Start A Fitness Business Online In 7 Simple Steps

Find out how to start a fitness business online and everything you need to know to create a successful fitness business in this guide.

Want to get start a fitness business online? 

That’s a big new step and we recommend it because the world has become one global village and the internet is like the market square. 

Everyone shops here.

So the possibility of raking in a huge income and a wider audience is endless.

Every trainer should consider taking their fitness business online. 

The opportunities that abound online for you as a personal trainer or a fitness coach are endless. 

It’s like an ocean and everyone jumping in has more than enough because it’s endless.

What you want to consider now is that just because you want to start your online fitness business doesn’t mean you can start. 

There are some things to consider and know before you go diving into that ocean.

How do you start a fitness business online? 

How to Start An Online Fitness Class

What are the steps required to create an online fitness class? 

What do you need to know to get started?

In this article, we will share with you what it takes to start a fitness business online

Here is what to expect:

Let’s go!

#1 Your First Step

When it comes to starting a business, it’s really a case of learning on the job

In order to be successful in any business, you need to BE in business.

If you intend to give your clients a workout plan and not stick to it yourself, you’re in for a lot of disappointment. 

You need to stick to what you offer.

If you give a personal training client nutrition guidelines and a workout plan, that’s not all it’ll take them to get results. 

They need to do the work. 

Same as you.

If you want to become an online fitness trainer, the only way to achieve that is by starting.

Learn by doing. 

Learn from other trainers in the online space and just do it. 

Make adjustments along the way. Explore ideas. Improve. 

Then keep going.

#2 Define Your Niche

Now that you’re going to become an online fitness trainer, what is your niche? 

You can’t go swimming everywhere, so pick a pool.

The mistake most online trainers make at the beginning of their online career as trainers is trying to be a do-it-all.

As great as it may sound to know you can do a lot of stuff, people pay more attention to those who are specific in their approach. 

If you want to stay above the completion, you need to find a niche and position yourself there.

Your niche is simply your area of expertise. 

How to Start An Online Fitness Class

In essence, when people think of that area, you should come to their minds.

By defining your niche and settling there, you become more effective and soon become an authority in that area. 

We strongly advise that you define your niche before starting out.

You are not everyone’s star. 

Shine for those who need your light.

#3 Find What Makes You Different from the Rest

It’s quite simple. 

In order not to get lost or become just another face in the crowd, you want to answer the question: What makes YOU and YOUR BUSINESS unique?

Get yourself a blank page or sheet and write out everything you think makes your business stand out from others

Is it your standard customer care service? 

Is the particular problem your product solves?

When you determine your Unique Selling Point (USP), you become more confident in marketing whatever it is your business has to offer. 

And that is your edge over the competition. 

Never forget this.

Quick advice here: As an online fitness trainer, your business will expand over time and many trainers get into the mistake of treating clients like a corporation.

As much as you want to come off as professional, your clients are real people and want to have that human feel too. 

They want to interface with YOU. 

They need a human being, not just a fitness training expert.

Stay human.

#4 Determine Your Price

Let us tell you the truth here: Your Price connotes your value.

Many online fitness trainers just starting out make the mistake of putting such low-cut prices and then wonder why they are going bankrupt.

The truth about pricing is that your customers will pay whatever amount you put up irrespective of how much it seems, so far as you can make them see the value of what you offer.

Think of it this way: you go to the cloth store and you see a nice-looking shirt, you like it, and decide to get it. 

Then you check the price tag and it’s just a cent. 

Your first reaction is to undervalue it because of the cheap price.

It may be a great quality shirt, but the price just devalued it. 

If it was expensive, you think it must really be of great quality.

The same thing happens when you underprice your training. 

This doesn’t mean to go and overprice your training. 

It’s just a heads up that we humans value expensive things more.

How to Start An Online Fitness Class

Also, coming off as worth your salt spares you the stress of customers that will make you go bankrupt. 

Your prices themselves help you decide what clients you want to keep.

When it comes to pricing, consider the following:

  • Your Income Goals
  • The Hourly Value of Your Time
  • The Services You Create and the Time it takes to create and deliver them.

Look out for your pricing.

#5 Choose a Fitness Training Platform

Okay. You can’t just host your online fitness training business anywhere. 

Here are three things to look out for when choosing your online fitness training platform:

  1. Consider Ease of Scalability

You have to choose a platform that lets you scale your business easily. 

Your fitness training platform should grow with your business.

Whether you have 2 clients or you hit 200.

Go for a platform that you can upgrade with a click to meet your business needs as your business expands and more clients come in. 

This is very important because you could go from 3 clients to a 20 in a few weeks and you need a platform that can handle that.

  1. Consider Time-saving Ability

When picking an online platform for your fitness training, consider one that saves time and energy. 

If you save more time by choosing the right software or online platforms, you can use that time and invest it in selling more services or making money with your clients.

  1. Consider a one-stop-for-all Platform

If you have to use one app for payments, another for building programs, another app for nutrition plans, and yet another to keep track of meals, you really have to stop and think.

You don’t have the time to waste on all that running around, besides, your chances of making mistakes that can cost you your clients is higher.

To become more efficient, save time and spare yourself the unnecessary headaches that come with using different software for many things.

Strive to streamline your processes and reduce the number of tools needed to achieve them.

Make sure you settle for a one-stop-shop software.

#6 Market Your Fitness Class

When it comes to succeeding in your career as an online fitness trainer, marketing is everything. 

You might have the best fitness programs, but failing to market them will bring it to nothing but failure.

Here are 3 ways you can market your online fitness class:

  1. Use Referrals

This is a powerful way to market your online fitness class. 

Start at home. 

You can reach out to all your currently existing clientele and explain exactly how you can help them work out from home and get them to reach out to others.

Word of mouth goes a long way in building your client list and expanding your customer base.

This means you would have to work on your email list and contact list. 

You would have to send out emails to your contact list advertising your new offer.

Whatever niche you major in, try to get your already-existing clients to spread the word on your offers. 

You can even give bonuses for attracting others into your programs. It goes a long way.

  1. Use Social Media

If you take your career as an online fitness trainer seriously and making a consistent profit is a big deal to you, then know this, you need to have a strong online presence. 

How to Start An Online Fitness Class

This means, you create and develop accounts on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

You can use these sites to not only upload and share your workout videos but can also be used to promote these contents.

You could promote your graphics as trailers of your videos on Instagram stories that direct people to a link at the right time of the day.

You just need to think it through. What are the creative ways you can use social media to appeal to your unique audio?

  1. Create a Blog

People are on the lookout for useful information now more than ever.

They want to know how to stay fit even at home. 

You should consider getting a blog if you don’t have one. 

As an online fitness trainer, having your own blog is non-negotiable.

On your blog, you can share videos where you share your daily routine or best nutrition advice, and then be sure you promote your online offer.

#7 Keep Learning and Implementing New Ideas

As an online fitness trainer, one thing you should keep in mind is the fact that the fitness industry is ever-changing. 

This is why you need to develop new skills and stay updated.

Be on the lookout for the latest and best exercise routines and techniques in your niche or area of expertise to provide your clients with better service.

This will help your customers stay excited to receive and pay for your services. 

It will also keep them from boredom as you keep exploring new ideas.

This is also a way for customer retention, as they are most likely to stick with your program than to go off looking for something “new.”

As an online fitness trainer, staying up to date and learning regularly is an online process for you. 

There is no sitting still.

How to Start An Online Fitness Class

We also advise that you don’t go solo. 

Don’t be the lone ranger up on the hills. 

You will lose out that way and fizzle out really quickly.

Make sure to subscribe to newsletters and emails to learn about the latest trends and keep up with the latest techniques.

Also, make sure you follow the leaders in your niche. 

This will keep you up to date in the market.

Wrapping Up

This article was created to help you find your way as an online fitness trainer. 

We hope you found it useful. 

Please let us know.

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