11 Secrets To Grow Your YouTube Channel FAST

Discover about the 11 secret tips that fast-growing channels on YouTube follow to expand their audience and learn how you can adopt these tips.

If you are a YouTuber and you have dreams of becoming the next big thing on that platform, chances are high that you have asked the question of how. 

You probably look at your model channels, all those top channels that seem to not only grow but grow so fast and you wonder what their secret is.

Well, today’s your day! 

What are The Main Factors For YouTube Channel Growth?

The main factors fast-growing YouTube channels adopt include adding a human element, having a strong brand, focusing on audience retention, engaging with their audience, investing time in planning content, collaborating with other channels, actively promoting their channel, involving emotions, creating thumbnails that make people click, optimizing their videos for humans, and never giving up. 

In this article, we will reveal to you the top 11 secrets of those fast-growing channels and show you how you can adapt these secrets to your channel and see results almost immediately.

If you are ready to see your channel take giant leaps, then keep reading this and don’t put it down till you have read every single word.

Want to grow your channel like magic? 

Keep reading!

1. They Have A Human Element

Great channels usually have a human feel to them. 

Nobody wants to show up to a channel without a human feel to it. 

It’s a natural law, humans are social creatures and thrive on connections, and great channels know this and use it to their advantage. 

It is extremely important that as a channel whether as a small organization or just run by yourself, to show up. 

The importance of putting your face on the screen cannot be overemphasized. 

Why does this work so well? 

Your audience connects better with the element of individuality than that of being a body. 

We connect better with people, so put your face out there and grace their screens with yourself. 

This is non-negotiable especially for guys like bloggers, fitness channels, business coaches, and solopreneurs. 

This does not mean that every video you make needs to have your face in it, but try to reach out in person to your audience from time to time. 

Leave out no doubts about your humanness. 

Another great idea would be to use a photo of yourself in your channel, not a logo. 

2. Strong Brand

You must also pay attention to using strong branding signals. 

These are the little details that make people love some brands better than others. 

We see it all the time, you do too. 

Sometimes, you stumble on a not-so-terrific video with millions of views and you’re wondering why in the world people would love or react to that kind of video, the answer is in the branding. 

It is also the reason inferior products sometimes sell faster and better than superior products.

Great brands and channels build a brand that tells their audience a story around their value. 

You must know how to tell a story around your brand in a way that makes your audience empathetic towards your cause and relate better to your brand. 

You can create a cult-like following for your brand by using strong branding signals. 

You can also check out Primal Branding by Patrick Hanlon to know how to do this better.

When you see a channel doing so well and getting so much attention, you need to ask yourself what is the reason they are so strongly loved. 

Pay attention to the silent questions in the mind of your audience like “What’s your story?” “Who are you?” “Why should we trust you or follow you?” “What do you believe?” “What do you stand for?” and all those kinds of questions. 

3. Focus On Audience Retention

Great channels also focus on their audience retention. 

This is because they understand that this aspect is a big deal. 

Big channels try to get nothing less than a 50% audience retention at the end of every video. 

You should also strive to attain that. 

Ask yourself if half of the people who play your video stick around till the end of the video, and find ways you can make this happen.

If you can get to achieve this, then you will see some very cool results or side effects of this. 

One is that you will be getting a great increase in your watch time as it will be improved tremendously.

Another thing is that the more people stay through your video, the more they are likely to subscribe and return for more of your content. 

Big channels that are doing well know this and they do everything they can to make sure this happens. 

You should do the same.  

4. They Engage Their Audience

Guess what? 

The 4th secret of the big YouTube channels that grow so fast is that they know how to engage their audience and they do this strategically. 

The first thing to keep in mind as a creator on the YouTube platform is the fact that YouTube is a social media channel as well, and like the name implies, the users of this platform are social. 

It is not enough to have and put out great and fresh content, what are you doing with your audience? 

YouTube demands social interaction because your targets happen to be real-life people, not trees or phones. 

If you just keep posting videos without encouraging comments and discussion around your videos in any way, then you are missing appoint and are not doing your channel any favor. 

YouTube always has different ways of rewarding channels that have and encourage great engagement. 

This includes the overall time viewers spend watching videos on the channel, watch time, likes and dislikes, and of course, most importantly, the comments. 

Do everything within your power to respond to every comment you receive on your video if possible, that is, and don’t forget to ask your viewers to engage your videos through your audio and visual prompts. 

5. They Invest Time In Planning Their Content Ahead

This is super important. 

The big channels you admire and hope to be like do something many video creators on YouTube do not do – they spend a lot of time planning their content even before they get set to record a new video.

They get into meetings planning, strategizing, and restrategizing. 

They ask questions like “what content are we going to be doing for our next video?” “What do we have for the next three months?” “What title would be best?” “What kind of thumbnails should we use?” and those kinds of questions. 

They brainstorm and come up with a couple of different ideas and examine them.

What this means is that they are spending quality time before recording, using this time to plan and decide what is best for their channel. 

Unfortunately, the smaller channels do not do this and it tells it their content and the response they keep getting. 

They just hit record and try to wing it without prior preparation for that content. 

The difference is always clear. 

Some even figure out the title while the video is uploading and of course, the video will not do well because the elements of it do not flow. 

For instance, there’s no introduction and the topic does not match the thumbnail or even the content. 

Try to spend as much time as possible planning your content ahead of time

This can be the difference between fast-growing YouTube channels and those that don’t, and you should know this: the first idea is not always the best. 

Even if you do not have a team, use the people around you who care about what you do and want to see you win. 

Their feedback is totally helpful.

6. They Collaborate With Others

Great channels know how to collaborate with other video content creators to cross-share their audiences. 

This is smart, but not everybody knows this. 

This is a strategic way to grow because one of the fastest ways to grow your channel is to get featured before someone else’s audience.

This does not mean you need to get featured in front of any kind of audience, it means rather, that you want to get in front of the people you want to be seen by and followed by. 

Always ask “are these my ideal subscribers?” when you do get a chance or an opportunity to collaborate or be featured. 

This alone will help to avoid the confusion that can come with having a mixed audience. 

Ask yourself who has your target audience and when you do find them, work with them to cross-promote your channel to both audiences and watch your channel grow faster. 

7. They Actively Promote Their Videos

The big channels you admire are not just where they are because they are the best, they are putting in all the work and doing all they can to ensure the odds are in their favor. 

One way they do this is by promoting their YouTube videos on other social media channels. 

You should do the same. 

The great thing about social media is that you get to freely cross-promote content on different platforms

Promoting your videos on other social channels is easy and free; it’s also one of the best ways to actively promote your videos. 

Take advantage of your Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, and all the rest and promote your YouTube videos.

You can decide to go the full length or do a teaser so you can get the optimum engagement back to your channel on YouTube. 

It is also key to know the right communities to share your content on. 

You should also be able to get the right relationships to enable you to do this. 

8. They Involve The Emotions Of Their Viewers

Ask yourself how you can tell a great story that captures the emotions of your audience in whatever form. 

It could be fear, shock, surprise, intrigue, it could be hope, or anything else. 

The key is to get your audience emotionally involved. 

Great channels know that if they can get their audience’s emotions, they can achieve a lot more.

When you get the emotions of your audience by creating a human connection with them, you automatically increase your watch time and you will have a lot more people coming back to watch your videos and engage them.

This is because there is a feeling you give them and they have to be around you to be able to get that feeling again. 

Never, ever forget this. 

9. They Create Content That People Will Click

When you upload your videos, you have to make the kind of content that people respond to. 

Give people content that has titles and thumbnails that they want to watch. 

This will increase your watch time and your audience retention rate. 

The big channels pay attention to these things and they put all their efforts into creating great titles and thumbnails. 

That way, when the viewer sees something interesting from them, they are more likely to click.

The competition is fierce, and you have to go the extra mile if you want to get noticed and stay noticed. 

One way to make sure you are getting right is to always check out the big channels in your niche which are growing fast and doing well. 

Compare and contrast your thumbnails and titles with theirs and see what you may be doing right or what you need to improve on,

10. They Optimize Videos For Humans

Never forget that your target audience is not robots but people. 

It can be easy to get carried away with the whole SEO keyword thing but do not optimize to the point that you sound like you are trying to attract bots and not humans.

Optimize for people, not for robots. 

Focus on the keywords, but do so with a human approach. 

Always think, “what would my target audience click on if they were searching for something in this area?”

11. They Don’t Give Up

Another thing these big channels do is stay persistent. 

This means that they do not give up when things do not go as planned. 

They stay persistent with high-quality value delivered to their audience. 

They make sure that every single content they put out resonates with their audience and is valuable despite the former feedback they may have gotten from their previous video.


That’s all about the 11 secrets that can help your channel grow fast in no time. 

You should adopt these practices and tell us which works best for you. 

Leave us a comment!

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