How To Make Money As A Personal Trainer Online

Learn about how to make money as a personal trainer online and tips for marketing yourself as a personal trainer online even if you are a beginner.

Have you been into the fitness profession? 

Do you love to train your clients passionately, but it still feels as if this train is not going anywhere soon? 

Perhaps you are working as much as you can.

You are also charging your clients as much as possible.

But, you still feel some level of personal and financial insecurity.

If yes, you have reached the right place at the right time.

This is because we understand you and want to suggest a practical method you can use to boost your income.

This involves making money online as a personal trainer.

How To Make Money As A Personal Trainer Online

You are going to learn here about online personal training, why it’s so important, and how you can make money as a personal trainer by creating a training business online.

Let us go through everything step by step, especially for you.

Step#1 Decide Who You Want To Have As Clients

While being stuck at home and not having a good number of clients in your vicinity is a nightmare, it also makes your business so dull. 

As a personal trainer, you are always happy to welcome whoever wants to train with you.

However, if you get only a few people, it becomes a problem.

It also strains your business financially.

The good news is that it’s not going to be a problem for you anymore.

This is because once you go online, your location won’t be a problem for you.

Your potential clients increase to almost an unlimited number. 

This is the most exciting news about being a trainer online.

You can have anyone as a client, people from all over the world. 

As much exciting as it is, we should tell you that this is also very competitive. 

You are going to be up against everyone else from around the world.

Anyone who has ventured into this online gym business.

 Tip: Never feel intimidated by this.

Well, who needs to go to practice at the gym when they can get a trainer online? 

But that doesn’t mean that you’ll attract every candidate.

You might want to look at it this way: for instance, if you charge $200 per client and you get 15 clients online, you would be getting $3,000 per month. 

But this figure is only a starting figure. 

Let’s say these 15 clients were only your starting month base figure and you get 15 more clients in your second month.

Each month you would be getting $6,000 and per year you would be making $72,000.

You won’t need thousands and millions of followers or subscribers to generate good revenue for your online business. 

You only need a good niche for you, and this you can find by pinpointing your professional strength.

With a good niche, you only need your business to land 30 clients and you’ll have started your online business as a trainer successfully.

So, think carefully and with confidence, who do you want to help? 

Everyone who wants to lose fat? Or a new mom? 

How To Make Money As A Personal Trainer Online

What kind of clients your close associates would send to you? 

You have numerous ideas.

A good energetic program for brides-to-be, a competitive athlete, some working women who don’t have time to hit the gym every day or every week, think!

Think about what genuine expertise you have, which can work for your advantage. 

You can focus on postnatal problems or older mothers, in general, who want to relax their minds and feel good in their bodies.

You are able to help so many, even female hockey players of high schools and colleges who desire to become part of national teams and play professionally.

Your market will not be limited. 

With your special niche, think about creating a unique business offering.

If you want to narrow down your market, it will be your decision.

But narrowing your market means narrowing your clientele. 

If you do not want to be everywhere, it is okay. 

You just need to be where your potential clients are, where they trust you and you feel competent to deliver.

Step#2: Determine Your Pricing

All of us have heard the term “price tag” and the good phrase about putting a price tag on you. 

Find out how much you want to charge for your services.

There are a few rules for you to follow when it comes to pricing your skill:

  1. Be confident so that everyone else can put their trust and confidence in you.
  2. Give your clients something to dream about and make them believe you will help them achieve it.
  3. Putting a perfect price tag on your skill makes others believe in your worth.
  4. Give them a plan where they can stress less and be able to see the results coming towards them.

These are the ultimate tips for you to know how you are going to determine your pricing.

Remember, your skills matter, your worth matters and you are a ‘brand’.

Step#3: Start With Live Online Training

How To Make Money As A Personal Trainer Online

Why do all brands create tantalizing advertisements? 

Why do they prefer it? 

Why do they upload it or let it come on air before launching their brand? 

Or even at the same time while launching their brand?

Because it is a great strategy that has been working for all the big brands. 

And it can work for you too.

This single strategy sells their brand more than any other strategy. 

So while you are branding yourself up, you also have to devise an online marketing plan.

You may try using a template as shown below.

Now, making a general template for everyone can feel wrong.

However, keep this in mind that you are going to individualize each workout plan for all of your clients, eventually. 

The good thing about this template is that it will bring you your customers and clients.

It’s one way to attract them and once they are with you, you can totally divide them into categories.

The categories should be determined by their needs, like what kind of results they want from your program. 

In your template, you can add as many categories as you like.

Only remember to include the ones you can handle or you are expert in.

Now some things you can add in your general template would be:

  • Warm-up plan – in this plan, you can show or add how each and every exercise/work out should start. This is because no matter what workout plan your client is going to follow, or in what category they lie under, the warm-up plan would be a common thing.
  • Programme-considerations – things like reps, sets, rounds, and rests will be added too. They are a common part of every workout plan.
  • Order of movement patterns – just as the warm-up plan, there are always some exercises from which a good work out starts. For instance, either it includes a lower body movement, core-strengthening exercise, or upper body movements.
  • Work-out routine split over the week – how many days or how much time you are going to give this business depends on either you or the needs of your clients, although you can always fix your schedule in advance.

When individualizing this template according to the need of your clients, you will also decide a few things. 

You may already know these points. 

But, let us jot it down together:

  • Specific exercises
  • Grips, implements, types of equipment and restrictions
  • Specific aesthetic areas to enhance

Step#4: Choose A Platform

Choosing the right platform for your business is crucial. 

The kind of platform you choose will become so handy for you and your clients.

There are different platforms you can use for training.

Some are designed specifically for personal training online.

You can use the platform you like or one that suits you.

So, we are going to give you names for a few good software just to make it easier for you:

  • PT Distinction
  • Trainerize
  • My PT Hub
  • TrainHeroic
  • TotalCoaching
  • TrueCoach

Basically, personal training software works very well for most of the trainers but not necessarily for everyone. 

There are a few software that will offer you a free 30-day trial.

You should try it several ones before choosing what works for you. 

For beginners, some software might prove to be somewhat complex and stressful.

You certainly cannot know which software suits you the best or whether you need it or not unless you try.

So, start working with several clients, and then you will see the real requirement of software.

Maybe sending PDF workouts via email prove to be fine for you or you can use Google Drive if you are comfortable with it.

Just move with the flow of your energy!

Step#5: Choose Your Promotion Channels

Promoting your work is very important and what channels you use for the promotion is extremely important.

Remember, you will always promote your work where you know your clients will be.

How To Make Money As A Personal Trainer Online

In other words, choose channels where your targeted clients go and it will be easy for them to find you.

Your decision should depend on your resources but we have three tips for you to think about:

  1. Social media: for a personal trainer social media is probably the best one or number 1 channel to promote your ‘brand’. If we look at the figure of 2 billion social media users, we can predict very easily that your clients are definitely among these users.
  2. Partnerships: whatever or whenever someone offers you a partnership, or even if you want to seek a partnership, do not hesitate about it. Believe in yourself and believe in your cause. Partnerships can broaden your network and increase the number of your clients. 
  3. Referrals: never underestimate the power of word of mouth. Be generous to those clients that you know they have a large social circle. They might become so helpful to you for spreading the word for you and making your network huge. You will be happy and amazed by its impact on your business.

Step#6: Have A Sales System In Place

What we mean by having a sales system in place is having your own website.

This is where all the people will not your potential customers only. 

In fact, they will be your guests and visitors. 

To start, you first need to think about your sales from the customer’s point of view.

On your website, you should try to sell your business to them as if they are meeting you in person. 

Note: your competition is just one click away.

That is why it is important for you to be creative, discreet, and aware of your competition. 

How To Make Money As A Personal Trainer Online

Sell indirectly, by giving important information they need rather than being a sneaky business professional.

Giving your customers important information they need and not lying about true facts makes you different from your competitions.

And also try to follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. Build a perfect traffic route to your website: blast your website name everywhere, boast about it, or at least make it look like boasting about. On your car or business card, website, social media, advertising.
  2. Make your website compelling: to hold the visitor on your website for a longer period, make it look professional and polished. It should give a great first impression. A good headline with at least one great image and compelling text. It should be clear on your website where they can find the required information. Leave your little workout clips to make your website look more professional and related.
  3. Give them at least 3 reasons to buy from you: you do not want to scare your visitors away with lots of sales points. But this is the moment where you are going to attract them with your ‘niche’ and anything else others do not have. Display your unique, advantage point foremost. Let them know about your unique selling proposition.
  4. Build your authority with your strong bio: building a strong bio makes them believe in you more. Maybe, you could show them your certificates or prizes, whatever you have. Your best customers showing them their before and after results or you showing them how being fit can change their life. Make a display of strong & determined results.
  5. Overcoming objection: or as we say; making them come out of their denial phases. It is human nature to search for the reasons not to buy anything. So, search for those reasons and find an answer. Guide them into overcoming their denial phase and lure them to buy your services. Make them aware of the habits that prevent them from getting their desired results/physiques.


The above are some ideas you can use to make money online as a personal trainer.

We really hope we’ve helped you answer the questions which were stuck in your mind.

GOOD LUCK, we are here to support you on this journey.

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