Sales Funnels For Coaches – What Is It & How To Create It?

Learn about what a sales funnel is and the importance of a sales funnel. Also, learn about the 6 steps that can help you in creating a sales funnel for coaches.

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In this article, we will show you how you can use sales funnels as a coach to optimize your coaching experience and make more profit.

With this system, it becomes super easy to attract prospects, take them through an engaging conversion journey as they become your clients, and retain them in the long run.

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What Are Sales Funnels?

First things first, what are sales funnel?

Well, a sales funnel is simply a term used to refer to the journey you take your online visitor or prospect through when they buy your product or service.

Your free content is the starting point of the journey and the destination is your paid offer which the prospect subscribes to or buys.

A sales funnel is a step-by-step process that you set up to bring your customer a step closer to what you’re offering and convince them to make a buying decision using effective marketing strategies; it usually includes automated emails, videos, articles, and landing pages to close the sale.

A sales funnel is like your virtual salesperson who does all the work round-the-clock for you.

The process usually begins with an ad that attracts your clients and ends with a purchase made on the basis of the marketing efforts.

As a coach, you will find that it is tough to grow your coaching business without a proper marketing plan.

But this becomes easier when you build a system that attracts the right leads and turns them into paying customers.

All successful coaches use the system called the sales funnel.

A sales funnel attracts them, catches them, grooms and cultivates a relationship with them, preps them for a purchase, and gets them to pay and return for more.

Do You Need A Sales Funnel For Your Coaching Business?

If you are wondering if you need a sales funnel or if it is important for coaches to use a sales funnel, then read on.

We’ll tell you why it’s important for coaches to build and use a sales funnel for their coaching business.

As a coach, you want to help more people, make more money, have more impact, and of course, more freedom. 

But that’s not always the reality.

And it will remain a great wish if all you do as a coach is waiting for the business to come to you.

You need a system like the sales funnel to get you from the ground floor to the last floor.

As a coach, the sales funnel is like a pathway that guides your prospect into your business.

You know by now that people are lazy about buying, clients will not readily buy from you.

You have to help them make that purchase decision and sales funnel is a great way to make that happen.

Every coach dreams of a certain kind of client. 

Those who don’t just buy, but go for the high-value courses.

A sales funnel can do that for your coaching business. 

But even beyond that, a sales funnel attracts new prospects to your business. 

This brings you a steady inflow of opportunities and lets you meet the right clients.

How Do You Create A Good Sales Funnel For Your Coaching Business?

Now that we have talked about what a sales funnel is and the importance of it, the next up comes creating a good sales funnel for your coaching business.

There are 6 steps that you can follow for creating your sales funnel and these include understanding your ideal client, grabbing attention, building relationships, converting prospects, closing sales, and offering additional services. 

1. Understand Who Your Ideal Client Is

Too many coaches make the mistake of assuming that they know who their ideal client is or what their ideal client needs. 

As it turns out, that is not always the case.

It’s easy to assume you know who your target audience is and what they should look like, but that’s still assumption and assumption doesn’t always get you far.

The only way to know who your ideal client is and what they need is by doing your homework – ask directly!

You can set up a simple survey and ask your readers or followers to give their opinion.

Another route to take is to get feedback from your current client base.

You can send them a survey or ask for feedback while asking the same or similar questions.

Doing this can make a big difference in your business as a coach. 

Getting this right can be the difference between a mediocre coach who’s barely just getting by and a successful coach who’s making a great impact.

2. Grab Attention 

The very first step in your funnel creation is grabbing attention. 

You can do this from your personal or fan page on Facebook, Facebook group, Instagram, YouTube, Podcast, or even Facebook Ads.

You need to create content that is valuable to your ideal clients, solve their problems while calling out and hitting in their pain points.

Make sure your content is of transformational value

It may be free, but make it worth the attention.

Use your social media platforms to share content that is of high value. 

You can create an incredible free offer like a course educating them on something vital, or make it a PDF download.

People love freebies, and thousands of people will come into your funnel through this.

This does not mean that all of them will work with you, but a good number will appreciate your value and recognize their need for it, and from there, you can proceed to the next step.

3. Build Relationship

At this point, people have become aware of you and your business, basically your service and what you offer. 

The next step now is to build the relationship between you and them.

This is where you build authority and trust so they can become comfortable enough to buy from you.

As a coach, think of the communication channels that would let you communicate best and effectively with your audience.

Here are some methods you could employ:

  • Email Marketing: This method is quite popular among online coaches because it’s not exactly expensive, so you can use your email list and use it to stay in touch and keep the communication going with your audience.
  • Retargeting Ads: You can use this method to target people who have visited your Facebook page or site before as it helps you to directly reach those who are interested in your service or need it and helps to build familiarity. 
  • Other methods you can employ are webinars, social media, or even sponsored videos.

At this stage, you need to build beliefs that can support and sponsor them into buying from you.

Embed this belief into your sales funnel and educate your prospects to a point that they are ready to buy when it is time to make the purchase.

4. Convert Prospects

The next step is to gather or move your prospects into a presentation like a master class or webinar.

A value-adding live seminar will give your prospects a transformational experience and give you an opportunity to talk better about your services and offers to your prospects, and help them know your brand better.

This will lead them to the next stage, which is application. 

By now, you have made your sales pitch through your masterclass, webinars, and emails, and you have interested potential clients who want to work with you.

The next thing to do is get their contacts and continue the conversation with them over Zoom to see if you both can work together.

5. Close The Sale

At this point, your prospects should be ready to close the sale

At this point, there’s only one question that should be on your mind: how do you get them to pay?

This is where you can tell if you did a great job with your sales funnel all along, especially the relationship stage.

If you took care of the relationship stage, then closing the sale should be quite easy.

Your prospects should be willing and eager to make the purchase at this point.

Here are some techniques you can use to have a super sales stage:

  • Get a landing page ready with a video and include the list of your speakers as this works better if you are selling a high-end conference and make a list including the list of benefits the attendees will get for attending the conference.
  • You can also create a sense of urgency or scarcity to spur your prospects to take action immediately, but be careful not to use false scarcity
  • Give them an offer that is absolutely irresistible; ensure that your offer is a solution to a burning issue that they are facing. 

Your offer at this point should be the juiciest and biggest package they have gotten so far. 

Make it a premium package.

6. Offer Additional Services

This is the part where you can make more money. 

Here, you get to show them additional products and services that can help them better. 

This helps you sell additional products to your clients.

With this, you can generate more revenue, and enhance your clients’ experience at this stage.

When designing your upsell offer, think of the products and services that your clients would like or want.


That is how you create sales funnels for your coaching business.

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