Zoom Plugin For Outlook – How To Use Outlook’s Zoom Plugin

Learn all about the Zoom plugin for Outlook and discover how to install it, how to schedule meetings, its benefits, and much more!

Probably two of the most used apps on the internet are Outlook and Zoom. Outlook is used for dealing with your emails and for communicating, whereas Zoom is used for scheduling meetings. Or to put it in simpler terms, Outlook is used to send invites to the meeting whereas Zoom is where the meeting actually takes place.

Going back and forth between these apps can be quite time-consuming, so to make things easier, Zoom and Outlook have collaborated and created a Zoom plugin for Outlook! This plugin will enable you to schedule Zoom meetings on Outlook.

In this blog, we will take a deep dive into this plugin and will learn how to use it. So keep reading!

What Is The Zoom Plugin For Outlook?

Both Zoom and Outlook are leaders in their fields, so it’s only natural that you use both. With the new integration between these two apps though there is no need to choose just one over another – now they can coexist peacefully on your computer or mobile device of choice!

The Zoom plugin for Outlook is simply a tool that enables you to schedule Zoom meetings on Outlook, using your email. This plugin will help users integrate their work and personal life better as it helps them communicate with clients across the globe without having an actual face-to-face meeting!

It offers numerous benefits such as:

Increase productivity and efficiency

Save time and money on travel

Improves collaboration between employees and clients, etc.

How To Install The Zoom Plugin For Outlook?

Installing the plugin is really easy – all you need to do is download it, install it, enable it for your account (or accounts), sign in with your Zoom account and you’re good to go!

The Zoom plugin is available for free download on the website. However, there are some conditions that need to be met in order for the installation and use of this app to work properly on your device!

Following are some of the conditions that are necessary in order to install the Zoom plugin for Outlook.

  • If you’re a Windows user, Microsoft Outlook 2010 or upcoming 2013 will be your go-to for email. But if it’s Macs and iChat that keep you up at night (or not enough), then don’t worry, there are plenty of other solutions in between those two platforms!.
  • If you’re using a 32-bit system, then it’s best that your browser is at least version 10. Other than this the plugin will run just fine on those platforms as well.
  • The plugin will not run on macOS Catalina; you’ll need to upgrade your operating system if you want it working again.

Now, head over to the Download Center and download an email plugin for Microsoft Outlook. Then follow the easy install process that will have you set up in no time!

Zoom Outlook plugin

Next, open up your inbox and see if there’s an email from Zoom. If it is then follow these steps exactly as written: on the ribbon found at top of the page click ‘schedule meeting‘ followed by selecting a day/time you want to go!

How To Use The Zoom Plugin For Outlook?

Using the plugin is just as easy. You can start off by opening Outlook and then clicking on either: Calendar, Meetings, or Tasks (depending on where your meeting has been scheduled). Once there, simply click ‘Schedule a New Meeting’ at the top of the page.

If you want to choose a time for your meeting, then this is where it gets interesting! The Zoom plugin will open up in another window and show you available times that fit into your schedule – all at once. This helps save on productivity because there’s no need to keep clicking back and forth between various calendar pages!

However, if you want to be more specific in your time selection, then go ahead and use the controls on the right side of the window. From here you can:

  • Select a date
  • Change time zone
  • Override recurrence rules for this meeting only
  • Specify how long the meeting will last
  • Add or remove attendees, and more!

Once you have all the details set, just click ‘save’ and your meeting will be scheduled. Outlook will then send out an invitation to all attendees letting them know where and when the meeting will take place. You can even add a personalized message if you want!

How To Create A Zoom Meeting On Outlook?

Creating or scheduling a Zoom meeting on Outlook is just as easy as the installation. You’ll first need to open up the ‘Zoom’ tab that’s located on the top of your Outlook window. This will open up all of the features and settings associated with the plugin.

Now that we have the plugin installed successfully, it’s time to see how to schedule a Zoom meeting in Outlook. 

Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide to do so:

Step # 1: Open Outlook

The first thing you need to do is to open up Outlook on your computer. Just go down to your browser and search for Outlook. Enter in your credentials and your Outlook account will open up.

Step # 2: Schedule Meeting

The next step is scheduling a meeting. For this, click on Schedule a Meeting.

Clicking on Schedule a Meeting will take you to the settings page where you can customize your meeting. You will need to select an ID and password for this feature so that it’s easy when inviting others into your home theater system, but once done just click continue and watch as all of these details are automatically generated!

Zoom for Outlook is great if you need to set up an instant meeting with someone. Here’s how it works!

Step # 1: Get The Add-In

The first step is getting the add-in or the plugin. The app is available on the Microsoft Store. You can get it by clicking Get It Now from the AppSource page.

How do I create a Zoom meeting in Outlook

Step # 2: Create New Event

Go to the calendar online and click New Event. Click More Options at the top when it opens up then expand your layout with a zoom ribbon visible!

How do I create a Zoom meeting in Outlook

Step # 3: Add The Details

Once you’ve filled out all of the required fields, click on “Add A Zoom Meeting” and select your preferred time.

The details include adding the name of the meeting, the theme of the meeting, the meeting agenda, etc.

Add Zoom meeting to Outlook

Step # 4: Configure The Meeting

The new window to sign in to your Zoom account will open up and once you do that, all of the meeting information is immediately configured.

Zoom schedule meeting add-in for Outlook

Step # 5: Save The Meeting

Last, but not least, the most important step is saving your meeting. Once you’re done, click save and Outlook will take care of the rest!

You’ll get a meeting notification on your calendar as well as in email. The email will have all of the important information about joining the video call.

How To Add People To Your Zoom Meeting From Outlook?

When it comes to adding people to your Zoom meeting from Outlook, it could not be any easier! All you need to do is open up the Zoom tab on Outlook, click on Schedule a Meeting, and then fill in all of the required information. Once you’re done, scroll down to Additional Attendees and type in the email addresses of people that you would like to add to your meeting.

You can also add them by clicking on their name under the Attendees section and then clicking on the Add button. The people that you add will automatically receive an invitation to your meeting with all of the details they need.

How To Join A Zoom Meeting From Outlook?

Joining a Zoom meeting from Outlook is just as easy as adding people to it! Once you’ve received an invitation to a meeting, Outlook will automatically open up the Zoom application for you. From there, just enter in the Meeting ID and password and you’re good to go!

You can also join a meeting by clicking on the Join A Meeting button that’s located at the top of your screen. This will take you to a page where you can enter your Meeting ID and password.

Once you’re done, click on Continue to join your meeting!

How To Update The Zoom Plugin For Outlook?

Why would you want to update the Zoom Plugin for Outlook? Well, there could be a number of reasons why. Maybe there’s been a recent update to Zoom that you’d like to take advantage of, or maybe you’re experiencing some problems with the plugin and need to troubleshoot it.

There are many versions of Zoom’s plugins, and every now and then they release new updates to improve on the existing ones. You can check out what is being improved by looking at each update individually! These may be for simple bug fixings or enhanced features like 64-bit support system types such as Windows 8; 32 bit systems won’t work with these newly updated versions

Zoom updates are important to make sure your team can use the latest features. You will find these in-app releases on our Download Centre page by clicking through after installing any recent versions of zoom for Microsoft outlook plugin software!

Once the new update is done downloading, follow along with your computer’s install wizard for an easy install. Restart Outlook if it’s already open and make sure all of those settings are intact. You can do this by going into “Software Settings” in File Explorer (or whatever file manager tool you use).

Is There Any Zoom Plugin For Outlook On Mac?

The answer is yes! There is a Zoom Plugin for Outlook on Mac. In fact, there are actually two different plugins that you can use: the standard Zoom plugin and the advanced Zoom plugin.

The standard Zoom plugin is perfect for people who want to join meetings without any extra bells and whistles. It’s simple to use and doesn’t require any additional necessities or formalities.

The advanced version of the plugin is for people who need more features and customizable options. It has a lot to offer like the ability to join meetings without an account, zoom meeting name display on Outlook events, plus it’s backward compatible with all versions! You can also use this plugin if you’re using older versions of Outlook.

Why You Should Use Zoom Plugin For Outlook?

The Zoom plugin for Outlook is a great way to stay organized and connected with your team. It’s perfect for people who are always on the go and need to be able to access their meetings from anywhere. Plus, it’s a great way to keep your meeting times organized!

There are many reasons why you should use the Zoom Plugin for Outlook. Some of the benefits include:

– You can easily schedule and join meetings from within Outlook.

– The plugin is easy to use and navigate.

– You don’t have to waste time switching between different applications.

– The plugin is available on the Microsoft Store.

– It doesn’t take a lot of time to set up and configure.

– You can add people to your meeting very easily from Outlook itself!

Tips On Using The Zoom Plugin For Outlook

There are a few tips that you should keep in mind when using the Zoom plugin for Outlook. Some of these tips include:

1. Prepare The Credentials

Make sure to have your Meeting ID and password ready before joining a meeting from within Outlook. These are very important as without these credentials, you won’t be able to enter any meeting.

2. Invite Participants

Your meeting is meaningless without participants or attendees. If someone is not able to join your Zoom meeting, invite them during or after it has already started. Just make sure that everyone is a part of your meeting to make it a success.

3. Mute Your Microphone

If you’re the host of a meeting, make sure to mute your microphone when not speaking. This will ensure that background noise is kept to a minimum and your attendees will not be disturbed during the meeting.

4. Share Your Screen

You can also share your screen with other attendees during a meeting by clicking on the Share Screen button. Sharing your screen is a great way to make your meeting a success. By sharing your screen, your attendees will be able to better interact and understand the agenda of your meeting.

5. Leaving A Meeting

If you need to leave a meeting early, then there is no need to create a hassle. You can do so by simply clicking on the Leave Meeting button. This will enable you to leave a meeting without creating any disturbance.

6. Stop Screen Share

If you want to stop sharing your screen, go back to the main Zoom window and click on Stop Sharing Your Screen. You can also use this option if someone else wants to share their screen with everyone during a meeting. This will keep all your attendees attentive and vigilant during the meeting.

7. Be Mindful Of The Meeting Duration

Finally, make sure that when scheduling meetings in Outlook, be mindful of the meeting window duration. You can always extend it, but you cannot make a Zoom meeting shorter than 15 minutes! This is especially important if you’re using Outlook to schedule and join meetings with clients and customers!

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the Zoom plugin for Outlook is a great way to stay connected with your team. You don’t have to deal with third-party applications or switch between them during meetings either! It’s available on the Microsoft Store and it takes just a few minutes before you’re good to go.

The benefits of using this plugin include: joining meetings without an account, scheduling meetings easily, and adding people to meetings very quickly.

Just make sure that you follow the tips mentioned above when using the Zoom plugin for Outlook! They will help make your meeting a success!

Hope you found this article helpful!