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YouTube is arguably the most popular video hosting website on the internet. It’s also one of the best websites to find free music, tutorials for how to do anything from cooking or crocheting to solving a Rubik’s cube, and much more. However, if you also enjoy watching YouTube videos over and over again – especially those funny cat videos – then you’ll love the FREE tool that plays videos on YouTube on Repeat! In this article, we will walk you through the entire process to instantly Loop YouTube Videos! Let’s get started!

Here are some of my favorite YouTube tools:

What Is YouTube Repeat?

YouTube Repeat is a free online tool that allows you to play YouTube videos on repeat. It’s as simple as entering the URL of the video you want to watch and clicking on “Repeat” – your video will start playing over and over again!

How many times have you been stuck in an endless cycle of thoughts, feeling like there is no way out? You can finally break this vicious pattern with YouTube. Just set up your favorite videos to play on repeat and feel the stress melt away while watching ASMR or meditation clips!

It may seem strange at first but if we’re being honest it’s not really all that surprising considering two billion people use video platforms like Facebook regularly – so why shouldn’t they be able to enjoy some relaxation time too?! Playing videos on repeat on YouTube can help you with that!

How Do I Loop YouTube Videos?

There are two ways to loop YouTube videos using YouTube Repeat: using the website or by adding “repeat” to your YouTube video URL. Let’s take a look at both of them to see how you can play your YouTube videos on repeat.

1. Using The Website

The first way is by going to the Youtube Repeat website. Just go to the browser and type in ‘YouTube Repeat’. A number of free tools will pop up. Next up, enter the link of the video you want to play on repeat into the search bar, and then click on “Repeat”. That’s it! You’ll instantly begin watching your chosen video over and over again.

2. Adding “Repeat” To The URL

If you know the link of your YouTube video, adding “repeat” to it will allow you to play videos on repeat quickly and easily. For example: If you want to watch ASMR slime using this method then you would put your cursor in between the timecode numbers after v= then add a “+” symbol. This will add on the “repeat” code which you can find in YouTube Repeat’s search bar.

After typing your URL into our YouTube Repeat, select “Repeat”! You’ll instantly begin watching your chosen video over and over again!

How To Instantly Loop YouTube Videos?

Mobile users have been waiting for YouTube to introduce a feature that would allow them loopable playback since 2015. Finally, in 2017 they were given the option through an update on both desktop and mobile versions of the site – but only if you’re viewing videos via HTML5 instead of Adobe Flash Player (which isn’t supported anymore).

If you’re not sure how to play your videos on repeat, then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be looping your favorite videos in no time. Let’s take a look at how to loop YouTube videos on desktop as well as on your mobile.

How To Loop A YouTube Video On Desktop?

YouTube is a great platform for streaming videos. But if you want to watch your favorite YouTube clips on repeat, it can be tough with just the website alone! Thankfully though Google has made Loop mode easy enough that even desktop users will have no trouble setting up this useful feature in under 5 minutes – all without having any technical knowledge whatsoever at their disposal. YouTube has finally given its users the option to loop any video with just a couple of clicks ever since YouTube has made its migration to HTML5.

Just follow the easy steps mentioned below:

Step # 1: Search for the Video

First up, open up YouTube and search for the video you want to watch on repeat. Select any video that you want, may it be an ASMR video or any educational video, or even a song!

Step # 2: Right Click on Video

Once you have found the video on YouTube that you want to play on repeat, then go ahead and right-click in any place on the video, but within the borders of the video.

Step # 3: Loop the Video

Click on Loop in the menu to make your video keep playing until you right-click it again and uncheck Loop if you want to stop playing the on video on repeat. The unchecking option will deactivate the loop feature.

Alternate Method:

If for some reason, you can’t find the loop option when right-clicking on the video, then try out both mouse buttons as well as the Shift key. You can then open an alternate menu by using this method.

From this alternate menu, you can select the option of Loop that will enable you to play your videos in a continuous loop.

If the alternate menu doesn’t open in your browser on the first click, keep holding down shift and right-click one more time. This option was only available for Chrome before but now you can find it with other browsers too!

How To Loop A YouTube Video On Mobile?

The Loop feature is now available on mobile too, which means you can watch your favorite YouTube clips in a continuous loop.

There are many different options available for looping a YouTube video on mobile devices, but the simple option that we used for looping on the desktop does not exist on mobiles. In this situation, you can either create a playlist or use different YouTube video looping websites of which we discussed above.

Let’s see how you can loop YouTube videos on your mobile by creating a playlist.

When you have a YouTube account, it’s easy to make your own playlist from any video. You can even edit links so that they open in the correct order and on repeat!

Step # 1: Open the Video

On your YouTube mobile app, and open the video that you wish to play on repeat, in other terms, add to your playlist. Simply open up the video.

Step # 2: Hold the Save button

Next up, click on the video and press the save button. Now, you will need to hold the Save button on your device. Keep holding it until at least two options appear: Share and Add To Playlist.

Step # 3: Select “Add To Playlist”

Once both of these options pop up, select “Add To Playlist” which is located beneath the Save button. You can also choose the option ‘New Playlist’ if you do not already have a playlist created on your mobile. Give your playlist any title as well, any that you prefer.

Step # 4: Repeat or Loop your Playlist

Now that you have created the playlist, go to the ‘Library’ of your YouTube account. In the library, open up the playlist which you created. Once you open the playlist, you will see multiple options out of which one will be the ‘Repeat’ button. Click on it to make your videos play on Repeat and in loop!

You can either add songs to your playlist or any ASMR videos, or even instructional videos!

Why Loop YouTube Videos?

Looping YouTube videos is a fun and easy way that will help you to play your videos on repeat non stop. You will not have to go through the trouble of playing a specific video again and again manually through the option of looping YouTube videos. There are many reasons why looping a YouTube video can be very beneficial for you.

Some of these reasons are as follows:

You can use the Loop feature to listen to your favorite song on repeat without any ads!

If you want to watch an ASMR video or an instructional video repeatedly, then using the Loop option will help you to achieve that.

You can even use the Loop option if you want your children or pets to watch a video repeatedly because they like it!

So, these were some of the reasons why you should be using the YouTube loop feature on different devices including mobile phones and tablets. You can also simply add any favorite song from YouTube into an infinite playlist so you can listen to it on repeat.

Limitations Of YouTube Repeat

Although the Loop feature on YouTube is pretty amazing and comes in handy for a lot of different situations, it does have some limitations.

For example, you cannot use the Loop feature to watch a live video or any other video that is not a regular uploaded clip on YouTube. If you try to do so, you will see an error message which says, “This video isn’t available for this feature”.

Secondly, you cannot use the Loop option while playing a game on your mobile device or any other app that is running in the background at that time! You will have to open YouTube again and then choose either Repeat or One-time if you want to play it just once.

So, these are some of the limitations that you may face when using the Loop feature on YouTube. Overall, it is a really handy and amazing feature to have on different devices!

Tips And Tricks For Looping YouTube Videos

So, if you are someone who has tried to use the YouTube loop feature before and could not get it right for some reason or the other, then there is nothing to worry about. You can easily follow these tips and tricks in order to make sure that your videos play on repeat without any problem at all!

First of all, check out the quality of the video that you are playing on YouTube. Make sure that it is not in a lower resolution or any other poor quality, because if your device doesn’t have much space left then it will not play the video again and again!

Also, make sure to check out whether all of your apps such as games and Netflix etc. are closed before you choose to play your video on repeat. You can even check out the YouTube app settings of your device in order to make sure that it is not using any extra data for streaming purposes while playing a looped video or else it might affect how well it plays.

So, these are some tips and tricks which will help you improve the quality of your YouTube repeat experience. Overall, it is a really great feature to have and you should definitely start using it today!

FAQs About YouTube Repeat

In order to help you understand the Loop feature on YouTube better and how it can be helpful for you, we have compiled a list of some frequently asked questions about it!

Question: What is the Loop button on YouTube?

Answer: The Loop button is an option that allows you to play your chosen video continuously and on repeat.

Question: How do you loop a YouTube video on your phone or tablet?

Answer: In order to loop a YouTube video on your mobile phone or tablet, you need to open the video and then press the three dots located at the top right corner of the screen. After that, select the Loop option and it will start playing repeatedly.

Question: What is the Loop Multiple Videos option on YouTube?

Answer: The Loop multiple videos option allows you to add more than one video into an infinite playlist so that you can play them continuously and repeatedly. You will have to follow a similar process as above in order to get it done!

So, these are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Loop feature on YouTube. If you have any other queries then do not hesitate to ask us in the comments section below and we will be more than happy to help you out!

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the Loop feature on YouTube is a great way to keep yourself entertained for hours on end. It is especially handy when you want to watch the same video multiple times or when you are bored and have nothing else to do!

There may be some limitations that you face when using the Loop feature, but with a little bit of practice and by following our tips and tricks you will be able to fix the problem in no time at all!

So, these were some of our tips for using YouTube’s Loop feature on your mobile device or any other platform. Make sure that you try them out today so that you can enjoy watching videos on repeat without any problems whatsoever!

Hope you found this article helpful!