15 Best YouTube Tips For Beginners Who Are Just Starting Out

Start and grow your online presence with these 15 Best YouTube tips for beginners who are just starting out or want to improve their video creation skills.

To become a successful YouTuber, you need to follow some basic guidelines.

These involve knowing the differences between what works and what doesn’t.

It will also be necessary to be open to trying out different YouTube tips and adapt them to your channel.

In this post, you’ll learn some of the best YouTube tips for beginners that you can use to start your channel. 

You’ll also find some tricks for growing your YouTube channel, including how to improve your video creation and production skills to get better results.

Table of contents:

15 Best YouTube Tips For Beginners Who Are Just Starting Out:

  1. Commit To Posting Consistently 
  2. Brainstorm and schedule content 
  3. Start with the gear you already have 
  4. Show your true character 
  5. Develop an efficient video production workflow
  6. Make sure you like watching every second of your videos 
  7. Ask your viewers to subscribe & like
  8. Make sure your channel name is unique 
  9. Design eye-catching thumbnails 
  10. Develop a marketing strategy
  11. Make video production simple 
  12. Develop a deep connection with your subscribers 
  13. Collaborate with other YouTubers 
  14. Reply to every comment (even for the bad ones) 
  15. Get Inspired By Other Videos 

Here are the YouTube tips for getting started and growing your channel 

#1 Commit to posting consistently

When it comes to posting on YouTube, more is better.  

If you can, try posting about 3 or more videos per week.

This is important, especially, if you’re trying to build an audience. 

By maintaining a regular schedule of posting multiple times a week, your channel will find itself on the good side of the YouTube algorithm.

There’s also the added advantage of improving your skills.

This is because the more you produce and upload videos, the better you become at it. 

Success on YouTube, as with anything, requires commitment. 

It’s not something that you dabble into once in a while. 

Publishing the odd video once a month isn’t going to help your channel grow.

Also, the more content you put out on YouTube, the higher your chance of bringing in more subscribers and reaching a lot more people.

Frequency and consistency are vital to succeeding as a YouTuber.

#2 Brainstorm and schedule content

Before you begin posting on your new YouTube channel, you’ve probably decided on the type of content that you want to share. 

To increase your YouTube views and following, ensure that your content interesting and engaging. 

YouTube Tips for beginners

Once people can relate with it, the more likely they’ll click it and stay till the end.

Sticking to a theme, if you have one, also helps. 

For example, lots of successful YouTubers have channels dedicated to tutorials, travel, or even their daily lives. 

Their viewers live vicariously through the content they watch.

So, let your audience know what to expect and then deliver interesting and engaging content that they can enjoy.

 #3 Start with the gear you already have

YouTube Tips for beginners

Some other barriers that hold people back are they believe they need sophisticated equipment. 

They think they need a really expensive camera or mic, or other sophisticated stuff.

The truth is you don’t. 

You don’t necessarily need any of that stuff to get started. 

You could begin with whatever you have and get better tools with time. 

Sure, the quality of your videos before getting the costly camera won’t be the same.

However, you just need to begin somewhere.

The most important thing is to get started. 

The quality of your video, while important, is not as important as content. 

Richer content will beat a clear video any day.

Once you can express yourself with emotion and passion, or you can be exciting or entertaining in some way, you’re going to stand out. 

Don’t let anything hold you back. 

Don’t let any of these barriers or fears stop you.

They are just excuses that are preventing you from putting the YouTube tips you are learning here into action. 

Don’t worry too much about quality. 

Your computer, and its webcam, or a digital camera can work, use that. 

If you have an iPhone, use that. 

Just make sure to get moving.

#4 Show your true character

Whatever your reason for running a YouTube channel, make sure you enjoy what you’re doing, and have fun while at it. 

Even if your main goal on YouTube is to make money.

The passion still has to be the main motor driving your business.

Why is passion so important?

Your audience can tell the difference when you’re speaking with passion and when you’re just speaking because you have to. 

If you are not excited about what you’re talking about,  then your audience won’t be excited either. 

And your viewers won’t spend their time on videos when the creator does not seem excited about his topic. 

Real interest in the subjects you’re talking about is a crucial element in starting a successful YouTube channel.

Is the niche you’ve chosen exciting enough to keep you interested in the long-term? 

If not, you might want to take some time out and find something you’re passionate about.

#5 Develop an efficient workflow for your video production

You could be creating Oscar-worthy short films and videos.

But if each one takes about 6 months to produce, then you aren’t going to grow your YouTube channel that way. 

Uploading videos regularly at familiar times is what brings people back for more.

No matter the kind of videos you make, choose to create content that can be created regularly.

Then, find ways to streamline your production workflow. 

It could be by setting up a studio, creating an editing template, or hiring assistants, or a production team. 

Keep refining your topics and production workflow until your process is a well-oiled machine.

A very good idea is to set up a small video studio.

This way, when you want to shoot, you can simply turn on the lights and get started.

If you aren’t sure what equipment you need for your home studio, we’ve put a collection of a gear checklist that every new video maker should have

#6  Make sure you like watching every second of your videos

YouTube Tips for beginners

It’s important that your video contains only quality content.

That means only including the best clips and eliminating anything that you don’t think is good enough. 

The perfect content is not the one that when there’s nothing more to add, but when there’s nothing more to remove. 

So, you want to ensure that every single second of a shot in the video is high-quality.

Once you grow your following and become an expert, you can then experiment with adding some nonsensical or less essential clips.

However, it is important that you think like a viewer, even when creating content.  

 #7 Ask your viewers to subscribe and like

As a YouTuber should always ask his viewers for engagements

At the end of every video, ask your viewers to like the video and subscribe to your channel if they liked the video.

You can say, “If you enjoyed this video, make sure you hit the subscribe button, and you can get access to more videos that I’m going to be releasing.”

Ask people to leave a comment. 

Now, why is this important? 

Essentially, the more likes, comments, views, and subscribers that a YouTube channel has, then the better that your videos are going to rank on YouTube.

You should also make a habit of subscribing to other YouTube channels and watching them.

Take note of how the creator speaks and communicates.

Additionally, watch out for their ways of creating titles, and how they optimize their videos. 

You’ll learn a lot by just observing other YouTubers stealing some YouTube tips and tricks they are using.

#8 Make sure your channel name is unique

Have you thought about the perfect name for your channel?

Before you hit the enter button, you might just wanna wait a bit. 

Many new YouTubers make the mistake of choosing and using a name that they think is cool. 

However, is it really?

It is important to choose a name that makes it easy for your audience to locate you. 

Chances are, you’ll be active on other social media channels, and you want to have some form of uniformity in your name. 

Apart from the name, you’ll also have a username of various social media platforms that will allow people to tag or mention you on their posts. 

While this feature is mostly used on Twitter, it’s also available on Facebook. 

You need to ensure that the name that you choose is available on each social media platform. 

It is advisable to use the same or similar usernames across all your online platforms.

This allows your audience to find you easily.

#9 Design eye-catching thumbnails

YouTube Tips for beginners

If you search a term on YouTube, you’ll see a lot of results.

But have you ever wondered what makes some videos more clicked than others?

How do you get a high Click-Through Rate?

Two elements are responsible for a high click-through rate – the title and the thumbnail. 

If both of these are not compelling, your video won’t get clicked. 

One of the best ways for your YouTube videos to gain a high CTR is to use awesome thumbnails.

Every time you upload a new video, you should take a few minutes to create a customized thumbnail. 

It sounds similar to click-baiting, but the goal is to make it interesting to viewers.

#10 Develop a marketing strategy

Just uploading your video and expecting it to take off on its own is a recipe for disaster. 

You need to develop a strategy that will get your videos seen.

You’ve spent so much time creating your videos, and they deserve to be widely viewed.

However, viewers won’t just magically appear, no matter how much you want them to. 

To get more views on your videos, you need to share your video around. 

Link to it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and everywhere. 

Also, embed the video on your blog so that your readers and audience can all have access to it.

If you don’t have a blog, create a blog, and embed your videos because YouTube likes that. 

They love it when you send traffic from other sources to your YouTube video.

Even experiment with YouTube ads. 

That might be a little bit more advanced, but it can be a good way to drive viewers to your video.

Ultimately, your videos have to be of high quality. 

Ensure that you have top-notch content, no matter what you’re talking about.

 #11 Make video production simple

If you’re just starting out with video creation, then you probably don’t need sophisticated software.

In any case, you may have to spend a few weeks learning the high-tech software itself.

As a video editing newbie, you’ll do much better with simple video editing programs like Windows movie maker or Apple iMovie.

They are user-friendly, free and easily downloadable.

If at all you must use a third-party app, make it a simple one like Wondershare Filmora or Camtasia.

Another way to get more visibility on your videos is to optimize them

Once you upload your video, give a good and descriptive title that tells your viewers exactly what they’ll get when they open the video. 

Also, ensure that the title is one that your viewers are likely to input into the search bar. Also, ensure that it has the main keywords or phrases. 

For instance, Japan Holiday 2018 Vlog Travel is a better name than “Japan, Here We go”    

 #12 Develop a deep connection with your subscribers

In due time, you’ll begin to gain followers and get more comments from fans on your videos.

Then, you’ll get messages on your personal social media accounts.

You may even get some fan mail, should you decide to share your P.O. box. 

As much as possible, make time to connect with your viewers. 

Remember that your social media accounts are an extension of your YouTube channel.

So, try to share tidbits of your life on popular social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. 

It’s also important that you try to read and respond to all the tweets, comments, and any other messages you get.

Such interactions are important as they help your subscribers learn more about you.

Plus it can help you foster a sense of community and online camaraderie among your own little community. 

It’s not enough that they like your content—they have to like you and their overall experience with your channel.

 #13 Collaborate with other YouTubers

One of the most powerful YouTube tips for your career is collaboration. 

What does this mean?

Simple, you find other creators that produce content relevant to your niche, and then collaborate on a video together. 

With this, you gain access to each other’s followers. 

What’s more, because your followers are interested in similar things, there’s a large probability that they’ll love your content too. 

It’s a really cool way to gain more subscribers.

It is also one that all successful YouTubers are using.

What makes for a successful collaboration?

The most important thing that you need to look out for when collaborating is that the creator you’re collaborating with must be relevant to your niche. 

If you go ahead and collaborate with someone that’s in a niche unrelated to yours, then their subscribers may not be interested in your channel and vice versa. 

More things make for a successful collaboration, but relevance is the main concern.

#14 Reply to every comment

As you start posting videos, you can expect feedback. 

After all, I told you to ask for it.

If you have good content, you’ll most likely receive positive feedback. 

But some people won’t stand back from writing negative comments on your videos if your content doesn’t resonate with them.

While constructive criticism is a good thing because it helps you identify shortcomings and improve on them.

You’ll also have to learn to deal with mean comments.

Part of the steps to become a successful YouTuber is to learn how to ignore mean comments. 

Take constructive feedback and improve on it, and don’t let mean comments discourage you.

#15 Get inspired by other videos

YouTube Tips for beginners

How often do you view other people’s videos?

You should do it a lot as you’ll gain numerous YouTube tips. 

And not just watching them alone, but also pay close attention to them. 

Visit other channels and ask yourself, “what makes a good YouTube channel?”.

How do you learn from others?

Look at what other creators are doing and steal from their approach

When you see something that you enjoy, such as a video effect, or an interesting intro,  you should figure out how you’ll do them for your videos.

Learn from other video creators and then use their YouTube tips in your own videos.

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