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We're looking around for your dream business name

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We're looking around for your dream business name

We're looking around for your dream business name

We're looking around for your dream business name

We're looking around for your dream business name

We're looking around for your dream business name

We're looking around for your dream business name

Use our Blog Name Generator tool to create catchy blog names and learn some blog name Creation tips & Ideas in this blog name generator guide.

What’s the best way to start your influencer journey? 

Become a blogger! 

Becoming an influencer is so easy in the 21st century. 

Here are some of my favorite blogging tools:

All you have to do is to pursue your inner passion and showcase it to the world! 

And starting a blog will help you do that. 

Blog Name Generator

A blog is like your non-personal diary and keeps all the records of your life happenings and shares it with the world. 

Being a blogger is not only fun and exciting but can help you earn some serious cash.  

Sounds pretty cool, right? 

If you are reading this article then the idea of being a blogger must be dancing in your mind. 

So let’s get to some blogger business and start with your blogger identity!

Who Is A Blogger?

First, let’s get to the basics.

Who actually is a blogger? 

A blogger is an online artist who runs a blog, giving information about various topics. 

A blogger entertains and engages their audience through their life happenings. 

They select a niche; artwork, lifestyle, sports, makeup, anything! And start recording themselves to reach out to their audience. 

Their blog is like an open book of their life, where they share their lifestyle and expertise with the world. 

Apart from giving healthy tips and sharing secrets about their niche, a blogger also collabs with various brands and companies and reviews their products. 

So bloggers are the key to influencer marketing. 

Blogging is a fun and entertaining way of earning from your comfort zone. 

All you have to do is to have fun, post loads of content related to your niche, and share your life tips with your followers! 

It may sound pretty simple but it’s actually a catch-22. 

With blogging becoming mainstream in 2020, the competition out there among bloggers is getting tougher every day. 

So to lure your audience in with unique content is quite a difficult job. 

And once you have established yourself as a famous blogger on Instagram or YouTube, you can earn thousands of dollars from your single post! 

But first thing is first, to stand out in the blogger community as a fresh newbie blogger, you need a cool and catchy name that makes it irresistible for your audience to follow your blog! 


We have got the answer in our blog name generator tool!

So let’s get started! 

How To Come Up With A Blog Name

The most important part of creating your blog is deciding on a suitable name.

We get to know a lot about a person’s personality by their names; like the names, Karen and Lola are completely different worlds. 

Similarly, a blog is also identified by its name

You need to catch your audience’s interest by just your mere name.

This is because that’s the first thing that your followers are going to see before checking out your content. 

Remember, naming your blog is the primary step for a successful blog. 

Blog Name Generator

If your name isn’t catchy enough for your audience or is dull or boring then all your exclusive content would go to waste. 

But how do you pick out a unique name? 

Don’t worry, we have just the solution! 

We have devised a naming strategy that will surely help you to pick out the best and the most unique name for your blog. 

So let’s get down to the strategy!

The most essential and obvious key which sets the foundation of our naming strategy is to take your time while deciding on a name. 

Do not jump on the first name that comes in your mind.

There is a chance that you might not like it in the future, and changing your name can be a hassle. 

Once you have gained a following of 1000 or more followers, it’s better to avoid changing your name due to 2 reasons:

  1. By abruptly changing your blog name, you might lose some traffic on your blog.
  2. Most social media do not have the feature of changing the blog’s name. In that case, you would have to start your blog again from scratch with your new name.

In light of these reasons, it is preferred that you take your time, sit back and relax and don’t rush in picking out a name for your blog.

To pick out a nice chic name that is eye-catching, you need to keep it short and simple. 

The longer your name, the harder it is to remember for your audience. 

Long and generic names create a very dull impact on your blog. 

Blog Name Generator

Your blog is all about fun and amusement so you might want to select a catchy classy name to get some attention. 

For example, if you want to start a makeup blog then names like ‘Good Makeup by Lisa’ are long and boring. 

Go for a more subtle name like ‘Lisa’s Brush’

Now that sounds fun!

Another tip for your blog’s name is to avoid narrow names.

You never know when you would want to expand your niche.

Narrow names can cause you trouble in the future. 

For example, if your blog is about baking cakes but later on you decide to expand your idea and include cookies on your blog as well then names like ‘Cakes by Sarah’ are too narrowed. 

You might want to go for something like ‘Cooking with Sarah’. 

Using your own name in your blog’s name can help add a personal flair to your blog. 

It also gives your viewers an insight into your personality! 

However, avoid using solely your name as the blog’s name. 

For example, if you are a writer, then names like ‘Ben’s Pen’ are preferred rather than simply naming your blog ‘Ben’. 

Another handy trick is to always avoid using symbols and numbers in your blog’s name as it makes the name hard to remember

Numbers can be included if you’re keeping things simple like ‘Fitness Club 888’

But be very cautious while naming as you don’t want your blog’s name to look like a password! 

When you’re picking a name, try to avoid using brand names or trademark names.

You might face some copyright issues with your blog. 

A good practice is to make a thorough search on the internet to make sure that your name doesn’t resemble any brand or trademark name. 

The best naming tool is in your school bag! Take out your dictionary and surf through thousands of words. You would find multiple synonyms that might help you in choosing a catchy name.

The best way to find which name appeals to your audience the most is to ask them yourself! 

Have a little tea party and invite all your friends and family. 

Ask for their opinion on your shortlisted names. 

Conduct a vote and you will have your audience adored name! 

TLD stands for Top-Level Domain

If you’re making a website blog, then you would have to include a TLD with your blog’s name. 

There are hundreds of TLD and choosing the right one can be a challenge. ‘.org’ and ‘.net’ are among the widely used TLDs but the most preferred by the audience and easy to remember is ‘.com’. 

The competition among blogs is getting more and more challenging every day. 

So always search the internet first to ensure that your selected name is not already taken by any other website. 

Otherwise, it can be troublesome in the future. 

Most of us often get hit by a storm of ideas and instantly get inspired by one of them. 

But you might want to do a little more homework before making your blog centered on the idea. 

You need to analyze the long term goals of your blog so you know it doesn’t get dull in the future. 

Before deciding on a name, you need to reflect on your target audience and the style of your blog. 

Blog Name Generator

Whether your blog is directed for the ladies or for the elderly, you need to choose a name according to your audience so it makes them feel welcomed. 

Choosing a blog name is not something that can be decided over-night. 

So to give you a head start, we have compiled a list of the popular niches that exist in the blogging community and the top blogs in those niches. 

You can pick the niche that you desire and take a trip down the names of the top 10 blogs. 

That would definitely wire up your brain and give you an insight for choosing a name that could instantly become popular. 

Here’s a list of some of those popular niches! 

Technology Blogs:

Blog Name Generator

Tech blogs are the home of cool nerds. If you are a tech freak and want to start a blog about the latest technology and trends, then you might want to visit these top 10 blogs to give you a heads up on your yet to be picked blog’s name.

  1. Cnet is the biggest blog with more than 91.89 million monthly visits and 200 million readers. 

  1. The Verge: comes second with more than 91.89 million monthly visits and 20 million followers.

  1. Engadget: comes third and has around 37.02 million monthly visits and millions of readers. 

  1. Digital Trends: is next with more than 31.12 million monthly visits and 30 million readers. 

  1. Gizmodo: has 23.85 million monthly visits and around 100 million page views. 

  1. TechCrunch: is next and has more than 22 million monthly visits and 12 million followers. 


The popular tech blog has 17.15 million monthly visits and 28 million followers.

  1. The Next Web: has 10.18 million monthly visits and 7.2 million followers.

  1. Read Write: is also quite famous and has around 270K monthly visits. 

Lifestyle Blogs:

The most relaxing and full of enjoyment blogs are lifestyle blogs. If you have a unique or bizarre lifestyle, like you’re a working mom or a sports dad, then you should definitely start a lifestyle blog to share your tips and life hacks. Here’s a list of the top 10 blogs to give you a vague idea for your name:

  1. My Deal Blog:

The Australian blog comes first and has 2.3 million monthly visits and 8.2K Instagram followers.

  1. Goop: comes second with 1.96 million monthly visits and 1.4 million Instagram followers. 

  1. Cup of Jo: is an award-winning blog with 1.53 million monthly visits and 208K Instagram followers.

  1. Better Living: has 442.7K monthly visits and 106.7K Instagram followers. 

  1. Conscious Lifestyle Magazine: comes next with 222.2K monthly visits and 54.3K Instagram followers. 

  1. The Blond Abroad: comes next with 190.27K monthly visits and 566.7K Instagram followers. 

  1. Camille Styles: has around 189.7K monthly visits and 165K Instagram followers.

  1. The Skinny Confidential: is next in line with 88.8K monthly visits and 946K Instagram followers. 

  1. Pouted: is an online lifestyle magazine with 63.17K monthly visits and 8K Instagram followers.

  1. The Edge Search: comes next with 50K monthly visits. 

Travel Blogs:

Are you obsessed with traveling? Then gear up to start your own traveling blog! To give your mind a lead, here are the names of the top 10 lifestyle blogs:

  1. Nomadic Matt: has 835.6K monthly visits and 117K Instagram followers.

  1. The Poor Traveler: comes next with 709.15K monthly visits and 77.5K Instagram followers.

  1. Hand Luggage Only: has 393.8K monthly visits and 96.3K Instagram followers. 

  1. Expert Vagabond: has 321.1K monthly visits and 149K Instagram followers.

  1. Migrationology: has around 229K monthly visits and 1.1 million Instagram followers.

  1. Adventurous Kate: comes next with 99.3K monthly visits and 99.7K Instagram followers.

  1. Legal Nomads: has around 56.82K monthly visits and 79.1K Instagram followers. 

  1. Amateur Traveler: is an award-winning blog with around 50K monthly visits. 

  1. Dan Flying Solo: has less than 50K monthly visits and has 26K Instagram followers.

  1. Maptia:

Maptia has around 8K Instagram followers.

Fashion Blogs:

Love fashion and everything trendy? Then start your own fashion blog! With thousands of fashion blogs out there, here is a list of the top 10 fashion blogs which can give you a hint about your blog’s name:

  1. Refinery29: has 19.6 million monthly visits and 2.6 million Instagram followers.

  1. The Yesstylist: has around 8.02 million monthly visits and 1 million Instagram followers.

  1. GQ Men’s Fashion: comes next with 7.9 million monthly visits and 5.4 million Instagram followers.

  1. Who What Wear: has  4.7 million monthly visits and 3.4 million Instagram followers.

  1. Teen Vogue: has 3.8 million monthly visits and 2.9 million Instagram followers. 

  1. The Man Repeller: has 2.9 million monthly visits and 2.4 million Instagram followers. 

  1. Marie Claire: has around 1.65 million monthly visits and 114.2K Instagram followers. 

  1. Fashionista: has around 1.1 million monthly visits and 586.8K Instagram followers.

  1. The Fashion Spot: has 751.5K monthly visits and 28.5K Instagram followers.

  1. The Fashion Magazine: comes next to 201.2K monthly visits and 117.8K Instagram followers.

Digital Marketing:

Blog Name Generator

Digital Marketing blogs are the new face of marketing in the modern era and they are expanding every day. If you are planning to start a digital marketing setup, then here are the names of the top 10 blogs that can give you a head start for deciding on a name:

  1. HubSpot: is the biggest blog and comes first with 27.32 million monthly visits.

  1. Neil Patel Digital: comes at second with 7.7 million monthly visits.

  1. Buffer: comes at third with 4.48 million monthly visits.

  1. Moz: has more than 3.5 million monthly visits on their blog.

  1. Search Engine Journal: has around 2.38 million monthly visits. 

  1. Backlinko: comes next with 870.89K monthly visits. 

  1. Content Marketing Institute: has around 319.7K monthly visits.

  1. Convince and Convert: comes next with 174.5K monthly visits.

  1. Orbit Media: comes next with 135.6K monthly visits.

  1. Copyhackers: is another digital marketing blog with 124.4K monthly visits. 

Fitness and Health Blogs:

Fitness and Health blogs are everyone’s favorite. So if you are drafting up for a similar blog, then take a look at the names of these top 10 blogs to get an idea for your blog: 

  1. Healthline Nutrition: comes first in the list with 231.35 million monthly visits.

  1. Health Magazine: comes second with more than 15.10 million monthly visits.

  1. Shape: comes third with 8.41 million monthly visits.

  1. Well + Good: comes next with 4.46 million monthly visits.

  1. My Fitness Pal: is next with 2.11 million monthly visits.

  1. ACE Insights: has around 1.96 million monthly visits. 

  1. Eating Bird Food: has around 985.22K monthly visits.

  1. Oh She Glows: has 356.6K monthly visits. 

  1. Fitness Magazine: comes next with 156.08K monthly visits.

  1. Nutrition Stripped: is next with 91.96K monthly visits.


We hope you can create a profitable blog using the tips above.

As mentioned earlier, it all begins with choosing a name that can rhyme with your audience.

But if you lack the ideas, you can use the blog name generator and the blogs listed above for inspiration.

Make sure you follow the tips above when going through the options and settle on one that matches your needs