Top 15 Profitable Topics To Teach Online

Learn about the top profitable topics to teach online and begin your career as an online teacher by choosing the topic of your interest.

Are you a teacher planning to start your online courses but you’re not quite sure which area would suit you the best?

Well, you are not alone if you feel this way! 

Many teachers have this question when they are about to begin their careers as online teachers.

“Which online course should I teach?” or “Which online courses would sell best?” are the common questions every new online teacher has in their minds.

So if you plan to sell online courses and teach online, there are a couple of things you need to know before you get started. 

One of these must-knows is which topics sell best. 

In other words, which topic is profitable enough to teach!

In this article, we will be answering this question and will be sharing with you the top 15 profitable topics to teach as an online teacher.

This is going to be a lot of fun., so let’s get started! 

Which Online Courses Sell Best?

If you have made up your mind to teach online classes, then you should have profound knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.

You can’t go planning your online courses on a typewriter. 

It’s the 21st century so you need to keep up with modern ways! 

You want to make sure that you position yourself online in an advantageous industry, which means that you need to ensure that the topic you’re teaching is actually a profitable one.  

It has to be something that you can sell, or all your efforts would go down the drain. 

So without further ado, let’s get to 15 profitable topics you can teach as an online teacher

1. Personal Fitness

This topic is definitely a hot one!  

Considering the fact that we live in an age and time where people sit for hours before a screen and don’t get to do the slightest physical activity, this topic can prove to be quite handy.

Today, mankind has invented machines for all sorts of things, laundry, the dishes, cleaning, mowing, you name it. 

We have more elevators than we have the stairs! 

These all are great inventions and they make life a whole lot easier, but they also tend to accumulate a lot of fat under the skins. 

And well ironically, more stress.

Teaching people how to stay fit or to lose weight can be an income-turner for you any day!

As a fitness or weight loss coach, there are many ways you can produce educational content for your customers. 

From one-on-one training programs to large group classes, to over-the-weeks weight loss programs, and multi-session fitness courses, there are plenty of ways you can make money through fitness and weight loss, especially if you are an expert in this field!

2. Personal Development

This is another profitable niche.

You cannot simply exhaust the Personal Development market. 

Everyone is looking for ways to be more effective and the majority of people are struggling with personal tasks like time management and organizing. 

The great thing about this niche is that you don’t even need to be certified to teach people how to get the most out of their daily lives.

If you trust your organizing abilities and your effectiveness, you can teach it to others and get paid for it!

If you believe your techniques are worth sharing with the world, then you should consider developing online courses on this topic. 

Here’s something to note: when it comes to Personal Development, remember to focus on the benefits (outcome).

Your students want to know what time management hacks they can use to become effective so, focus on the benefits.

For example, it would not be a smart idea to teach them how to “get more time” but rather teach them how they can get the greatest things done in the little time they have.

3. Entrepreneurship

Okay, so this is a biggie since everyone today wants to start their businesses and companies. 

There are tons of entrepreneurship questions they must have which you can answer with your online classes.

In today’s world, there is a big demand for online courses that can teach you how to monetize your hobbies. 

Besides, who doesn’t want to earn money from doing something they enjoy?

That’s a question that should motivate you as an online teacher in this niche.

Topics that combine hobbies with business and entrepreneurship are highly sought after, considering the fast-springing market for freelancers and startups.

Just to give you a start, you can create online courses on any of the following topics:

– Advertising

– Social Media Marketing

– Branding

– Search Engine Marketing

– Digital Marketing

– Business & Entrepreneurship Fundamentals

– E-commerce

– Freelancing

– Blogging

– Amazon FBA

– Selling Handmade goods on Etsy

– Affiliate Marketing

The list is endless! 

You can certainly make a lot of profit teaching in this niche because who doesn’t want to make money?

4. Personal Finance

Another Hot zone!

Millions of people are struggling with their finances and many people struggle with budgeting.

People find it difficult to understand the concept of financial planning, so they always wonder where their money went after spending it. 

By teaching people how to be more financially responsible for budgeting and staying disciplined enough to stick to that budget, you are helping to improve their daily lives drastically. 

Think of the effect this will have on families and even on communities.

If you can brand and present your online course as a solution to their financial challenges, you can be sure to make it big in this niche.

You could offer your course for free, but then, sign-up as an affiliate for a popular finance software so that you get paid a commission when people create their account.

This is a goldmine; you just need to know how to handle your shovel!

5. Lifestyle Topics

If you like to share a lot about yourself and find it easy to connect with people, this area might be for you.

Lifestyle courses are diverse. 

You can choose to teach on food, beauty, travel, home improvement, or whatever area you find most fascinating. 

When it comes to creating lifestyle courses, the possibilities are limitless!

When you are creating online courses under this category, make sure you use your own experiences as it will help your students to relate and to understand your course better.

Following are a few ideas you can consider under this niche:

– Feng Shui

– Decluttering

– Gardening

– Home Improvement

– Dance

– Pet Care and Training

– Gaming

– Cooking and Baking

– Nail Art

– Skin Care

– Cosmetics

– Journaling

– Travel Hacking

And so much more!

6. Social Science

More and more people are becoming community-oriented in both their online and real-life interactions. 

Thus, social science topics are becoming more trending. 

Social science topics can help people in developing and enhancing their communication skills, be it at home, at work, online, school, or anywhere! 

Social science topics also help to furnish individuals with a perspective on how different societies and communities work.

You should note, however, that these courses require extensive research and a reflective approach while teaching them. 

Remember, you always want to give your students something to ponder on or to reflect on.

Here are some topic ideas you can consider:

– Critical Thinking

– Life Coaching

– Social Science Research Methods

– Economics

– Social Psychology

– Accounting

– Counseling

These are only a few of the areas you can decide on!

7. Technology And Computers

Well, like it or not, we live in a technology-driven age and it is advancing faster and farther as the days go by. 

This makes it necessary to get an understanding and proficiency of how they work so one does not become obsolete.

Technology nowadays is evolving from being a tool used for enhancing and improving our routine lives to becoming an avenue for businesses and other sources of income.

If you are a techie, you might consider helping people to get a grip on how the technology works and how to catch up with the demands of technology in its numerous forms.

You might consider building or creating your online courses around these areas:

– Building a Website

– Software Programming

– Cyber Security

– Robotics

– Cell Phone Repair

– Operating Systems

– Machine Learning/AI

– Computer Repairs and Networks

You can research more and find out which area works for you best!

8. Education

When you are talking about the top profitable topics to teach as an online teacher, the discussion is not complete until you mention education.

With increasing globalization, learning has surpassed what was known to be formal education. 

It has now revolutionized to cover different disciplines that were previously not considered worthy to come under the canopy of formal education.

Online courses are the factor that has made this revolution possible. 

E-learning courses now cover the different methods and modes of learning and teaching which are in great demand.

If you know the different teaching and learning methods that can attract any audience, then this might just be your topic!

9. Parenting

While there are no formal qualifications required to become a parent, there is tons of information that can make the journey a whole lot easier and more rewarding.

The reason why this a great niche to be considered when scouting for an online course to sell is the fact that you don’t need to get or acquire any formal degree before starting.

Whether you have just one child or five children, you can’t deny that you have valuable information to share from your experience.

In this niche, you can definitely get an evergreen customer base! 

10. Mathematics

Let’s face the truth. 

Not everyone is a genius when it comes to dealing with numbers. 

Considering that you find numbers everywhere, it is impossible to ignore this subject no matter how much you hate it.

Due to its incorporation into our daily lives, you can create courses that demystify math and can help thousands of people get a better understanding of it. 

Think of the large audience you can have if you were to create a “Math-made-easy-with-Tasha” course. 

It’s just an example but definitely works!

Besides, the technology we use today all works on principles of mathematics, enhancing its importance more than before. 

So if you are a math whiz and know some tricks that can make maths easy, then you should consider this niche! 

11. Career Development

There are thousands of people seeking career guidance, even though they may not even know it yet. 

From recently graduated college kids to laid-off workers, down to the employees stuck in a dead-end job, many people are looking to revamp their resumes. 

Revamping resumes, automatically means improving the quality of life. 

With so many career mistakes, there is a huge demand for career advice and if you can get the job done, why not get paid doing it?

12. Music And Video Production

Thanks to digital technology, anyone can produce an audio or video from anywhere. 

This is great news for you as an online educator because it means that you can train your students without leaving the comfort of your homes. 

If you are passionate about music, then you can train the music junkies on the use of music software or the equipment which is very popular. 

You can also produce video training materials for specific industries considering how few the experts are in this field. 

13. Leadership And Management

Both for the corporate world and your personal life, management courses are in great demand today, both offline and online.

They can come in different basic formats that can walk people through the training process of being new managers or even provide one-on-one lifestyle consultations.

So if you consider yourself to be a master of management, then this niche is just for you! 

14. Food And Nutrition

Nowadays, people are becoming more conscious of what they eat and how it affects them. 

This makes this niche more popular day by day.

There is no better time to start selling your food-related online courses than now.

You can start with the basics, but don’t just create a course on cooking. 

Try to bring it down to specifics like sharing different kinds of recipes for different kinds of people according to their requirements. 

So if you are a foodie, then this niche fits you best!

15. Social Media Influencing

Everyone is guilty of wishing that they had a huge social media following. 

Besides, who doesn’t want to enjoy the perks that come with being a celebrity? 

If you can teach people how to achieve this dream in a short time, then you should consider creating online courses on this topic.

Learning how to grow social media following with meaningful and engaging posts is a skill many desire to learn.

The only obstacle is that you need to grow yours first, so you can gain credibility as a teacher in this niche.

7 Steps To Finding The Perfect Online Course For You

Now that you have many ideas on the popular online courses, how do you pick what’s best for you?

While it’s critical to pick a popular niche if you’re going to make money from it, it’s wisdom to choose something you enjoy doing.

Here are some useful tips you need to keep in mind while picking an online course. 

It’ll help you to have fun while making money:

1. What’s Your Passion?

Answering this question will save you from the stress of thinking about what you can create for your audience.

Get clear on what you are passionate about; this will provide you with a guide about topics you are most interested in.

Simply make a list of all the things you enjoy doing and look for something that falls within the profitable category.

2. What Are Your Strengths?

In line with your passion are your strengths. 

If you are passionate about content development but you struggle with writing content, it might be a great idea to invest in some writing tools.

That’s not to dissuade you from teaching about something you’re just learning about. 

Just make sure you’re always a step ahead of your students.

3. What’s Your Risk-Readiness?

Now that you know your passion and your strengths, you should decide what price you are willing to pay to make this happen.

Obviously an online business is far less risky to set up and run than an offline business.

This is because the costs are low and you can aid your business without the need for loans.

Still, you need to know what your budget is before you initiate your career as an online teacher. 

4. Who Are Your Target Audience?

Having a defined target audience is instrumental in building a profitable online course. 

You should know their demographics, socio-economic status, psychographics, etc. as this will help you to determine the best way to market to them.

Once you have an idea of what your target audience looks like, you can go ahead and create your student avatar (a fictional but realistic persona who represents your ideal student).

5. Where Do You Fit In?

This is where you put all the pieces together. 

Simply pick which topic makes the most sense to you as an individual. 

If you’re still struggling to choose, that’s okay. 

You can take another look at the niches we listed above to determine which topic is likely to be the most popular and profitable to you.

6. What Will Be Your Platform?

There are so many platforms available to host your eLearning courses; Udemy, Lynda, Coursera, Edx, are just some of them. 

However, if you want to make serious money, we wouldn’t recommend those.

If you desire to create your profitable online course, you need to host it on a platform where you have complete control and ownership.

This way, you control the pricing, marketing, and all.

7. Learn How to Adapt to Change

This cannot be overemphasized. 

The truth is, if you don’t adapt easily, you may not last in this business.

Keep an open ear to hear feedback from your students and know when to adjust your online courses to suit their needs.

Keep it in mind that it’s not about you. It’s about them. 

Also, look out for changes in your industry. 

These changes are guaranteed to come and your job is to adapt to them! 


So that was all that you needed to know to decide on the topic of your interest as an online teacher. 

This article was created to lead you through your decision on what to teach as an online course.

We hope this has been helpful!

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