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Use our Webinar Title Generator tool to create a catchy headline for your webinar and find out how do you name a webinar in this guide.

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Webinar Names (Ideas List and Examples)

Do you ever get bored or lose interest during presentations or seminars?

I think we have all been there, done that!

Just like you’ve been bored at presentations and seminars, a webinar can be boring too.

This depends on how you plan it.

So, if you plan and structure it well, your webinar doesn’t have to be boring. 

One of the things you can do to improve the performance of your webinar is to come up with a catchy title. 

A title that is fun to attract attendees and that’s according to the content of the webinar.

This will give a great perspective on the meeting. 

So, how do you create such a title?

This guide is designed to take you through the basics of creating an effective webinar title.

Here is what you’ll learn: 

Let’s get into the meat of the guide

How Do You Name a Webinar?

Webinar Title Generator

Great webinars tend to serve a major purpose in generating leads. 

Webinars do not only give great content but also make the audience interested in your offering.

The most important essence of webinars is generating a name that attracts its audience.

As you may know, the attractive name of a webinar promises its success.

You don’t want to put so much effort into building an excellent webinar without good registration ratings.

This means your effort will just go to waste.

That is why sparing some time to look at a few names of webinars would be a great idea for you.

Remember, the first impression is always the most important picture of what you are selling. 

In webinars, you are always selling your ideas.

The title of your webinar is the first impression of your content.

Make it good and you’ll see many people signing up.

Coining a tempting webinar title will allow you to deliver the desired impression & get the attention of your audience.

It does not matter if your webinar is good enough or not.

Until its name is attractive enough, a user will ignore it.

They’ll not get to hear what you have to offer.

Let Us Look at Some Important Aspects of Titles That Attracts The Audience

Webinar names & target audience

These titles talk about what attracts your audiences attention.

Have in mind what your potential participants are keen to learn about.

If they see the headline referring to their professions, their hobbies, lifestyle, or anything such as these, their interest in your webinar will spark.

For instance, for a person staying at home, it would be more attractive for them if the title says ’10 ways to make money while you are between jobs’ rather than ‘Ways to make money’.

You may notice that the first example is more specific and would be related to the target audience than the second example. 

Names such as: 

What is common among all these names is their promising attraction due to relating matters referring in the titles of the webinar.

Putting a relevant verb in the title

You know, sometimes there is no need to worry much or think much about the titles. 

You can always simply take the idea of your webinar and put it in the title.

This way, the general idea or perception behind your webinar will come out and your audience will know what it’s about.

Once you are clear about your aim and goals of the webinar, you can easily take a corresponding verb and put it in your title. It will make your title look related.

This way, target individuals can see clearly what the main goal of the webinar is and they can feel interested in your webinar merely by reading the title.

It is that easy!

For instance:

Emotional appeal of your webinar title

Creating an emotional association is one thing that can make your reader/audience feel attracted to your title, hence the webinar.

It has proven to have an instant effect and ability to attract.

Webinar Title Generator

For instance, titles like these give emotional vibes instantly:

For all kinds of webinars, keep it in your mind what your target audience is.

If they are all young people then words like ‘family’, ‘kids’ or ‘business’ will not attract them much.

Also, do not use harsh, rude or negative language in your titles or webinars.

You should not tell your viewers to ‘stop being lazy’ or anything like that. Tell them how to ‘be more productive’ the whole day.

Avoid telling them what ‘not to do.’ instead, them more about ‘what to do’.

A questioning title

it’s a straight fact that the human mind is always eager to find answers to questions.

It has been proven that all the titles of the webinars starting with ‘how’, ‘why’, ‘when’ or ‘what’ attract a good number of people. 

In this matter, the most intriguing title starts with ‘How’.

People, subconsciously, expect to see a practical guide, a particular plan behind a title like this.

They become more willing to register for the webinar.

        Examples are:

Checklist titles

Such checklist title names are usually made of words and numbers like ‘x reasons’, ‘5 ways’, ‘10 pieces of advice’ or ‘secrets’ etc.

For instance:

These list titles ensure the persons about what benefit they would be getting at the webinar.

That is why the webinar name ‘5 ways to keep your car always clean’ seems to be more promising & informative than ‘keeping your car clean’.

Though, the content of both titles can be the same.

It is all about the game of attracting your audience & promoting your thoughts in an effective way. A way which is better than other ways. 

A way which ensures a better number of people than other ways. 

Webinar headline with current reference

Generally, different types of webinars include different strategies.

But all of them have one aim; to attract a good number of audience.

Now how can you create an attractive headline!

Names with reference to topicality get attention with words such as ‘New indication of the year’ or ‘Refreshed resolutions for the new year’.

Such names demonstrate to the audience how relevant and brand new information is coming their way if they attend your webinar.


Because no one else has yet told things which you would be going to tell them.

No one else has yet the information which you have. 

This way everyone else will look boring and same old news to everyone but you.

Webinar Title Generator

For instance, naming your webinar ‘4 attributes telling your email marketing has stepped into 2021’ will look more advanced with brand new information which surely on one else has yet. 

Easy & quick solution titles

The people around you are bored and busy at the same time.

No one has the time and energy to try complicated things.

No one will tend to attend your webinar if its title includes difficult words or difficult ideas.

So we would advise you to use words such as ‘easy’ & ‘quick’ to convince your target audience and make them sure that your webinar will not be complicated.

In fact, whereas other webinars seem serious & dry in nature, yours can look fun, easy, and refreshing.

You can emphasize the short time period for online events.

People tend to invest more in webinars if the webinar promises to be on-point, easy, and brief.

For instance:

Webinar titles with literary devices

Literary devices turn the titles into something really intriguing and polished.

For these polished titles, you can create such names by playing with some famous saying or phrase, using metaphors, similes, or any other literary devices you know.

For instance, 50 shades of expensive or Life is short but your nails should not be.

Hence, you can have fun with any famous phrases.

Number titles

We have already seen how numbers can play with minds in extremely positive ways with positive outcomes.

Titles containing numbers such as 5, 10 or 7 can generate more engagement than those which are without. 

Yes! It is a fact of life, so if you want to attract more people you need to include numbers in a particular way to attract them.

Try to incorporate numbers into the title of your webinar and then let us know your success story.

To avoid repetition or repetitive cycle of naming your titles in the same way try adding your photos in your webinar banner or the photos of other notable speakers and yes, their credentials.

We assure you that this way your event will look more legitimate & worth attending.

You can go like:

Combination of several variants

We hope that by now we have made you a bit of a master of naming your webinars by the aforementioned strategies.

The next thing you should know about naming your webinar is to name your webinar by using more than one technique.

Tip: Do not overload your title or make it too long.

For example:

What is a Catchy Headline for a Webinar?

Webinar Title Generator

Creating an attractive title is no different than creating a catchy headline for your webinar.

We can together go through a few effective formulas for you to learn to create captivating headlines for the audience.

These formulas are also no different than what we just went through above in this article. 

There are a few things which we assure you would be coming your way again & again while working for the webinars.

These formulas guarantee your success. 

Formulas such as:

  1. Making lists of all your points, particular details of the webinar; the briefer & concise your details would be, the more clients would get a clear idea about the webinar.

Which is a good thing because it will give them a free and relaxed mind to decide about the registration.

Vague information would not work well for the audience.

They might get confused about the whole idea of your webinars.

Vague information also might not attract your wanted audience.

  1. 101 strategy may feel like giving school vibes. People can get a good idea from them and feel it as an easy and captivating webinar.

For instance:

  1. Classes, training & workshops mean giving clearer meaning to the people that this webinar would be including in-depth information. Unlike 101 webinars, this will sound more detailed. These webinars are not usually for beginners and all the attendees expect to gain exclusive in detail information from leaders.

Like :

  1. ‘New’- word strategy can insinuate exciting brand new information and will excite attendees. Titles like ‘New Facebook strategies to attract more likes & followers’ tend to attract more people because they know this information of webinar has not been shared before. It sounds brand new.

It is a great way to create urgency & to show that your brand is relevant and current.

Webinar Title Generator

No second hand information would be given to its attendees.

See! All of this sounds amazing and brand new and we assure you that “New” will get you a good number of attendees.

  1. Showcasing new trends/titles are a great way to add yourself and be a part of a larger conversation to show your audience that you are aware of the current and latest industry developments.

When you use the word ‘Trending’, your attendees will expect a fresh perspective from you and it is a good idea at this point to have a partnership with another brand.

You can always include an industry expert to provide the content.

People will be eager to know what is in trend these and what will make them a part of social competition. They would want to know about the challenges and trends they have to put up with to be part of a race. 

They would want to know how to win from other racers.


We hope that this information will be helpful in your journey.

You’ve learned that webinars can be fun and informative at the same time.

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