How To Brand Your Online Coaching Business

Learn how to brand your online coaching business and find 9 tips that can help your brand as an online coach and scale your business to the next level.

Are you into the coaching business and want to take your venture to next level?

Well going online may be a great idea.

Before you start, consider the following nuggets as they will help your brand stand out among your competitors.

This article has been specifically written to help you become a sensation in the world of the online coaching business!

So let’s get started! 

The first step to branding your coaching business is to outline the key aspects that make your service unique. These will help you build a brand around your unique abilities. The next step us to develop your brand mission and vision statements. You will also need to develop your brand tag line and personality, identify your target market, and maintain a consistent voice in your messaging in all your communications. 

1. Determine What’s Unique About Your Coaching Business

How To Brand Your Online Coaching Business

Your journey to attracting a substantial following among the online community starts by discovering what makes your brand unique

Here are five tips to help discover what sets you apart from other players in your niche.

How Are You Different?

The coaching business is built around people’s personalities. 

You are different from other people offering similar courses online. 

For instance, your educational background may be different from that of other trainers. 

Similarly, your personal and work experiences also differ from those of other coaches. 

You can build a brand around any of these experiences. 

One way of achieving this is by using your experiences to create content that addresses the needs of a specific group that most trainers overlook. 

Now, your unique understanding of that niche will give you a competitive edge against your competitors.

How Do You Get Your Audience To Get Results?

The selling point of every good coach is their ability to help their audience get results. 

To know what makes you different from others, think of the process you intend to use in your training. 

How different is it compared to those of other trainers?

Is it efficient and safer? 

Are your clients happy with the process? 

As long as you can answer these questions, you can compare your process of getting results from your trainees, with your competitors’ coaching methods. 

Align your process with the needs of your target group and make it unique but practical. 

What Is Your Belief System?

Your belief system can be a major differentiator of your brand from other trainers. 

If you align your business with your values and strive to uphold them, you will make your brand unique

These values will define what your business stands for and will guide your interactions with your audience. 

To help you define your value, think of what you believe in

You could use your faith as an inspiration or perhaps ask yourself some questions such as, what do regard to be morally right? 

What practices should your brand uphold and what is unacceptable to you? 

The responses to these questions will help you determine what values your brand should stand for. 

Write these values and let your audience know about them.  

What Is Your Target Audience?

The coaching industry is broad. 

One way of making your brand unique is focusing on a particular audience. 

Different consumer groups have different needs. 

Therefore, you will need to tailor-make your training to suit your target group.

As you narrow down to your focus group, consider any existing gaps that other trainers are not addressing.

Also, pick a group you are most conformable with and can meet their needs satisfactorily. 

How Different Is Your Product From Others?

Think of ways of packaging your product so it stands out from the rest. 

There are many ways you can achieve this such as pricing, mode of delivery, personalization, and interactions with your audience.  

When developing your courses,  see the features that you can incorporate to make them more appealing to your target clients. 

This way, you can be sure of beating your competition.

2. Determine Your Mission And Vision 

How To Brand Your Online Coaching Business

Once you establish what makes you unique among other coaches in your niche, create the mission and vision statements for your brand. 

While these are correlated, they are different

When developing a mission statement, think of the purpose of your brand. 

In a nutshell, this is what you believe and know to be true. 

It also includes how your audience will benefit from your brand in the next few years. 

Summarize these ideals in a catchy phrase that your audiences can use to identify with your brand.

On the other hand, your vision statement should provide a picture of what your brand will be like in the future if you achieve your mission. 

This statement should guide and inspire you to implement your mission. 

As you pen down your vision statement, think of what your audience will achieve after completing your training. 

This way, you will get a glimpse of the impact your brand will have on your clients. 

For instance, how many people will have completed your training in the next ten years and how will their lives be transformed by your training? 

3. State A Clear Brand Promise 

How To Brand Your Online Coaching Business

Your brand promise is the value your clients get every time they use your services. 

This is not a one-off wow experience, but a consistent and deliberate effort to delight your clients. 

Your business operating model should depict how you intend to fulfill this promise. 

For instance, an unbeatable pricing model or exceptional service delivery that is synonymous with your brand. 

This promise should differentiate you from your competitors and most importantly, your customers should know about it. 

It is not a secret, but an undertaking that you should be proud of. 

Therefore, talk about it with pride and share it on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. 

Often, repeat your brand promise in your communications such as press releases and social media posts. 

4. Create A Tagline That Exemplifies Your Brand’s Mission 

How To Brand Your Online Coaching Business

Besides creating a brand promise, you will need a tagline that exemplifies your mission

This is a memorable phrase that your clients can read alongside your brand name. 

The sweet spot for the best tagline should be anywhere between two and seven words.

Your brand promise will help your clients know what you intend to for them. 

It is a positing statement that will set you apart from your competitors.

When developing a brand promise, think of your clients’ experiences, target market, passion for your work, your personality, and what you can help your audience to achieve. 

If you can capture these things in a short phrase, then you are on the right path to building a strong brand. 

Your tagline should evolve as your business grows and new interests emerge. 

But it should never deviate from what you do. 

The bottom line is that it should remain relevant to your core business. 

5. Consider The Current Trends In Your Industry

How To Brand Your Online Coaching Business

Before you launch your coaching business, find out the prevailing market trends that are affecting your target audience

Use tools such as search engines to perform online research on key players in the market and the behavior of your target clients.

For example, what platforms are your clients using, and what services are they accessing online? 

What are their spending habits and who are making the decisions to buy products in your niche?

It is possible to use free tools to get infallible market information as opposed to buying expensive research reports. 

Therefore, do not use this as an excuse not to do market research. 

However, if you have the budget for a market survey, purchase a professional report from a credible research firm. 

You can get valuable information from such reports as opposed to researching on your own, especially if you don’t have the necessary skills.

As you do your research, do not lose focus

It is easy to chase trends and forget what your business stands for. 

Instead, use market trends to inform your decisions to give your clients better experiences as well as help you package your products. 

6. Be Consistent With Your Offering 

How To Brand Your Online Coaching Business

One way to you can differentiate yourself from other coaches in your niche is to remain consistent with your offering

Do not say one thing in your messaging, then offer something else in reality. 

Make sure your brand promise and tagline are in synch with the value your products bring to your clients. 

It all boils down to building trust. 

If you can offer what you promise and consistently improve on surpassing your clients’ expectations, then you will win the trust of your clients. 

It is difficult to remain consistent, but this is something that will make you stand out among your competitors in the long haul. 

7. Identify Your Ideal Customer 

How To Brand Your Online Coaching Business

As mentioned earlier, you need to know your target customer. 

This is the group of people your brand can reach with ease, based on your unique experiences, beliefs, and abilities. 

Your ideal target group is those clients you can reach better than your competitors with fewer resources. 

You will need to know what makes your audience unique from other groups. 

Understand their needs, the way they think, and their frustrations with competitor products in the market. 

Now package your brand in a way that meets these needs better than any of your competitors. 

The needs of your customers will define your key decisions such as product pricing, mode of delivery, messaging of your marketing campaigns, as well as the marketing channels to use. 

It is important to note that customers do need change over time. 

Therefore, listen to your clients to accommodate their emerging needs and serve them better. 

8. Define Your Brand’s Personality 

How To Brand Your Online Coaching Business

Defining the personality of your coaching brand will help you appeal to your target market. 

Determining your brand personality may sound complicated. 

However, you build a coaching brand around your personality. 

It is easy to be yourself than something you are not. 

This will be reflected in the manner you communicate, and the way you do things.

To achieve this, establish your key traits. 

For example, do you consider yourself to be reserved or outgoing, traditional or fashionable, funny or serious, casual or corporate? 

Embolden your brand by giving it a personality that your customers can identify with.  

9. Communicate In A Consistent Voice 

How To Brand Your Online Coaching Business

The way you communicate to your audience can make or break your brand

For instance, your messaging should reflect the features of your offering and link your products to your customer needs. 

It should also be consistent with your brand promise, tagline, and personality. 

This is a sure way to reinforce your clients’ confidence in your brand. 

To achieve this, make sure your messages on all your communication channels are consistent. 

It is also helpful to manage your communications centrally to avoid cases of misrepresenting facts

A simple mistake of miscommunication can be costly, especially in today’s digital world. 

Your competitors can take advantage of such lapses to gain undue mileage through negative publicity.


This article will help you define the direction your brand is taking in the next few years and what it will be like in the future. 

We hope you found this article helpful!

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