11 Reasons Bloggers Should Teach Online Classes

Learn about online teaching and the reasons why bloggers should create online classes, even if you are just a creative content creator.

It is no secret that bloggers are now making a full-time living through their daily blogging, which is quite obvious from the influence they’ve built over time.

Bloggers can make money from strategies such as affiliate marketing and brand sponsorships. 

The most recent strategy is bloggers teaching online classes so they can make more money.

As a blogger, of course, you are adept at creating content, so when it comes to creating an online class, it should be an exciting journey for you.

A plus is a fact that hey, you get to diversify your income and skyrocket your earning potential.

If you’re looking to create an extra stream of income, whether it’s a part-time or full time, creating online courses should be on top of your list of strategies. Numero uno.

The benefits of creating online classes as a blogger are numerous. For one, creating online courses give you absolute control of your income. 

See? You get to call the shots!

This article has been written to show you how easy it is to create online classes as a blogger and to get you serious about starting.

Just in case you’re still having a bad case of cold feet, here are 11 reasons why bloggers should teach online classes. 

Each reason is practical and traceable to something you are already experiencing as a blogger so, yay!

Let’s discuss them one by one.

#1 You Already Have Potential Buyers

Okay blogger, chin up. 

You have a major advantage against others just starting their career, you already have a ready market!

This is the beauty in selling online courses as a blogger, you’ve already created an audience and have established authority in your niche. 

Your audience will be excited to welcome this new phase!

You might be a parenting blogger, travel blogger, food blogger, or a fashion blogger, the point is, your audience already trusts you.

They can receive what you have to say on that topic because you have established yourself as an authority in that niche.

Also, you’ll find that as a blogger with an already working email list, when you will eventually launch your online classes to your email list, you will have at least 2% of them converted.

Brilliant, isn’t it?

Besides, creating online classes is a natural progression to all the free content you’ve been providing your audience.

They will be grateful.

Here’s a tip you can use to promote your online courses: once your course is live, go through your blog posts in the past and find the relevant and popular ones and mention your course and leave a link to your sales page.

It’s a simple strategy but it works!

It can even prove more effective than creating a brand new blog post to promote your online classes. 


This is because your older posts have had more time to garner enough audience on Google.

#2 You Already Have the Content

As a blogger, you are a content creator, every day and every time. 

There is beauty in reconstructing your content for an online class. 

What we mean is that you have already established an audience and authority in your niche, so you have a great chance of attracting a new audience who might be interested in your content.

You also have the liberty to use previous posts as outlines or scripts for your videos. Easy!

You have the advantage of experience and content, so what would take tons of hours for others will be done and dusted by you in no time.

This is because a major time-consuming part of creating an online course is researching and scripting, but as a blogger, you’ve done this via your posts already.

#3 You Have Google SEO Benefits

Yep, you have the upper hand here too!

Just before you think “Well, I haven’t exactly made it to Google’s front page,” you’re forgetting that you’re still light years ahead from those just starting their online business from scratch. 

Even if you’re a newbie, you still have that advantage.

If you’ve been blogging for a while and have posts that rank on Google, creating online classes around these posts and promoting them can help you passively convert customers.

People just viewing a course from Google are not guaranteed to purchase it as your already existing loyal audience would. 

Remember, people tend to purchase a product from a well-known blog they’re loyal to rather than anyone on Google, irrespective of their visibility status. 

Take advantage of that too.

#4 You Can Test Different Ideas Fast

A big part of creating your online classes is ensuring that people are interested in your online course. 

This is very tricky when you’re starting from scratch. 

But not for you, blogger.

As a blogger, you have already created content and have analytics on your side. 

You can always decide if your audience would be interested in a course idea or not by checking their Google Analytics.

Your audience’s reaction, engagement, and their feedback can speak volumes about how your online class will fare in the market after the launch.

You can use your course as a launchpad and a testbed for your tools, projects, concepts, and new methods. 

When you see how they work, you can then introduce them into your classroom and to your students who will in turn give you valuable feedback. 

When you receive this feedback, you can then decide to go live with them.

Also, if you’re not still certain what exactly your online classes will be about, you can simply check out your ten most popular posts and see how you can turn any of those into an online class.

#5 You’ll Have Another Source of Predictable Income

Another great reason you should teach online classes as a blogger is that you can predict your income. 

As a blogger, you’re aware that working with brands can be very unpredictable because their budgets are very fluctuating and thanks to fake followings and Bots, their trust in bloggers is becoming less and less. 

This can make your income flow quite unpredictable and to a large extent, frustrating.

However, by creating your online classes, you have control over how much you earn. 

How much you make depends on how much you market your online classes and how often you launch them. 

For experienced bloggers who intend to teach online classes, they can just take a look at their audience growth to determine or predict how much they can make from their next launch.

This level of predictability can give you the guts to quit your 9-5 job and go into full-time blogging!

#6 You’ll Find New Networking Opportunities

Apart from the fact that online classes give students a great chance to network with peers across nations and even different continents, it also benefits the teacher. 

Often, you will find opportunities that might come as a collaboration with other individuals or exposure to certain circles that you might otherwise not have access to.

You can develop very interesting collaborations that would otherwise be impossible in a traditional learning environment.

All thanks to your online class! 

Also, expanding your network makes you culturally sensitive and exposed enough to fit into other environments without a struggle.

#7 You Can Set it and Forget it

Thankfully, online courses are evergreen. 

Because of this fact, you can make a course once and sell it forever!  

Also, no worries about constantly having to reach out to brands or pinning new products to your blog when you have yours available. 

All you need to do is probably repackage (if you want) and relaunch the course you have already created.

To further buttress this, remember that hey, you’re a blogger! Promotions are your thing.

Since you already have an audience, all you need to do is use your audience and your blog as a powerful promotional tool.

Once you launch your online classes, you can simply set it to sell on autopilot by optimizing your blog to drive sales.

Also, you can link your sales page to your navigation bar. 

You can use e-Learning languages like “shop,” or “courses” and when people see them and click, it takes them straight to your sales page.

You can also mention your online classes in all your permanent blog pages, e.g., the “About Me” page. 

Here’s the catch, the more links point to your business, the more likely your audience will click and become customers! 

A little work, but worth the effort. 

This is the biggest advantage that non-bloggers do not have.

#8 You’ll Be Able to Develop a Community

As an online instructor via your online classes, you have a greater advantage than ground instructors. 

Because of the omnipresence that comes with the internet, you can attract people from all around the globe to tap onto your online classes and thus form your community.

Also, on your part as an instructor, you can e-meet other facilitators from all over the globe for counsel and advice on different topics. 

This can go a long way in boosting your career as an online instructor.

#9 You’ll Become an Influencer in Your Niche

Even though you already have influence as a blogger, stepping up your game to online classes increases your influence in your niche and helps you get recognized faster and easily.

Your peers perceive you as an expert and your students will look up to you as a professional. Another reason you should consider starting your online classes.

Also consider that you will be having access to more people, that is, wider reach. 

There is no limit to the reach you can attain as a blogger-turned-online-tutor through your courses.

#10 You’ll Inspire People to Make a Change

Did I forget to mention how fulfilling it can be to help other people achieve their goals and dreams? 

The understanding that because of you, somebody out there is living a better life is enough motivation to get it done every day!

You are helping students develop their skills in whatever area you’re teaching on, you’re enhancing their knowledge, and helping them to nourish their career, thereby opening more doors and availing them to better opportunities. 

What could beat this?

#11 You’ll Get Deeper Understanding of Your Blogging Business

If you’ve taught before, offline or virtual, you should know that teaching really is learning.

When you set out to teach your online classes, be prepared to learn even more than you could expect. 

Often, your students will contribute valuable and useful insights from other professionals they have encountered and from their personal experiences as members of your online courses. 

And you can definitely learn from their intel!


If you are considering starting your online classes, there are more than enough reasons and advantages to doing so. 

Even though this is not for everyone, but it is simpler for you more than anyone. 

When you go through these reasons, you will find that you stand on a high ground of advantages than anyone else.

This should give you the motivation and encouragement you need to begin your online classes as a blogger! 

We hope you found this article useful.

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