YouTube Paycheck: How To Get Your First YouTube Paycheck

Learn about how to get your first YouTube paycheck and find helpful tips and tricks that will help you to earn from your YouTube channel fast.

Working on YouTube might sound fun but it needs a lot of patience. 

Hard work, fame and money does not know any short cuts.

But all of the entrepreneurs out there who are looking for answers and want to know a good amount of information about working on YouTube, this article is for all of you.

We bet that by the end of this article you will be knowing all of the information you are looking for and you will be able to start your planning to work as a YouTuber.

So in this article, we will tell you how to get your first paycheck by YouTube.

So let’s go through all the details together.

Let’s go! 

How Many Views Do You Need To Get Paid On YouTube?

YouTube Paycheck

To monetize your YouTube account, you should at least have 1000 subscribers or more than this. 

Well, on one hand, we know that gaining followers and subscribers takes a good amount of time and effort, on the other hand, we know about this standard requirement of YouTube partner programs.

It means that patience is the thing you need the most in this scenario.

And we should also know that to have an active Google Adsense account, we also need to have 4000 watch hours in the past 12 months or a year.

However, once you apply for a YouTube partner program and get accepted, you will be allowed to set ad preferences and then you will also be able to earn money by the videos you upload on your channel.

How Much Money Do You Get On Your First YouTube Paycheck?

YouTube Paycheck

Although, making money on YouTube is attractive and everyone uploads their videos to be famous and earn money.

But keeping the fame and money in your mind, you should also keep this thing in your mind too that it is a slow and steady race

It takes time.

It takes time to earn fame and then it proceeds to earning some money.

But the good thing is when you look back and see the early videos of the most famous YouTubers, they also started from a zero point.

They were also beginners and it took them time to earn money on uploading videos.

So, first of all, you have to be patient and wait for some traffic from viewers on your account or channel. 

You need a good amount of audience first to start earning money.

For instance, look at Lily Singh, Nikkie Tutorials, or PewDiePie, they were all beginners first and they did not make any money by uploading their initial videos.

They also waited patiently and after years, the whole world knows them and they have got millions of subscribers.

In theory, it is not forbidden to sign up for Adsense and people may take shortcuts to earn money, by paying viewers to watch their videos. 

But still, it does not make a good difference.

So, we come back to square-one that for earning money you have to have a good number of viewers on your videos.

Remember that during the early stages of your channel and initial videos, you are rather building up your worth and reputation and not only doing it to earn money.

Once you see that people watch you and listen to your opinions, advice, or get inspired by your routine vlogs, you will start having real respect for them.

And then you know that you are not doing it only for money because there are real people who actually listen to you.

Well, many ads pay you by CPM (cost per thousand views) and then there is CPC (cost per click).

And obviously, for CPC, a viewer has to click on ads for you to make money, the more clicks you get, the better you earn.

But think that how many people, in reality, do click on ads.

There is only a small percentage of viewers who click on the ads surrounding the videos. 

The CPM ads in the video itself, also require more than one cursory glance.

And to earn money from it, a viewer must watch the ad at least for 30 seconds or half of it.

But if viewers do click on your ads for long enough then you can start making money.

Though, if you want to know a starting strategy to get in the game, it is not difficult. In fact, so many people do this to get a good number of views on their 1st videos.

You just have to either do a review video on the product which is so much in use of people or popular among them or you can do a reaction video either on songs or hilarious videos. 

Whatever comes in your mind, you can start with that video.

People tend to get millions of views on good reviews or reaction videos.

And from that point, they know what to do in the future, which direction to pick as a YouTuber.

Note: do not get fixated on the idea that you will feel the motivation to become a YouTuber only if you get a million views on your 1st video because we think that you should give yourself a number of good chances and not only one video.

Trust in yourself!

But if you are looking for a direction in advance or still thinking about it, we think that we can help you. 

Obviously, there are some niches which are easier than others to earn money from.

We would advise you to pick one direction and stick with it, name your channel after it, so people know what to expect on your channel. It will definitely get you the subscribers who are interested in the niche you have chosen for your upcoming videos.

You may know it already that the most famous direction is gaming and you may also know it that gaming is a huge industry and it is not easy to stand in the competition at once.

But there are so many gamers who are earning money from it.

Do not lose hope yet, there are also other niches you can choose from, which people tend to like on YouTube.

You can do:

  • Celebrity gossip
  • News
  • Compilation of funny videos, people’s fails, their amateur hours
  • Lifehacks
  • How to demonstrations
  • Food diaries: food reviews, kitchen hacks, recipes
  • For kids: unwrapping and opening of newest toys
  • Spoofs
  • Funny cats, dogs, or any animals’ videos

How To Get A YouTube Paycheck

I think we are all interested in it the most, so let’s go through its details without delaying it anymore.

1. Join the YouTube Partner Program

YouTube Paycheck

YPP the YouTube partner program is all about giving its creators easy access to YouTube’s resources and features. 

In it, you get easy access to different links, such as creator support teams/ copyright match tool/monetization features.

They ask you about certain things to be a YouTube partner, like; there should be a YouTube partner program available in your country, in the last 12 months you should have 4000 valid public watch hours, have a linked Adsense account, and have at least 1000 subscribers.

Then they have a YPP application checklist and a review process.

They also ask you to stay active continuously and if your account is dormant for 6 months, they stop paying you. 

So, to keep on getting paid you have to keep on uploading your videos.

Well, it is a general fact that there will be no activity on your account at all if you yourself will not stay active and take care of your subscribers and their demands; as in why they like you and what they expect from you.

We think that it is just that simple.

So, stay active, stay paid!

2. Enable Monetization

YouTube Paycheck

Enabling monetization through your channel means that you can earn money through:

  • Ads
  • Channel memberships
  • Merch
  • Super Chat & Super Stickers 
  • YouTube Premium

You can pick & choose any line which you like or are comfortable with.

3. Other Ways To Get A YouTube Paycheck Fast

YouTube Paycheck

YouTube earnings can come from different sources and if you worry about ads, we assure you that if you are not interested in ads there are other ways too.

These are some other options to give a YouTuber’s income a boost:

  • Affiliate links: 

We talked earlier about making and uploading videos in the name of reviews, we think that everyone has seen such videos. 

But, consider if a YouTuber is making a video of their hot favorite brand or product and also give a link of that thing in their video (in the description box). 

After which their viewers see and click on the links which automatically generate money for that YouTuber. 

Because the more clicks and purchases of that product, service, or makeup brand happen, the more money YouTuber makes.

  • Merchandise: 

Merchandising simply means to come up with your own brand. 

Now you must have seen so many people who either follow a famous gamer or a day-to-day vlogger. 

These gamers and vloggers sometimes open up their options more and more for their subscribers. 

For instance, there are so many beauty vloggers who have started their own makeup brand just because their followers demanded it or gamers who have developed their own new games. 

They then launch their products in the market and their followers buy them. 

These products can be makeup, games, shirts, bags, shoes or anything.

  • Sponsorship

YouTube is the most widely used video viewing platform all around the world today. 

It has 2 billion monthly users and can you believe that it has 1 billion hours of watching per day! 

If you already knew it then you must know this too that when so many people watch you and your videos, there can be so many collaborative companies or people who would be interested in you

They would like to pay you just for the collaboration. 

So people make money both ways, companies and YouTubers both. 

They want to become your partners and there are so many famous YouTubers who are making money through sponsorship or brand sponsorship. 

There would be so many partners for you who will be interested in your work and hard work and they just increase their sales this way.


We really hope that this article was helpful for you and you must have gotten all the answers to your queries. 

We wish you the best of luck and we believe in you! 

We think that now you are ready to earn money as a YouTuber.

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