How Many Youtubers Have 10 Million Subscribers


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Learn about youtube channels with the highest subscribers and what makes a video content-rich to help you understand how to make better videos.

How many YouTubers have 10 million subscribers?

For one thing, you should know that the figure is pretty huge.

There are over 1000 YouTubers, with 10 million subscribers or more (updated for 2022).

Isn’t that mind-blowing?

Surprisingly, a bulk of these popular YouTubers are makeup artists, vloggers, and video game commentators.

We can go on and on about these types of YouTubers, but you’ll probably exit this page. That’s just for laughs anyway.

The common ground these 638 YouTube channels have is that they provide valuable content.

And for anyone interested in joining the club of those with the highest YouTube subscribers, your content has to be the cream of the crop; otherwise, you wouldn’t attain the “million mark.”

In the last part of this guide, you will find what makes for the best video content.

Keep on reading and stick around to find out.

25 Channels With The Highest Youtube Subscribers 

How Many Youtubers Have 10 Million Subscribers

From top to bottom, we are addressing these popular YouTubers that dominate “the subscribers land,” why and what makes their YouTube channels so massive.

You might want to keep an eye out for channels to learn one or two things from.

With that said, let’s get into it,

  1. T series

In first place is the Bollywood Music company, T series.

T series is India’s largest music label and movie studio.

Their mantra is, “Music can change the world.”

As at June 2020, the T series channel has highest YouTube subscribers in the world.

That’s a lot of subscribers if you ask us.

Monthly, T series has an estimated number of 3.5 billion views, amassing a yearly income between $10.4m – $166m dollars.

This channel is best known for uploading hot and trendy Bolly music.

T series is the most subscribed Hindi language and Indian YouTube channel.

The channel was launched in 2006 (while YouTube started in 2005).

  1. YouTube movies

YouTube movies are a community of Movie lovers.

It was created on June 10th, 2015, and has now amassed a total number of 113 million subscribers.

The bulk of this channel’s subscribers are generally people who love movies a lot.

Hence, YouTube movies, the channel that shows you the latest and the hottest films out.

  1. Music

This channel is generated automatically by YouTube’s video discovery system.

It has a total number of 111 million subscribers and was created on September 24th, 2013. 

The Music channel is where you will find the latest, top playlists and featured artists in the world.

The music channel is a great place to find new songs.

  1. PewDewPie

PewDewPie is one of the biggest video makers on YouTube.

PewDewPie is best known for his Let’s Play videos and making comedy commentary on video games.

With 4,161 videos uploaded, PewDewPie has grown a large number of 105 million subscribers, making him the fourth on the list of channels with the highest YouTube subscribers.

The channel was created on April 29th, 2010.

This Swedish YouTuber has an estimated yearly income of $845k – $13.5M.

PewDewPie channel has over 25 billion views.

  1. Gaming

Again, we have another community of gamers with a total number of 85.1M subscribers.

This channel was generated automatically by the YouTube video discovery system. 

This channel features live and on-demand gaming activities.

Here, you will find popular games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, FIFA, and so much more.

The gaming channel was created on December 15th, 2013.

It is also the number one channel with the highest YouTube subscribers in the game category on Social Blade. 

  1. Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes

Cocomelon is the first channel in the Education category of channels with the highest YouTube Subscribers.

This channel offers quality children content for all the kids out there. 

The channel is both entertaining and educating young children.

It helps children to learn letters, animal sounds, colors, numbers, and more.

This channel was created on September 1st, 2006, accumulating a total number of 84.7 million subscribers. It has over 65 billion views. 

Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes makes an estimated yearly income between $13.1M – $209.1M.

Their mantra is, “Cocomelon, where kids can be happy and smart.”

  1. Sports

This channel is targeted at all people who are interested in sports.

It features all kinds of sporting activities like football, racing, wrestling, and more. 

It is also auto-generated by YouTube. It is ranked as the 1st in the Sports section.

This channel has a total of 75.1 million subscribers.

  1. SET India

In the number 8 slot is SET India.

Sony Entertainment Television, India has a total of 74 million subscribers.

This channel is all about Hindi movie genres, from drama to thrillers, to energetic dance shows and more.

SET India was created on September 20th, 2006, and has over 56 billion views.

This channel is ranked second for Entertainment channels on Social Blade.

  1. 5-Minute Craft

Almost everyone has come across their videos one way or the other.

5-minute crafts are always dropping helpful DIY projects, crafts, and How to’s every other day of the week. 

This channel was created on November 15th, 2016.

With only 4,262 uploads, 5-minute crafts have a total number of 67 million subscribers and a total watch time of over 17 billion views.

It’s no surprise why 5-minute crafts has joined the list of channels with the highest YouTube subscribers in less than 5 years of its launch, it has helpful videos for everyone and anyone. 

  1. WWE

WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment.

It is a channel for people who are interested in professional wrestling.

WWE is popular for iconic wrestling shows like Raw and Smackdown.

Sometimes, wrestling fans aren’t able to catch a live show.

They can always go to the WWE Channel to catch their favorite shows, superstars, exclusive videos, and sometimes full matches.

WWE has a total number of 61.3 million subscribers.

The channel was launched on May 11th, 2007, and has over 44 billion views.

  1. Canal KondZilla

This channel was launched on March 21st, 2012.

The YouTuber KondZilla is a Brazillian music video producer.

He is the founder of the video production company that bears his stage name. 

This channel has a total number of 58.1 million subscribers and over 30 billion views

  1. Like Nastya

This channel is about the cute Russian-American girl Tracy.

Tracy posts regular vlogs of her playing with her toys and enjoying adventures with her family.

Like Nastya is a fun channel for kids to watch. 

The channel has a total number of 55.9 million subscribers and over 35 billion views

  1. Zee Music Company

Zee Music Company is one of India’s leading television media and entertainment companies, with a total of 55.8 million subscribers.

This channel is all about premiering blockbuster Hindi films.

The channel joined YouTube on March 12th, 2014, and has a total of 26 billion views.

  1. Kids Diana Show

Another kids’ channel made it to the top.

Kids Diana Show is all about Russian American children unboxing their toys and enjoying adventures. 

Diane invites kids to come into the fun world of toys, games, and entertainment.

Kids Diana show has a total of 55.3 million subscribers and over 29 billion views on YouTube. 

  1. Justin Bieber

The Canadian singer/songwriter, who is every girl’s dream, has a total of 54.6 million subscribers.

He got discovered at 13 years of age by a talent manager after he uploaded song videos on YouTube.

The dream boy singer is now a shining star in the music industry, with over 21 billion views on YouTube.

His channel was created on January 15th, 2007 has since joined the list of the channels with the highest YouTube subscribers

  1. Dude Perfect 

Dude Perfect is an American sports entertainment channel. It is all about uploading trick shots and stunts.

This channel is made up of Tyler Toney, the twins Coby and Cory Cotton, Cody Jones, and Garrett Hilbert.

The channel has a total number of 51.4 million subscribers and over 10 billion views.

If you love sports and comedy, Dude perfect is right for you. 

  1. Marshmello

At 17th position is Marshmellow, with 45.8 million subscribers.

Marshmellow is an American electronic music producer and DJ.

He produces good music that his fans love.

He gained international recognition by releasing remixes of famous DJ’s and has ever since attained stardom.

He joined YouTube on April 6th, 2015, and now has over 9 billion views on YouTube.

  1. Zeetv

At 18th position is Zee Tv with 45.7 million subscribers. Zee Tv is an Indian entertainment channel.

This channel uploads top Hindi movies, Hindi series, and popular TV shows.

Zee TV joined YouTube on December 11th, 2005, and now has over 45 billion views.

  1. Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is a multitalented individual.

Ed is an English singer, songwriter, record producer, and artist.

He has been in the spotlight for the albums and hits he drops. 

On YouTube, he now has a total number of 44.6 million subscribers and over 20 billion views after joining YouTube on August 8th, 2006.

  1. Badabun

Badabun is a Mexican YouTube channel.

The channel became well known for producing “Exponiendo Infieles” (or Exposing Infidels), as they’ve created a site where the host interviews couples to see if either person is cheating on the other.

This channel has a total of 43 million subscribers and was launched in Oct 14, 2014.

  1. Eminem music

The 47-year old American rapper, record producer, actor, and songwriter has made a mark in the music industry for over a decade now.

His channel has a total number of 43 million subscribers and over 16 billion views.

  1. Vlad and Niki

Vlad and Niki’s channel is for Kids.

The two brothers are only 4 and 7 years.

At that age, they have gained 42.2 million subscribers.

The channel was created on April 23rd, 2018, and now has over 21 billion views.

  1. Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is in the 23rd position, with the sum of 41.6 million subscribers.

Ariana Grande is an American singer, songwriter, and actress.

After her early years in acting, she has now become a leading figure in popular music.

Her popular tracks like “7 rings”, “thank you, next,” and so many industry breaking hits.

It’s no surprise why this channel has gotten so much traction since it was launched on January 21st, 2007, joining the league of channels with the highest YouTube subscribers.

  1. HolaSoyGerman

At 24th place is HolaSoyGerman, with 40.9 million subscribers.

He is a Chilean comedian, writer, and obviously, a YouTuber. HolaSoyGerman is also the most subscribed Spanish language channel.

  1. Movieclips

Finally, at 25th place is Movieclips with 39.9 million subscribers.

This channel is the largest collection of licensed movie clips on the web.

As the name implies, it uploads clips from movies that would be hitting the cinema soon. 

The channel has hundreds of movies from various genres.

The channel was launched on April 28th, 2006. 

And we have come to the end of the list.

Now you see, YouTube is for everyone.

From kids to video commentators to sports lovers, music artists, and much more, YouTube embraces them all. 

The key takeaway is that anyone can become YouTube famous with just the right content and the right audience.

Here are a few tips on becoming a quality YouTuber and raising your channel to join the elite few that have the highest YouTube subscribers.

What Do These Successful YouTubers Have In Common?

There are a few things that successful YouTubers have in common.

They are all very passionate about their content, they are consistent with their uploads, and they interact with their viewers regularly.

In addition, most of them started out with humble beginnings and worked hard to get where they are today.

So, what does it take to achieve this level of success on YouTube? Well, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

You need to be constantly creating new and engaging content that your viewers will love. You also need to be active on social media and interact with your fans regularly.

If you can do all of these things, then you have a good chance of becoming a successful YouTuber.

Are you ready to put in the work and become a successful YouTuber? If so, then go out there and start creating great content! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

What Are Some Of The Challenges Faced By YouTubers With 10 Million Subscribers?

One of the biggest challenges faced by YouTubers with a large following is maintaining their level of engagement with their viewers. It can be difficult to keep churning out new and exciting content when you have millions of people watching your every move.

In addition, social media can be a huge time sink, and it’s important to make sure that you are interacting with your fans regularly.

Another challenge faced by successful YouTubers is burnout.

It’s important to take breaks and make sure that you are taking care of yourself mentally and physically.

If you can do all of these things, then you will be well on your way to maintaining a successful YouTube channel.

Are you a YouTuber with a large following? If so, what challenges do you face? Let us know in the comments below.

What Makes A Video Content-Rich?

  1. Make video content that is valuable to people. If your channel is centered on your audience, you would have more people coming in.
  1. Be consistent with your niche. Not everyone can be a jack of all trades. Stick to the videos your audience loves the most.
  1. Upload great videos with excellent content and find ways to receive feedback.
  1.  Invest in buying quality video and recording video gears. Quality videos use the best gears.
  1. Engage with your audience to know what they like best
  1. Try A/B test to see what works best and where you can improve on.

It is safe to say that doing this will bring more eyeballs to your channel.

YouTube is straightforward and targeted.

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