Psychological Selling Points Planner

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In the dynamic world of sales, understanding and implementing psychological selling techniques can make a significant difference in engaging potential customers and closing deals. This planner is designed to help sales professionals leverage storytelling, emotional engagement, and other psychological tactics to enhance their sales process.

Download a Psychological Selling Points Planner

Ready to put the Psychological Selling Points Planner into action? We’ve made it easy for you! Simply access and download the pre-formatted template from the following Google Sheet. This template is designed to help you systematically approach your sales strategy, focusing on understanding your customer personas, identifying their most pressing problems, and aligning your product features to effectively address these issues.

Get Your Psychological Selling Points Planner Template Here

How to Use the Downloaded Template:

  1. Open the Link: Click on the link to create a copy of the template in your Google Drive.
  2. Customize Your Copy: Modify the template to suit your specific product or service.
  3. Fill in the Details: Enter information relevant to your target personas, their problems, and how your product solves these problems.
  4. Implement Strategies: Use the insights from the template to guide your sales conversations and strategies.

How to Download as an Excel File

If you prefer working with Microsoft Excel, you can easily download the Psychological Selling Points Planner from Google Sheets to Excel. Here’s how you can do it:

Steps to Download:

  1. Access the Template: First, click on the provided link to access the Google Sheet template: Psychological Selling Points Planner Template.
  2. Save to Your Drive: This link will prompt you to make a copy of the Google Sheet in your own Google Drive. Click on “Make a copy” to proceed.
  3. Open the Sheet: Once the sheet is in your drive, open it.
  4. Download as Excel: Go to the File menu in the top-left corner of the Google Sheets interface. From the dropdown menu, select Download, and then choose Microsoft Excel (.xlsx).
  5. Save the File: The file will be downloaded to your computer. You can now open and edit it in Microsoft Excel.

Additional Tips:

  • Check Formatting: After downloading, open the file in Excel to ensure all formatting has transferred correctly. Sometimes, minor adjustments might be necessary.
  • Update as Needed: Once in Excel, you can customize the template further according to your specific needs and preferences.
  • Backup Your Data: Always keep a backup of your original template in Google Sheets or another safe location.

By following these steps, you can seamlessly transition the Psychological Selling Points Planner into an Excel format, making it accessible and convenient for all your sales planning needs.

Here’s an example for the Psychological Selling Points Planner you’ll get:

PersonasWho has the most Itching Problem? And What is it?Who is the most hurt from this problem?Who is most likely to use [our product]?What are the most important features that would solve the most itching problems?Features: Does it save time or money (or both)?Closing Techniques
[Persona 1][Problem Identification][Most Affected Group][Ideal User Group][Key Features Addressing the Problem][Time/Money Savings][Techniques Used]

How to Use the Table:

  1. Identify Personas: List down different customer profiles you are targeting.
  2. Itching Problem: Describe the most significant problem each persona faces.
  3. Most Hurt Group: Identify who is most affected by these problems.
  4. Likely Users: Determine which personas are most likely to use your product.
  5. Solving Features: List the features of your product that specifically address these problems.
  6. Time/Money Savings: Note whether each feature saves time, money, or both.
  7. Closing Techniques: Identify effective closing techniques for each persona.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the Psychological Selling Points Planner is a valuable tool for sales professionals looking to enhance their approach by understanding customer personas, identifying key problems, and aligning product features with customer needs. 

Whether you choose to work with the Google Sheets version or download it as an Excel file, this template is designed to be flexible, user-friendly, and adaptable to various sales contexts. 

By utilizing this planner, you can develop a more targeted, effective sales strategy that not only addresses the customer’s pain points but also leverages psychological principles to facilitate successful engagements and conversions. 

Embrace this tool to refine your sales process and achieve better outcomes in your sales endeavors. Happy selling!