Sell Online Classes: How To Sell Your Online Classes

Learn what you need to know about selling online classes and find helpful tips on how to sell your online classes in this guide.

By now you must have already equipped yourself with all the basics that you need to establish yourself as an online teacher.

 Your journals might as well be full of information about online teaching.

But we are pretty sure you have space saved up for one of the most crucial topics; how to sell your online class. 

Let’s say you have got your class outline and lectures ready.

But something is still missing and that is promotion. 

You need to get people signing up for this class.

How do you sell your online classes?

Table of contents:

Introduction: Selling Your Online Class

How To Sell Online Classes:

  1. Promote Your Online Classes (or Where To Promote Your Online Classes) 
    • Forums 
    • Organic Content Marketing 
    • Build A Social Media Presence 
    • Use A Platform or A Website 
    • Word-of-mouth marketing 
  2. Create Efficient Sales Page 
    1. What Are The Goals Of Your Sales Page?
    2. Sales Page Template (the anatomy of a sales page)
    • Hero Header (compelling headline)
    • Present The Problem
    • Present The Solution
    • Present The Benefits
    • Testimonials
    • About You (Credibility)
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Pricing
    • Call To Action

So without further ado, let’s get all your questions answered so you can sell your online courses starting today!

Selling Your Online Class

Now that you have prepared yourself for everything, the only hurdle that stands between you and your successful career as an online teacher is the selling of your class. 

Your computer is your valuable asset since it contains your online class.

But obviously, it is inaccessible to the relevant market. 

You need to get your class out in the market and on the web. 

So, to drive student traffic on your class, you need to promote your class. 


Promote Your Online Classes:

Selling Online Courses

The key to a successful top-selling class is good promotion. 

You need to promote your online class everywhere! 

This means you should market your online class on every forum that exists.

This way, your online class does not miss the eyes of your future students. 

You might think promotion sure sounds like a tough job.

 Perhaps it even is.

But what would be the use of your online class if it doesn’t have some massive student traffic? 

Promoting your online class is the bridge to your career as a successful online teacher. 

And since it’s not an easy job, you may involve some extra sets of hands for promoting your class.

They could be your friends or paid sponsors. 

Now the question arises, where to promote your online class? 

There are thousands of websites on the internet, but which ones should you choose for promoting your class?  

It must confuse you! 

But worry not! 

We’ve prepared a list of all the online places where you can promote your class! 

So let’s get started!

#1 Forums

To promote your online class, reach out to some forums where you can post about your online class, and receive the attention of students. 

When selecting a forum, the first thing you want to do is to get in the minds of your target audience.

Ask yourself; what are their common interests?

What are they searching for? 

For example, if your online class is about teaching the English Language, your prospects might be interested in learning the basics of the English language or simple English books. 

So, join related forums.

You’ll find a huge number of students interested in your online class

Next, seek those eLearning platforms with a student traffic fitting into your definition of the target audience. 

Multiple eLearning platforms are available on the web to give you a head start on your online class. 

Some of those platforms are Moodle and Tortora.

Here, you can find vast groups of students searching for the particular class that you are offering. 

Also, use social media platforms. 

Selling Online Courses

Create a business profile for your online classes, especially on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Quora. 

Creating profiles can help you interact directly with your target consumers. 

You can post URLs of your profiles in student communities or Q/A communities like Quora

Active participation and posting your online class outline will make it easier for you to bring your online class into the limelight. 

You can also become a part of different communities on various websites to give your online class a wider exposure. 

Another approach to give access to your class on multiple forums is to create your online class in those formats which are not only the latest but also high in demand. 

This way students would be more interested in your online class once they visit such format forums. 

#2 Organic Content Marketing

Another important question to ask when marketing and promoting your online class is the type of audience you are interested in.

Are you looking for a long-term, loyal audience?

The type that’s always available and spreads the word whenever you upload an online class?

OR are you looking for immediate rapid response on your online class? 

This may not prove to be long term. 

Once you decide about the audience you want, you can easily opt for a marketing method to promote your online classes. 

Our sincere advice is to go for a long-term audience. 

How can you do that? 

Well, the answer is simple. 

Organic content marketing!

Organic content marketing is the genuine form of marketing that you do solely through your online class content. 

This you can achieve by molding the entire online class according to the requirements of your target audience.

So, you get to know their aims and incorporate them into your online classes objective

This kind of marketing sure is time-consuming as you have to re-shape your classes content to fit the needs of your audience. 

Although organic content marketing is very time consuming and can be tedious, the results it bears are fruitful. 

Through this kind of marketing, you develop an immediate bond of trust with your target audience. 

Your audience then becomes your loyal supporters and customers.

They are always first to purchase any of your new online classes. 

This fan following that you build up also helps to spread the word about your courses and expand your community. 

So although you may take time to develop such a community of followers, it’s guaranteed long-term tenure. 

#3 Build A Social Media Presence

Selling Online Courses

Internet and social media profiles can capture the world and make it a global village. 

Different social media platforms build up many communities of people sharing similar interests. 

The community has an open interaction system and can get their queries and issues addressed with reliable information.

So from this point, social media offers an exceptional opportunity to create massive student traffic on your online class and to bring your class into the limelight. 

You can set up your professional profiles on multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc. 

Watch out for when someone posts a query or anything related to the subject of your online class.

All you have to do is to provide the URL of your online class as a response to such a query. 

Within minutes, you’ll gain engagement in your online class.

So, whenever you create an online class, create a social media network for the same.

You not only promote your class but also get an idea of the requirements of your audience. 

Use the information to make your online class stand out 

#4 Use A Website

Set up a website that is entirely dedicated to your online classes. 

Of course, your online classes will be available on other platforms.

But you need a platform of your own to gather and organize your data

This will make it easier for your students and potential learners to get their desired classes directly from your website.

It’s better than searching multiple forums for them. 

You need to keep your website active and updated. 

Frequent and immediate interaction with the target audience is very much appreciated.

It will help you bring your website and online classes into the highlight. 

So as soon as you finish developing your online classes, create your own website so you can promote your classes. 

#5 Word Of Mouth Marketing

Selling Online Courses

The most impactful marketing is the word of mouth.

This is marketing that comes directly from the mouths of your students. 

Whenever a student signs up for your classes, encourage them to post reviews, and give feedback about their experience. 

This will help you expand your circle of students and also enable you to know your lacking areas so you can improve it in your future classes.

Your students would spread the word and soon enough you will see their friends of friends hurrying to sign up for your online class! 

Create Efficient Sales Page

Whenever you apply for jobs, you craft up a cover letter including all your skills and the benefits the company would get by hiring you. 

A sales page works similarly.

It gives the complete outline of your class and convinces your potential customers to purchase it. 

A sales page comprises the goals, outline, and the benefits that your online class promises to deliver to its students. 

So crafting one up needs special attention. 

So for that purpose, we have devised an efficient template that will help you in creating a convincing sales page.

A sales page that will guarantee the purchase of your online class. 

What Are The Goals Of Your Sales Page?

The foremost aspect while creating a sales page is to know the goals and aims of your sales page. 

You need to know what your class is aiming for and enlist all those features and goals on your sales page.

This way, when your students and potential customers view it, they would find it irresistible to sign up for your online class. 

Sales Page Template (the anatomy of a sales page)

Below is the template we’ve devised to help you attract student traffic on your online class in no time!

  1. Hero Header:

This is the major headline of your sales page. Create it in a way that when a reader gives a single glance to it, they will immediately feel attracted to your online class. 

  1. Present The Problem:

Next, address the problems students usually face while studying the topic of your online class. This will ensure students that you solve these issues.

  1. Present The Solution:

Now you need to present the solution to the problems you have addressed above. This will keep the interest of your audience bound.

  1. Present The Benefits:

Next up, enlist the benefits that students would get once they sign up for your online class. This is the selling point of your sales page.

  1. Testimonials:

This is to satisfy and convince the readers of your sales page to sign up for your class. For that, you need to enlist the reviews and feedbacks of all your previous students.

  1. About You:

The “about you” section should help your readers get an idea of their online teacher. It should also help them make up their mind about your class.

  1. Frequently Asked Questions:

To further convince your readers, enlist some frequently asked questions about your class and address them. This will clear up any query that might be in the minds of your readers. 

  1. Pricing:

Next up comes the pricing. You need to enlist the price of your online class in this section.

  1. Call to Action

At the endpoint, insert the URL of your online class or of your website where your online class is present.

We hope this article was helpful and will assist you in getting the student traffic on your online class that you have been dreaming of! 

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