21 YouTube Niches To Make Money Without Showing Your Face

Discover the 21 amazing niches that you can adopt to build a career on YouTube without even showing your face and making millions!

Do you want to make money from YouTube?

But are you shy or uncomfortable about coming in front of the camera?

That’s no problem at all because we are going to tell you about those ways or niches through which you can still make money on YouTube, even if you do not come in front of the camera.

So, let’s look at those niches and get you to make money.

The top 21 niches that you can build a career on YouTube include gaming, health channels, life hacks, traveling, time-lapse videos, meditation, product reviewing, video compilation, self-development, podcasts, quiz videos, animal facts, pet channels, music, storytelling channel, tutorial video, tech channels, DIY videos, cartoons and animations, listicles, and slideshows.

1. Gaming

There are many niches through which you can make money on YouTube. 

But let’s start from one of the most basic, common, and most-watched niches; which is gaming.

If you are a games lover, then this niche is for you.

Do you like war games? Or any?

Even sorting out the puzzles?

Through those games which you play, you can make money.

Just play those games, be very good at them, know their technicalities and videotape them

After videotaping your skills, simply upload them on your channel for your audience.

If you are really good at your niche, all game lovers will get attracted to you automatically, just give your channel some time to be known by your targeted audience.

Note: (It goes for all niches) Always stick to your own niche, which means that whatever set of skills and themes/topics you have chosen for your channel, stick to them. 

It is not considered good if you keep on changing your channel or its name. 

Because your channel is your own brand

So choose wisely and plan ahead.

2. Health Channel

The second niche which you can pick is being a health expert

Sometimes people who are fitness experts also mix their niche with being health experts, because obviously these niches are interconnected.

And let us tell you that on this channel which does ‘Natural Cures’, they tend to earn at least $20k per month or even more because of the natural medicine they make at home. 

You can also call them home remedies.

3. Life Hack

Don’t you think it is one of those YouTube channels which sound so much fun and attract millions of subscribers, with the passage of time, more than other channels?

Well we think so!

There are so many YouTube channels where they only show life hack videos ranging from minor to major household things or personal stuff. 

If you have ever watched ‘5 mint crafts’, ‘Crafty’, or funny life hacks by Khaby, you would easily know what kind of niche this is and how many subscribers one can get.

4. Travel

For those who love traveling or even if you have to travel a lot, this is ‘The Niche’ for you. 

The more you travel, the more you keep on putting your videos or pictures on your channel. 

Everyone loves nature and loves to see its beauty.

Especially for those days, when people are house-bound or stuck with so much hectic routine where they cannot go anywhere, they prefer to live such moments by watching the videos and pictures of nature.

So, if you love traveling, think no more!

Just start your channel and let that audience find your channel, who is waiting for such serene channels.

5. Time-Lapse Videos

This type of video is also really fun and addicting to look at. 

In this basically, you can create a time-lapse of anything you want. 

But most of the channels actually show videos of foods degrading with time.

You can even show the seasons of one place, how they change all of the year, how one place turns into autumn, snowy winter, spring, and summer. 

How fun and interesting it sounds, right?

And you can also create time-lapse videos of clouds changing in the sky, you may turn your travel videos or vlogs into time-lapse videos and upload them to your YouTube channel. 

So, if you can create interesting videos, it is a very interesting niche to grow your subscribers as well. 

Not to forget, people also considered such videos satisfying to look at.

6. Meditation

If you have been searching for inner peace and you know a lot of methods to attain it, you need to show it to others. 

Believe us, people now search for inner peace everywhere, and if you can show them they will come to you.

Start your own channel, pick your meditation skill as your niche and attract people towards it.

You just have to pick a quiet corner in your house, put some plants around it to make it zen, and start video recording yourself meditating there.

7. Product Reviewing

There are so many YouTubers who tend to run their channels by reviewing various brands.

Some review beauty products, some dresses and their brands, others review different new home tools, etc.

If you have a knack for shopping and buying new simple things, you can start your own channel on this idea. 

You can also review new apps and cell phones and eventually mobile companies and various manufacturers start sending you their products because people hear you out about reviews.

8. Video Compilation

You might be shy about coming in front of the camera but if you think you have excellent editing, you immediately need to start your own channel. 

And if this is the case, then yes this niche is for you.

You can compile different videos or clips together to show them as one piece.

You can compile them for different purposes such as; comedy or knowledgeable stuff.

You must have watched so many funny cat videos, crazy videos of kids laughing at goofy things or when your pet does something naughty.

If you like the idea and you feel confident about your editing skills, just go for it

Pick it as your niche.

9. Self-Development

Everyone goes through some hard times in their lives once in a while and to pass that trauma or stress they look to others as a support group.

If you think that you yourself have grown out of something terrible or a great loss and you can help others too, make your channel about it. 

Speak to others through your channel. 

Let your voice be heard by those who are searching for someone like you.

If it is not something big, you can always talk about simple coping mechanisms which we all use through our daily routines, everyone needs to hear about them.

On the plus side, this kind of channel also makes good money. 

10. Podcasts

It is very simple because the main content on the podcasts is mostly audio, so you can create podcasts easily if you don’t want to show your face in your YouTube videos.

Start a podcast channel on any topic you are interested in. 

You can use a static image and record the entire audio and post it on YouTube. 

Other than that, you can also use moving graphics or infographics in your podcasts as well.

11. Quiz Videos

Quiz videos are such interesting videos for all kinds of age fellows.

If you want to know about someone related to this niche, then you should know about the channel ‘1 Million Tests’.

They now earn at least $10k per month only doing simple quiz videos.

Such videos can even be made with a movie maker. 

This channel creates random videos like how old is your soul, what color of grape you are, how many eyes you would have if you were a mutant, things like that. 

You can even do all these randomly, people these days make so many BTS quizzes (Korean greatest boy band in the world). 

They have a great fan army out there trying various quizzes, which hit millions every other day on each video.

12. Animal Facts

If you are good with animals and know about the facts related to them, this niche is for you.

These channels are earning at least $3,000 per month.

And guess what? 

You just need to do the same thing, converting blog articles into videos, and using stock footage, simple!

13. Pet Channel

If you have a pet and love it extremely, say no more! 

This is your niche then.

Just make your channel on it, tell everyone how you take care of the pets, what do they need, what are their habits, and how to train them for their better health.

You know that there are billions of people who own pets and you can help them through your channel.

14. Music

Do you love music?

Do you create your own kind of music and want to let others hear it too?

Then this is the niche for you.

If you create music and want to upload it on your channel, you can do so without having to show your face.

Either show just your hands playing guitar or use your album cover and play the song in the background or you can also create a lyric video for your song and post it to your channel.

15. Story Telling Channel

If you love storytelling, you must know that scary story videos are huge on YouTube, and there is a group of audiences who love to watch these kinds of videos.

There are many people who do not know that this kind of channel also makes a good amount of money, but people really love such channels.

16. Tutorial Videos

Who doesn’t know about tutorial videos and channels

Even if you feel stuck about something and don’t know how to make or break it, what do you do?

Yes, you are correct, we all go online and search for related videos on YouTube and that is how these channels make good money.

17. Tech Channel

Have you been a tinkering person at your home?

Then this is your niche. 

And the best example of such channels is Tech Zone, they are earning at least $65k per month with only 1 one channel. 

And they have at least 5 channels, posting the same videos but in other languages.

You can even get these videos from amazon, or simply tech sites.

All you have to do is to promote their products.

They will be more than happy if you are doing this. 

Just make sure that you give credits in the description box or in the video. 

You just have to download their videos and talk about the product.

18. D.I.Y. Videos

Yes, this is another attractive niche where you do not have to show your face in YouTube videos and keep on pursuing your skill while making money with it.

You can create so many videos of making different things at home, for your own use and letting people know how to make it at home.

People love D.I.Y. ideas where they do not have to spend much money on the product.

19. Cartoons Or Animations

We know that all animation and cartoon lovers must be very happy about knowing this niche. 

And all of you must be because it is a very fun and cool niche.

There are so many talented people like you on YouTube running their channels, who thank YouTube for letting them come in front and they did not waste their talent.

They showed their talent to everyone and now they are famous. 

So, if you love making animations or cartoons, don’t hide your talent.

20. Listicles

Another fun niche, which you can pick without having to come in front of the camera is making lists of the things, for example, from least favorite to most favorite or many more like these.

All you have to do is find topics to create list videos like “Top 10 places to spend your honeymoon” or “5 Best sitcoms to binge-watch”.

Put some relevant images, stock footage, or your chosen clips and record a voice-over and publish them.

21. Slide Shows

These slide shows are actually ideal to create explanatory videos. 

You can actually use presentation slides created with Microsoft PowerPoint or Keynote.

Later on, use them to create voice-over videos. 

You can also create slides with Google Slides and use them further to create videos.

With simple animations and designs, you can create professional-looking videos on YouTube. 

Remember that PowerPoint has a feature to record your slideshow and it also records the narration with the slideshow and as a result, it exports it as a complete video.


So guys, we really hope that all of these niches were fun to know and by now, you must have shortlisted one or two for your YouTube channel. 

Just have faith in your self-confidence and trust your skills. 

Polish them more and start your channel. 

Remember that more videos mean more attraction for your audience. 

Just never stop! Good Luck.

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