pass time.

We mentioned that you should consider creating your website to host your classes from there. 

You can build a high-quality website and give valuable content straight from your desk.

You can promote your website by highlighting the best parts of your cooking classes.

You can organize free events for your potential clients when you begin to attract new customers.

You can seize the moment to showcase your skills and engage your interested audience.

Take time to spread the word on your cooking classes on social media. 

You can give discount coupons, share exciting videos, and post yummy-looking photos of the meals prepared by your students.

This will stir an interest in the minds of your followers and help you recruit more students if you keep at it.

Remember, when it comes to advertising what you do, no one should do it better than you.


So that was all that you needed to know about taking your cooking passion to the next level and hence planning your cooking classes.

Did you find this article valuable or useful? 

We’d like to know! 

Please, kindly leave a comment below.

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