Why I Started Weshare

Hi guys, It’s Elad here, the founder of Weshare.

I started this project because I believe that one person (no matter where he/she lives) can make a positive change on someone else’s life only by sharing his/her knowledge.

My story begins about five years ago, in a period of confusion, trying to figure out what I want to do with our lives. At the beginning it was obvious that I wanted to impact the world in a positive way but the questions of how and why still remained. So I’ve started to go back to our roots and learn about the history of the world.

As you reach tons of information about ancient civilizations and cultures you tend to think how amazing it is what I’ve done so far as a humans. It came up that in order to create great things in history I’ve had to co-operate to build new technology, new social systems etc.

One question that came up in mind was – why did people connect with each other? And the answer was actually pretty simple, it was because our lives as human beings were dependent on others to help us survive.

Photographed by Sascha Kohlmann

As humanity, If we take a look at the prehistoric men & women, they depended on their family to stick together in ruff times or when predators came. After few thousands of years there were more families drawn together to form a tribe. Those tribes had also to stick together to protect their land, food and offsprings. Till this day we see those kinds of behaviours in remote places in Africa and Asia. It was clear that they had to trust each other and build off each others strengths in order to survive.

Around that time I heard this Jeremy Rifkin interview  where he talked about what he calls the “Empathic Civilization” which basically means that we can feel each others’ pain and joy as if we felt it ourselves. Such a thing could be reasonable as we see in history the rise of religions and empires about 3000 years ago.

This empathic state could be achieved because they believed in the same thing. Therefore, from than till now we connect with people who believe what we believe.

As new technologies evolved and a new industrial world appeared about 300 hundred years ago, suddenly the idea of connecting becomes much easier, the printer, telephone, television, computers, internet and smart phones. All of those made it possible for us to connect much faster and easier than ever before.

Photographed by Sebastiaan ter Burg

But one problem still exists throughout history. We haven’t quite figured out a way to become more human. So we have a lot of “online friends”, but are we really friends? So we can teach and give services online, but does it mean we get to know our customers? It seems like we haven’t found a way to make meaningful relationships. This is the most important thing- human connection. The same human connection that brought us to this point becomes something that gets pushed away by the technology we’ve made ourselves.

So what if we could re-write history and make the future different? What if we could achieve meaningful human connection in order to educate – and build great things together.

Not only for us but also for humanity? What if each one of us could form a true community through sharing our talent and life experiences? All of those are achievable, its just a matter of choice.

Photographed by Andrés Nieto Porras

That’s what Weshare is all about, we are a community of people who want to connect with each other on a deeper level, share ideas, knowledge, build new things together, thrive while helping each other, and bringing positive inspiration by sharing our message. We can build something together and we should do it by bringing human connection to where it supposed to be.

I don’t know where the journey might take us. But I do know it’s about time to step up and make a change. As Gandhi once said “Be the change you want to see in the world” it’s an opportunity for us to make a change and I’m sure it will be interesting!