How To Schedule A Google Meet

Learn how to schedule a Google Meet through various ways and learn how to use its various features for a successful meeting.

Meetings are so last century! With Google Meet, you can schedule meetings with your coworkers and friends no matter the distance. Share screens during video chats or make announcements in a room of up to 8 people at once – all from one app on both iOS ( iPhone ) AND Android devices alike.

In this article, we’ll walk you through how to set up your meeting using Google Meet, invite participants, share screens during your meeting, make announcements in the room using “@” mentions, mute or unmute people in the meeting room, or mute all audio from one person if they are being disruptive.

How To Schedule A Google Meet

To schedule a meeting, open the Google Meet app and tap on the “Create Meeting” button. You’ll need to provide some information about your meeting including:

-The name of your meeting

-The date and time of your meeting

-Who is invited to the meeting (you can invite people by typing in their email addresses, or by selecting them from your Google contacts)

After you’ve set up this information, you will need to tap the “Schedule” button at the bottom of the screen, to send invitations to everyone who has been invited. You can add more details about where to meet (like a room number), assign roles like ‘host’ and ‘note taker’, and also choose whether to use a mobile hotspot for this meeting.

What Is Google Meet?

Google Meet is a video-conferencing application that you can use to interact with up to eight people at the same time. You have access to all of Google’s standard features including Hangouts, Gmail, Drive, and Docs, just in case your meeting needs any extra resources!

If someone does not have an account on Google, then they can still join the meeting by clicking on a link that is provided in the invitation email. The person will only need a webcam and a microphone enabled on their computer in order to participate in the video call.

Google Meet is available as an app on both iOS and Android devices, so you can take your meetings with you wherever you go! You can also join meetings from a computer if you’re not able to access the app.

Steps To Schedule A Google Meet

Google Meet has made it easy for you to take your meetings with a quick trip on the go! You can either use their app or sign in from any computer. There are numerous ways through which you can schedule Google meet calls, so let’s get to them right away.

By Using Google Calendar

Step # 1: Open Google Calendar

Open Google Calendar on your computer or phone and tap the plus sign icon to create a new event. From there, you can set up additional details like location, date/time preferences for attendees (e.g., which days of the week they’re available), and even note information about yourself if needed. This will help someone else find their way back into contact with you later!

The Google Calendar app with the "create event" icon highlighted.

Step # 2: Add Video Conferencing Details

Tap on the Add video conferencing option and Google will generate a meeting link for you! This link will direct meeting attendees to a Google Meet page, where they can join the video call and chat with everyone else in attendance.

A Google Calendar event creation page, with the video conferencing option highlighted.

Step # 3: Save The Meeting

You can now select the meeting on your calendar to see if it’s available and to get access to the link. You can share this link with others and invite them right from there. You could also click Join with Google Meet which will open up this call automatically for you!

A Google Calendar event page, with the Google Meet link highlighted.

By Using Gmail

To schedule a meeting by using Gmail is no different from scheduling one in the Google Calendar. The process is just a little more condensed and direct!

There are two ways to use Gmail to schedule a Meet call. One on your computer, and one on your mobile phone. Let’s take a look at them both.

  1. Scheduling On Computer

To schedule a Meet call on your computer, open Gmail and click the new meeting button in the left sidebar. A pop-up window with sharing option will appear and allow you to choose who is invited for this chat session among all participants of one conversation or just some selected individuals that are interested.

A Gmail page with the Meet options highlighted.

2. Scheduling On Mobile

Open the Gmail app on your phone and tap the Meet icon in the bottom-right corner (it looks like a camera). On this page, find New Meeting to start an instant chat with someone or choose from one of my previous meetings using Google Calendar.

The Gmail app's Meet tab, with the New meeting option highlighted.

By Using Google Meet

Scheduling meetings on Google meet is pretty easy and quick. You just need to follow some simple steps to schedule a meeting. These steps are enlisted below.

Step # 1: Open The App

To start a Google Meet, open the app on your computer or phone and select the option ‘New Meeting’.

Step # 2: Start The Meeting

When you want to start a meeting right away, select “Start an instant meeting” or use the Get joining info link and share your availability with other attendees.

Step # 3: Schedule The Meeting

The Google Calendar will open up a window where you can select the date and time that work best for your schedule. This will schedule your meeting. Refer to the Google Calendar steps mentioned above for more information.

The Google Meet app's meeting options.

How To Invite People To Your Google Meet?

Now that you know how to schedule a meeting, the next question is probably: “How do I invite people?”

There are three ways to invite people to your Google Meet. You can use Gmail, Calendar, or the Google Meet app.

Let’s take a look at each one!

1. Gmail Invitation

For inviting people via Gmail, simply compose an email and attach a meeting link. Whenever you are ready to start the meeting, click send and everyone with a Google account will be able to join.

2. Google Calendar Invitation

Just like with Gmail invitation, when you create a new event on Google Calendar and select the video conferencing option for it. You will see two more options under ‘Who do you want to invite? ’. The first one is ‘Anyone from my contacts’ and the second one is ‘People from a specific email address or domain’. You can select anyone you want to invite by selecting either of these options!

3. Google Meet App Invitation:

It’s very simple, if someone has your meeting link then they can join by clicking it. If someone doesn’t have your meeting link, they can still join the call but they will need to install the Google Meet app first.

How To Join A Google Meeting?

Joining a Google Meeting is very easy. You can join by using your computer, phone, or your tablet!

If you are joining from the web, simply click the meeting link in your email or calendar invitation. That will take you directly to the Google meeting in no time. You can join the Google meet on your computer or on your tablet through this step.

As mentioned before, you can join the Google meeting from both Android and iOS. On Android, open the Google Meet app and select Join a video call. If you are on iOS, tap Invitees, then + Add People.

You will see an option to install the meet app if it’s not already installed. This is how you join a Google meeting.

How To Add People To Your Google Meet?

To add people to your meeting, you can do it in either one of the two ways; via email or through the app. Let’s take a look at both of them.

Via Email:

If you are inviting people via email, simply enter their name or Google account in the ‘People’ section under Invitees. You can also choose whether to make them a presenter by checking off the box next to the ‘make this person a presenter’ checkbox at the bottom of your screen.

Via App:

You can invite people to your Google Meet by opening the app and clicking on ‘+ Add People’. From there you can search for their google account or select them from your contacts list.

Note: If someone is not invited, they will be able to join only if they have a video chat link.

How To Record A Google Meeting?

Google Meet offers the ability to record your meeting. This is a great way to capture important information or just have a recording of the meeting for future reference. Google Meet is a great tool to have if you want to hold meetings with people who are not always available at the same time. Recording a meeting keeps a record of it so you can access it anytime, anywhere.

To record a Google meet, first make sure that you are the host of the meeting. The host has control over all features during the meeting.

Let’s take a look at how you can start and stop the recording of your Google meeting.

Starting A Recording

To start recording, the host needs to open the menu and select Start Recording. Once you have started recording, a red REC button will appear in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. To start recording, simply click on the ‘Record’ button during the meeting. You will see a red circle with a white dot in the middle. When you are done recording, click on the stop button and your video will be saved automatically!

Stopping A Recording

If you are the host and want to stop recording, open the menu and select Stop Recording. It’s pretty simple, you can either use the button in your chat box or open your menu and click on ‘Start/ stop recording’. Once you have stopped the recording, a message will appear in the chatbox that says ‘Recording Stopped’.

How To Share The Google Meeting Link?

The host of the meeting can share the Google meeting link with participants. This way, they will be able to join without having to install the app. They can directly join the meeting by simply clicking on the link.

To share the Google meeting link, open the menu and select Share Meeting Link. You have two options: you can either copy the link or send it via email. This way, whoever has access to the link, they have the access to the Google meeting.

How To Share Your Screen In Google Meet?

Sharing your screen is very simple on a computer! When you have more than one person in a meeting, you will see them listed at the bottom of your screen with their name and profile picture. You can add an annotation to point out something specific by clicking on the annotation button.

To share your screen, click on Share Screens and select who you want to share it with. You can either choose one person or everyone in the meeting by clicking ‘Share this screen with all participants’. If someone is using a phone, they will receive an invite from Google Meet through SMS so they can join the meeting.

Note: Only the host of a Google Meet has access to all of these features. If you are not hosting, you will only be able to do basic things like see who is attending and share your screen if someone allows it during the meeting.

How To Add A Participant In The Middle Of The Meeting?

If someone joins the meeting while it is in progress, they will be added to the bottom of the screen. The host has the ability to add them as a presenter.

To add someone as a presenter, open your menu and select Add Presenter. You can either type in their name or email address. Once you have added them as a presenter, they will have the ability to share their screen, start or stop recordings, and more!

How To Mute/ Unmute Participants?

Often during online meetings, some abrupt sounds pop up that create disturbances. It can be someone’s phone ringing or something else. Google Meet has the ability to mute and unmute participants during meetings!

To mute/ unmute someone in the meeting, open your menu and select Mute Participants. To unmute someone, open your menu and select Unmute Participant. This way, you will be able to keep track of who is speaking and when they are speaking.

How To Turn Off Your Camera For The Meeting?

Some people might not want their cameras on during the meeting. If you are one of those people, don’t worry! There is a way to turn off your camera without having to leave the meeting.

To turn off your camera, open your menu and select Stop Sharing My Screen. This will stop sharing your video and your will automatically turn your camera off.

How To End The Google Meeting?

The best feature of Google Meet is that only the host has the ability to end it whenever they want.

To end a Google meeting, open your menu and select End Meeting. This will send a notification to all participants that the meeting is ending and they will have three minutes to save their work. Once the meeting is over, all recordings will be automatically saved and the participants will also have access to the recording of the meeting.

How To Set An Agenda For Your Google Meet?

Now that we have covered the basic working of Google Meet, let’s dive into some other essential factors that are bound to make your Google Meet a thriving success!

The first thing prior to beginning your Google Meet is setting up an agenda for your meeting. This will help you keep track of the main points that you want to discuss during your meeting. You can create a document and save it in Google Drive or send an email with the link so participants have access to edit it before starting. This will give you an insight into what your participants are expecting from you and your meeting.

To set up an agenda for your Google Meet, click on Menu > More tools > Agenda Manager. This will open up your Google Agenda. Here, you can add the date and time of when it will be held along with an agenda title. You can also include links to documents or files that might come in handy during the meeting.

How To Manage Recordings For A Meeting?

There are two different types of recordings for meetings: live streaming and recording.

To start a recording, open your menu and select Start Recording. If you are the host of the meeting, choose to either save it in Drive or share it with everyone who was in attendance for that meeting.

If you want to stop the live streaming during a Google Meet, click on Menu > More tools > Stop Sharing Live. This will stop the recording and save it automatically.

To watch a meeting that you were not present in, open your menu and select Watch Meeting. This will allow you to see all of the main points that were discussed as well as who was speaking when. You can also pause and fast forward through the recording just like you would to a regular video.

How To Set The Duration For Each Meeting?

The next important thing that you need to focus on in your Google meeting is the duration of your meeting. You don’t want your audience to get bored or distracted, so let them know the time period that they should take out for your meeting.

For setting up the duration of your Google Meet, you need to set up the timer. To set up a timer for each Google Meet, open your menu, select More tools > Meeting Settings. Here, under ‘Duration’, enter in how long you would like to hold the meeting. Let’s take a look at how to set the duration for each one.

First Meeting: 30 minutes

Second Meeting: 20 minutes

Third Meeting: 40 minutes

This way, your participants will know beforehand when they need to take out time for the meeting and what all is expected from them. Once you are done with setting up an agenda, end date of the meet along with other settings that you may want to be changed, select save. You can also set a reminder for the meeting 30 minutes before it starts, so you don’t forget anything!

How To Start Your Google Meeting?

Once you have scheduled your Google meeting and are all set, the next thing you need to do is to welcome your participants. You need to pitch their interest in the first 10 minutes of your meeting so they stay focused.

To start your Google meeting, open up the link that you sent to all of your participants and click on Join Meeting. This will take you to the main screen where all of the attendees are present. If you’re not the host, type in the host’s name into the ‘Host’ field and they will be given control of the meeting.

Once everyone is in, you can start the timer by selecting Menu > More tools > Start Timer. This will begin the clock for your Google meeting and track how much time was used. You can also see this information under ‘Timers’. If someone joins late, they will be able to see all of the previous information that was shared.

From here, you can start your meeting by going over what is expected of them and then go into the main topic or agenda for that day. You can also encourage everyone to take part in the discussion as this will make it more engaging!

How Do Participants Participate In The Google Meeting?

Google Meet is an interactive forum where you can discuss your plans and agendas with your fellows over an internet call. When you will conduct the meeting, it is obvious that your participants would want to interact as well. There are generally three ways that participants can interact in a Google meeting: voice, video, and chat.

Voice is the most common way to communicate as it is more personal than typing. You don’t have to worry about people not being able to hear you as long as your internet connection is stable.

You can also see if the person is currently on video or not. If they are, then a green circle will be present next to their name and if they aren’t, it will appear as grayed out.

If someone joins your meeting but does not have a microphone attached to them, Google Meet automatically turns off their voice.

At any point during your Google Meet, if anyone has a question or wants to share something, they can do so by selecting the ‘+’ button. This will allow them to share their screen, start a live video or voice call.

How To Save The Google Meeting Chat?

Sometimes, participants leave valuable comments in the chatbox of the meeting or even ask questions in the chatbox. You cannot give your full attention to the chatbox during the meeting. You can simply turn to it at the end of the meeting.

At the end of the meeting, you can save all of the chat logs as a PDF. This is perfect for those moments when someone asks you about the discussion that took place in your Google Meet!

How To End Your Google Meeting On A Good Note?

Ending the meeting doesn’t simply mean closing the laptop and the meeting. You need to end your meeting on a good note so that you can encourage people to take part in the next meeting too.

You must thank each participant for their time and also try to summarize what was discussed during your Google Meet. You can even give out links or files that everyone may find helpful! To end the chat, simply select Menu > More tools > End Meeting. And finally, you can send out the meeting link to your participants so that they may watch it whenever is convenient for them.

Is Google Meet Safe And Secure?

Trusting virtual gadgets and forums can be a challenge. With so many online bots and scams out there, being vigilant becomes a must when dealing with or taking part in online meetings. So, the question arises, is Google Meet even a safe platform?

For starters, Google Meet is a secure platform as it encrypts all of its messages and chats to prevent any third party from eavesdropping on your conversations.

Additionally, if you ever feel uncomfortable about anything during the meeting or even after the meeting has ended, you can always contact someone who works at Google. They will promptly respond to your request and will facilitate you in the best way possible!

Is Google Meet Free?

Time is money. So, does saving time with online meetings cost you money? After reading all the perks of Google Meet, you must be wondering if it is free or not.

Google Meet allows all its new users to use the app for free. Free users can do 1-to1 video chats, and group calls are capped at 100 participants per call with a 60-minute duration but paid accounts offer many different options that may better suit your needs! At 55 minutes into your session with Google’s paid account offering (Google G Suite), you’ll get a warning message that says: “You’re going over the limit of how many people can be in this call.”

Why Google Meet?

Google Meet has many benefits such as reducing costs, increasing productivity, and improving communication among teams. It also encourages participation in virtual meetings which would not have been possible if you had a certain requirement of physical presence!

Google Meet allows all types of businesses to communicate with their fellows without any obstacles! It not only provides a safe and secure interaction platform but also a quick and efficient way to communicate. You can avail all at the tip of your fingers and the only step you need to take is scheduling your Google Meeting.

Wrapping Up

If you’re looking for a way to get everyone in your office on the same page, or just want to stay connected with friends and family around the world, Google Meet is an app that can help. Not only can you use it to set up meetings from virtually anywhere (even if they don’t have access), but it also allows group chat and screen-sharing so there’s no need for multiple apps! With features like muting participants who are being disruptive during video chats and making announcements using “@” mentions, this app might be just what you’ve been waiting for.

Give it a try today by downloading Google Meet from either Apple App Store or Play Store. You won’t regret giving yourself more opportunities to connect with

This sums up our blog! Hope you found it super helpful!

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