7 Reasons Why YouTubers Should Teach Online Classes

Find out 7 reasons why YouTubers should teach online classes and the benefits of teaching online classes if are a YouTuber.

If you have followed trends, you might just be wondering why so many teachers, subject matter experts, and professionals are becoming members of the online teaching community. 

Well, it is not for nothing. 

Their motives are backed by personal and very logical professional reasons.

You probably know a few, but just in case you’re thinking; “why bother? YouTube videos are just fine for me.” 

This article is for you.

By now, you should know that the e-Learning industry is blossoming like never before.

Why YouTubers Should Teach Online Classes

Influencers, bloggers, and YouTubers are not left out of this big pie.

Many students are tuning in to the online education channels today.

This is because online education is preferable to individuals who may not make it for classes in the mortar-and-brick college settings due to varying reasons.

This is why the idea of online education is quite exciting to many students.

Plus, it’s fun to connect virtually with so many people from different backgrounds and cultures.

The online learning industry has shown significant growth over the last decade.

Internet education has provided many people with the opportunity to gain new skills. 

Especially in the COVID-19 outbreak, online learning has become a strong force for people to both learn and work remotely.

Even before the pandemic, Research and Markets forecasted the online education market to be worth $350 billion by 2025.

Taking advantage of the new technology of online course creation is a whole plus for you as a YouTuber, and it’s never been easier than now.

The motivation to plunge into the online teaching community and explore the juicy options and packages available in this booming industry is reasonable.

In this article, we will show you 7 reasons you should teach online classes as a YouTuber.

Let’s get down to it.

#1 You’ll Create It Once And Sell It Forever

The beautiful thing about online classes is that they are evergreen in nature. 

You can sell an online course over and over again. 

No need to worry about constantly reaching out to brands to market their services so that you can make money out of your videos. 

You’re the boss on this lane.

Also, you don’t have to worry about what new products to put out on your YouTube channel.

When you want something fresh, instead of searching far to find valuable content, you can just relaunch the online class you have already created.

Also, the entire concept of launching your online classes is all-round great.

This is because, by now, you should have some level of ranking on Google, and this visibility puts you at more advantage than a person who is just starting.

You should have at least one video post with a good ranking on Google. 

What you need to do is simply create your online course around that video and promote it extensively.

Even if you are relatively new in your niche, as a YouTuber, you are still leaps and bounds away from the newbie who is just beginning.

Consider that you are not likely to run out of ideas when you start because all you need to do is repurpose your already published content. 

What that means is that you simply take your previous posts and turn them into online courses.

This will save you time and the stress that comes with research resources and processes.

As a YouTuber, you can simply use the same scripts for your outlines and your online course videos.

Researching on the topic you are working on is one of the most time-consuming parts of creating an online course. 

The newbie will have to deal with that, but you won’t. 

You have already gone past that process.

#2 You’ll Have Consistent Income From It 

Why YouTubers Should Teach Online Classes

As a YouTuber,  you know by now that a major challenge for this career is having to work with brands. 

Brands are wonderful, but they can also be challenging.

The problem is that there is no guarantee on the number of brand deals you will get or how much you will earn from working with them every month.

So you’ll find that your income can be unpredictable and unstable.

But if you venture into teaching online classes, you get to have control of your income.

Having and teaching online classes gives you the freedom to control your finances.

If you have been successful at generating decent monthly traffic on your channel, you can make a full-time living through the influence you have built, via teaching online courses.

Teaching online is in itself another source of extra income. 

And guess what? 

You don’t have to wait on brands or depend on them to approach you. 

You simply provide value to those who need it and get paid in exchange for the valuable knowledge you offer.

The prospect of earning a revenue and having a passive source of income on your terms is a bright one.

As a YouTuber, if you are looking to grow your audience, gain financial stability, and build confidence and competence, this is something you should consider.

#3 You’ll Become Recognized In Your Niche

Apart from the many advantages you stand to enjoy by turning your YouTube experience to online class facilitation, you will also stand out in your niche as an influencer. 

Becoming an online tutor gives you the recognition you need to become an influencer in your niche.

You will become recognized as an expert and a professional both by your peers and your students. 

Also, due to the limitless reach of online education, you can have a wider bandwidth of coverage and reach all across the globe.

 This will also add to your influence as more people will recognize you both within and outside your location.

Again, as a result of the inevitable collaborations, you will be exposed to a diversity of audiences inside and outside of your professional circle and yes, this boosts your influence.

Another big plus to consider is the fact that through teaching your online courses, you can become innovative in both your subject and approach.

And who knows, you might just become the next renaissance in your niche. 

As an online facilitator, you can shape the niche you find yourself in, make it better, and even build a more promising industry for future online course creators in your niche.

It’s a win-win all the way.

#4 You’ll Have Deeper Connection With Your Audience

As an experienced YouTuber, building your online community will be a walk in the park for you and give you an edge over novice course creators.

All you need to do is serve your audience an improved version of your cooking using a modified recipe. 

Novices won’t find this easy, but you will. 

Your continuous posting has already gone ahead to make you an authority and build you an influence with an online community to cater for. 

Why YouTubers Should Teach Online Classes

So you don’t have to worry about the audience because you already have one.

A great thing about the online environment is that it provides an opportunity for a community that beats that one for ground instructors.

Over the internet, there are online facility lounges for trainers and facilitators all over the globe to ask advice, chat informally, vent, express opinions, share ideas, and provide useful counsel for their career.

Whatever the issue is, whether it is a difficult student, computer challenges, or even plagiarism, with an online community, you can be sure to always find the answers you need. 

In the process, you connect deeper with your audience; you get to know their needs and can shape your content to match what they are looking for.

#5 You’ll Create New Collaborations 

Another great benefit of online education is the endless collaboration opportunities available and this is a good reason you should teach online classes as a YouTuber.

Often, many new opportunities will spring up from publishing your online classes, especially with your experience as a video content creator. 

For instance, you can get speaking engagements and get paid, invitations to join other bodies for pay, or maybe if you’re working somewhere, you could get invited to develop online courses for your workplace. 

Another thing is that online education provides both students and facilitators the chance to network and thereby, increase their circle across nations and different continents.

Often, this leads to other opportunities in terms of collaboration with other individuals to implement a project.

Also, while collaborating through on these online education platforms, you have the opportunity to learn about other cultures.

This helps you to become culturally sensitive and flexible enough to blend in with other environments, no matter where you find yourself.

A great advantage that always stems from these collaborations via your online classes is that you will be exposed to much more learning even as the teacher. 

You will learn from your new students who can contribute valuable insights both from their personal and professional experiences. 

You will also learn from the larger community of other online tutors in your niche.

Why YouTubers Should Teach Online Classes

This will go a long way in improving your delivery, communication, and presentation skills.

These in turn will improve your offline delivery in cases of a traditional offline class setting.

#6 Your YouTube Subscribers Can Be Your Qualified Leads  

One of the challenges any new online teacher will face is finding a market for their course.

Beginning from scratch means you have a course that may take a lot of time to gain any returns.

But this won’t be a problem for you as an established YouTuber.

You already have subscribers, and you probably know what kind of content they are interested in.

Besides, you might decide to create courses around the topic of your channel.

This means your followers on YouTube are among the first people you should consider selling your course to.

So, in a nutshell, you are already miles ahead in this game of online teaching.

#7 You’ll Inspire People And Create A Change In Their Lives 

Aside from the fact that your bank account will be all smiles, your sense of fulfillment will be smiling as well. 

Knowing that you are the reason people’s lives are better and improved in some way does something to your sense of personhood. 

This positivity primes you to achieve more.

Why YouTubers Should Teach Online Classes

You can wake up in the morning and look forward to every minute of the day because of the positive feeling that can stem from helping others.

A great way to find fulfillment and happiness is by helping other people get what they want.

So, by helping students develop their skills further, and add more knowledge, as well as advance their careers through your online classes and expertise, you also reward yourself emotionally and mentally.

When you live your life for others, helping them to be more and to get better, you also become more and become better yourself.

So you see, teaching online classes can be your superpower.

This is because by doing this, you inspire many people out there to make a positive change by what you do.


 There are many more benefits and reasons you should consider teaching online classes as a YouTuber.

But, the 7 reasons above are valid enough to get you started.

Do you have any questions about online teaching?

Did you find this article useful? 

Please let us know in the comment section.

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