7 Reasons Why Community Managers Should Teach Online Classes

Learn about the reasons why community managers should teach online classes and how their community management skills can be handy in online teaching.

If you are a community manager, then you would most probably make a great teacher as well! 

Now, you must be wondering, “I enjoy what I do? Why bother?’ 

Well, you’re certainly not alone if you feel this way!

The basic traits of a community manager are being organized and paying attention to little details.

So if you have those traits, then gear up because this might be the perfect time for you to consider teaching online classes! 

But don’t worry if you still feel like it isn’t a good idea.  

This article is written to show you the reasons why teaching online classes should be your next plan!

That being said, let’s begin!

You Have The Necessary Skills! 

In any area of life, it all comes down to the skill set required for the job, and being a community manager is no exception. 

Being a community manager, you possess a very valuable skill set that would make it easier for you to navigate your way around as an online teacher.

This gives you an advantage over someone who isn’t a community manager. 

In case you have not been paying attention to the skills you possess, here are 7 reasons which will serve as a reminder of your superpowers as a community manager and how you can harness them to help you as an emerging online teacher!

1. You Are A Great Communicator

As a community manager, you are constantly learning about different things every day.

Now, to become a successful online teacher, you need to pay attention to every student and you need to know about the methods they best learn in. 

So your biggest companion in your journey of becoming an online teacher is your communication skills. 

Every person has their own learning style and one size does not fit all.

So this means that you will have to modify your methods for every student so effective communication takes place.

This is because the goal of every class you put out there is communication, meaning that you as the communicator can pass across a message to the students who can receive it, understand it, and can have a positive impact on their lives with it. 

This will be easy for you as a community manager because it is what you do already.

As a community manager, you already know that communicating effectively and in different ways to different people can be perplexing, so your mind is already prepared to tackle this when it comes to online teaching.

You have to make sure that you communicate clearly so your students understand how and what works best for them individually. 

This is a plus for you as a community manager, compared to someone who is just starting as an online teacher.

As you know, communication makes a great community manager, so with this skill, you will without fail, make a great online teacher as well! 

2. You Are A Great Leader

For you as a community manager, leadership comes easier than it does for others because of your experience. 

From leading learning discussions and demonstrating examples, to enforcing rules and much more, you have gained a lot of leadership experiences under your belt.

As an online teacher, you simply reach in and pull them out!

Hence, you don’t have to learn leadership from scratch or struggle with it as other newbies would. 

This leadership quality will help you when your students will be needing assistance for setting their goals and achieving them, as well as in making sure that they follow through the program.

Also, as a community manager, you are a leader in your own community and constantly have to deal with some discomfort that can stem from disagreement or undertones of insubordination. 

So, by being a community manager you would have already learned about dealing with these issues!

This builds you as a leader and can prepare you to be a sterling online teacher as well. 

Also, another proof of a community manager being a good leader is that you get to create and lead conversations around topics, and also get to enforce proper protocols that carry the community guidelines and rules.

So great leadership makes great community managers and even better online teachers!

3. You Listen And Understand Your Audience’s Needs

As a community manager, you are a teacher. 

And teachers have to listen to both the spoken and unspoken words of the students. 

This means you don’t just listen to the what, but also listen to the why.

Community managers must learn how to listen and this is something that you master from your years of experience by dealing with your community as a community manager. 

Listening is a core skill and the backbone of effective communication

In fact, communication is not as much talking as it is listening.

Listening entails more than just hearing and being present, but it requires genuine concern and care. 

Listening is the stepping stone of understanding, and understanding is another great skill community managers have, which is a great reason why they make amazing online teachers as well. 

Listening and processing what you have received is the key to become an understanding teacher.

After all, listening to your community’s needs and understanding their feelings is what makes a community thrive. 

As a community manager, you have honed your listening and understanding skills and this is a great reason why you need to develop and start teaching your online classes!

4. You Enjoy Learning

Yes. It’s not a popular opinion, but learning is a skill. 

As a community manager, you already are a teacher and it can be said without a doubt that teachers are lifelong learners.

Hence, you need to stay fresh if you’re always pouring out.

Teachers know that they need to embrace new ideas and strategies to convey concepts and information to their students, and this is basically what you do as a community manager.

You realize that you need to be well-versed in many other areas apart from what you major in because let’s face it, you are dealing with people; your students are people with real-life needs.

Knowing and having fresh content in other subject matters and effectively understanding their workings is what makes you an effective community manager, which is also what makes a great teacher. 

As a community manager, you will observe that one’s community needs may differ from another community’s needs but despite that, they cross-learn, because, as in an ecosystem, each part is in correlation with the other. 

This explains a community manager’s aptitude for learning.

As a community manager, your learning also covers emotional intelligence because you have to communicate with your community on an emotional level as well and preserve their feelings. 

This aspect will definitely be useful for you as an online teacher because teaching is all about learning and as a community manager, you’re fit for the job!

5. You Will Create An Evergreen Asset

Did nobody tell you that online courses are evergreen? 

It’s a one-for-always thing!

Once created, you can go ahead and sell them as many times as you want!

Whatever your online course is going to be about, fashion, cooking, writing, development, or about any other topic in existence, you only have to do it once and you never have to do it again.

As a community manager, you should understand the power of systems.

Systems ensure that what has to be done gets done even if you’re absent or unavailable for some reason. 

The same thing applies to teaching online classes,  once-done-always-done.

In short, you have a valuable asset in hand that is free from time bounds!

So, go right ahead and create that online class!

6. You Will Create A Predictable Source Of Income

This part is exciting! 

As an online teacher, you don’t just add another source of income to the list, you create a predictable source of income and the amazing part is, you get to control your income!

Online courses give you the financial freedom you desire and give you control of what you earn. 

You can predict how much is coming in a monthly, weekly, quarterly, and even on a yearly basis.

So, you don’t need to depend on your other sources of cash flow.

As a community manager, if you are looking at growing your audience and gaining financial stability and income predictability, you should definitely consider teaching online classes!

7. You will Inspire Your Students and Help Them Become Better

As a community manager, you know better than anyone else the joy and sense of fulfillment that accompanies with helping people to live better lives and to achieve their dreams. 

In the same way, as an online teacher, you help and inspire people to lead better lives and improve their fortune.

Whether you help them to become better at what they do, or improve their skills and add to their self-worth, or just basically give them a meaningful experience, you inspire your students and help them become better individuals and in turn, build better communities.

A great reason you should consider teaching your online classes as a community manager is the fact that you can help other people become better, give them hope, and inspire them to achieve their dreams.

Also, apart from the expertise and experience that you offer as an online teacher through your online classes, you allow your students to widen and increase their network and connect with people that are relevant to their success journey. 

This exposure will certainly build confidence in your students and will in turn play a major role in the advancement of their careers or dreams.

Also, by teaching online classes, the opportunities which may not be easily accessible in the traditional offline classroom setting can easily be provided to students to acquire specialized training.

This ease of access and improved learning opportunity is a dream come true for many and they will only be too happy to pay you for the value you bring to their lives.


See? Becoming an online teacher and starting your online classes is not so tough at all, especially when you have valuable reasons to get it done. 

If you just make up your mind to get it done, and put in the work it needs, you will find that it is more than worth the effort!

We hope you found this article helpful! 

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