How To Make Your First Youtube Video Popular

Find out how to make your first youtube video popular and follow these 6 steps to make your first ever Youtube video irresistible.

Now that you have made yourself a YouTube channel and are on the path to becoming a successful YouTuber. 

How do you make your video popular? 

Since you are just a new member of the YouTube community.

Making your channel stand out is definitely going to be a challenge! 

But hey, we have some insights that can help you! 

You can easily have your mark in the YouTube community by making your first YouTube video popular! 

You must be wondering how? 

Well, let’s get started then!

Your First Ever Youtube Video

You can make your first YouTube video popular by implementing several tricks such as writing detailed descriptions, optimizing the title and thumbnail, creating a long, informative video, and partnering with popular YouTubers. Among a hundred ways of getting engagement on your newly born channel, these tricks will help to get your channel in the limelight. 

How to make your first Youtube video popular

Being a YouTuber is all about growing your subscriber network. 

The major goal for any YouTuber is to get as many subscribers as possible.

They also want to have maximum engagement on their YouTube channel. 

This will make their YouTube channel a major highlight.

It will make it impossible for brands and companies to miss such a YouTube channel.

After all, that is every YouTuber’s dream, expanding the community and getting the big fish. 

The content you’ll post on your channel will be the medium of your interaction with the world. 

Whatever you want to communicate to the world, you do it through your videos. 

To get maximum attention on a YouTube channel, you obviously need content that cuts the mark.

But there are also other aspects that determine how popular your video will become.

In this guide, you will learn 6 effective ways to make your first YouTube video popular.

So let’s get started! 

#1 Reply To Popular Videos

This is one of the best things about YouTube.

It does not just allow you to communicate with your audience.

You also get a chance to interact with other members of the YouTube world. 

This is through the comment section

A simple way to get maximum attention to your channel is to check out popular videos on the YouTube community. 

Leave interesting catchy comments that do not miss the eyes of your viewers! 

It is natural for every person to scroll down the comments section of every video that they see on YouTube. 

So the comment section can serve as the golden platform for you to get some engagement on your channel. 

How does leaving intelligent and witty comments on popular YouTube videos make it possible for your channel to stand out? 

Here’s how:

  • Expert Outlook:

Leaving intelligent and informative comments on popular videos gives you expert status. People will know that you and your channel are stating facts and definitely have done your homework on the topic. This will intrigue them to check out your channel!

  • Builds Connections:

By commenting on related videos, you build some valuable connections on YouTube. These connections will not only ensure engagement on your channel but will also link you up to potential brands!

  • Increased Engagement:

Even if a viewer does not subscribe to your channel, they will definitely help you to boost up the viewers count on your channel. Brands and companies while searching out for potential YouTube channels not only see the subscriber count but give more importance to the viewer’s engagements. Commenting can help you increase that! 

  • Updated content:

Commenting on popular videos will give you a vague idea about the demands of the audience. You will know what the people are looking for on YouTube and can create your future content according to that!

The commenting hack will definitely help you in encouraging people to check out your video! 

Or to guarantee engagement, create your first video as a reaction video! Reactions videos often get the most views on them because of the interesting content they contain. 

Reaction videos also often have a comical flare to them, thus making your audience even more intrigued for checking out your YouTube channel!

#2 Make Long And Satisfying Videos

How to make your first Youtube video popular

You may call this one of the key algorithms creating a lot of engagement on your videos.

Your audience wants to interact with satisfying videos.

Making them long means that you can cover the topic deeper thus making it satisfying. 

The satisfaction of the audience is often determined by the length of the video. 

Many users prefer videos that are at least 15-20 minutes long. 

Even YouTube ranks these videos better because the length signifies that you’ve answered most queries your viewers have in their minds.

As a result, viewers leave the video feeling satisfied and contented. 

So beat this special algorithm by making your video lengthy and detailed. 

The most important thing is to make sure you provide helpful information.

Don’t fill your video with anything just to make it long.

Poor content will result in users that feel less satisfied.

They’ll feel as if their time was a total waste while watching the video. 

So your first ever YouTube video should be detailed, insightful, and satisfying! 

Do not just extend the length of your video for the sake of increasing its time.

That will just leave a bad impression. 

You can also add satisfaction surveys at the end of each video. 

This enables you to get into the minds of your audience and create your future content corresponding to their needs. 

You may learn more about this subject in this video

#3 Add An Interesting Title And Thumbnail

The first thing that a viewer sees on your channel before engaging with your YouTube content is your video’s title and thumbnail. 

Your video title should be appealing and descriptive.

It should get the viewers a complete insight into your video. 

Your title should be such that when a viewer sees it, it answers all the questions a viewer might have in their minds.

It also gives them a sense of satisfaction that they have come to the right place. 

For example, if you are creating a video tutorial about designing your own website, then your name should be like ‘Everything you need to know about creating a website’. 

This instantly attracts the audience towards your video! 

Apart from your video’s title, another factor of prime importance is your video’s thumbnail. 

Your thumbnail should not be off-topic to your video’s content. 

For example, if your video is about cooking then having a make-up thumbnail would really leave a bad impression. 

It is also advisable to always include your video’s title into the thumbnail.

This way, it further guarantees the users that they are coming to the right place! 

Your video’s title and thumbnail are your most essential weapons for conquering YouTube, so use them well! 

#4 Write a Long Video Description

How to make your first Youtube video popular

After your video’s title and thumbnail, your video description is the next major gateway to your audience. 

It is the second key to interaction between you and your audience.

If used wisely, the description will lure your target audience to your channel.

It can also make it irresistible for them to hit the subscribe button. 

So the key to writing a detailed and promising description is to make it long. 

Keeping the video description lengthy and informative will answer all the questions in your viewers’ minds.

They wonder what your video is all about.

Make sure you give them a comprehensive and authentic answer. 

But length is not the only factor, below are some key points to keep in mind while writing up your first ever video’s description:

  • Using keywords:

Using keywords in your description can really make your video stand out. YouTube is also a search engine so using keywords can make your video appear among the top searches of your viewers and get the most clicks on them. 

  • Other relevant keywords:

Instead of using the typical keywords that will make your video appear among the top searches, it is also recommended to use some other relevant keywords that will make your video appear in the ‘suggestions’ section of YouTube.

  • Conversational Description:

While writing up your channel’s description, keep it in a friendly conversational style so your audience develops a friendly bond with your channel instantly. Keeping it light and informal will definitely attract your audience and get your viewers’ count on your first ever video boosted up!

So all these factors will surely help you craft up a long comprehensive description that envelopes your audience in a bond of trust and engagement.

#5 Promise Your Viewers Something If they’ll Watch Your Video From Start To End

How to make your first Youtube video popular

It is no secret that to get the kids to do something, parents often bribe them.

Even to get your pets to do those little tricks, you bribe them with treats.

Same works with the YouTube audience! 

Most viewers only watch a few seconds of a YouTube video and quit watching it just because it was not promising enough. 

To keep your audience focused and on track is to lure them into your channel with some treats! 

Now, what could those treats be? 

In the YouTube community, those treats can be in the form of giveaways or discount vouchers. 

For example, if your YouTube video is about promoting your home business, then announce to your audience in the beginning that you will be giving away some discount vouchers and discount codes to some of your audience at the end. 

This will keep those viewers count continuously boosting! 

The same goes for giveaways. 

Promise your channel’s audience at the beginning that you have a special surprise for them at the end of the video. 

This promising hack will definitely help your audience engaged in your video till the very end! 

But if you are not in a position to conduct giveaways just yet, then you can promise your audience about a questionnaire or some other piece of information that might keep their eyes locked on your video.

For example, if you are conducting a simple science volcano experiment in your first ever video, then add an intriguing flare in the video’s title, something like ‘Watch Till End for A Mind Shocking Result!!’. 

This will not only grab their attention but will also bring in some tons of engagement on your first ever video on your channel! 

#6 Do A Youtube Collaboration

This is a trend many brands have used when launching a new product.

Ideally, users find it interesting to purchase an item if they see a familiar face or brand talking about it. 

Similarly, if you are a newcomer on YouTube and are looking to instantly boost your channel’s engagement conduct a collaboration. 

Find YouTubers who have already built some contacts in the industry of your channel’s genre. 

Collaborations with fellow YouTube artists always provide promising results in the end. 

How to make your first Youtube video popular

The artist you’re collaborating with must already have a stable following.

This way, you can ensure a win-win situation for yourself and the collab artist! 

They can give your channel a shoutout.

And their audience will become aware that a new awesome channel has joined the community. 

A collaboration also works in such a way that you are showing the audience a familiar face.

This will assure them that whatever content you will be posting on your channel will be helpful and authentic! 

Collabs are so gifted that if you can search for any famous YouTuber and analyze.

You might find that the most views they have on any video will definitely be a collaboration video!  


All these points will definitely help you in making a grand entrance into the YouTube world.

By following the ideas above, your first ever YouTube video will become a hit.

This will secure you a promising future for your channel.

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