Productivity Tips For Becoming More Efficient On YouTube

Discover the 8 productivity tips to help you become more efficient on YouTube and boost your productivity for better results on your channel.

Are you struggling to become more efficient on YouTube or are you new to YouTube and can’t figure out how to spend your time on it?

The 8 tips to help boost productivity on YouTube include monitoring how you are spending time on YouTube, doing what you love, getting help, planning ahead, bundling tasks, finding efficient ways, jotting down ideas, and choosing quality over quantity.

If you are worried and fully baffled about the dilemma of spending your time productively on YouTube, then this article is for you.

Worry not! 

Because we are going to tell you about those 8 important productivity tips which every YouTuber once struggled to know about. 

So, let’s go through them together.

1. Monitor How You Spend Your Time On YouTube

productivity tips

Being a new YouTuber or, even an expert one, you can sometimes feel like you don’t have enough time to manage your channel, right?

So what do you do in this situation?

What should you do to be more efficient with your work?

Do not yet think about changing your workflow because there are other factors that become the reason for you not having enough time to manage your channel.

For instance, before changing your workflow, try considering tracking how much time you are spending on channel tasks, like uploading, creating thumbnails, responding to comments, editing your work, etc.

So, try to monitor your activities for a week, observe how you do what you do, depending on your typical working schedule. 

You can also write down tasks as you complete them or try using a time-management app such as RescueTime or Toggl. 

After identifying which tasks are more time-consuming, you can manage them. 

There is no proper or single formula for running your channel, that is why, think about your own expectations, how you like to balance your work and what you would do if you had more free time.

Simply find out the specific areas where you’d prefer to invest less time. 

Just imagine how your YouTube channel fits into your life and what matters most for your well-being, what would keep you away from burnout, and when it makes sense to disconnect or take a break.

Taking a break now and then is very much important, so remind yourself to take breaks.

2. Do What You Love

productivity tips

You must have heard it many times in your life, on different occasions that if you do not want to get bored or desire the best results then ‘Do what you love and Love what you do’.

This is very important for you to understand as a YouTuber for so many reasons.

First of all, as a newbie, you might feel the pressure of work and what it demands from you, extra hours, double efforts, less rest and sleep, and then the demand of your audience. 

You might feel burnout (if you are not yet aware of the term Burnout, please read our other article on it, it is very important for a YouTuber to know about it and its symptoms to prevent it) and to avoid the feeling, you have to love the work you are doing.

And do what you love, otherwise doing your work won’t make sense to you anymore.

Secondly, you won’t be able to carry on your beloved channel into which you had put in so much effort!

Thirdly, you will be bored of your work if, with effort, you will not put love into it.

That is why, we will always advise you to create that content which you like to make, make more of those videos which you and your audience both love. 

Eventually, when you will learn what kind of videos get more likes and views on your channel, you will love to create that stuff.

Because you will know it is giving you fame and people are getting to like you more and more because of this stuff.

So, you will automatically love those videos and create those better.

3. Get Some Help

productivity tips

If at some point, you feel stuck and need someone’s help to get the channel moving and your mind feels numb by not coming up with new ideas, just ask your fans what they want to watch, it is one of the easiest ways to resolve the issue.

Make a list of those items and ideas, pin them on your ‘board of ideas’.

And then try creating that stuff one by one.

For a while, you won’t run out of ideas and especially when you mention the name of that person on whose demand you are creating that content. 

They will feel more connected to you.

They will know they are an important part of your life and your YouTube family, so more people will know how to pitch in their ideas because they will feel heard.

Secondly, you can always look around online and search for the newest trend, what is it that other audiences are liking and demanding more and more.

If you create that content, not only will you feel updated and connected with the online community, in fact, it will give you a chance to attract a new audience to your channel.

If you look for other kinds of help with your channel management then you should know that social media tools can help you manage multiple social media accounts from one site and for bulk scheduling of uploads, analyzing performance, and more like these, for instance, it includes Hootsuite and Buffer.

Productivity tools can help you manage day-to-day appointments, capture notes or track project milestones, like GSuite, Evernote, and Flow.

And then financial tools can help you manage to bill and invoicing, you can look for and InvoiceSherpa.

For communication purposes, communication tools can help you improve collaboration among team members by organizing conversations and facilitating file sharing. 

You can look for Slack and Quip for it.

4. Plan Ahead

productivity tips

Keeping planners, diaries, or calendar apps can work wonders for you if you plan in advance.

Believe us that for planning in advance, you will be thanking us and your previous self in the future.

When you are a YouTuber and are creating stuff, there can be so many things in the process to remember by and if you write them down in advance there will be minor chances of burnout.

Besides, planning and scheduling what you need to do every day even just a week in advance will work wonders for your ability to be more productive and your main focus is about more productivity.

You can create a To-Do list for every day and try to act on it so you know exactly what needs to be done when you wake up and what was done the last day.

Having a list of things that you know you want to complete every day and actually looking at it will help you stay focused and on track exponentially more than just doing whatever comes up, which can unbalance your work routine and motivation.

Keeping up the motivation is very important, otherwise, no matter what you plan, you will not be able to complete it.

Through keeping a diary, you can plan exactly what time you want to shoot new videos, when you want to edit videos when you want to schedule these videos, and when you want to post them online.

Tip: Planning a week ahead is great but work up to planning a month in advance as organizing your work and your life will lead to more success, but handle as much as you can, not more than that.

5. Bundle Tasks

productivity tips

There are many times when you cannot find enough time to shoot new videos according to your uploading schedule on YouTube.

For such cases, professional YouTubers keep a few videos with them in advance, or even when they know they are not going to find enough time in the next few weeks to create new stuff, they shoot and edit those videos in advance and upload them on their time.

This is a very good management strategy.

But if you make a new video only when you have a new idea, you are doing it the wrong way, because that is an extremely inefficient production process. 

Hence, the better way is to plan a group of videos in advance, collecting a bunch of ideas, shooting them all in one stage, and then editing them all in one stage.

We will advise you to film all of them at one time, do not film a video then edit it, and then film the next video, it will result in counter-productive. 

Editing and creating in bulk will increase your output and your productivity immensely.

Just work according to a plan, if you know your routine, the planning gets easier.

And if you are not in the habit of planning things ahead, then you have to make this your habit now if you want to be a YouTuber or increase your productivity if you are already working.

Sometimes, an emergency happens and you do not have time to shoot any new video, in this case, do let your audience know about your emergency, they will support you but do not leave them unattended or do not go MIA completely from the scene.

6. Find An Efficient Way Of Doing Repetitive Tasks

productivity tips

Among so many other issues, every YouTuber spends time thinking about the things they should do on YouTube, either it is research or creating and posting new stuff.

So, monitoring how to spend your time on it, is quite crucial for every YouTuber.

As a newcomer, you need to spend your time on things such as privacy and security settings, which perhaps you would already know, so telling it again shows that it is important, do not delay this step.

Get into it and look for the settings, do them according to you.

Go to: default upload settings for video privacy, category, title, tags, comments, language, and more, then you can also adjust settings for individual videos later. 

Important note: These default settings only affect videos uploaded through your web browser.

If you upload long-form videos, you can also enable auto mid-roll ads for multiple videos.

And if you want to monetize with ads, you can easily turn on ads for multiple videos and change the ad formats as you want them enabled for these videos.

If you want to individualize, you need to stand out through the show of your videos. 

For it, you need to make a template for your video thumbnails. 

Try considering using a background or theme that befits your brand accordingly and which your fans can recognize anywhere. 

You can also try selecting an image format that looks good on mobile but remember to abide by YouTube’s thumbnail policies.

It would also sound best if you can follow a template for end screens too

It gives a good impact.

Tip: Try to do what you can do quickly from your mobile device, with the YouTube Studio app.

7. Jot Down Video Ideas On The Go

productivity tips

You must have noticed that we mentioned an ‘idea board’ above. 

This idea board can be very useful for you; we advise you to always keep it.

While the ideas stay in front of you all the time on board, you can pin more when they come to your mind or whenever you find them from around you and you can even connect them with each other. 

Like calls for like, you will know which ones to connect and which ones to film separately.

You will know which ones can use the same stage and which ones will need a change of scenery.

We will advise you not to wait until you are ready to make new videos to come up with a video idea. 

Well of course you can do it too but it should only be in addition to all the ideas you come up with when you are not ready to make a video.

8. Choose Quality Over Quantity

productivity tips

Well, it is true that to get more subscribers you have to reach a specific number of videos on your channel but never forget the quality of your content and channel because everything you post up there, will represent you.

All of your videos represent you and they are your image.

So, never compromise your quality, the genuineness, the authenticity of your work over the quantity.

Believe that this race can only be won by walking slow and steady and there is no shortcut for success.

But confirming and deciding what video lengths you want are necessary, keep experimenting with the video lengths, observe what your audience watches the most and what video length they appreciate.

The length of your videos can vary from one another.

Tip: State something important at the end of your videos to make them more interesting.


So these were the 8 extremely helpful tips to boost your productivity.

We really hope that we were helpful and we gave you the exact information you needed.

Now be ready because you are on your way to success. 


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