Why Your Videos Don’t Show Up On YouTube Search

Learn about the reasons why your video is unable to show up in the top searches on YouTube and discover how you can make your video noticed.

This article is for those who have a poor experience with their videos showing up on the YouTube search engine. 

If you have had a bad experience with the YouTube search engine and your videos, then there is probably something you are missing or do not know which may be directly responsible for the experience you have had so far.

To get noticed on YouTube, you need your video to appear in the top searches, and for doing so, you need to optimize your video, improve video tags, use long-tail keywords, be specific with your content, niche down, use custom thumbnails, and consider thumbnails with faces. 

This article will show you what you need to know and what you need to do in order to have a better experience with your videos showing up in YouTube searches.

Let’s get started.

If your videos are not showing up in YouTube search in spite of everything you do, then you definitely have a lot of questions regarding that. 

You are probably wondering how you will grow if people cannot find your channel. 

When it comes to YouTube search, it is quite important to give context as to what your video is about. 

When it comes to videos showing up on YouTube search, there are a couple of factors to consider. 

Three of these important factors include relevance, engagement, and quality. 

For quality, YouTube’s system is designed to identify signals that can help determine which channels demonstrate expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness on a given topic.

Also, many people hold the myth that their videos have fully optimized titles and descriptions, and wonder why they don’t rank high. 

The truth concerning this is always that YouTube search considers many signals and they include your watch time for a particular query

What that simply means is that YouTube is always on the lookout for what is the relevant stuff, that is, what is important to the query people type into the search box. 

YouTube shows videos based on what people are looking for when they type into the search box.

YouTube is also on the lookout for authoritativeness. 

So, imagine that you dedicate your entire channel to a particular topic or subject. 

What is happening is that you are increasing your authority in that field

So, when people search for anything in that area, your videos will be likely to come up. 

Another thing YouTube pays attention to is trustworthiness. 

This means that if you are not the kind of creator who throws shades or insults other creators or gets dragged into unnecessary arguments or online fights, then YouTube sees you as trustworthy and deserving of the spotlight. 

This means your content is trustworthy and users will get a great experience from your videos. 

If you have your videos optimized in terms of all the metadata needed, like the title, tags and all, then your videos should get shown.

YouTube search is important for you as a content creator on the platform because every minute, 100 hours of videos are being uploaded to then your videos should get shown.

We are talking about 30 million visitors every single day. 

If you can take advantage of the massive traffic and publicity that YouTube offers, then you can shoot to the top of YouTube’s search engine results. 

How Do I Make My YouTube Video Searchable

It is strongly recommended that when you are creating your content, you need to think the same way you search. 

Many content creators on YouTube overlook this because it sounds really simple, the trick is paying attention to the seemingly simple stuff. 

For example, when a user is searching for ‘how to install a gutter,’ that is quite specific and this will lead to videos with equally specific titles. 

The key is to make your videos searchable.

A great way to do that is to use TubeBuddy to find out the search volume for the subject you want to make a video on. 

This will help you gauge the competition in the area and help you decide whether to go on as you planned or to try something more effective.

1. Optimize For Search

You need to optimize your video content in order to make it searchable. 

This means you need to create your videos with the searchers in mind. 

To further explain that, create as though you were typing

Think about how you search. 

This helps you to use the words that optimize your videos and ensure that your videos can get found on YouTube search.

When you get your video optimized, you can increase your watch time and this is favored by the YouTube algorithm and will get your video shown to more people and this, in turn, gets you more noticed.

Your title for instance should be the type that people just look at and know exactly what they should expect in your video. 

If your title is too long, people will lose interest and ignore you. 

You don’t want that. 

If your title is say, too short, people may not understand what your video is about and will move on to videos with titles that best tell them what to expect or look forward to.

It is ideal to have around 120 characters, that is just enough to tell people what they are expecting and what they will be watching, but not too much that they skip it.

When you craft your title, add a keyword phrase at the beginning

This is especially useful if you are doing a series. 

The same thing applies to your description. 

Try this: when you are writing your video description. with writing tools or without, craft your vital keywords naturally

So far as the description flows, your video will do well.

When you are writing your video description, make sure to also include a link to your website or blog. 

To help with Google ranking, a YouTube link to your website is considered to be a backlink and this is really helpful for your website.

Usually, the description of a YouTube video is cut off towards the third line, so make sure that you put your link at the beginning of your video description.

2. Improve Video Tags

This is super important but many video creators neglect this aspect. 

Tags are the descriptive keywords that you can add to your video that help viewers to easily find your content. 

Your video’s thumbnail, title, and description are vital pieces of metadata to help viewers find your video easily. 

Tags are especially useful if the content of your video is misspelled. 

Another possible reason you may not be seeing your video on YouTube search is that you may have probably added the wrong tags

You may be adding incorrect tags. 

For example, when you search for your video using your YouTube username, it is not likely to show up unless you tag it with that username. 

What we are basically saying is that you should make sure that as much as possible, you use the relevant tags on your video to help it get found during the search process by viewers.

3. Use Long-Tail Keywords

Using long-tail keywords means that you are being very specific with the words you are using and you are targeting a specific audience with your content. 

For instance, when you are running a channel for cooking, and maybe you just started a series for specific audiences, you may use titles like ‘best cooking tips for new moms.’ 

That is more targeted and specific than just using ‘best cooking tips.’

This makes it super easy for viewers to find your videos and increases your visibility. 

This means you want to avoid single words that do not give a lot of contexts. 

Another reason you may not be seeing your video on YouTube search may be that you did not do your research before setting out on that video. 

Proper research helps you to know who you are trying to rank against. 

When you know who you are trying to rank up against, it becomes easier to use the right long-tail keyword phrase in your video titles and descriptions.

This is impossible without proper prior research.

4. Be Specific With Your Content

Another reason you may not be getting your video seen when viewers search on YouTube is that your content is not specific

You want to make sure that you create content that is specific and targeted. 

This will enable your videos to show up when users are searching for videos in your category or area of focus.

The trick is to make sure you know who your content is specifically for and focus your content on these people.

5. Niche Down

This is very important if you are looking to have your videos found when users search for content. 

When people are not clicking on your video and you are not getting enough engagements, YouTube moves it down on the list that shows when people type in what they want in the search box, after a while, your video is removed and another video that meets that demand is put up to replace yours. 

One major cause of this is that many video creators fail to niche down. 

It is important that you niche down as a content creator on the YouTube platform

It helps you to get found easily and quickly when viewers are searching for content in your field.

Make sure you know who you are trying to reach so you can create content that appeals to them. 

Your channel should be like a sort of resource place for viewers to go when they need a particular thing. 

This makes your channel an authoritative one, so when people are looking for a particular thing, your videos show up everywhere.

6. Use Custom Thumbnails

Your thumbnail represents what your video stands for. 

You could call it the face of your video and not be wrong about that. 

Your thumbnail happens to be the first thing that viewers see when your video comes up. 

You have to make it count.

Try to get your thumbnails customized because these outperform the default screenshot you see on YouTube every time. 

Take the time to create a custom, attractive thumbnail that depicts what your video is about.

To get the best results, we recommend that you go with 1280X720 resolution with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

7. Consider Thumbnails With Faces

You probably didn’t know this one, but the YouTube team has confirmed that thumbnails with faces actually do better than those without faces. 

The key is to make it clear and relevant to your video, because anything otherwise may count as spam. 

This will help you rank higher in search and shows your audience what they will be getting in the video. 

The smart thing is not to let the algorithm decide what is best for you. 

You decide what is best for you.


So, we believe you have found a reason for your ranking challenge in this article and you have figured a solution from it to help you resolve the challenge and make sure your video gets seen on YouTube search.

Hope you found the article helpful!

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