Are YouTubers Rich?

Are YouTubers rich? Discover how much money video creators are making from YouTube and ways you can make good money from YouTube.

Youtube is the real deal, making millionaires every day from simple, daring, and creative videos.

YouTube’s brilliance lies in the simplicity of making, uploading, and sharing videos on the platform. 

The fact that YouTube has billions of subscribers makes the platform even more appealing to you.

Are YouTubers rich?

Yes, especially those YouTubers with a large following.

In this article, we’ll be mentioning some YouTubers who are making tons of cash from their YouTube channel, and some simple steps through which you can be one of them. 

So let’s get started! 

Can YouTube Make You Rich? 

Are YouTubers Rich?

The simplest one-word answer to the question ‘Can YouTube make you rich is?’ is a big YES!

There is no denying the fact that YouTube can fill your pockets. 

Many new-born YouTubers become overwhelmed and anxious when their YouTube channel does not get them a stream of money as rapidly as they thought it would.

But the key is patience.

Don’t believe us? 

Simply read on the success stories of some YouTubers mentioned below who were able to live their dreams by making money through YouTube. 

1. Jeffree Starr

Are YouTubers Rich?

Jeffree Starr is a 35-year-old American YouTuber, makeup artist, beauty influencer, cosmetic line owner, entrepreneur, and former musician worth between 200 to 250 million dollars in 2021.

Jeffree Starr’s fan base includes over 16 million youtube subscribers.

He hosts a viral makeup tutorial and review channel, beauty blog, makeup challenges, and vlogs.

Jeffree Starr makes money on YouTube by promoting and selling his cosmetic line products.

He also posts critical reviews of beauty products and collaborates with other celebrity YouTubers such as James Charles, the Dolan Twins, and Shane Dawson.

2. Evan Fong

Are YouTubers Rich?

Eva Fong is a 29-year-old Canadian gaming guru and YouTube celebrity worth over 25 million dollars. 

Through his alias Vanossgaming, Evan has over 24 million subscribers and eight billion video views. 

Evan makes money from Ads and also has a YouTube music channel.

Evan Fong’s achievements include:

  • In 2014 Evan was a nominee for The Game Award for Trending Gamer.
  • In 2016 he was a Shorty award nominee for tech and innovation.
  • In 2017, Evan was the second most highly paid personality on YouTube, earning over 15 million dollars.
  • In 2018 he was among the top 10 highest paid YouTubers on the planet.

Evan Fong’s earnings on YouTube run in the millions. 

A quick look at his earnings reveal the following:

  • 2017 – 15 million dollars
  • 2018 – 18.5 million dollars
  • 2019 – 11.5 million dollars

3. Ryan Kaji

Are YouTubers Rich?

Ryan Kaji is a 9-year-old YouTube child sensation from Texas, America. 

Ryan, who started YouTubing in 2015, hosts his channel, Ryan’s world, together with his mum, dad, and twin sisters.

As of November 2020, Ryan’s channel had over 45 billion views and 28 million subscribers.

Ryan’s achievements include:

  • The video “the huge eggs surprise toy challenge” had over 2 billion views making it one of the 60 most viewed videos on YouTube.
  • The highest YouTube earner of 2019, grossing 26 million dollars.
  • Ryan’s world is among the top 100 most subscribed channels in the U.S.

A brief history of Ryan’s earnings reveals the following:

  • 2017- 11million dollars ( 8th highest-earning YouTuber)
  • 2018 – 22 million dollars (highest-earning YouTuber)
  • 2019 – 26 million dollars (highest-earning YouTuber)

Ryan makes money from Ads and his product line

In 2018 Ryan, jointly with pocketwatch and bonkers toys, released a toy line titled Ryans world.

4. Nastya

Are YouTubers Rich?

Anastasia Radzinskaya is a 7-year-old Russian American YouTube celebrity. 

She was born in Krasnodar, Russia, in 2014. 

She is also known as Like Nastya and Stacy.

Anastasia and her family operate several YouTube channels, including Like Nastya, Stacy Toys, Like Nastya vlog, Stacy show, Funny Stacy, and funny Stacy PRT.

Anastasia’s achievements include the following:

  • Most prominent child YouTube celebrity in 2019
  • Most famous YouTube creator by number of views and subscribers
  • Her channels have a combined total of 100 million subscribers, while her videos have more than 40 billion views.
  • In 2020 her channel was the 6th most viewed channel on YouTube.

According to Forbes, Anastasia had a net worth of 20 million dollars as of 2019, and most of her income comes from Ads.

5. Mr. Beast

Are YouTubers Rich?

Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast), is a 23-year-old American professional YouTuber born and raised in Greenville, North Carolina.

He is well known for expensive stunts and philanthropy. 

He is a co-creator of “Team Trees,” a fundraising initiative that has raised over 22 million dollars.

Some interesting stats about Mr. Beast include: 

  • His main channel has over 61.5 million subscribers.
  • His combined channels (Mr. Beast shorts, Mr. Beast gaming) have a combined subscription of 95.87 million people.
  • Mr. Beast has 13.4 billion video views across his channels.
  • He has the 13th most subscribed channel on YouTube.
  • Second most subscribed channel owned by a YouTuber

His net worth is 16 million dollars. 

He makes money from adverts and owns an online shop where he sells T-shirts.

6. Dude Perfect

Are YouTubers Rich?

Dude perfect is made up of five former University roommates and basketball players. 

They are worth 50 million dollars and have 43 million subscribers

Most of their content is centered around sports, comedy, and entertainment activities and has featured prominent sports personalities.

They make money from a mobile app called Dude perfect app available on android and IoS. 

They have also partnered with Nickelodeon and have a TV show called the Dude Perfect show.

7. Ninja

Are YouTubers Rich?

Ninja (Tyler Blevins) is an American YouTuber star and gamer known for streaming Fortnite. 

Blevin boasts 23.9 million subscribers and 481 million video views on YouTube. 

On Twitch, Blevin has 14.6 million followers and 481 million views.

He is worth 25 million dollars, and apart from YouTube, he has several lucrative sponsorship deals.

8. Jake Paul

Are YouTubers Rich?

Jake Paul is a 24-year-old YouTube star, rapper, boxer, and actor. 

Jake’s channel features pranks, controversies, and music.

Jake Paul is worth 19.5 million dollars with 19 million subscribers and four billion video views.

He primarily earns from YouTube Ads.

9. Markiplier

Are YouTubers Rich?

Mark Fischbach (Markiplier) is a 31-year-old American YouTuber with 29.1 million subscribers and 15.6 billion video views.

His channel is well known for play-throughs of indie and horror games. 

He has also participated in sketch comedy and gaming videos with other YouTubers.

Mark is worth 35 million dollars, and he primarily makes money from Ads though he has a few acting credits to his name.

10. Rhett And Link

Are YouTubers Rich?

Rhett and Link are a dynamic YouTube duo who do acting and comedy on their show, the Good Mythical Show. 

They are aged 42 and 43 years, respectively, and are worth over 20 million dollars each.

Apart from Ads, they earn from a TV series and an entertainment company employing over 100 workers. 

They have four channels, a podcast, and two books.

11. DanTDM

Are YouTubers Rich?

Daniel Robert Middleton (DanTDM) is a 29-year-old British YouTuber, gamer, actor, and author.

Dan has 25 million subscribers on his main channel and over 17.9 billion views.

DanDTM is worth over 18.5 million dollars.

He makes money from his YouTube channel, producing gaming videos aimed at kids, book sales, and TV shows.

How To Turn Your YouTube Videos Into Real Money

Now that we have got you all inspired, let’s talk about making some real money.

Some ways through which you can earn from YouTube include registering for YouTube Partnership Program, YouTube Affiliate Marketing, Selling products, YouTube sponsorship, and donations by fans. 

1. Register For YouTube Partner Program

Are YouTubers Rich?

Do you wish to start earning from YouTube? 

Having a few videos and subscribers on your channel is not enough to make you a YouTube celebrity and start earning you dollars.

It takes more than that, and be warned, a lot of waiting is involved. 

YouTube isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. 

For a start, you need to fulfill the following bare minimums to join the YouTube Partner Programme.

  1. Have a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 valid public watch hours( in the last 12 months)
  1. Reside in a region/ country where the YPP is allowed
  1. Have a valid linked Adsense account

The YouTube Partner Programme gives creators access to more excellent resources and services from YouTube.

YouTube is a global brand, followed and trusted by many, therefore, their YPP checklist is quite strict.

Check that you satisfy the following program requirements:

  • Your channel must satisfy YouTubes policy and guidelines which include not displaying spam, scams, nudity, child safety, hate speech, and cyberbullying.
  • Google account confirmation; the user’s Google account has to go through a two-step verification process.
  • Have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of valid video views.
  • Accept and sign the YPP terms and conditions.
  • Have only one Adsense account.
  • Complete the review process.

You can earn money from YouTube through the following ways:

  • Advertising revenue
  • Channel membership
  • Merchant Shelf
  • Super chat and sticker
  • YouTube Premium revenue

2. YouTube Affiliate Marketing

Are YouTubers Rich?

Affiliate marketing is a business model where you earn a commission every time a client visits or purchases a product from your affiliate sponsor’s link or site.

Most online retailers prefer marketing their products on videos rather than using other media

The three main types of videos that are involved with Affiliate marketing are:

  • Product unboxing videos
  • Product review video
  • Product recommendation video

Usually, there will be a link in the video that leads to a landing page or retailer’s home page.

You will earn from clicks on the link and a commission on every successful sale made by the retailer.

3. Sell Products

Are YouTubers Rich?

Selling products or merchandise is a viable way of scaling your income on YouTube.

Many types of products and merchandise sell well on the platform. 

Things like customized T-shirts, caps, shorts, snapback do well.

The advantages of product/merchandise selling include:

  • Additional income source
  • Great marketing tactic as your goods/merchandise will raise your offline presence.
  • Excellent customer interaction strategy as your fans will have greater engagement with your physical products.

Selling products is relatively easy to start.

There are several ways you can create and scale your business.

A range of service providers is available to handle all aspects of your product business.

You can get creative designs from sites like Fivver, data handling by Orbelo, dropshipping, or partner with merchandising companies such as Don’t Forget To Be Awesome (DFTBA)

Alternatively, you can start from scratch and manufacture your products. 

Marketing your goods through your channels is both effective and efficient.

Selling your products on YouTube is easier than a trader selling from a normal store because:

  • You already have a fan base
  • YouTube will expose you to millions of potential customers daily.

4. YouTube Sponsorship

Are YouTubers Rich?

Sponsorship deals are all over the internet. 

Digital marketing, including YouTube, is one of the most effective advertising channels.

Advertisers love digital marketing because it’s efficient in reaching and influencing the spending habits of millions of shoppers.

Brands are always on the lookout to hook famous influencers and sign them into sponsorship deals. 

Companies then leverage the fame of these YouTubers to drive their brand’s image and agenda. 

Influencers endorse the products and services of their sponsors and influence their subscribers into purchasing these items.

A successful sponsorship campaign depends on several factors including:

  • Is the brand a good fit for you as a YouTuber? If you’re a Christian YouTube star, partnering with a beer company will not work out.
  • Budget and compensation that includes how much will you be paid to associate yourself with a particular brand, and how much is expected of you?
  • Is the brand a good fit for your audience? Kids show being sponsored by a cigarette company isn’t ideal.

There are several ways in which you can endorse the products and services of your sponsor and these include:

  • One-off videos for a product launch, company video
  • Full sponsorship where the brand sponsor your whole channel, and you have to advertise the sponsor’s products during shows

When correctly done, sponsorship is beneficial both to you and the sponsor.

5. Donation By Fans

Are YouTubers Rich?

Fan funding is popular among YouTubers in raising extra revenue. 

If you are a famous brand with a loyal following, your fans will be more inclined to donate.

Fan funding platforms allow you to interact with your most loyal fans and reward them with extra bonuses and perks.

To make your fan-funding project a success, follow these few guidelines:

  • Maintain maximum transparency in your dealings and make sure all your funding financial records are audited regularly.
  • Use a reward system where the highest donors are appreciated with special plans, benefits, and discounts as this will increase the loyalty of your fans.

Well-known fundraising options include:

  • YouTube Superchat
  • Patreon
  • Tipeee


YouTube is creating superstars and celebrities every day. These are normal people doing normal things but which entertain their viewers.

Don’t be scared, though; you can make it on Youtube if you have the drive, will, and ambition to succeed.

We hope you found the article helpful, let us know in the comments! 

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