Top 13 Sites To Promote YouTube Videos

Learn about the top sites to promote YouTube videos and tips on how you can effectively use different platforms to promote your YouTube channel.

Are you a YouTuber? 

If so, then are you looking to increase your viewing audience and promote your video content?

Then this article is for you!

We will be sharing you with you the top 13 sites you can promote your YouTube videos on. 

Let’s jump in!

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit are already considered to be excellent platforms for promoting your YouTube videos, but apart from them, other sites such as Pinterest, Tumblr, your personal blog can also be great platforms to promote your YouTube channel and videos.

1. Twitter

Sites To Promote YouTube Videos

When it comes to promoting your YouTube videos, Twitter is an indispensable social network and you can use it as an effective tool to promote your YouTube videos.

First, Twitter hosts thousands of conversations every day and this gives you a perfect platform to reach a larger audience as a YouTuber.

Here are four ways you can use Twitter to effectively increase your YouTube visibility and promote your videos:

1. Mention Your YouTube Channel In Your Twitter Bio

Yep, it works all the time. 

You’ve probably seen a Twitter celeb do it in their bio, it’s a deliberate thing. 

You can use the Twitter bio to inform your followers of your YouTube channel and the kind of video content you give. 

Also, make sure you include a link to your YouTube channel.

A great Twitter bio should be interesting enough to compel your followers to want to see your YouTube videos. 

You can search out how the best do it and model their methods

2. Post Links To Your Videos With Relevant And Trending Hashtags

Every time you publish a new video, you can post an announcement on Twitter and add the link to your new YouTube video alongside a brief description of what it’s about. 

Don’t leave out trending hashtags on Twitter. 

This helps immensely, so when people search for the hashtag, they come across your video.

This helps you to reach a larger audience who are your potential viewers who may not be following you.

3. Post Different Kinds Of Content On Your Feed

Quick warning: the fastest way to make people lose interest in what you have to say is by continually spamming them with tweets only about your YouTube videos.

They will unfollow you and move on to something more interesting.

Post important stuff, something interesting, and informative and relevant tweets that relate to your videos. 

Also, post content that makes your followers super curious about what you have to say.

4. Engage In Conversations With Your Twitter Fans

Don’t make the mistake of abandoning your audience. 

Engaging with your followers helps to strengthen your relationship with them and promotes their loyalty to you.

You can post a tweet and ask your followers what they would like to see in your upcoming video.

Find ways to start conversations around your video. 

Also, you can ask your followers for feedback on your previous videos. 

It makes them feel like they are being carried along.

2. Quora

Okay, guys! If you don’t have a Quora account already, it’s time to open one.

Quora is a tremendous source of traffic for many websites and yes, many people underutilize it because they don’t realize the tremendous traffic it can bring to their business.

When it comes to using Quora, the trick is to search for keywords related to your industry and noting the most viewed answers

All you simply do afterward is to create a better answer and double or triple the value and then slip your YouTube video in the answer as an additional resource.

Here’s what to avoid: sounding spammy. 

Also, make sure your video is related to the question being asked otherwise you risk the chance of getting your answer downvoted or even deleted.

If you just do it right, lots of people will be wanting and willing to click your videos because the answers you give are helpful and awesome and they want to see more of what you and your business are about.

You can use Quora not only as a good way to generate traffic to your YouTube videos but also as a way to build credibility for your business.

3. Tumblr

Did you know Tumblr is a great platform to promote your YouTube videos? Well, it is!

Here are 5 ways you can promote your YouTube videos on Tumblr.

1. Establish Your Presence

Just as with any other social media, establishing your presence or identity is key to building your follower base. 

People in the same industry tend to follow each other because they feel a mutual connection whether of interest or goals.

It’s the same thing on Tumblr. 

People want to know who they’re connecting with, so it is important you establish your identity first. 

What do you want to be known as or for?

Begin from there.

2. Include Keywords In Your Posts And Tags For SEO

When it comes to the world of online promotion, SEO is king. 

Be sure to embed your descriptions with Keywords that potential new viewers will be sure to be looking for.

Add relevant tags at the bottom of your post too. 

3. Link Your Social Media Sites

You should know this, Tumblr is a multimedia experience.
The blog posts here can be shared on Facebook and Twitter. 

Instagram also allows its users to share pictures directly to Tumblr as well. 

In this way, the hashtags that are used on the main post on Instagram will also appear on the Tumblr post.

This way, any promotional images you use for your YouTube videos can appear on Tumblr too.

So, simply link your social media sites to your Tumblr account.

4. Follow Similar Users

On Tumblr, when you follow another blogger, they receive a notification with your username and icon picture that alerts them of a new follower. The person is likely to check out your blog, in turn, to see if you’re someone they’d like to follow back.

This is a way to tell you that having more followers leads to more reblogs on your posts, which in turn leads to your videos being seen by more people.

The people you follow are more likely to engage because there is that mutual connection.

5. Engage With Your Followers

Don’t be the blogger who posts content and disappears immediately. 

If people reblog your post and say something nice, thank them.

Open your “ask box” from time to time too so other bloggers can leave a message and questions about your latest video in your inbox.

4. Facebook

Sites To Promote YouTube Videos

Yes, you can use your Facebook to promote your YouTube videos.

Here’s the tick, make your description rich with keywords, but don’t just go posting your link straight out there. 

Facebook doesn’t appreciate any outside traffic and this can kill the visibility of your videos. 

Same thing for YouTube.

What you want to do rather, is to create your Topic, use the right keywords, and leave a CTA (Call to Action) for them to meet you on your channel to share their thoughts.

5. Reddit

Sites To Promote YouTube Videos

Here’s another platform to promote your YouTube videos on.

The first step is searching out your video’s keywords in the subreddit search bar.

See keywords as tags you would put on your video when you’re searching for subreddits. 

In addition to this, we recommend you also look for subreddits specifically for your video promotion because they give extra views.

Once you decide on a couple of Reddit pages, be careful to go over the rules though. 

Some subreddits do not welcome YouTube links. 

Once you’ve found a place where you can post your content, post it as a link post, and use an attractive title and thumbnail

Do not post it as a link within a text post.

Remember to also reply to comments on both the video and on the Reddit post itself to engage with your audience.

6. Email

Sites To Promote YouTube Videos

You probably know already that email is a great way of generating revenue, but you should know also that it is a great way to send targeted traffic to your YouTube channel.

When you send out emails that feature your YouTube videos, you’re actually staying relevant to your customers and also providing them with awesome content.

If you can do this right, you have a win-win situation where your customers get the content they want and you get to promote your YouTube videos as well.

7. Personal Blog

Using your personal blog in your YouTube promotion strategy is a continuous collaboration where you always help each grow.

Here are 3 strategies for using your Personal blog with your YouTube channel:

1. Add A YouTube Subscribe Button To The Sidebar On Your Blog

Although this won’t bring in a tide of clicks, showing them on every page will bring you subscribers

You can also use subscribe buttons in other places because it’s a way of letting your readers know you’re also on YouTube as well, and they are most likely to subscribe if they like you and your content.

2. Add A Blog Link On The About Page On YouTube Channel

This link will show at the bottom of your About page and you can assign some to show on your channel banner as well.

If your channel is just starting out, you should limit the number of links you show on your banner.

YouTube is strict about taking traffic offsite, but larger channels don’t have this as a problem because they have gathered enough momentum to stay afloat, but smaller channels need to restrict their outbound links.

Sites To Promote YouTube Videos

That said, doing this will generate more traffic to your Channel and blog as well.

3. Embed Your Video On Your Blog

Simply write a brief introduction to the post before embedding the video, just something simple enough to tell people what to expect. 

People don’t exactly like to be taken by surprise.

Videos are not something many blogs do, so it’d be really nice to consider it as an added feature.

Try not to put it at the end of your post because many people won’t view it.

Immediately below your video, write a few sentences about your YouTube channel and what you offer there, and tell them why they need to subscribe to your channel.

Be convincing, but not pushy.

8. Medium

Medium is a great place to promote your YouTube videos.

Including your video on your Medium account is a great way to nurture your readers who have been following you and also an easy way to send them to your YouTube channel, thus increasing your subscriber base.

These people are more likely to subscribe because they are loyal to you already.

Embedding your video in your Medium blog post is a great way to get more eyes on your YouTube channel.

9. is a great platform to promote your YouTube videos too.

It’s a simple site that embeds interesting videos from around the internet. 

It has many visitors visiting the site to simply click through random videos for something to watch.

As a YouTuber, posting our videos on the site gives your channel extra exposure at no cost.

10. Instagram

Sites To Promote YouTube Videos

While many people don’t know this, Instagram is a great platform to promote your YouTube videos and can grow your subscription base at an astonishing rate.

Here are 4 ways you can promote your YouTube videos and increase your audience with Instagram:

1. Tease With Upcoming Videos

Do you have a big YouTube video coming out and you want to get your followers hyped about it? 

Then make a 15-second Instagram video showing highlights of your YouTube work. 

This does different things: it carries them along the production process and makes them eager to see the video when it’s finally out.

2. Give Your Followers A Behind-The-Scenes Peep

A great way to strengthen your relationship with your fans is to post your BTS (Behind the scenes) shots.

This makes them feel like they’re going all the way with you and keeps them even more loyal.

3. Show 15 Seconds Of Music Tracks

Do you have particular music tracks you’re using in your upcoming or latest video? 

You can upload a 15-second sample of them to Instagram with a catchy still image.

This gives your followers something to vibe to and will definitely lead them to that subscribe button.

4. Post Your Fan Shoutouts

Got any amazing fans recently? 

Fans love a shoutout

Well, everybody loves it. 

Who doesn’t love to feel special? 

You can use your Instagram feed to give a shoutout to some of your most amazing fans and loyal followers.

When you do this, more people will head over to subscribe and follow so they can make it into your mini hall of fame.

11. Instructables

If you’re into how-to videos or guides as a YouTuber, then Instructables is a great place to promote your YouTube videos.

The site is geared towards DIYers and people who like to take projects into their own hands generally speaking.

Only a certain type of content is acceptable here and if yours fits, then go ahead and promote your videos here.

12. Pinterest

Sites To Promote YouTube Videos

You can also use Pinterest to help promote your YouTube videos.

First, you can pin your video directly from YouTube, what happens is that Pinterest takes a thumbnail that comes with your video and pins it directly to Pinterest.

You can create a separate blog post with your YouTube link in it, then you link the blog post to Pinterest.

You want to make sure your descriptions are good enough to get the visitor to click your YouTube link so they can subscribe to your channel.

13. StumbleUpon

Here’s another platform that helps you promote your YouTube videos, StumbleUpon.

Submitting your videos here is quite easy. 

You simply install the toolbar and click the thumbs-up button on your video’s page

This adds your video to the database of content used by the Stumble toolbar.

From then, whenever a user clicks the stumble button and their interests coincide with the category of your video, they click and see your content, and if they like it, you can bet they’ll head over to your channel to see more and subscribe.


These are 13 sites that make promoting your YouTube videos easy. 

We hope you found this article useful.

Let us know in the comments. 

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